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Freemasonic Ritual and the Hidden Meaning of Taking a Knee - DVD Viruses are Not What You Think! Viruses Heal the Body - DVD Nurses Discuss how COVID Protocols Are Literally Killing People - DVD
The majority of people taking a knee have no idea who they are really sending prayer & energy to, but it has nothing to do with 'white privilege' but with occult Masonic ritual. The NWO social engineers are stoking race tensions to distract the masses. Get ready to have your mind blown. Viruses are not what you think. The body makes viruses to clean up toxicity when good bacteria can't do the job. Learn why the Medical Industry promotes germ theory & contagion to keep you in fear for its toxic products. 4 nurses on the COVID frontline sound the alarm on the issue of ventilation, intubation & protocols that are causing death. Per the testimony of Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, why do COVID patients have symptoms of high-altitude sickness or under-oxygenation?
Doctor Offers $5K Reward for First Person to Prove COVID Diagnosis - DVD The Luciferian Cult and Pedophilia - DVD The Government is Coming After Your Children - DVD
Officials boost cases just by doing more testing. This presentation exposes the many flaws with every COVID test & the recategorization of cases of normal flu. This doctor is offering $5K to anyone who can PROVE they have the SARS-CoV2 virus! Luciferians have run planet Earth for a long time. This ancient cult worships an interdimensional, parasitic, unseen but very real force. It possesses the minds of those who open themselves up to it. It thrives on cannabalism, rape, pedophilia and murder. Yes, they are coming after your children. The USG revealed its true cards as it began forcibly removing children from their parents (after their parents tested positive for COVID). The coronavirus is the perfect excuse for State abduction.
Dr. Fauci's Medical Corruption Exposed - DVD Smart Dust, Nanotechnology and the Transhumanist Control Grid - DVD Social Distancing and Quarantine Centers for Kids: Horrific New Rules for Schools - DVD
Dr. Judy Mikovits reveals how the COVID endgame is mandatory vaccination. She exposes the decades-long corruption of Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIAID, leader of the USG's response team against COVID and in the pocket of NWO frontman Bill Gates. The world is in the throes of triple exponential technological revolutions – IT, biotechnology & nanotechnology. Will our future include vaccines laced with nanobots? Will swarming nanobots with unpredictable and emergent properties redesign humanity? One way routes, prepackaged food, sneeze guards, no shared spaces, no playgrounds, no field trips, desks all facing the same way, masks & social distancing all day long ... the CDC wants to turn schools into prisons & kids into robots. See for yourself.
The Occult Symbology Behind the COVID Crisis - DVD The True Story of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor - DVD Exposing the Corona Effect - DVD
Why did US State Governors simultaneously announce their COVID cases increased by exactly 33? Learn the occult significance of the 33 to the Mystery Schools (like Freemasonry) which run the NWO. Why has the world had pandemics in 1720, 1820, 1920 & 2020? This is another true story of generational SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) by a woman who somehow managed to survive, despite being raped and tortured. She was sold into pedophile ring and witnessed child sacrifice performed by high-up cult members. If COVID is such a big deal, why is there no significant excess mortality in the US thus far compared to the last 3 years? There was no polio virus (it was poisoning via DDT) & there is no COVID virus. Learn the true cause and effect of COVID.
The Hypocrisy of Western Medicine - DVD Project Looking Glass – The Secret Military Op that Gazed Through Time - DVD Is Contagion Real? Do Microbes Infect or Are They Activated? - DVD
Western Medicine portrays itself as health care, but it's really about disease management. The warfare model of disease, where illness comes from a tiny outside enemy, goads people into believing that petrochemical drugs are their only chance of survival. These 3 whistleblowers reveal from firsthand knowledge how Project Looking Glass involved looking for time distortions & seeing the past. What is the inevitable event the NWO controllers saw (and couldn't stop) when they looked into the Looking Glass? Is contagion real? Do viruses 'spread' in the way we were taught? The seeds of bacteria exist within us: do they 'infect' or rather are they activated? The body makes bacteria to clean up the cells; if that doesn't work, it creates viruses to do the job.
Natural Health Modality Challenges the Dominant Medical Paradigm - DVD Unlocking the Power of Your DNA Resonance - DVD Building Without a Permit, Driving Without a License - DVD
Do you realize there's more to health than exposure to microbes? This new paradigm of medicine shows that every disease is caused by an unexpected (but curable) conflict shock. The body produces things like viruses to heal itself. Watch with an open mind. Does there exist a morphic field "out there" from which we receive our inspirations? Does our DNA create the morphic field? Does our DNA resonance code speak the brain code language? An ideal presentation for those liking the technical side of this topic. This man knows the law! He built his own home without the need for a building permit. Hear how he asserted his freedom of movement by calmly going into the DMV & showing the director the definition of driving ("paid transportation of goods or people").
Scientist Proves Masks Don't Work and Actually Cause You Harm - DVD The Corona Mask-Wearing Initiation Ritual - DVD Learn Why "COVID" Is Actually Toxicity from Vaccines and EMF Exposure - DVD
Mandatory mask-wearing is harmful. Masks collect microbes & create a hotbed to harbor pathogens. Multiple studies have proven that masks are not only ineffective but harm the wearer. See the data. This isn't about health; this is about control. The coronavirus crisis carries on, but did you realize the deeper ritualistic significance of all the lockdown measures? Learn the hallmarks of the Corona-Initiation Ritual. Open your eyes to the occult meaning of this entire psychological operation. What if COVID has nothing at all to do with a virus? What if "COVID" were pathological blood coagulation due to toxicity? Some of this toxicity is introduced into your bloodstream via vaccines but there are many causes of it. What is the corona effect?
Legal Remedy You Can Use Against the CDC and HHS for Negligence and Criminal Conspiracy - DVD A Radically New Understanding of the Virus and Virome for Human Health - DVD Is MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) a Cure for COVID? - DVD
This presentation outlines how the declaration of a state of emergency (& the ensuing lockdown measures) was based on assumption not fact, violating legal standards set forth in case law. Learn which legal forms you can use to redress this grievance. Would it shock you to know that you probably harbor all sorts of viruses in your body right now? Viruses co-exist in symbiosis with us, increasing our health by stimulating our immune system. This scientific presentation explains exactly how it all works. Whatever COVID is (the virus has never been isolated or purified), there is a strong connection between it & oxygen deprivation. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), often sold as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), improves circulation and oxygenates the body's tissues.
Why Masks Violate OSHA Guidelines for Sufficient Oxygen Levels - DVD The WEF "Great Reset": Gateway to Technocratic Tyranny - DVD The Whole Coronavirus Scamdemic Summed Up in 30 Minutes - DVD
See a test showing that one's oxygen levels drop to 17% within 1-2 minutes of wearing a mask! See a 20-year OSHA-approved PPE expert who destroys the official mask narrative. Masks violates OSHA standards of a minimum 19.5% oxygen levels! COVID is the cover for a technocratic scheme – The Great Reset – pushed by the WEF (World Economic Forum) that was present at Bill Gates' Event 201 that simulated a coronavirus outbreak before it happened. Discover the truth about the Great Reset agenda. Why do epidemiology graphs show an artificially sharp peak for COVID at end of winter season that has never happened before in history, anytime, anywhere? Learn how governmental intervention (lockdowns which restricted sun & fresh air) accelerated deaths.
What is Dis-Ease? - DVD Secrets and Tips to Regenerate Your Body - DVD Operation Warp Speed: Rushing Out Untested COVID Vaccines - DVD
What is Dis-Ease? - DVD
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What really is 'dis-ease'? We've been trained to be scared of germs, viruses, terrorists & more. Fear creates disease. Ultimately, you have to know yourself. Without knowledge, you'll always be seeking external things (pills, drugs, doctors) to heal. As this lifelong naturopathic doctor has personally seen, all sorts of regeneration are possible: muscle, bone, nerve regeneration & more! Rather than "treating disease", why not promote healthy body tissue? Learn cleaning and strengthening secrets. New untested COVID vaccines are RNA vaccines that may contain Luciferase (a tattoo barcode under your skin) & a nanotech hydrogel (invented by DARPA) which can connect with your smartphone & to the internet. Do you want your genes to be modified?
Are Governmental COVID Measures Akin to Torture? - DVD The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset - DVD COVID: The Truth as Revealed by Articles, Studies and Numbers - DVD
All the lockdown effects – social distancing, mask-wearing, isolation – are akin to CIA torture techniques. Government officials are acting like know-it-all doctors with Munchausen syndrome, treating all citizens as contagious and dangerous patients.
The NWO are exploiting the COVID scamdemic with their Great Reset. Key buzzwords are disruption & reimagine (stir up chaos & create a new order). They want to reimagine education, the economy & humanity itself with AI & the 4th Industrial Revolution. This compilation is a collection of article headlines, studies, official numbers and statements from governmental and health authorities, presented as the "pandemic" progressed. See how they have been secretly revealing the truth all along.
The COVID Mask Wearing Ritual of Mass Mind Control - DVD Notes from the Deep State - DVD The Q-Anon Cult and the Mass Indictments and Arrests that Never Seem to Happen - DVD
There's more to mandatory mask-wearing than you might believe. Masks are steeped in symbolism. Learn how masks remove our old identity and allow us to be programmed with another one (the new normal). What is the meaning of the COVID mask wearing ritual? Did you know 9/11 was a huge insurance fraud, with millions of dollars of gold stolen, that SEC files were destroyed, that the CIA used 9/11 to launder $240 billion of offshore gold & that the Executive may lie to the courts if it's for national security? Q-Anon (aka Q) has become a sensation with its stories of Trump fighting the Deep State cabal & imminent mass arrests. Is Q controlled opposition? What does the vague slogan "trust the plan" mean? Learn about the psychology behind Q's evidence-free drops.
The Real Reason the Elite Want You to Hate Donald Trump - DVD COVID Being Used to Push Healthcare Rationing - DVD OSHA Experts Discuss PPE and Masks – Conclude They Do More Harm Than Good - DVD
Trump is very outspoken against radical socialists & global warming alarmists, whom he branded "perennial prophets of doom" wanting absolute power to control us at a 2020 speech at the World Economic Forum at Davos. Watch an analysis and Trump's speech. Did you know the COVID scamdemic is being used as a cover to push the agenda of healthcare rationing, e.g. by people like Obamacare "death panel" advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, who says it can be "ethical" sometimes to remove the elderly from ventilators? OSHA experts dispel the myths re: PPE & masks. Studies show that masks do nothing to stop the spread of a respiratory virus! Masks actually do harm as they prevent full oxygen intake, foster increased CO2 & provide a warm moist environment for microbes.
Banned Video: Doctors Address COVID Misinformation with Capital Hill Press Conference - DVD Positive Tests Are Not COVID Cases - DVD Exposing the Hoax Called "Asymptomatic Transmission" - DVD
This is the full press conference of a group of doctors exposing COVID disinfo. It was quickly banned on YouTube. These docs don't get the full truth of the scamdemic but their message was still deemed so controversial it was censored. Find out why. Here's the key point: positive tests ≠ cases. The MSM deliberately confuses these 2 terms when over 99% of people who test "positive" (& the test is rigged anyway) are healthy & asymptomatic. Medically speaking, they are not a  true "case." See the truth. WHO official Maria Van Kerkhove confessed asymptomatic transmission of COVID was "very rare." The COVID planners are trying to trick you into thinking you can't possibly know if you are healthy; you can’t feel your own body. You could still be contagious!
Coronavirus and the Elimination of Cash - DVD America's Population Predicted to Decrease to 99 Million by 2025 - DVD Dr. Fauci's Decades of Fraud Exposed - DVD
The COVID plandemic is being used as a pretext to roll out the cashless agenda: the plan to remove cash from society forcing every single transaction to be conducted digitally. Absurd excuses have been offered, e.g. "the virus could spread via cash." Would it interest you to know that an organization that uses public domain & official government data is putting out an astonishing forecast – namely that the US population will be 99 million in 2025? If true, what could cause this? Lots of clues to unraveling the COVID 'pandemic' can be found in the AIDS 'pandemic.' Both were overseen by Dr. Tony Fauci. Learn why HIV is a harmless virus that was blamed for AIDS so Big Pharma could market its toxic vaccines & drugs like AZT.
Medical Technocracy and COVID-19 - DVD Operation Lockstep: The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Scenario for Post-Pandemic Control - DVD Nurses Speak Out Against Coronovirus Scam - DVD
Based on deaths per capita data from around August 2020, the death rate for COVID-19 is 0.009% (709,000 deaths from or with COVID-19 worldwide in a global population is 7.8 billion) that means the survival rate is 99.991%. See COVID lies get exposed. This video reveals the key evidence showing that this "pandemic" is a plannedemic. A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation paper analyzed a scenario (Lockstep) where governments react with authoritarianism to a flu pandemic. Coincidence? Decide for yourself. This compilation features nurses with enough courage to speak the truth about the fake pandemic. Some confirm the only COVID deaths in their hospitals were people who already had a severe existing condition that killed them – COVID/SARS-CoV-2 had no role.
How the Scientific Dictatorship of Germ Theory Underpins the COVID Plandemic - DVD PedoGate and PizzaGate Exposed - DVD Project Engineer Who Made Implantable Microchips Speaks Out - DVD
The COVID plandemic emerged out of 100+ years of the Western Allopathic medical model initiated by Rockefeller. Learn the 8 reasons why SARS-CoV-2 is not the cause of COVID. Any PCR test that amplifies to 40 cycles can produce a so-called "positive"! With so many wild theories about PizzaGate around, this documentary is a brilliant piece of research. It reveals the facts & codewords of the pedophilia network involving the Clintons, Podestas, Epstein, James Elefantis & Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. This compilation features a man who claims he was involved with engineering microchips designed to be implanted inside the human body. He reveals how the chips were made to be charged by the body. Learn the 2 places in the body they are to be inserted.
CDC Quietly Admits Only 6% of Officially Recorded COVID Deaths Are Due to COVID Alone - DVD Why COVID Lockdowns and Masks Are Useless - DVD Mastering the Sovereign Path in Both Health and Law - DVD
The CDC adjusted their COVID figures in August 2020 to show that of the (at the time) 160,000 American deaths officially due to 'COVID' only 6% were due to COVID alone. The other 94% all had other conditions (co-morbidities), the average of which was 2.6! Scientists & docs who speak out with facts contradicting the Fauci/Redfield/Birx official COVID narrative have been defamed & banned – when the scientific method calls for the open-minded analysis of evidence. The MSM spread false of ideas to gin up fear. Learn brilliant & handy sovereign techniques such as challenging public officials to produce indemnity insurance & asking them questions so they make claims (that they can't substantiate). Learn how to reserve your rights when you apply for a passport.
How to Beat COVID Citations In and Out of Court - DVD Do Sun Simulators Exist? - DVD 852 Hz: Awaken Your Intuition and Remove Self-Doubt - Audio DVD
With the COVID scamdemic spiraling out of control, bureaucrats have been rubbing their hands with glee at their new powers. Don't worry – you don't have to comply with absurd statutes & laws. This knowledge will stop tyrannical officials in their tracks. There are many patents on manmade devices called sun simulators & CubeSats that mimic the sun's action. This compilation shows clear footage of such honeycomb-shaped sun simulators. See how there are 2 light sources in the sky, one moving past the other! Fear in the form of self-doubt stifles growth, confidence & freedom. To achieve anything you must first believe in yourself. Awareness is your greatest agent for change. This 852 Hz recording awakens your intuition, a power greater than the rational mind.
936 Hz: Clear Your Mind and Boost Positive Energy - Audio DVD The Best Natural Essential Oils for Hair Regrowth and Preventing Baldness - Report Why Most Federal Laws Do Not Apply to State Citizens - Report
Are you ready to open your third eye, activate your pineal gland & achieve deep states of relaxation? Are you seeking an inner awakening? Reach higher states of consciousness and mystical perception. This recording of 936 Hz helps you to clear your mind. Going bald is an uncomfortable thing for many men, but it turns out you may be able to do something natural not pharmaceutical about it. This report reveals 10+ essential oils that help to regrow hair & prevent baldness, some backed by scientific studies. When laws go against inherent unalienable rights, they are null & void. Such violations happen all the time. This report contains info so you can defend your rights, especially if you need to write legal letters or start lawsuits against gov. officials.
Federal Citizen Residents vs. State Citizen Nationals – Part 1 - Report Federal Citizen Residents vs. State Citizen Nationals – Part 2 - Report Meridian Tooth Chart - Report
What are the 2 United States of America? How did they come to be? If there are 2 distinct citizenships (federal citizens and state citizens), which one affords more rights and freedom? What is the authoritative source of American law? To understand the legal commercial matrix of the United States, you need to understand there are 2 distinct jurisdictions. How do you get tricked into leaving the jurisdiction of state citizen nationals & entering into the federal corporate democracy? Everything in the body is connected. Each tooth is linked to specific organs, glands & joints; a tooth's health is a reflection of the condition of other bodily regions. Get in touch with the underlying structure of your body for super health benefits.
How to Max Out Your Social Security Payouts - Referral Hide Your License Plate at the Touch of Button - Referral The Ultimate Glass Enema Kit - Referral
With an estimated 96% of American seniors not getting the Social Security benefits they’re eligible for, we refer you to a guide that shows you how to take advantage of the legal loopholes, e.g. collect 6 months of retroactive benefits. Referral. In an age of CCTV cameras & pervasive surveillance, it is becoming harder to retain privacy. Here is a solution you will love! This tech allows you to hide your license plates with a cover that is transparent when power is on but opaque when power is off. Enemas are a very effective way to detoxify as they remove layers of old fecal matter but many enema kits are plastic. This kit features glass parts & tips that are void of heavy metals, toxins & BPA. Can be used with Gerson Therapy method. Referral.
Best Natural Sugar Alternative - Referral Should You Submit to Mandatory COVID Testing? - DVD Mastering the Sovereign Path in Both Health and Law - DVD
Food manufacturers know that sugar is highly addictive, lighting up the area of the brain and affecting it like heroin. This sugar alternative is 100% natural, derived from food, has no GMOs & is just 1 ingredient! Enjoy the sweet side of life. Referral. Do you trust the COVID tests? You may not after watching this. Why do some tests produce both pos & neg results in the same person 4 hours apart? Why is the cotton swab so long that it goes to the back of your throat? What if the tests were the vaccines? Learn brilliant & handy sovereign techniques such as challenging public officials to produce indemnity insurance & asking them questions so they make claims (that they can't substantiate). Learn how to reserve your rights when you apply for a passport.
How to Practice Safe Soy - DVD MILAB Marine Finds Out He's Part of Secret Space Program - DVD SSP Experiencer Realizes She Was Used as Breeder on Mars - DVD
Soy can be healthy in the right quantity & form – but too many people are unaware of all the highly processed soy they are consuming, leading to malnutrition, digestive issues, thyroid damage & reduced libido in men. Learn the proper way to consume soy. This MILAB (Military Abductee) found out he was an asset of the SSP (Secret Space Program). Here he reveals what it's like to come to terms with his double life, including the fact that he is still an active part of the SSP. They don't want him to talk. Yet another SSP experiencer recalls her periods of missing time, inexplicable scars, memory loss, being a supersoldier, moon missions, the Dark Fleet, meeting Grey ETs, being projected into other's bodies & being used as a "breeder" on Mars.
MK Ultra Survivor Goes Public to Expose Programming of Refugees - DVD Professor Exposes Google's Ability to Rig Elections - DVD Ex-CIA Agent Exposes How the Agency Betrayed Him - DVD
This brave survivor comes from one of the world's main Illuminati bloodlines (multi-generational on both sides of her family). She exposes how some charities & safe houses are fronts for a global human trafficking network that exploits refugees/asylees. Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein exposes the power of Google's search engine to censor information & promote certain ideologies to literally billions of people. His scientific research confirms Google algorithms manipulate elections in 25% of nations. This ex-CIA agent has a story to tell! He was recruited on an unusual mission: to infiltrate Cuba, gain the trust of Fidel Castro & oversee Cuba's cloud seeding program. The CIA betrayed him, eventually conducting an international manhunt to kidnap him.
Impossible Buildings from the World's Fairs - DVD The Nazis Had 2 Different Secret Space Programs – One Was Wildly Successful - Audio DVD How to Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation from All of Your Portable Devices - DVD
Have you ever asked yourself how many great buildings in the US and around the world were built? Are some of them just facades? Learn the 4 theories that may explain this, including the possibility that secret Freemasonic techniques were used. The conspiracy is full of layers within layers, truths within truths, deep black projects within black projects. Learn about the continuation of the Nazi regime after WW2 and their 2 different Secret Space Programs, one of which was wildly successful. Is this the solution to 5G and to transforming EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) radiation? Learn a more accurate model of the atom, why manmade radiation harms us and a new unit of energy that can help us to harmonize manmade EMF.
The Secret Space Program of the USAF - DVD Being Poisoned Causes Flu – Not Viruses - DVD Lockdown is the Worst Way to Deal with an Airborne Disease - DVD
The US Navy Secret Space Program (SSP) is not the only SSP of the US Military. Learn the details of the USAF SSP, very different to Navy program. Just as the US & Russia used proxies, so too have different ETs races used the Earth as a proxy battleground. Germ theory has tricked you into being afraid of every microbe. Your body only makes viruses in response to toxicity. In other words, viruses are the effect not the cause of disease. Vaccines cause mass poisoning – as they did with the 1918 Spanish Flu. This epidemiologist professor gives his educated opinion on why social distancing and a society-wide lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus. Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease!
Virus Simulations, Virus Surveillance and Virus Profiteers - DVD Nurses and Respiratory Therapist Blow Whistle on the Fake Virus Pandemic - DVD The COVID-19 Scam Exposed - DVD
Learn the myriad pandemic simulations the USG has been conducting since 2001 including in late 2019 before COVID. Find out the 9/11 connection & massive surveillance programs being rolled out using the virus as a pretext. Who are the virus profiteers? Learn the truth behind the fake virus pandemic. Any patient admitted to a hospital is labeled as a COVID-19 case despite other condition. If they die, they automatically get counted as a COVID death. It's a giant scam. Hear the firsthand experiences. COVID-19 = acceleration of the NWO police state. Drones are surveilling "quarantine violators", test kits are contaminated with COVID-19 & Bill Gates wants mandatory vaccinations/digital certificates to prove your immunity just in order to travel & work.
Quarantiranny: Coronavirus and the Orchestrated Financial Fascist Coup - DVD COVID-19 Predictive Programming - DVD The Coronavirus Plandemic Exposed - DVD
Learn why the quarantine is actually a quarantiranny. The exploited COVID crisis has led to mass unemployment (30+ Americans alone) & mass welfare, paving the way for a UBI to make people even more dependent on government. Will they tax cash next? If COVID-19 spontaneously arose from a wet market in China why did the 2012 London Olympics have an Opening Ceremony which appeared to be a giant coronavirus ritual, with thousands of beds? Why do so many movies predict contagion & pandemics? Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits reveals how Gates-funded Dr. Fauci threatened her at the time to do something unethical. COVID is no worse that a cough, can't be passed from human to human by air. COVID is not an ingested virus – it's an injected virus.
COVID-19: Why are We Quarantining the Healthy? - DVD Coronavirus Crisis: Coming Food Shortages and the 2nd Pandemic Wave - DVD Alien DNA in Humans: What They Don't Want You to Know - Audio DVD
The video dissects COVID-19 fear. There's no reason for quarantining the whole of society. Secondary affects of lockdown (depression, poverty, child abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, suicides) are far more detrimental than a virus similar to the flu. The manufactured COVID crisis is now in turn manufacturing food shortages. The US food supply is in trouble. Farmers are being told to kill cattle & dump milk. This is a deliberate attempt to cut you off from your food & make you dependent on government! What was found in Iraq in 2003? Is the mythical hybrid Gilgamesh fiction or the key to our past? What does contemporary DNA research say about who we are? What does Cherokee mythology say about UFOs & ETs? Why does "God" punish man for seeking knowledge?
Debunking the Official Coronavirus Narrative - DVD Patriot Police Defend the Constitution and Speak Out Against Lockdown - DVD Biochemistry Facts Debunk Official COVID Fear - DVD
Vaccines (grown on dog tissue) lead to people getting cytokine storms & getting sick. Vitamin C, D & zinc are powerful enough to boost your immune system against any kind of viral flu; there is no need for mercury, aluminum, etc. to make you healthy. These brave policemen remember their oath to the Constitution outweighs illegal orders they may get from their superiors. It's not a crime to go to church or hug a friend. As this cop says – we police don't get to violate constitutional rights, period. Biochemistry facts help dispel the fear. Viruses are a natural and essential part of your body. Big Pharma is not interested in investigating true cause of disease because germ theory suits their pocketbooks very well. Learn what caused the Spanish Flu.
Doctor Who Predicted COVID Reveals the Truth About Viruses - DVD How New Technology is Being Used to Promote an Old Secret Esoteric Agenda - Audio DVD Everything I Know – Buckminster Fuller - 12-DVD Set
After watching this, you won't believe in the killer virus narrative again. There is a constellation of events in the bloodstream inducing a high-altitude or hypoxic injury, which can lead to lungs filling with fluid (patient dies of secondary pneumonia).
New tech is being used to usher in a very old agenda, going back to the esoteric Mystery Schools. The synthetic agenda is man wanting to become god, not with love, but with domination. Is autism an engineered condition to achieve Transhumanist goals? Buckminster Fuller was a genius creative thinker. This set spans all of his major inventions (1927 Dymaxion house, Wichita House, geodesic domes, Tensegrity structures, Synergetics). Learn his unique design approach to solving the problems of the world.
COVID-19 Lockdown Protests Around the World - DVD COVID-19 Contact Tracing Programs Trample on Your Constitutional Rights - DVD Bill Gates, ID2020, Luciferase Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccination and the Mark of the Beast - DVD
Governments have pushed the COVID-19 lockdowns too far. This compilation contains footage from protests and demonstrations around the world showing that people have seen the truth, i.e. that the virus is just an excuse to control the masses. Inspiring! Contact tracing is the new Orwellian buzzphrase for surveillance. State and local health agencies have "contact tracing investigators" coming to your door to test & trace you, even claiming the right to remove children & others from their homes! Bill Gates' old computer firm Microsoft filed a patent ending in 060606 (666) involving a human implantable device for buying & selling cryptocurrency. Is this the biblical Mark of the Beast? His quantum dot tattoo vaccination uses the enzyme luciferase!
Italian Parliament Calls for Arrest of Bill Gates for Crimes Against Humanity - DVD Occult and Other Dirty Secrets About Elon Musk - DVD Enjoy Greater Anonymity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Age - DVD
Italian politicians expose Gates' ambition to mandatorily vaccinate the entire world. Gates has openly admitted that vaccines contribute to population reduction. Gates has become a frontman for the NWO agenda of vaccination, depopulation & microchipping. This DVD digs deep into the past of Elon Musk, poster boy for Transhumanism. His grandfather Joshua Haldeman was arrested for the crime of technocracy! Musk says the solution to an AI takeover would be for us to voluntarily merge with AI. What!?? Privacy is a fundamental human right. In this new digital surveillance age, it's more important than ever. Due to how the internet works, becoming fully anonymous (hiding your online identity) is not 100% possible, but you can get very close. Learn how.
Is Food Production Across the US Being Sabotaged? - DVD Are Negative Extraterrestrials Farming and Harvesting Human Souls? - DVD Is Electricity and Wireless Tech the True Cause of Influenza and Pandemic? - Audio DVD
Is there a hidden agenda to introduce synthetic food to people via an AI takeover of the food supply? Is the US meat industry being deliberately gutted so it will fail? Why are farmers being told to dump milk & slaughter animals? Are food riots coming? The word Archon is a catch-all term to describe any non-corporeal parasitic entity that feeds off us. Archons hijack your mind & influence your thoughts. Topics discussed: MILABS, implants, savior programming, hybridization, shadow work & soul harvesting. This pioneer into EMF dangers explains how electrosensitivity is a misnomer. Every human is affected by wireless radiation (some are just in denial). Common symptoms are insomnia, headaches & anxiety, but it can lead to diabetes, heart disease & cancer.
Does a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Really Protect Your Privacy Online? - DVD Quality Control or Gatekeeping? Why the Scientific Peer Review Process is a Sham - DVD Before the US Bill of Rights, There Was the Magna Carta - DVD
Does a VPN really safeguard your privacy when you're using the web? Learn why it's better to use small providers. Find out why it's best to look for a foreign VPN, preferably in a nation that has no extradition treaty with the country in which you reside. Which journal believed penises cause climate change? How many journals published the bogus "Wonder Drug Paper"? Is peer review a form of censorship? Does it perpetuate bias, error, dogmatism & cronyism to block the most important ideas from being seen? The oldest most recognized list of inherent human rights, the Magna Carta Libertatum (Great Charter of the Liberties) became the foundation for Western legal systems. It predates the US Constitution & Bill of Rights by some 575 years. Learn more about it.
How to Make Money at Home During the New Coronavirus Economy - DVD Wearing Face Mask Lowers Your Immunity and Increases Your Chance of Infection - DVD Disturbing Agenda to Shutdown Small Farms in America - DVD
Learn 23 ways to make money in the new coronavirus economy. Includes life skills like cooking and driving a car for delivering, while other suggestions teach you how to make money online, including easy stuff like earning cash just by watching videos. The truth is wearing a face mask does not help a well person stay protected & healthy. Masks are designed for surgeons or people already sick. Masks actually prevent you from getting adequate oxygen, make you breathe in recycled CO2 & lower your immunity! Small farms in America are under attack. This longstanding agenda has been accelerated due to Operation Coronavirus. NWO controllers use advocacy groups to consolidate their power. Another angle is the synthetic food agenda pushing fake, lab-grown "meat."
Race Baiting, Looters with Bricks, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and George Soros - DVD Defunding the Police: Scheme for Federal Police or Martial Law? - DVD Reduce Stress by Learning How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve - Report
The murder of a black man (George Floyd) by a white cop was horrific but why was it so hyped when police brutality happens all the time? Why were piles of bricks conveniently placed at protest sites for violent looters? Is BLM controlled opposition? While police brutality is a big problem in America, there is possibly a bigger problem: having no police at all. Is the call to defund the police part of a NWO strategy to create even less connection between the rulers/enforcers and the rest of us? In an over-stressed world, it's vital to know how to reduce stress. This is where the vagus nerve, the longest in your body, comes in. Learn exactly how to increase your vagal tone, activate your parasympathetic nervous system & thus reduce stress.
Supercharge Every Cell in Your Body for Radiant Health and Longevity - Referral Seriously Ill? Given Up on Western Medicine? Call this Man! - Referral Boost Brain, Heart, Metabolic and Immune Function - Referral
How would you like to increase your bio-energy level, strengthen your immune system, accelerate the detoxification process & supercharge your cells? This bypasses the blood-brain barrier & removes blockages in your energy field. No side effects. Referral. Many are seriously ill & can't find the cure. If you are among them this may be your solution. This healing expert has a ton of experience with many types of natural healing modalities. He can zoom in on your underlying problem & how to heal it. Referral How would you like to have a natural supplement which does all of the following? It improves brain, cardiovascular, heart, metabolic & immune function, supports you under stress and as an adaptogen balances the body. It also boosts energy. Referral.
Glasses that Block Facial Recognition Cameras - Referral Proven Internal and Topical Protection Against EMF and Wi-Fi - Referral Earn Passive Income by Advertising on Your Car - Referral
You can combat privacy-violating facial recognition. These special glasses use infrared blocking lenses & reflective frames to either reflect the infrared light back to the camera or make certain areas of your face appear black. Referral. Renowned natural doctor Dietrich Klinghardt recommends an EMF protection solution that works. These 2 products (internal & external) contain superfoods loaded with anitoxidants & nutrients to protect you inside and out against wireless radiation. Referral Want to earn passive income simply by driving your car around as usual? Putting ads on your car is like collecting rent from a mini billboard. Signup is easy. You'll be sent a see-through decal so you can still see out your back window. Referral.
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