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Boost Immunity, Sex Drive, Stamina with a Powerful Peruvian Root - Referral The Hidden Effects of Vaccines and Why Homeopathy Works Better - DVD Wife of Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks Out - DVD
High in the Peruvian mountains grows a superfood with unprecedented powers. This magic plant root, ground into powder, boosts immunity, fertility, memory, sexual function & libido in both men and women. It also reduces stress and combats cancer. Referral. Our immune system is comprised of specific & non-specific responses. Vaccine-acquired immunity is not as powerful as innate non-specific immunity. Learn why vaccines exacerbate medical problems you already have & why homeopathy can be just as effective This all-star panel includes the wife of imprisoned CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, ex-CIA Ray McGovern, ex-NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake & more. Learn about the fate of Sterling, convicted under the Espionage Act as a source for the New York Times
Political Con Job: Manmade Climate Change is False - DVD What 5G is Really About - DVD The Rise of the Scientific Dictatorship - DVD
Learn why electric vehicles may not actually be any better for the environment than gasoline cars, why Big Oil doesn't want to upset the Green Lobby and why the Extinction Rebellion movement is a hoax. Manmade climate change is a political con job Learn what 5G is really about, why it has no value as a communications system & how it's derived from military radar and battlefield interrogation weaponry. 5G densification will be neurotoxic & genotoxic. Learn how 5G is linked to cybernetics & eugenics This DVD exposes the myth of the benevolent central authority, presumptions about which have also been undermined thanks to brave whistleblowers. Secret Societies are pushing for worldwide scientific dictatorship. Can humanity stop the rise of it?
The Best Defense Against Psychopaths Running Society - DVD Wireless Weapons, Mind Control & Transhumanism: How It All Ties Together - Audio DVD The Advent of Surveillance Capitalism - DVD
Do you realize the psychopath-run "government" takes around 70% of your money, when you include all the hidden 100+ taxes? The system is designed for slavery. Learn the 3 key areas where we have lost connection. Learn the best defense against psychopaths Learn about Agenda 2030 land grabs, geoengineering, silent weapon systems & DEW. Find out about space-based surveillance, weaponry & energy production, incl. nefarious capabilities e.g. intentional solar dimming. Hear how it all ties in to transhumanism Surveillance capitalism is the foundation of a new economic (world) order. Companies are shifting from selling products to collecting & selling data. They want your location, bloodstream, voice, face, emotional state, reactions & thoughts. Get wise to it
The 5G War Against Humanity - DVD Activating PSI Dreaming - DVD Exposed: The Fearmongering of Modern Climate Science - DVD
The NWO Controllers know the exact frequency at which the human body loses molecular cohesion. They can target people to make them vaporize. Learn the true purpose of the Paradise fires that killed 50,000+ & how it relates to 5G & directed energy weapons Learn about the awakening of Kundalini energy & psychic abilities such as precognition—knowing the future before it happens. Discover how to experience psi dreaming and what can you do with it. Can psi dreaming improve your remote viewing & intuition? Modern climate science has descended into fearmongering & concocting predetermined results for the sake of politics. The UN IPCC adjusted their models to amplify effects of CO2. Why be scared of 350ppm CO2 when forest canopies already have 600ppm?
The Man Exposing Depopulation who Refused to be Paid Off - Audio DVD Grand Solar Minimum: Professor Predicts Global Cooling from 2020 Onwards - DVD Apollo 11 Press Conferences: See Clues Astronauts Did Not Go to the Moon - DVD
Depopulation is the dark secret of the New World Order. Hear from a man who was locked up, bribed, threatened not to talk about it. Find out the delivery systems & depopulation measures used against you. Are you unwittingly exposing yourself to them? Theoretical astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova published a scientific paper which mathematically proves we are headed towards a Grand Solar Minimum (2020-2055), with reduced sunspots & colder temperatures. This explains what she found in simple terms
If most people had done something as truly monumental and historical as go to the Moon, walk on it and get back to Earth alive, they would be so exuberant and enthusiastic it would be hard for them to contain their joy or get them to stop talking. Why, then, are Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins so despondent? Why do they look down, avoid eye contact and act so flat? Are they being forced to tell the big lie to the public? Are they embarrassed because they're fakes and they know it? These are the original press conferences. Look closely at their body language and judge for yourself. 83-min. DVD
Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia: An Israeli Mossad Sex Blackmail Operation? - DVD NASA Fails - Faked Crashes, Impossible Splashdowns and More - DVD Did US Military Use Ticks as Bioweapons to Create Lyme Disease? - DVD
Learn about Jeffrey Epstein's links to Israeli Intelligence (Mossad). Epstein was running an international sextrafficking blackmail operation to entrap the rich & powerful in the act of pedophilia with mini video cameras! Who is involved? NASA fails superbly in this compilation that exposes fake footage of "astronauts" in "space". These stunts are sophisticated fakery using an array of vertical wires, CGI & spliced video clips. "Space station" scenes are easily shot in zero G environments The US House of Congress passed an amendment ordering an investigation into past bioweapons research. Whistleblower William Burgdorfer (after whom the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease is named) revealed that Lyme Disease was the result of a biological weapons program gone awry, one in which he himself participated. Is Lyme Disease caused by weaponized ticks? Was Plum Island used for biowarfare research? What is the history of USG bioterrorism? Are we all collateral damage in a bioweapons race that started at the beginning of the Cold War? 106-min. DVD
Change and Heal Your Life with Plasma Energy! - DVD How Your AI Machines and Devices are Changing You - DVD Atlantis – and its Connection to Secret Societies and the NWO - Audio DVD
Plasma energy is a mysterious, yet tangible – energy which you can tap into for incredible healing and other purposes. Learn how a couple healed arthritis in their hands. Find out how to make plasma station water for your pets, plants, kids & loved ones! As we talk to our machines, we become more empathetically connected to them. We start to project our feelings onto them & persuaded by them. Are you aware of how much freedom & privacy you're losing? Are you being stalked & enslaved by your AI device? The occult influence of legendary Atlantis lives on today. Why is Atlantis so important for many Secret Societies such as Illuminati and Freemasonry? What is the connection between Atlantis and a One World Government (New World Order)?
Fossilized Faces: Evidence that Giants Roamed the Earth? - DVD Was Rock and Roll Music a Controlled Movement? - DVD 911 Predictive Programming and Other Snippets - DVD
Some people have a creative imagination when it comes to seeing shapes in natural formations, such as giant faces in mountains. This could be the clue that explains how the pyramids were built and how massive monoliths were put place by the ancients. The 1960s music scene in Laurel Canyon was seeded by the CIA/Military & was home to drugs & murder. Did you know many 60s superstars like Jim Morrison, Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa, David Crosby & Stephen Stills all came from military families? Why were there cartoons 3 days before 9/11 showing characters jumping for their lives from building tops? Why did so many TV shows & movies before the event have 911 displayed on clocks, books & IDs? It's predictive programming galore. See for yourself
CAFR Reports: How the Government Steals Our Money - DVD Targeted Individuals From All Over the World Break Their Silence - DVD Mass Shootings in El Paso, Dayton and More: Anomalies, Inconsistencies and Lies - DVD
Did you know the Government has a full set of books it doesn't show the public called CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports)? They show the Gov. has stashed away billions of dollars through investments, then cries broke. This is MASSIVE FRAUD This documentary ties together the authentic testimony of many TIs from around the world. Victims are speaking up & banding together to fight back. Learn what steps TIs can take, incl. affidavit templates & a nationwide support group based the US. Things are never as they seem with mass shootings in America. At El Paso, eyewitness testimony states there were 3-4 shooters dressed in black military gear. At the Gilroy Garlic Festival in CA, police & FBI were already present when shooting started
The End of Real Food as We Know It - DVD European Royals Allegedly Hunting and Killing Human Children — Eyewitness Testimony - DVD 396 Hz: Turn Grief into Joy and Sadness into Happiness - Audio DVD
The impossible burger created by Impossible Foods Inc. is a lab-grown burger. We are told it's "safe to eat",what kind of "food" needs to have this kind of disclaimer? Why is CEO Pat Brown linked to DARPA & company linked to Bill Gates, Google & Soros? Some of the ruling class indulge in sick sexual & Satanic ritual. The perpetrators are famous figures of European royalty. Bodies of children are dismembered & decapitated. An eyewitness who was raped exposes the link to Freemasonry. Warning: disturbing All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 396 Hz helps you release stress, fear and guilt. This music can be used to awaken your inner strength.
417 Hz: Cleanse Traumatic Experiences and Facilitate Change - Audio DVD 528 Hz: Repair Your DNA with the Natural Frequency of the Earth - Audio DVD 639 Hz: Enhance Communication, Understanding, Tolerance and Love - Audio DVD
All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 417 Hz helps you cleanse traumatic experiences and facilitate change All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 417 Hz helps you repair your DNA with the natural frequency of the Earth, so as to bring transformation and miracles into your life. All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 639 Hz helps you enhance communication, understanding, tolerance and love. It also helps strengthen relationships.
741 Hz: Expand Your Powers of Self Expression - Audio DVD How to Detox Mercury from Your Body - DVD Sacred Sex: Decoding Secrets of the Inner Sanctum Human Body - DVD
All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 741 Hz helps you clean your cells of toxins, as well as expand your powers of self-expression. Mercury is a very dangerous element to human health; there are no safe levels in the body. Discover the best ways to test if you have mercury & lead. Find out which fish are highest in mercury, how to safely remove amalgam fillings & how to detox mercury. Esoteric secrets are decoded. Do you know you can "raise the son of man" within yourself by reclaiming your power as an immortal being? Do you know about retaining the power of the seed/life force (unlike the prodigal son who squandered his inheritance)?
What Really Happened to Elite Pedophile Sex-Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein? - DVD Advanced Aerial Surveillance: How Military Intelligence is Spying on Your Every Move - DVD Escape Poverty by Changing How You Think - DVD
No one who is even slightly aware believes pedophile Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. He was either suicided or rescued via a body switch. Which theory is correct? Was Epstein an Intelligence agent, and if so, was he Mossad? Here are the top theories. The rise of advanced aerial surveillance technology is changing life on Earth - civilian & military. Drones have unprecedented surveillance access to people's lives posing great danger to privacy. Will we create a society where "pre-crime" is an offense? Most of us have been trained to have an inherent bias against the rich and to think we have to work for someone else. Learn how to generate income by representing yourself. Break through the kind of thinking which keeps families in generational poverty!
What Life was Like in the 1950s - DVD Life in the Early 1900s - DVD Uncannily Accurate 1960s Vision of 21st Century Life - DVD
It's hard to imagine (or remember for those who were still alive back then) what life was like in America in the 1950s. This compilation of footage from the 1950s is a revealing look into its daily life & popular culture. See people just being themselves. It is incredible to look back at life in the early 1900s. There was/were no tractors, trucks, tanks, neon lights, TVs, computers,electronics, vaccines, antibiotics, aviators, income tax, fluoride, pesticides, GMOs, communists, fascists, feminists & more. This compilation has videos from the 1960s that aimed to show their audience at the time what life would be like in 1999 & into the 21st century. The videos are very accurate in the way they predicted how computers would run our households & lives. How?
Classic TV Commercials from the 60s and 70s - DVD Old Driving and Traffic Footage from the 40s, 50s and 60s - DVD Abandoned Buildings in Detroit - DVD
TV commercials are an interesting window into the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of a culture. These quaint, unrefined commercials from the 60s and 70s will make you laugh, cry & reminisce. What is so different about our current culture vs. past ones? This compilation features footage of historical value from the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s. See the streets and traffic from the biggest American cities back then, including Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York City. Watch and put yourself back in time. Detroit has arguably had the fastest growth & decline of any modern city in world history. Sadly, Detroit has become dangerous & poverty-stricken. See abandoned schools, radio stations, churches, car factories and more in this revealing compilation.
Astrology Proves the Flat Earth Cosmology - DVD Flight Attendant Reveals Explosive New Evidence and Hidden Truths About 9/11 - DVD Restore Balance and Heal the Body with Biomagnetic Therapy - DVD
There are many clues in the field of astrology which indicate that we live on a fixed plane. How does the star Polaris never change position, if we are supposedly whirling through the Universe like a corkscrew, constantly orbiting around bigger things? Why are 10 of the supposed 19 Arab hijackers still alive? How can a plane's fragile aluminum fuselage (that can be pierced by hail & birds) cut through reinforced steel-and-concrete buildings? Why were "emergency" calls on 9/11/01 made from the ground? Magnets have been known to impart healing qualities for eons. They were recognized for their healing potential in ancient China, Greece, Arabia & Egypt. Biomagnetic therapy has no side effects. It can change your life. You are an electromagnetic being!
Ex-Google Employee Leaks Internal Docs Proving Google Election-Tampering and Mass Censoring - DVD Neuroweapons and the Human Brain: How Your Mind is Being Targeted - DVD Neuroethics and the Targeted Individual - DVD
This ex-Google employee, a senior software engineer, exposes the shocking way the Big Tech giant now interferes in US elections and engages in mass censorship. See proof of an actual blacklist which bans libertarian & conservative websites. The brain is the battlefield – today & tomorrow. Neuro-cognitive science is being weaponized. It's about weapons of mass disruption – covert & non-attributable in use. The US Military is already testing cyber-linked neuroccog manipulation ... The mind used to be the last refuge of freedom but advances in neurotechnology show the brain is longer private nor unassailable. Should we declare a new set of inherent absolute rights: the right to cognitive liberty, mental privacy & mental integrity?
TI Exposes Sexual Electronic Harassment and Torture - DVD Exact Same Kind of Aluminum in Vaccines ... Is Also in Brain of People with Autism and Alzheimer's - DVD Are You Prospering Abundantly? Find Out How - DVD
Hear the account of a brave TI (Targeted Individual), a victim of electronic harassment & torture via sexual assault (remote stimulation of orgasm, many zaps to genitals/anus that feels like electrocution). V2K & nanotechnology is being used against her. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's at levels >1ppm. Vaccines have aluminum; right after vaccination, cells come to the vaccination site, take up aluminum & cross the blood-brain barrier to dump the aluminum in the brain leading to autism in certain people. Success is first created in our minds. If we harbor negative beliefs about money, success, wealth or abundance, we will not only hamper our ability to achieve it, but we will actually make it impossible. Success leads to greater success. The desire we feel for success is the divine impulse within each of us that is seeking to express itself through us in greater and greater expressions of life. This presentation is spiritual not religious, and is based on centuries-old science of mind teachings which are founded on the law of attraction and other laws of nature. Money is not evil; we all deserve to prosper abundantly. Find out how to do it. 52-min. DVD
The Ray of Discovery: Medical Radionics - DVD The Power of Our Intention Alters Matter - DVD Will the World Allow the Building of Autonomous Killer Robots? - DVD
This documentary chronicles the discoveries of 3 great scientists who made great contributions to the field of radionics, aka Electromagnetic Therapy, that diagnoses & treats disease by applying electromagnetics, radio waves, color beams etc. to the body. Dr. William Tiller is a leading expert in the fascinating field of psychoenergetics – the use of thought and will to change reality. His experiments prove that you can enhance your consciousness. Mind over matter is real. Our intention alters matter. Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems – or in plain English, killer robots – have become an unfortunate reality in today's technological age. Many AI experts are calling for a full ban as these weapons can select & kill human targets. This has to stop now.
The Decline of the American Empire - DVD The Shocking Risks of Prescription Drugs - DVD Aerospace Corporation Reverse Engineering Alien Tech: Ex-DIA Director Admiral Wilson Leak - DVD
The US is an Empire & a falling one. Geopolitical changes in the vast Eurasian landmass are eroding US domination. China is now world #1 in exports, manufacturing value added, production of steel, cement, aluminum, rice, wheat, potato & e-commerce sales. Mainstream medical researchers admit that in the US 330,000 deaths, 6,600,000 hospitalizations & 80,000,000 "medically minor" problems – all per year – come from prescription drugs which are correctly prescribed. This isn't even including off-label uses! US Admiral Tom Wilson (at the time Deputy DIA Director) admits he was denied access to a Special Access Program involving reverse engineering a UFO! A top private aerospace corporation told him he didn't have 'need to know' & neither did the president.
Project Blue Screen: Invisibility Technology - DVD What is Behind the 432Hz vs. 440Hz Conspiracy? - DVD Habits Rich People Have that Poor People Do Not - DVD
See military craft flying low & completely cloaked by (black-looking) clouds. If this is the state of technology now out in the open, imagine the real state in secret black military projects! See low-flying chemtrail planes cloak and disappear. There is a theory the current standard tuning used by musicians all over the world is the result of a New World Order conspiracy. Does music played at 432 Hz make people feel good and reduce stress? Why is 432 Hz tuned music being censored? Being rich or poor may actually come down to attitude and habit. Do you spend money before you have earned it? Do you aim for immediate profit? Learn 30+ habits that separate the rich from the poor. See how to incorporate these habits into your life now.
Additional Info on the JFK Murder – Extra Pool of Blood At Dealey Plaza - DVD From 1985 to Today: The Development and State of EMF Mind Control Weapons - DVD The CIA: The Private Mob-Like Gangster Army - Audio DVD
This compilation has revealing new information on the JFK murder. See the autopsy evidence that there were 3 shots – 2 definitely from the front. Hear from an eyewitness who knew Jack Ruby personally & saw an additional pool of blood in Dealey Plaza! The brain is already the battlespace for warfare. Governments fight their own citizens in battles to fully control their perception. The NWO controllers know the signature of every emotion. They transmit fear, suicidal thoughts, etc. using the Lilly Wave. The CIA has accrued almost limitless black funds via the sale of drugs & arms. It runs secret armies & parallel governments all over, specializing in bribery, blackmail, assassination & regime change - forcing all nations to join the US-led NWO Empire.
Health and Rejuvenation Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy - DVD Mind Expansion vs. Mind Control - DVD You Got This - How to Wean Off Opioids, Street Drugs and Rx with Little to No Withdrawal Symptoms - Handbook
Molecular hydrogen therapy is used in hospitals in Japan. It can lead to stunning healing & anti-aging results such as skin rejuvenation, arthritis reduction & pain relief. Anecdotal evidence suggests it may even help heal cancer! Learn more. Governmental mind control is real (MKULtra was the just the beginning; DARPA is trying to hack your mind) but so is the power of your mind. It is more important than ever to regain control. Learn techniques to break excessive thinking & retrain your mind. America's opioid epidemic is an out-of-control health emergency. Whether it's oxycodone, codeine, fentanyl or heroin, use this guide to wean off opioids step-by-step before they destroy your life. There is no shame in addiction. Get the help you need.
Get Cheap and Powerful Orgone Energy Devices – Referral Revolutionary New Product Defeats Aging by Reactivating Stem Cells! - Referral Caveat Politia (Police Beware!) - Report
Devices built with orgone, the etheric universal energy, have many benefits: increasing spiritual awareness, increasing positivity in people & environments, reducing stress & reducing negative EMF effects, often within 1/4 to 1/2 mile radius. Referral. The body has amazing inbuilt healing mechanisms. Normally you can't just activate them on demand, but this anti-aging supplement may help you reactivate your stem cells, prevent cognitive decline & protect against neurodegenerative disease. Referral This report contains well-researched information telling you how to handle yourself in cases of unlawful arrest. See black-and-white proof of how judges have already ruled that citizens may resist unlawful arrest (assault & battery). This guide is gold!
Natural Migraine Relief - Referral How to Self-Patent Your Ideas and Inventions - Report How to Start Speaking a New Language in 3 Weeks - Referral
Migraines can strike at any time, disrupting your work, relationships & life. This multi-patented natural formula combats migraines nutritionally at the cellular level in 3 areas: inflammation, vasospasm & deficiency. Alleviate your pain. Referral. Have you invented something that no one has invented before? Individual inventors can self-patent. It's a complex process, but self-patenting saves you money. This practical guide shows you how to draw up and submit a patent in step-by-step fashion. Get real-life conversation skills with lessons crafted by language experts & voiced by native speakers. Learn how to speak correctly & confidently. Learn vocab relevant to your life. Learn on the go with progress synced across devices. Referral.
Reverse Hearing Loss with Natural Home Remedies - Report Mega DVD Directory of Over 2000 Controversial Titles - Handbook
It seems to be an unfortunate part of life that, for some people, their sense of hearing starts to decline as they age. However, all is not lost. Some cases are reversible. Learn what you can do to reverse hearing loss with natural remedies. Report. This is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive handbook – not to be missed! It is a complete directory of every single active and current DVD that ISA/Tools For Freedom is making available to the public. The sheer amount of knowledge contained within this collection is staggering. The majority of these DVDs have been forgotten and inaccessible – but now we are making them easy to obtain.
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