Obamacare: How to Defend Yourself from Forced Home Inspections by the IRS - DVD
Obamacare: How to Defend Yourself from Forced Home Inspections by the IRS - DVD

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Obamacare is more about control than healthcare. The global communist New World Order wants to turn the US into a nanny state where everyone is dependent on the Government for some kind of welfare support, whether it's food stamps, pensions or, now, your healthcare needs. Discover the intrusive questions that Obamacare authorizes doctors and nurses to ask totally unrelated to your health that will put your household on a "high-risk" list. Did you realize Obamacare authorizes armed IRS agents to conduct door-to-door visits on "high-risk" households which could well include yours! Find out who is targeted. Did you know that Obamacare will ration care, increase the cost of insurance for most people and limit care for certain people/groups (e.g. the elderly) by assigning "value" to their life? This opens the door for the State to snatch children from their families and encourage euthanasia. It will also force you to pay for "approved" treatments (vaccines, Big Pharma drugs, radiation and chemo) but will not cover much or any of alternative, natural therapies. Discover the reasons for the devastating effect Obamacare has already had on the economy. Do you want Big Brother deciding what kind and amount of treatment you do or don't get? Learn how to avoid being fined and having money seized from your bank account under this draconian system. Get informed about Obamacare and learn what your options are. 103-min. DVD
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