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The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD
The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD
Our Price: $15.00

What is the root cause of all disease? How do you activate your body's own healing mechanism? If you have a serious disease, do you even know why you have it? If not, how can you truly heal it? This very comprehensive presentation will take you on an eye-opening journey of discovery. Learn where modern medicine went wrong in 1643 in the scientific revolution. Get a complete list of all the causes that are making you sick.
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How to Overcome Diabetes Naturally
How to Overcome Diabetes Naturally - DVD
Our Price: $16.00

There are natural remedies for people with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. Learn which diets work and which don't. Discover the 15 best fruits for diabetes. Learn which famous & tasty spice is also an amazing diabetes remedy! Reverse diabetes naturally. more info
The Dangers of Eating Grains
The Dangers of Eating Grains - DVD
Our Price: $15.00

Eating grains is a normal, yet most grains are highly processed, stripped of their essential nutrients and ill-prepared (not soaked, sprouted or fermented), so they rapidly break down into sugar. Learn more about the hidden dangers of eating grains. more info
How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally - DVD
How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally - DVD
Our Price: $19.00

You can reverse diabetes naturally! Learn the benefits of a plant-based diet, and correspondingly, the dangers of an animal product-based diet. The Standard American Diet is called SAD for a reason Ė when you realize how itís loaded with processed food, grains so highly refined they are basically sugar, and heavy animal fats, itís enough to make any health-conscious person unhappy! Learn the dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to restore your health and reverse diabetes. Dr. Michael Snyder speaks from a religious perspective, but the scientific information he imparts can help everyone with their health. 66-min. DVD more info
The Top 12 Foods to Beat Diabetes - Report
The Top 12 Foods to Beat Diabetes - Report
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Diabetes has become an epidemic in America. It is around the 7th highest leading cause of death, and by 2050 the CDC estimates that 30% percent of Americans could suffer from it. Diabetics, in addition to coping with the effects of their disease, also have nearly double the risk of cancer compared to the rest of the population. However, the good news is that by changing your diet (as well as increasing exercise), you can cure diabetes. Learn the top 12 natural and potent foods, herbs and spices which have the power to mimic insulin, regulate glucose levels and protect against diabetes. Get healthy today! more info
Milagro De La Selva - Overcome Diabetes, Balance Cholesterol and Weight
Milagro De La Selva - 2.2 oz./65 ml. bottle - Overcome Diabetes, Balance Cholesterol and Weight
Our Price: $45.00


  • One Of The Fastest And Most Efficient Methods To Remove All Forms Of Radiation, Heavy Metals, Chemicals And Other Positively Charged Toxins From The Body
  • Following The Chernobyl Disaster, Clay Was One Of The Components Used To Bury The Damaged Reactor
  • Chernobyl Response Teams Smeared Clay All Over Their Bodies Before They Put Their Radiation Suits On, And Also Took Clay Detoxification Baths Afterwards
  • Outperforms Standard Bentonite And Illite Clays By Removing A Higher Amount And Wider Range Of Pathogens From The Body
  • Safe For Humans And Animals To Use Internally And Externally
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Find the Natural Remedy for Almost Every Serious Illness, Including Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes - Referral
Find the Natural Remedy for Almost Every Serious Illness, Including Cancer, Alzheimerís and Diabetes - Referral
Our Price: $10.00
Today's Price: $5.00
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Would you like a superior alternative health remedy for every serious disease? This company has a phenomenal cancer cure, and you can also used their website to look up the natural remedy for your particular illness, with at least 160 spectacular products available, including salves, tonics and healing clays. This company has fought off FDA raids to bounce back and still make its incredible array of natural cures available to the public. Reference to website, but phone number is provided, so internet not required. Contact info.

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Diabetes - Report
Diabetes - Report
Our Price: $5.00


This prevention and curing protocol is for people who are ready to take the full responsibility for their own health and are looking for holistic alternatives. It incorporates lifestyle change, and implements healthy diet, body cleansing, exercises and different traditional and natural therapies that may help you overcome this malady. Our aim is to educate you, not medicate you. more info
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes: Cause and Cure
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes: Cause and Cure - DVD
Our Price: $20.00


Did you know 60% of all drugs on the market have DEATH as a side-effect! Are you full of disbelief when you hear that diabetes and blood pressure can only be cured with Big Pharma monopoly drugs? Congratulations on thinking critically - youíre right! Your meds are making you sicker, and here is the science to prove it. There are numerous fast, natural and pain-free methods to restore balance to your body and be rid of these ailments forever. This film will tell you exactly how to do that. If you, or a loved one you know, want to stop popping pills and get over the high-and-low sugar rollercoaster, take note of the simple and effective techniques offered here. 77-min. DVD more info
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