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True Unknown History - Complete 5 DVD Set Package
True Unknown History - Complete 5 DVD Set Package. Contains one of each DVD: Parts 1-10, Parts 11-20, Parts 21-30, Parts 31-40, Parts 41-50

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Contains one of each:

Parts 1-10
Parts 11-20
Parts 21-30
Parts 31-40
Parts 41-50

Total Value = $75
Get Complete 5 DVD Set for Only $44

Parts 1-10
This thoroughly well-researched film will take you on a journey beyond all conventional knowledge into the real history of humanity for the last 13000 years. It touches on Atlantis, Lemuria, the Pyramids, bloodlines, secret societies, the 3 city-states that rule the world, subliminal symbolism, occult corporate logos, domes and obelisks, vortex energy systems, the singularity point from where we can control matter, and finally culminates by revealing the grand secret that is within each one of us, with which you can change your world. 91-min. DVD

Parts 11-20
The whole point of owning your shadow or dark side is to become your complete, grand Self. This starts by taking responsibility for everything that is occurring in your life. All of our bodily diseases exist for some purpose. On a deeper level we have co-created them, so we must ask “Why am I co-creating this?” If you can follow the clues and unravel the mystery of why you are calling in negative events in your life which don’t serve you, then you can integrate your shadow and claim total freedom. 93-min. DVD

Parts 21-30
Learn the shocking truth about the Watchers, the Annunaki and the Nephilim who bred human (Illuminati) bloodlines, taught them Satanic ritual and how to control through fear, which has led to an occult subconscious war. Hollywood uses subliminals and mind-controlled pop stars and actors to “program” the masses. US Presidents are servants of the British Royal Family and Vatican. Discover the real reason for the genocide of the Native American Indians, why the elite need blood sacrifices and how almost all religions and secret societies practice ancient solar occultism. 97-min. DVD

Parts 31-40
Life exists in every dimension, on every level, under every rock and stone in the Universe. See mind-blowing footage of UFOs, space critters and Rods appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, going through solid matter! There are Controllers exploiting the masses, but if we hate them, we play right into their hands, because those in hate are in the “ego” or shadow part of themselves, not their full power, and hence are more easily manipulated. Learn the truth about Atlantis and Lemuria and why the Universe is expanding. Discover how time and gravity can be cancelled out from the singularity (black hole) within all of us! 88-min. DVD

Parts 41-50
The elite Controllers are desperate to conceal the true origins of humanity - but stone carvings, mammoth preserved footprints and giant skeletons, as well as underwater cities, pyramids, sphinxes and megaliths, reveal the undeniable truth: we were genetically engineered by advanced ETs and we are not as spiritually or technologically advanced as we used to be. Why are the designs and geometry of (apparently unrelated) ancient sites around the world basically identical? Who were the Nephilim and the giants that used to roam the Earth? What are the secrets of the ancients? 97-min. DVD

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Enlightening September 25, 2014
Reviewer: Jared Troupe from Midland, TX United States  
The 5 dvd set is very enlightening. Delving into unknown, or hidden esoteric knowledge concerning us humans, our universe, and abroad is something that I've always wanted to partake in, and I plan to continue my researching. Thank you all for the services, time, and great help-may the same be given in return.

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