Overcome the Smart Meter Threat Package
Overcome the Smart Meter Threat Package. Contains one of each: The Dark Truth About “Smart” Meters - DVD, Legally Replace Your Smart Meter with a Safe Analog Meter - Report, Just Say NO to Big Brother’s Smart Meters - Handbook

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Contains one of each:

The Dark Truth About “Smart” Meters - DVD
Legally Replace Your Smart Meter with a Safe Analog Meter - Report
Just Say NO to Big Brother’s Smart Meters - Handbook

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The Dark Truth About “Smart” Meters - DVD
Big Brother has a dark new agenda to endanger your health and privacy: smart meters. These toxic spy devices are all about control, not conservation, of energy. Unlike cell phones, they can’t be shut off; they emit radiation unnecessarily in all directions (no existing law prohibits the direction of radiation from smart meters) leading to degenerative diseases and premature aging even at low levels. Smart meters allow authorities to know your exact energy usage patterns and pass this information along to the highest bidder - or to anyone at all actually, since the data is transferred wirelessly and can be intercepted by any curious third party. Do you want Big Brother to know you’re running a business in your home without a license? Not only that, but smart meters allow Big Brother to charge you more for electricity during peak times and actually control your appliance usage - as part of the UN Agenda 21 mandate to forcibly redistribute energy away from the US to other countries. If you no longer have control over your energy supply, your freedom will diminish drastically. The most sinister part of all is that the smart meter is a weaponized EMF device which can be turned on by the military to alter brainwaves and harm citizens - right next to your bedroom or living room wall! Get informed about the invasion of the smart meters and learn how you can refuse its installation on your property or replace it if it’s already installed. 100-min. DVD

Legally Replace Your Smart Meter with a Safe Analog Meter- Report
Smart Meters are Big Brother surveillance devices that spy on your electricity usage habits, report the data to other agencies and contaminate your home with toxic EMF radiation. Smart Meters even have the potential to control the amount of electricity you get, if Big Brother doesn’t like you! Here’s the solution: you can lawfully uninstall the Smart Meter and replace it with your own safe analog meter which is compatible with 90% of all homes and small businesses! Reference shows where to buy $69.95 safe electric meter replacement kit, easy to install, which comes with legal notice template to power companies you can post nearby your new meter.

Just Say NO to Big Brother’s Smart Meters - Handbook
The Big Brother Smart Meter is a weaponised device which forms an integral part of Agenda 21, the depopulation scheme devised by the United Nations in 1992 to exert more control over our lives under the guise of “saving the environment”. Smart Meters disseminate dangerous “pulsed radiation” waves which are hazardous to human health, and lead to many diseases such as headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, hypersensitivity, erratic blood pressure, and above all, cancer. The elderly and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk. However, you as the property owner or tenant have the right to object and the power to stop them. This well researched book exposes the true danger and agenda of Smart Meters, and includes a sample notice to place above your existing meter to stop installation of the Smart Meter. 155-pages

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5 of 5 Excellent Video On "Smart Meters" June 10, 2015
Reviewer: Scott Kyler from Lexington, OH United States  
This video and the other printed information is helping me fight the "Smart Meter" installations in my area. This is a "must watch" DVD.

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