The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD
The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD

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What is the root cause of all disease? How do you activate your body's own healing mechanism? If you have a serious disease, do you even know why you have it? If not, how can you truly heal it? This very comprehensive presentation will take you on an eye-opening journey of discovery. Learn where modern medicine went wrong in 1643 in the scientific revolution. Get a complete list of all the causes that are making you sick. It's not just bad air, poisoned waterways and toxic food sadly, the environmental health hazards we are facing go much deeper. Learn the shocking truth about chemtrails (geoengineering) and how they're affecting your health. Discover how a wireless "smart" grid is being set up all around you, to bathe your body in dangerous EMF radiation. Learn how your perceptions are being altered and your belief patterns programmed. Discover how your elimination routes are blocked. Get the answers and solutions to clean your body and stop disease! This is essential knowledge for the topic of health that not even your doctors understand, but which would be taught to children in school in an ideal world. 93-min. DVD

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