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The 3 Natural Nutrients that Prove Too Powerful for Prostate Cancer - Report The Benefits of Acupuncture - Report Israel's Gaza Blackmail - DVD
Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the US. Now there's a new natural way to combat it. These 3 natural nutrients work together to stop cancer cells from feeding on glutamine, starving them of their fuel. Learn what they are. Report. Hundreds of clinical studies show the benefits of acupuncture for back & neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, even cancer. Find out more about this superb non-invasive healing modality. Gerald Kaufman is an Jewish MP (Member of Parliament) in the UK. However being Jewish has not blinded him to Israel's crimes. He points out how Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism and how Israeli troops in Gaza act like Nazis against the Palestinians.
The Vietnam War Was Started by a Lie The Man Who Built a Free Energy Electrogravitic Device After ET Visitations - DVD What The Doctors Won't Tell You! - DVD
Almost all wars are started with false flags. The entire Gulf of Tonkin incident was fabricated as an excuse for the US to go to war. The cost: 58000 US soldiers & 3000000 Vietnamese dead. For what? Contains testimony from Naval lieutenant John White. ET contactee Howard Menger was visited by a beneficial group of ETs in the 1950s. He published a book with a full account & many UFO photos. His wife Connie said: "We're not going to be given a textbook on aliens we have to figure it out ourselves." You don't grow sick because you grow old; you grow old because you grow sick. This doctor used herbs for his prostate to heal in 2 days what the drugs could not heal in 5 years! Learn how to take care of yourself using herbs.
Beware the Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs - DVD Ex-NSA Whistleblower Exposes Targeted Individuals - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 31
Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are on a course to kill more people than cancer by 2050 due to Western Medicine's overuse of antibiotics. Are we already in a post-antibiotic era? Learn solutions, including how to make an all-natural antibiotic tincture. Another ex-NSA whistleblower has stepped forward to reveal what truly goes on at the "Nefarious Spying Agency." Karen Stewart was verbally abused, shouted at before polygraph tests so she would deliberately fail, blocked from promotions & stalked. In part 31 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper exposes the UN Meditation Room (backed by the late NWO agent John D. Rockefeller) containing a black altar made of iron ore (the "Stone of Light"). It is maintained by Lucis (Lucifer) Trust.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 32 Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 33 Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 34
In part 32 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper exposes author Tom Valentine, who Cooper claims is someone who has been an initiate, an adept and a priest of the Mystery School for many years. The late patriot & conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reads a revealing message from the Aid and Abet Newsletter, formerly edited by the late Jack McLamb, patriot & police chief. Learn the core beliefs of the Luciferian, Satanic Mystery Babylon religions. In part 34 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper exposes the Las Vegas Luxor hotel. Filled with Egyptian imagery & replicas (pyramid, obelisk & sphinx) learn why is it indeed a temple of initiation.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 35 Florida High School False Flag Mass Shooting - DVD Ideas on How to Heal AIDS, Heart Disease and Cancer Naturally - DVD
In part 35 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reveals the 2 principal Secret Societies that have carried forth the teachings of the Mystery Schools all the way from Babylon. On Feb. 14 2018, another false flag mass shooting occurred (Parkland Florida). This compilation has revealing clips, e.g. a student who said she walked with Cruz (the patsy) after the event and a teacher who states she saw a gunman with full metal garb. The late world-renowned healer and herbalist Dr. Sebi (who died in 2016 in police custody) was arrested for claiming that he could cure sickle-cell anemia, AIDS, heart disease and cancer. Here he reveals his unique approach to healing.
Cancer Coverup - Audio DVD Yes, There are Alternative Ways To Heal Stage IV Cancer - Audio DVD Big Pharma's 3-Step Grand Plan to Take Over the World - DVD
The late Dr. William Donald Kelley came up with one of the most successful natural cancer treatment plans ever. He had a 93 percent cure rate on 33,000 patients, most of whom were declared terminal before they came to him! Learn more about the cancer coverup. Chemo has a 5-year success rate of only 2.1%. Oncologist Dr. Forsythe woke up to the truth. He accepts Stage IV cancer patients and has a success rate over 70 percent! Learn about IPT to increase your survival rate & an amazing natural product that heals cancer. Many of the giant corporations comprising todays Big Pharma cartel were born in Germany in the 1800s. They started off by copying nature & repackaging it. Now they want more. Learn the horrifying Big Pharma 3-step grand plan to overtake the entire world.
The Indisputable Connection Between Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Shootings - DVD Coverup Exposed: How Israel Stole US Weapons Grade Uranium from NUMEC - DVD How To Remote View - See Provably Real Things Beyond Rational Explanation - DVD
While the Government & MSM manipulate the public response in the wake of mass shootings to call for gun control, ever more people are waking up to common denominator: psychiatric psychotropic drugs. See evidence of the indisputable connection. NUMEC (Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation) was a Zionist company that was formed in 1957. See evidence of a massive coverup, incl. the plants losses of bomb-grade nuclear material & NUMEC as a front for Israel's nuclear weapons program. Remote viewing allows access to information (people, places, events) in a quantum, intuitive, non-rational way. Find out what this expert learnt about the future of Bitcoin, Ether and the Nazca Mummy. Begin using remote viewing techniques in your life.
The Power of Copper for Boosting Your Health - DVD Why the USA is the Biggest Threat to World Peace - DVD Jet Fuel Hoax - DVD
Jet Fuel Hoax - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
Copper is an overlooked but essential mineral for your health! Copper reduces inflammation, strengthens connective tissue, restores hair color, improves brain & liver function and even fights parasites & cancer! See how to make your own copper citrate The President who gets easily triggered by tweets has his hands on the nuclear codes. He's beset by mad generals who want war with Iran, Russia & China. JFK stood up to his generals. Trump doesn't. Find out why the US is the biggest threat to world peace. Is there a jet fuel hoax? How can 80,000 gallons of fuel possibly fit into a commercial jetliner? If inside the wings, could the jet retain any stability? Why is there even the need for jet fuel when compressed air provides so much O2, energy & thrust?
Wetware: The NWO Thinks of You as a Human Software Node on Their Control Grid - DVD How the CIA Killed RFK - DVD Busting the Official Story of the RFK Assassination - Audio DVD
A massive patent reveals plans to turn you into "wetware", i.e. computer software which is wet (like the human brain). The Agenda is to make you into nothing more than a programmable node on the 5G Internet of Things. Find out more. Sirhan Sirhan was a classic patsy. Learn about the significance of the girl in the polka dot dress, the CIAs connections to the LAPD, the number of bullets recovered at the crime scene, CIA MKULTRA programming & more in this mind control assassination. Why was Sirhan's gun number not written into the official record? How could he have shot RFK when Sirhan was in front & the autopsy shows RFK was killed from a shot behind? Who attacked the courier to steal the only photographic evidence of the event?
Scientifically Heal Arthritis and Increase Longevity with Red Light Therapy - DVD How and Why Israel Created Hamas - DVD Passenger Jet Plane Fuel Hoax Exposed - DVD
Red light therapy has marvelous health benefits. It helps with pain, inflammation, wounds, arthritis, strokes. It aids peak mental & physical performance. It has no UV light & no side effects. It also decreases wrinkles & stimulates hair growth! To the causal observer of the Arab-Israeli conflict it may seem that Hamas is Israels enemy. Yes, but the truth is Hamas was encouraged into existence by Israel, just as the Zionist State has done with some of its other "enemies." Learn how & why. We're told planes carry as much as 89,000 gallons of fuel yet 18-wheel gas tankers only carry 9000 gallons. How could a plane store that much fuel in its wings? What's behind this lie? Is compressed air being used as free energy right under our noses?
Frequencies to Restore Your Teeth - Audio DVD Is Trump Controlled by the Deep State? - Audio DVD The Copper Conspiracy - DVD
Many people are coming to understand teeth are a living part of your body that can be regenerated & restored. This audio DVD features music based on the 432 Hz resonance to not only restore teeth but also to stimulate magnesium, calcium & DNA. It's the big question over which there is fierce debate. Is Trump controlled by the Deep State? Is he working against or for the NWO? Even if he is not one of them, has he been seduced, bribed, blackmailed or otherwise persuaded to join? There's lots of mainstream fear-mongering about copper toxicity but it's rare. Copper health benefits are manifold & astounding, better even than colloidal silver & gold. Helps with inflammation, arthritis, candida & cancer and even reverses gray hair!
5G Enslavement and the Solutions to Protect Your Health - DVD LED Lights - A Silent Weapons Assault - DVD Freemasonic Secrets Hidden in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey - DVD
The wireless industry & government aren't waiting for updated safety standards. They're racing to implement 5G (Fifth Gen): 1000s of new cell towers/amplifiers in neighborhoods to saturate the environment with up to 5.8 billion microwaves/ second. LED lights are energy efficient & have no mercury (unlike toxic fluorescent), but their blue light, especially at night, can be harmful to health. LED flickering can cause fatigue, headaches, impaired visual performance and even seizures. Find out more. The film 2001 A Space Odyssey was a classic for many cinematographic reasons, however the work was even more impressive in terms of its deeper meaning. Decode the meaning of the evil computer HAL. To the Secret Societies, humanity's rebirth is the NWO.
Naturally Fun - DVD Naked is Natural - DVD Was the Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii Caused by the Geothermal Plant? - DVD
Naturally Fun - DVD
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Naked is Natural - DVD
Our Price: $17.00
A surprising number of people feel that being naked is natural. So they do everything naked! This compilation shows naked tennis games, naked weddings, naked snow digs, naked home repairs, naked cooking, naked weight lifting, naked mechanics & more. Every time you see a horrific natural disaster, stop & think. It may not be as natural as you think. Did the fracking activity of Hawaii's geothermal plant (which has Rothschild connections) lead to earthquakes & eruptions? If so, why? Find out more. Every time you see a horrific natural disaster, stop and think. It may not be as "natural" as you think. Did the fracking activity of Hawaii's geothermal plant (which has Rothschild connections) lead to earthquakes and eruptions? If so, why? Find out more.
Fluoride Damage - DVD Singularity 2029 - DVD How to Restore, Remineralize and Regrow Enamel in Your Teeth - DVD
Fluoride Damage - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
Singularity 2029 - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
Why is it that if you swallow a certain of fluoride via toothpaste you have to call Poison Control, but if you drink that exact same amount of fluoride via municipal tap water, it's supposedly fine? Learn the history & agenda behind water fluoridation. Singularity has become a cool buzzword but beyond the hype it has very sinister implications. Googles Ray Kurzweil wants the human mind to become a synthetic computer terminal. If AI controls all human thinking, whatever controls AI will control mankind. Your teeth are alive! They can remineralize themselves once damaged, regrowing enamel, even re-fill in cavities. Learn the best herb to help you regrow enamel (because it contains silica). Find out lots of great info on how to take care of your teeth.
Lets Get Naked! - DVD How the American Government was Changed Without the Consent of the People in 1871 - DVD Nudity is Normal III - DVD
Lets Get Naked! - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
An important aspect of naturism is the unabashed, unashamed celebration of the human body. It's about being the real you, content with who you are as you are, not needing to hide anything. This compilation shows that spirit of self-acceptance. Washington DC may be the capital but the capital of what? Did you know DC was deliberately set up in 1871 as a body corporate municipal jurisdiction? And that it only rules by implied consent? What's the difference between a US citizen and an American? Nudity is normal. For those who become naturists or nudists living life in the nude is not about being flashy, sexual or showy. it's just being comfortable with one's own body as it was created. Why should plain old nudity be illegal?
The Establishment's Snootification of Conspiracy Theorists - DVD The Truth About High Cholesterol and Why it Will Never Kill You - DVD US Government Now Quite Openly Assassinating Americans - DVD
The terms "conspiracy theory/theorists" were weaponized by the CIA after the JFK assassination to demonize critical thinking & control parameters of debate. Powerful people getting together in secret to make plans to control society, are you crazy? Mainstream science is so wrong on cholesterol! Throw out everything you've ever learned, start anew with this informative interview. Learn exactly why LDL cholesterol is inversely proportional to the amount of fat you eat. Cholesterol isn't the bad guy! US presidents have started to kill Americans with drone strikes. Be it Obama on the left or Trump on the right, both killed American men, women & children with Islamic names, without charge, trial or due process. Consequences: none. Open your eyes!
Exposing the Military Bases and Secrets of the US Empire - DVD So-Called Syrian "Chemical Attacks": More Fakery to Allow US-led West to Attack Syria - DVD California Fires, Earthquakes, EMP and 5G Attack Plans - DVD
Has the Cold War always been a cover for the American Empire? Does it continue to be given the US Deep State re-igniting tensions with Russia? How many military bases does the US officially have? How many does it really have? The number will shock you. Again, we're told Bashar Assad supposedly gassed his own people with chemical weapons ... despite no motive & the US having been busted supplying rebels with such weapons. Now the US-UK-Israeli axis has a pretext to further attack Syria. Coincidence? Here is startling information on the 5G rollout, including directed energy weapons, the NWO One World Brain (hive mind) and ID2020, the biometrics agenda to chip every product, plant, animal and human on planet; literal birth-to-death tracking.
11 Longevity Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Sharp - DVD Stopping Alzheimer’s Disease - DVD Finding True Health: Not All Carbs Are Bad and Not All Meats Are Bad - DVD
You are not destined to get dementia, even if you have genetic markers for it. A lot of Alzheimer's is misdiagnosed when the issue is low blood flow/anemia. Discover 11 risk factors that can damage your memory & the solutions for each of them. Although 5.2 million is commonly quoted, 30 million Americans had Alzheimer's in 2012, a projected 45 million (15% of the USA) will suffer from it. Alzheimer's became the 3rd leading cause of US death. Learn what you can do to reverse cognitive decline. Learn the main failures of the Standard American Diet which have weakened our biome (gut bacteria) & caused chronic disease. Learn why it's not fair to castigate all carbs or all meats. Learn about ketosis - which foods to eat to boost your gut bacteria.
Expert Tips on Losing Weight by Understanding the Psychology of Eating - DVD Diet Wars: Meat-Based vs. Plant-Based – Which is Better? - DVD Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline - DVD
Food is so plentiful that overeating is big problem. Refined sugar & white flour, relatively new to our species, get processed by the brain as DRUGS not food. Understand cravings & binge eating. Learn how to overcome food addiction & create new habits. There is a divisive & emotional debate going on in the health movement. Which is healthier & better promotes longevity, meat-based (paleo) & fat-based (ketogenic) diets, or whole-food plant-based (vegetarian, vegan) diets? Learn what the science says. There is a strong association between diabetes & dementia (in fact, some call Alzheimer's type-3 diabetes). Learn how to prevent & reverse cognitive decline. Learn the scientifically-studied incremental small changes that reduce risk of dementia.
The Top 4 Things Getting in the Way of Good Health - Audio DVD Are the Globalists Playing with our Lives Like it Were a Game? - DVD The Real Reason the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was Bombed - Audio DVD
There are 4 things which wreak havoc with your health. They slow you down, weaken you, poison you, ultimately kill you. Learn what they are & what you can do about them. Also, open your eyes about autoimmunity: does the body really attack itself? Can it? What if the deadly Illuminati card game is being played out in real life? Who is promoting death pool betting? Do Illuminati engage in human hunting? Why did the insider company Serco issue visas for 9/11 terrorists? Who are some of the JFK assassins? Former black ops agent Cody Snodgres was offered $1 million to bomb Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City. He was about to spill the beans in large legal case but the Feds threatened to kill him. Now he feels safe enough to tell his story.
The Nutritarian Diet: The Healthiest Diet in the World? - DVD C60: The Champion Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging Molecule - DVD Restore Every Aspect of Your Body from Head to Toe at the Cellular Level - Referral
Learn what the nutritarian diet is & why it's the healthiest diet in the world! Learn how it can maximize your lifespan. Find out 6 most health-protective foods. Learn why some vegan diets aren't healthy & why excess animal products is also unhealthy. C60 (Carbon 60) has risen to prominence as the greatest antioxidant & anti-aging force. In a 2012 rat study, test group lived twice as long as the control group. C60 stops telomeres from shortening thus promoting life extension. Find out more. Our body is made up of 50 trillion cells. If you want to feel younger and more alive you need cell rejuvenation. This daily supplement has been scientifically formulated to help target & restore every aspect of your body from head to toe. Referral.
Stop Synthetic Estrogens from Invading Your Body! - Referral Over 200 Natural Cancer Killers, Remedies and Treatments - Referral Learn the Best Winning System for the Most Favorable Game at the Casino - Report
Synthetic estrogen hormones (xenoestrogens) are invading our bodies through pesticides, plastics, pollution. They feminize men & can convert into carcinogenic estrogens. This supplement helps your liver to cleanse harmful xenoestrogens. Referral. Big Pharma companies often use natural substances to inspire design of their synthetic "medicines", which always have side effects. Everything on this valuable list is a natural substance; many have extremely potent anti-cancer properties. Referral. Baccarat has the best odds of any casino game. The house edge is 1% against an average player (who knows no strategy/system) but in others (e.g. roulette) the house edge is 5%. This system, developed by a pro gives you the edge over the house. Referral.
Get the Food That Contains 82 of the 92 Minerals On Planet Earth - Referral 21 Foods that Naturally Unclog Arteries - Report Treat Cancer Naturally, and Provide Protection Against Chemo and Radiotherapy - Referral
This incredible natural food contains around 82 of the approx. 92 minerals that our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. It has long been recognized for its ability to cure and abate the symptoms of colds and flu. Referral. Your arteries deliver vital oxygen around your entire body. If they become fatty & blocked, serious illness will arise. Learn 21 foods that unclog your arteries and lower blood pressure & inflammation. Also great for skin, hair & hormone production. This natural supplement has the amazing ability to both help heal cancer & provide protection against the devastating effects of chemotherapy. It is a patented combination of minerals, vitamins & amino acids, with 15 years of clinical research. Referral.
The Survival Kit to Prepare For a Chemical or Biological Attack - Referral Want to Make Money? Invest in Blockchain Now! - Referral The Immune Modulator That is Essential in Your Fight Against Cancer - Referral
We live in uncertain times. Many nations are attempting to get nuclear weapons. A chemical or biological attack on US soil is a plausible reality. Find out where to get military grade, chemical decontamination systems to protect yourself & your family. If you're like most people, you probably don't understand what blockchain means, yet it's potentially the most important innovation in the last 580 years since the Gutenberg printing press. Learn how to invest in this trend before everyone else! This immune modulator (immunomodulator) activates your immune system response so you can naturally fight off & kill cancer. Importantly it doesn't overstimulate your immune system. Used in Japan, Australia, etc in cancer therapy for 30+ years. Referral.
Health Coach Helps You Overcome Chronic Health Problems Naturally - Referral Learn Why People with the Lowest Cholesterol Die First - Referral Can this Supplement Truly Reverse the Aging Process? - Referral
Are you frustrated with your health? No one giving you the help you need? Can't find the answer to your health crisis? This formerly sickly 25 y.o. overcame mysterious crippling issues that failed medical doctors. Now an expert he reveals how. Referral. The cholesterol myth is still prevalent. Millions of Americans get scared after doctor visits when they're told to take dangerous statin drugs. Cholesterol is an important nutrient in the body responsible for hormone production. Don't get conned! Referral Hundreds of clinical studies show the benefits of acupuncture for back & neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, even cancer. Find out more about this superb non-invasive healing modality.
The Diet that Helps You Eliminate Inflammation, Optimize Brain Function and Beat Fatigue - Referral Is Nicotine Bad? Top 28 Nicotine Benefits + 4 Negative Effects - Referral Herbal Tooth Powder - Referral
Have you tried many diets but still have major health issues? Perhaps your body reacts badly to certain phytochemicals even though they are healthy, e.g. lectins, alkaloids, lignans. Learn the best anti-inflammatory diet that works for YOU. Referral. Nicotine has a bad rap as people associate it with carcinogenic commercial cigarettes. However nicotine itself is being researched for its beneficial role on ADHD, anxiety & dementia. Learn alternative ways to get nicotine into your system without smoke. Before the days of toothpaste, people used tooth powder, without all abrasive & polishing compounds, preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, detergents, fragrances & fluoride. Referral to natural herbal tooth powder formulated by master herbalists.
One of the Most Effective and Affordable Trace Mineral Supplements - Referral Make Your Own Ozonated Water at Home - Referral How to Detox from Microplastics and Other Hormone Disruptors - Report
When it comes to foods loaded with trace minerals and other nutrients, it's hard to beat this. Consuming this food regularly is an excellent way to remineralize your body. It's been used as a traditional food in Asia for thousands of years. Referral. It's a pity so many nations (e.g. USA) use toxic chlorine not beneficial ozone to clean municipal water. Ozone kills up to 99.99% of bacteria & viruses. Find out where to get a simple, portable device you can use at home to ozonate your water! Referral. Plastic is everywhere: your clothes, food packaging, your mattress, even in the sea salt you eat & bottled water you drink. Plastic has been proven to cause cancer, it's an endocrine disruptor. Learn how to get plastics & microplastics out of your body.
Caveat Judices (Judges Beware!) - Report Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 31-35 - 5 DVD Package Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 1-35 - 35 DVD Package
If judges don't uphold their oath, they are guilty of treason, usurpation, trespass on the case & other crimes. Learn how to spot it when judges overstep their authority. Get ideas on how to legally hold judges liable for their actions. In parts 31-35 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reveals further clues about the UN Meditation Room, the Luxor Hotel and the Secret Societies that have carried forth the teachings to the current day. In parts 1-35 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper traces the path of the Mystery Schools that first arose in ancient Babylon. Find out why the NWO is run by an esoteric, demonic religion.
Ultra Colloidal Copper – Restore Hair Color, Stop Sugar Cravings, Reduce Inflammation C60 Olive Oil – Life Extender and Antioxidant 172x More Powerful than Vitamin C The Government is Profiling You Down to Your Every Word - DVD
Colloidal silver has all the publicity but colloidal copper may be even better: it can restore hair color, stop carb cravings, reduce inflammation & back pain, support healthy cartilage / tendon regeneration, fights candida & cancer! 100ppm. Is this the best anti-aging molecule humanity has ever stumbled upon? C60 almost doubled the lifespan of rats! It prevents inflammation & osteoarthritis, kills bacteria & viruses. May even help with cancer. 100 ml bottle with applicator. The Government loves you so much it doesn't want to miss a word you say. Ex-NSA whistleblower Bill Binney, who had FBI agents invade his house with guns, reveals exactly how the NSA system works to spy on you. Get ideas on how to protect yourself.
How to Heal Disease and Detox Your Body with Coffee Enemas - DVD Technical Analysis of 9/11 WTC7 Collapse: Fake Official Narrative Busted - DVD AIPAC Israeli Objectives Conquer the American Interest - DVD
People associate coffee with caffeine & stimulation but this isn't the most beneficial use of it. Coffee vastly increases the liver to detoxify your body. Learn the super benefits of coffee enemas, how to prepare for them & how to self-administer them. WTC7 (World Trade Center 7) is the building you're supposed to forget when it comes to 9/11. This presentation exposes the false assumptions and claims made by NIST. This study uses finite element modeling to evaluate what really happened. Technical. AIPAC Zionist Israeli objectives control American actions, even when it is against the US national interest. The US loses $3+ billion every year to support Israel instead of using it for badly needed infrastructure, healthcare & education. Why?
Why are the Grey Aliens So Interested in Hybrids? - DVD Cancer Survivor Reveals Top 3 Things to Beat Cancer - DVD How the NSA Tracks You - DVD
This alien abductee knows the topic of Grey Aliens well. Are the Greys interested in reproduction since they themselves can't reproduce? Do they want to bring Grey-Human Hybrids into this dimension via a physical birth? Are the Greys synthetic drones? Learn the #1 cause of any cancer (this will surprise you). Discover the top 3 things you need to do to beat cancer. Cancer is now striking almost 1 in 2 people! This therapy works for any disease, incl. diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis & more. Did you know about the NSA program Treasuremap which maps the entire internet, any device, anywhere, any time? Prism is a minor NSA program compared to Upstream, which has taps on 100s of fiber optic channels worldwide. Learn how the NSA tracks you.
Move over HAARP – Many Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide Now Control Environment - DVD LBJ's Role in the Kennedy Assassination - DVD Tony Rodrigues - 20 Years and Back Testimony - DVD
Ionospheric heaters worldwide (like HAARP) change the gas in the ionosphere into plasma. The NWO conspirators can fool populations with holograms (Project Bluebeam). Learn how chemtrails, nanotechnology & transhumanism are all linked in a new NWO program. This compilation has the clues showing that Johnson had the motive & means and was among the conspirators. LBJ told his mistress, "You know the people that I know ... the oil people and the CIA ... they did it!" Learn LBJ's role in the JFK assassination. Tony Rodrigues has experienced many of the deepest and darkest aspects of the New World Order: mind control, torture, Satanic ritual abuse, sex slavery & off-planet slavery in the Secret Space Program. Is the very top of the pyramid "non-human"?
This Science Used to be Classified Top Secret - DVD How a Society Without Government Would Actually Work - DVD Strange and Inexplicable Things Happening Around the World - Part 6 - DVD
The science Bruce Cathie reveals is so extraordinary it was classified top secret. Anti-matter (electrons slipping in & out of existence), free energy, the truth that gravity & the speed of light are not constants, and more! See real UFO photos. People often mistakenly assume that we need a government as without it there would be "chaos". Often, their thinking goes no further. This presentation shows how a world without government would work in great detail. There are many promising solutions! Part 6 of this series continues to show the many strange & inexplicable things happening around the world. See landslides, sinkholes, 5km-wide land cracks, apocalyptic-scale wildfires, drastically receding lakes, strange synthetic cloud formations & more.
How to Defend Yourself Against Psychopaths - DVD Dangerous Liaisons: Israel, the US, the Mossad and the CIA - DVD Your Privacy Under Assault by Microchips and Google - Audio DVD
Psychopaths lack empathy & remorse, are manipulative & lie compulsively. Many people ruling the world – whether they be international bankers, Zionists or Secret Society initiates – are literal psychopaths. Learn how to spot & defend against them. Award-winning husband-wife team Andrew & Leslie Cockburn expose hidden Israeli-American collaboration. Did you know that Israel seeded nuclear mines on the Golan Heights? That before the 6-Day War, Israeli generals got US permission? Find out more. There are scant laws on the books to prevent the public from being tracked via RFID chips, microchips, nanochips & electronic tattoos. Dead people were chipped after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Learn how to avoid surveillance by Google & others.
California Fires: "Wild" or Caused by DEW (Directed Energy Weapons)? - DVD Former Insider Exposes How HAARP is Being Used Against You - Audio DVD CERN, Saturn and Jacob's Ladder - Audio DVD
How could the so-called "wild" fires in CA have burnt rock, metal & glass from buildings yet left 100s of trees intact? Why are cars burning for hours (like 9/11)? Were Directed Energy Weapons used? Agenda 21 re-zoning areas? Something's not right here. Former insider Billy Hayes worked on the construction of HAARP towers. HAARP has been expanded from 1 to 244 stations worldwide. Learn how HAARP/ionospheric heating weapons interact with nanoparticles in chemclouds. This is linked to Project Bluebeam. CERN may not be opening a portal so much as a ladder ... to Saturn! Learn the possible esoteric purpose of CERN which involves the creation of a plasma conduit (Birkeland current or twisted helix) which could be like the biblical Jacob's ladder?
Planes Standing Still in the Air - Glitch in the Matrix? - DVD Alien Technologies from the Roswell UFO Crash that Created Our Modern World - DVD Depopulation: Governments' War on Humanity Exposed - DVD
You have to see this to believe it. Is this a glitch in the Matrix? Watch examples all over the world of planes standing still, hovering, stopping or moving backwards while in the air. This is not an optical illusion. What on earth could be causing this? Technology advances rapidly. Did man invent it all or did we get help from friends in high places? Were the transistor radio, black box, solar cell, modem, microchip, satellite, night vision & fiber optics given to us or harvested from the Roswell crash? Governments worldwide engage in many forms of depopulation to accomplish their demographic targets. Learn about covert surgical & chemical sterilization. Learn how air, water, food & body care products have been co-opted to serve the depopulation agenda.
Facebook: The End of Privacy and the Dangers of Social Media - DVD As a Man Thinketh - James Allen - Audio DVD Are All Prisoners Being Microchipped? - DVD
Facebook is a massive multi-player online role-playing game in which the aim is to collect as many "friends" as possible. Every day millions of potentially damaging of photos & posts are uploaded for the world to see & remember. Privacy has been shot. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. His character is the sum of all his thoughts. Every plant springs from a seed; every aspect of man springs from seeds of thought. Once you deeply realize and internalize this truth, it will change your life. American prisoners are being microchipped, some with knowledge & consent, many without. Listen to the account of a man unlawfully imprisoned & chipped. Learn how he got the chip out. Do all federal prisoners released after 2000 have RFID implants?
Government Propaganda Video Covers up Real Purpose of Operation Highjump - DVD Space Fence: Ionizing Our Atmosphere to Enslave Us - DVD The Government Has Buried the Truth about Vaccines and Autism - Audio DVD
The Government puts out fake versions of reality to deter truthseekers. Something BIG happened to stop Operation Highjump (1947) in its tracks after only 8 weeks. Nazi UFOs? ETs? This government propaganda documentary covers up but may have some clues. The planned Space Fence means unheard-of surveillance down to our DNA. It involves depopulation, Transhumanism, a ring around the Earth & the use of delivery systems (chemtrails, vaccines & GMOs). Learn what the Space Fence is and how it will affect you. Anti-vaxxer Kent Heckenlively was refused an entry visa into Australia to speak out against vaccines. Big Pharma has bought off the media and Government. The CDC's own data shows the earlier one has a MMR vaccine, the earlier one gets autism.
Former Mind Control Sex Slave and Assassin Recovers and Bares the Truth - DVD The Real Reason for the US Opioid Epidemic - #1 Public Heath Crisis - DVD The Fascist Plot that Almost Overthrew FDR - DVD
This is the shocking story of a former mind control victim who was programmed a sex slave/seductress or as an assassin. Sometimes she was used to lure a target into sex, then kill him. Learn the methods she used to recover & stop people accessing her. Opioids are killing Americans at an alarming rate. 5.1 million Americans abuse prescription drugs & $78.5 billion per year is spent to treat opioid drug abuse. Why do people turn to opioids? Who and what is causing this #1 public health crisis? Do you think coups to overtake the government only happen in foreign lands? Think again! A fascist coup to overtake the US Government in 1933 was planned by a wealthy group of industrialists & bankers called the American Liberty League. Find out more.
Unacknowledged Projects and the Reality of Free Energy - DVD Does the "Royal" and "Arabian" Saudi Family have Jewish Roots? - DVD Was Bitcoin Created by AI? - DVD
There are many USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) that have gone "deep black" off the books. Officially they don't exist. CIA heads & Presidents don't have a "need to know" so they can't access them. Will they ever see the light of day? Israel & Saudi Arabia are on the same team in their quest to dominate the Middle East & destroy Iran. The Saudi-Jewish connection runs deep. See evidence the Saudi royal family are Crypto Jews. Discover the Jewish roots of the House of Saud. Bitcoin is the world's most used cryptocurrency & may be the basis of future economy. Its creator is still anonymous. Was Bitcoin created by AI for AI? Why did Saudi Arabia accept a robot as a citizen? Why did this Sophia robot create a cryptocurrency?
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