Master Your Reality Package
Master Your Reality Package. Contains one of each: Scientific Formula to Manifest Almost Anything You Want - Report, Creative Visualization - Book, How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You! - Book

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Contains one of each:

Scientific Formula to Manifest Almost Anything You Want - Report
Creative Visualization - Book
How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You! - Book

Total Value = $55.95
Report + 2 Book Package Now Only $33

Scientific Formula to Manifest Almost Anything You Want
There are countless self-help and get-rich-manifest-your dreams books on the market today. Many span hundreds of pages, but who has time to digest dozens of books and thousands of pages of data! This short report is a golden nugget in a wasteland of verbal diarrhea. It hones in on the absolute essential elements to help you change your reality so you can begin to manifest the stuff of your dreams without having to dig through lots of fluff. It incorporates a very simple process that was allegedly discovered in a Yale University Study, though the author believes that the study itself may have been covered up (Itís that Powerful). You can use this technique to manifest virtually anything, it even tells you how to solve relationship problems. The process is ridiculously simple, even a child could do it. Report.

Creative Visualization - Book
How can you turn your thoughts into reality? This is the million-dollar question everybody wants an answer for. This is what "Creative Visualization" aims to teach you. Creative visualization can be applied anywhere, everywhere, from something so simple to anything complex. You can use it in your day-to-day life, but you may want to use its power to its full advantage so you can be ensured of a better and brighter future ahead. You can even make your life as wonderful as you imagine it to be. All you have to do is to learn the techniques. You will learn: Why it is vital to hold onto positive thoughts. How to overcome difficulty in visualizing. The two essential factors to be successful in visualizing. Powerful steps for effective creative visualization. Why people commonly fail to manifest what they visualize. How the mind influences the immune system of the human body. A visualization technique that has cured cancer patients who have applied such technique. Why people experience increased rates of infection, cancer, arthritis, and many other ailments after losing a spouse. How to enhance your relationships using creative visualization. How to make more money and enhance your career using creative visualization. How to find out what your true goals in life are. 44-pages

How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You! - Book
Your mind is an incredible instrument that has abilities beyond your wildest imaginations. This book is designed to help unlock your latent powers so you can reach goals and your potential easier. You can enjoy more fulfilling relationships, attract greater monetary gains, live a healthier life, and become more successful in everything you do. Most people know nothing about these techniques. They go through life never realizing that they can engineer their reality to meet their needs. Yet, they are so easy to learn. You can start to learn them in one evening and reap benefits the very next day. Among other things this book will help you understand how your left and right brain hemispheres need each other, and when they work together as a team, magic happens. You can manifest more than you ever imagined. Attorneys win more cases, real-estate agents sell more properties, advertisements get better results, web sites get more hits, all business activities will be more rewarding. This book will also teach you the critical skill of Subjective Communication (SC). This is a 21st century mind power technique that will help you communicate to other minds at a geographical distance - helping you wield powers of influence. Comes complete with a special bonus report entitled: Secret Winning Strategies for Attracting Love & Money, to help you get on the fast track to success and greater personal empowerment. 55-pages

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