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God Consciousness, DNA and Biomagnetic Regenerative Healing - DVD Change and Heal Your Life with Plasma Energy! - DVD 528 Hz: Repair Your DNA with the Natural Frequency of the Earth - Audio DVD
DNA is the most extraordinary substance. It is the blueprint of life, found in bacteria, plants & animals. The DNA found in a human body could be stretched for 125 billion miles. Learn great DNA secrets & healing tips. Plasma energy is a mysterious, yet tangible – energy which you can tap into for incredible healing and other purposes. Learn how a couple healed arthritis in their hands. Find out how to make plasma station water for your pets, plants, kids & loved ones! All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 417 Hz helps you repair your DNA with the natural frequency of the Earth, so as to bring transformation and miracles into your life.
Restore Balance and Heal the Body with Biomagnetic Therapy - DVD Get Cheap and Powerful Orgone Energy Devices – Referral Revolutionary New Product Defeats Aging by Reactivating Stem Cells! - Referral
Magnets have been known to impart healing qualities for eons. They were recognized for their healing potential in ancient China, Greece, Arabia & Egypt. Biomagnetic therapy has no side effects. It can change your life. You are an electromagnetic being! Devices built with orgone, the etheric universal energy, have many benefits: increasing spiritual awareness, increasing positivity in people & environments, reducing stress & reducing negative EMF effects, often within 1/4 to 1/2 mile radius. Referral. The body has amazing inbuilt healing mechanisms. Normally you can't just activate them on demand, but this anti-aging supplement may help you reactivate your stem cells, prevent cognitive decline & protect against neurodegenerative disease. Referral
Reverse Hearing Loss with Natural Home Remedies - Report How to Practice Falun Gong for Greater Physical and Spiritual Health - DVD The Super Anti-Oxidant that Removes Heavy Metals and Helps you Defy Aging - Referral
It seems to be an unfortunate part of life that, for some people, their sense of hearing starts to decline as they age. However, all is not lost. Some cases are reversible. Learn what you can do to reverse hearing loss with natural remedies. Report. Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) is a modern Chinese spiritual practice combining meditation & qigong exercises with morality. This DVD demonstrates the exact moves which are simple, gentle & powerful. It significantly improves your physical & spiritual health. This phenomenal product scores off the charts for ORAC. It's a super anti-oxidant that slows down aging, helps high blood pressure & hemorrhoids, & boosts energy levels & the immune system. Protects against EMF radiation AND nuclear radiation. Referral.
The Importance of Minerals in Fighting Disease - Audio DVD Liver Function and Good Health - DVD The Cause and Solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - DVD
There is no such thing as 'medical disease ... only 'metabolic dysfunction' that is caused by mineral deficiencies. Learning this paradigm-smashing view will help you understand your health as you have never done so before. Find out how to look after your liver so it can keep you healthy for ages. Find out truth about carbs without swinging to extremes. Learn the truth about cholesterol that doctors don't know. Learn how to do a superior version of the Atkins diet. Gut health is very important for all. This presentation answers many questions: which drugs kill gut flora? How to avoid stagnation in digestive tract? Why drink food & chew water? Why only drink in between meals? Learn how to heal your gut & beat IBS
Are Lectins the Root Cause of Today's Health Epidemic? - DVD Guess What? Deadly, Infectious Disease Rates Fell Drastically Before Widespread Vaccine Use - DVD How to Reverse Years of Plaque Buildup in Your Arteries - DVD
What seemingly healthy foods are actually causing leaky gut and hurting you? Why does eating too much meat shorten your life? A plant-based diet is best if you know how to avoid lectins. Learn what they are & do, plus ways to avoid & transform them. In many Western nations, widespread vaccination only began after rates of virulent and infectious diseases had already plummeted in 1950-1960. Vaccines were no longer a cause of infant mortality by then. Find out more. Clogged arteries due to arterial plaque is dangerous as it can reduce blood flow to the heart, boosting the risk of heart attack. Learn how to remove arterial calcium deposits & 2 recipes for natural powerful remedies to dissolve arterial plaque.
The Real Causes of and Cures for Heart Disease - DVD The Amazing Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano - DVD How To Analyze your Own Health by Looking in the Mirror - Report
It's time to bust the myth that you need to lower your cholesterol to lower your chance of heart attack. Testing and treating of cholesterol is one of the biggest medical frauds around! Learn the real causes of & cures for heart disease. Oil of oregano, or oregano oil, happens to be one of the most (if not the most) powerful natural herbs on Earth. It's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It fights candida, mold & parasites. Find out which type of oregano oil is the most potent. You may not realize it, but there much you can tell about your health by looking in the mirror. The human body has many hidden connections; your eyes reveal all sorts of things (blood pressure, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc). Learn how to read them.
The Miraculous Benefits of Hydrogen Water - DVD New Natural Method Can Cure Joint Pain and Replace Surgery and Drugs - DVD Top 16 Adaptogenic Herbs to Relieve Stress and Restore Balance, Whatever Your Health Level - Report
The Miraculous Benefits of Hydrogen Water - DVD
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Hydrogen – 1st element & the building block of all life – can do wonders for your health. Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic radicals; in plain English, it neutralizes free radicals that damage our cells & age us Surgery is an extreme option. This new natural method can be used for ANY chronic pain esp. joint & skeletal pain. It creates a healing cascade. Regenerates tissue, collagen (for tendons) & cartilage. Has 3 variations, some that use body's stem cells. Adaptogenic herbs help your body adapt to stress. There is so much more stress today, incl. the fast pace of life, environmental toxins & EMF pollution. Adaptogens increase your power of resistance against multiple stressors. Learn the top 16
The Medicinal Fruit to Halt Diabetes, Aging and Cancer - Referral The 3 Natural Nutrients that Prove Too Powerful for Prostate Cancer - Report The Benefits of Acupuncture - Report
Check out this medicinal fruit, it manages blood sugar, enhances immunity, boosts eyesight, slows aging, fights off skin infections, helps with HIV & herpes, and promotes bone health & weight loss. It also inhibits cancer cell proliferation! Referral Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the US. Now there's a new natural way to combat it. These 3 natural nutrients work together to stop cancer cells from feeding on glutamine, starving them of their fuel. Learn what they are. Report. Hundreds of clinical studies show the benefits of acupuncture for back & neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, even cancer. Find out more about this superb non-invasive healing modality.
What The Doctors Won't Tell You! - DVD Ideas on How to Heal AIDS, Heart Disease and Cancer Naturally - DVD The Power of Copper for Boosting Your Health - DVD
You don't grow sick because you grow old; you grow old because you grow sick. This doctor used herbs for his prostate to heal in 2 days what the drugs could not heal in 5 years! Learn how to take care of yourself using herbs. The late world-renowned healer and herbalist Dr. Sebi (who died in 2016 in police custody) was arrested for claiming that he could cure sickle-cell anemia, AIDS, heart disease and cancer. Here he reveals his unique approach to healing. Copper is an overlooked but essential mineral for your health! Copper reduces inflammation, strengthens connective tissue, restores hair color, improves brain & liver function and even fights parasites & cancer! See how to make your own copper citrate
Scientifically Heal Arthritis and Increase Longevity with Red Light Therapy - DVD Frequencies to Restore Your Teeth - Audio DVD The Copper Conspiracy - DVD
Red light therapy has marvelous health benefits. It helps with pain, inflammation, wounds, arthritis, strokes. It aids peak mental & physical performance. It has no UV light & no side effects. It also decreases wrinkles & stimulates hair growth! Many people are coming to understand teeth are a living part of your body that can be regenerated & restored. This audio DVD features music based on the 432 Hz resonance to not only restore teeth but also to stimulate magnesium, calcium & DNA. There's lots of mainstream fear-mongering about copper toxicity but it's rare. Copper health benefits are manifold & astounding, better even than colloidal silver & gold. Helps with inflammation, arthritis, candida & cancer and even reverses gray hair!
5G Enslavement and the Solutions to Protect Your Health - DVD How to Restore, Remineralize and Regrow Enamel in Your Teeth - DVD The Truth About High Cholesterol and Why it Will Never Kill You - DVD
The Truth About High Cholesterol and Why it Will Never Kill You - DVD
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The wireless industry & government aren't waiting for updated safety standards. They're racing to implement 5G (Fifth Gen): 1000s of new cell towers/amplifiers in neighborhoods to saturate the environment with up to 5.8 billion microwaves/ second. Your teeth are alive! They can remineralize themselves once damaged, regrowing enamel, even re-fill in cavities. Learn the best herb to help you regrow enamel (because it contains silica). Find out lots of great info on how to take care of your teeth. Mainstream science is so wrong on cholesterol! Throw out everything you've ever learned, start anew with this informative interview. Learn exactly why LDL cholesterol is inversely proportional to the amount of fat you eat. Cholesterol isn't the bad guy!
11 Longevity Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Sharp - DVD Stopping Alzheimer’s Disease - DVD Finding True Health: Not All Carbs Are Bad and Not All Meats Are Bad - DVD
11 Longevity Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Sharp - DVD
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Stopping Alzheimer’s Disease - DVD
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Finding True Health: Not All Carbs Are Bad and Not All Meats Are Bad - DVD
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You are not destined to get dementia, even if you have genetic markers for it. A lot of Alzheimer's is misdiagnosed when the issue is low blood flow/anemia. Discover 11 risk factors that can damage your memory & the solutions for each of them. Although 5.2 million is commonly quoted, 30 million Americans had Alzheimer's in 2012, a projected 45 million (15% of the USA) will suffer from it. Alzheimer's became the 3rd leading cause of US death. Learn what you can do to reverse cognitive decline. Learn the main failures of the Standard American Diet which have weakened our biome (gut bacteria) & caused chronic disease. Learn why it's not fair to castigate all carbs or all meats. Learn about ketosis - which foods to eat to boost your gut bacteria.
Expert Tips on Losing Weight by Understanding the Psychology of Eating - DVD Diet Wars: Meat-Based vs. Plant-Based – Which is Better? - DVD Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline - DVD
Expert Tips on Losing Weight by Understanding the Psychology of Eating - DVD
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Diet Wars: Meat-Based vs. Plant-Based – Which is Better? - DVD
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Food is so plentiful that overeating is big problem. Refined sugar & white flour, relatively new to our species, get processed by the brain as DRUGS not food. Understand cravings & binge eating. Learn how to overcome food addiction & create new habits. There is a divisive & emotional debate going on in the health movement. Which is healthier & better promotes longevity, meat-based (paleo) & fat-based (ketogenic) diets, or whole-food plant-based (vegetarian, vegan) diets? Learn what the science says. There is a strong association between diabetes & dementia (in fact, some call Alzheimer's type-3 diabetes). Learn how to prevent & reverse cognitive decline. Learn the scientifically-studied incremental small changes that reduce risk of dementia.
The Top 4 Things Getting in the Way of Good Health - Audio DVD The Nutritarian Diet: The Healthiest Diet in the World? - DVD C60: The Champion Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging Molecule - DVD
The Top 4 Things Getting in the Way of Good Health - Audio DVD
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There are 4 things which wreak havoc with your health. They slow you down, weaken you, poison you, ultimately kill you. Learn what they are & what you can do about them. Also, open your eyes about autoimmunity: does the body really attack itself? Can it? Learn what the nutritarian diet is & why it's the healthiest diet in the world! Learn how it can maximize your lifespan. Find out 6 most health-protective foods. Learn why some vegan diets aren't healthy & why excess animal products is also unhealthy. C60 (Carbon 60) has risen to prominence as the greatest antioxidant & anti-aging force. In a 2012 rat study, test group lived twice as long as the control group. C60 stops telomeres from shortening thus promoting life extension. Find out more.
Restore Every Aspect of Your Body from Head to Toe at the Cellular Level - Referral Stop Synthetic Estrogens from Invading Your Body! - Referral Over 200 Natural Cancer Killers, Remedies and Treatments - Referral
Over 200 Natural Cancer Killers, Remedies and Treatments - Referral
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Our body is made up of 50 trillion cells. If you want to feel younger and more alive you need cell rejuvenation. This daily supplement has been scientifically formulated to help target & restore every aspect of your body from head to toe. Referral.
Synthetic estrogen hormones (xenoestrogens) are invading our bodies through pesticides, plastics, pollution. They feminize men & can convert into carcinogenic estrogens. This supplement helps your liver to cleanse harmful xenoestrogens. Referral. Big Pharma companies often use natural substances to inspire design of their synthetic "medicines", which always have side effects. Everything on this valuable list is a natural substance; many have extremely potent anti-cancer properties. Referral.
Get the Food That Contains 82 of the 92 Minerals On Planet Earth - Referral 21 Foods that Naturally Unclog Arteries - Report Learn Why People with the Lowest Cholesterol Die First - Referral
This incredible natural food contains around 82 of the approx. 92 minerals that our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. It has long been recognized for its ability to cure and abate the symptoms of colds and flu. Referral. Your arteries deliver vital oxygen around your entire body. If they become fatty & blocked, serious illness will arise. Learn 21 foods that unclog your arteries and lower blood pressure & inflammation. Also great for skin, hair & hormone production. The cholesterol myth is still prevalent. Millions of Americans get scared after doctor visits when they're told to take dangerous statin drugs. Cholesterol is an important nutrient in the body responsible for hormone production. Don't get conned! Referral
Can this Supplement Truly Reverse the Aging Process? - Referral The Diet that Helps You Eliminate Inflammation, Optimize Brain Function and Beat Fatigue - Referral Herbal Tooth Powder - Referral
Hundreds of clinical studies show the benefits of acupuncture for back & neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, even cancer. Find out more about this superb non-invasive healing modality. Have you tried many diets but still have major health issues? Perhaps your body reacts badly to certain phytochemicals even though they are healthy, e.g. lectins, alkaloids, lignans. Learn the best anti-inflammatory diet that works for YOU. Referral. Before the days of toothpaste, people used tooth powder, without all abrasive & polishing compounds, preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, detergents, fragrances & fluoride. Referral to natural herbal tooth powder formulated by master herbalists.
One of the Most Effective and Affordable Trace Mineral Supplements - Referral Make Your Own Ozonated Water at Home - Referral How to Detox from Microplastics and Other Hormone Disruptors - Report
When it comes to foods loaded with trace minerals and other nutrients, it's hard to beat this. Consuming this food regularly is an excellent way to remineralize your body. It's been used as a traditional food in Asia for thousands of years. Referral. It's a pity so many nations (e.g. USA) use toxic chlorine not beneficial ozone to clean municipal water. Ozone kills up to 99.99% of bacteria & viruses. Find out where to get a simple, portable device you can use at home to ozonate your water! Referral. Plastic is everywhere: your clothes, food packaging, your mattress, even in the sea salt you eat & bottled water you drink. Plastic has been proven to cause cancer, it's an endocrine disruptor. Learn how to get plastics & microplastics out of your body.
C60 Olive Oil – Life Extender and Antioxidant 172x More Powerful than Vitamin C The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD Secret Antidotes for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's You're Not Supposed to Know About
Is this the best anti-aging molecule humanity has ever stumbled upon? C60 almost doubled the lifespan of rats! It prevents inflammation & osteoarthritis, kills bacteria & viruses. May even help with cancer. 100 ml bottle with applicator. What is the root cause of all disease? How do you activate your body's own healing mechanism? If you have a serious disease, do you even know why you have it? If not, how can you truly heal it? This very comprehensive presentation will take you on an eye-opening journey of discovery. Learn where modern medicine went wrong in 1643 in the scientific revolution. Get a complete list of all the causes that are making you sick.
Nowadays people have come to expect that it's just normal to get horrible diseases associated with mental decline as you enter old age. However, just like cancer used to be extremely rare over 100 years ago, the evidence points to the truth that it's our lifestyle and environment that are causing these diseases – and, therefore, that they are NOT inevitable and CAN be prevented. Learn what causes and cures mental decline. Discover the top 2 natural remedies for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's (hint: it's more effective if you take them together), as well as other secret antidotes to halt senility. The power is in your hands. Report.
Breakthrough Anti-Aging Formula Why You Need More Salt Reduce Wrinkles and Achieve Radiant Skin Naturally
Why You Need More Salt - DVD
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This breakthrough formula, billed as "the most important dietary supplement of our time", has scientifically proven benefits on your longevity. Comprised of 5 potent herbs (including turmeric and bacopa), it fights oxidation or oxidative stress, which is unavoidable for everyone, since we all create it by breathing, eating, sleeping and exercising – just by living life! It's so unique and effective it was granted its own patent (despite only containing 5 natural ingredients). It up-regulates “survival genes” which enable cells to survive in the face of stress. Get some now and slow down aging!

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A pervasive dietary myth today is that salt is bad, but the right kind of salt is essential to a heathy body. It preserves, alkalizes, remineralizes and helps you lose weight, improve skin tone and sleep better. Learn what kinds of salt are best. Everyone wants to reduce wrinkles, right? Learn which very common ingredient in many foods actually causes wrinkles. Tighten your skin with herbs & other natural remedies. Discover whether a raw, vegan, high fat or other health diet is best.
How to Get a Face Lift Without Surgery - DVD Reduce or Reverse Wrinkles by Eliminating this One Food from Your Diet Healthy Living Series - Package
How to Get a Face Lift Without Surgery - DVD
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Healthy Living Series - Package
Our Price: $120.00
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How would you like to have smooth, toned and tighter skin with reduced lines and wrinkles - without doing surgery? The results are amazing! Have beautiful supple skin which helps you look younger. Check out this new standard in facial care. Tired of looking like you're a shriveled up prune? Would you like to look more attractive and enjoy smoother skin? It's all possible when you eliminate this one food from your diet. Learn what it is. How would you like to save money and your health at the same time? This healthy living series of 8 DVDs which all show you how to make you own natural health care products at home, including soap, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent and much more.
Voltage: The Secret to Healing - DVD Are You Using This Versatile and Potent All-Round Health Tonic Yet? - Report The Awesome Adaptogenic Herbal Aphrodisiac - Referral
Are You Using This Versatile and Potent All-Round Health Tonic Yet? - Report
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Voltage is not only something you find in a battery or in your house, it's in the very circuits of your body! Voltage is intimately connected with your level of health. This video explains how it all works and includes some great health tips. Did you know there's a versatile and potent health tonic in your kitchen cupboard ... and you're probably not even using it much?  Learn what it is and how you can use it to enhance your health. This awesome adaptogenic plant is known for it's wide range of all-round beneficial properties. It also contains a powerful neurotransmitter pre-cursor called L-Dopa. Increase your energy, improve longevity and maybe even help activate your 3rd eye!
Roll Back the Clock on Aging - Referral The Super Herb Which Supports Your Immune Function - Referral Cheat Aging with Exotic Superfood - Referral
How would you like to be 30 years younger in terms of health, strength, looks, mental acuity and drive? This natural coenzyme has been shown to reverse a fundamental aspect of age-related deterioration: the DNA mitochondria of your cells! This super anti-aging herb increases the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which fight infection. It is considered one of the finest immune boosters on the planet. It's also a complementary input for natural cancer treatments! Cheat aging and achieve both quality and quantity of life with an exotic new superfood! This native Asian fruit is mixed with microalgae to produce a stunning supplement, full to the brim with antioxidants. Recent scientific inquiry has revealed the extraordinary benefits of this superfood and its rich supply of antioxidants called xanthones. This fruit contains 43 of the approximately 200 different types of xanthones known. It promotes longevity, protects against cancer, regulates blood sugar level, fights against bacterial, viral and fungal infections and greatly reduces inflammation, the basis of almost all disease.

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The Secrets of Immortality Revealed - Referral Free Stuff, Bargains and Adventures for People Over 50 - Referral The Ultra Pure, High Quality, Quantum-Infused Super Food to Boost Your Wellbeing - Referral

The secrets of immortality are revealed! The author of this book went looking for the oldest person alive on Earth today, wanting to learn what they did to accomplish such a long, healthy life. To his absolute shock, he stumbled upon a man whose real physical age was around 2800 years old! Although obviously skeptical at first, the accuracy and detailed descriptions of the old man’s accounts, combined with his (claimed) eyewitness observations of the birth of Western civilization, produced such valuable insight and stories that the doubt was removed form his mind. Learn the literal secrets of immortality. Referral to source of book.

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Free stuff, bargains, adventures ... who wouldn’t want all of that? These amazing offers are just for people over 50. Grab up to $20,000 of the trillions in money, services and other goodies that Uncle Sam may have already allocated for you! Discover the little-known government program that gives you free health insurance; special free dental programs for older people; more than 350 colleges that offer reduced or even free tuition for people over age 55; and government-provided free legal and tax help. Replete with both money-saving and money-making tips. Internet req. Referral to source of 8 guides for less than $2 total. Contact info.

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This ultra pure super food is hailed as one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods (loaded with vitamins, trace minerals and way more protein than meat), boosting vitality, protecting against cancer and arthritis, beating viruses, relieving allergies, reducing inflammation and promoting longevity. This brand produces the super food using state of the art technology. It is quantum infused, meaning it has been imbued with specific energy patterns, carefully chosen to promote optimal health and balance. It is dried by low temperature air drying, which keeps it raw and alive. It’s even better than organic, being produced at standards which exceed the USDA organic certification process. Get prepared to boost your energy off the charts! Referral to source. Contact info.

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Shilajit - Destroyer of Weaknesses
Shilajit is the most potent food and medicine of Ayurveda. Its name means ãDestroyer of Weakness"! Shilajit promotes strength and stamina, renews vitality, relieves stress, delays aging, enhances sexual stamina and improves spiritual power. 15 gram Jar
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