Jade Helm 15: Decoded - DVD
Jade Helm 15: Decoded -  67-min. DVD

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Jade Helm 15 is rapidly approaching. Slated to begin on July 15th 2015 and go until September 15th, 2015, it is an exercise never seen before in US history. The elite forces of the US military Green Berets, Navy seals, etc. are going to be deployed on American soil and on American streets, practicing against American civilians. For the purposes of this drill, certain US states have been declared hostile. What does it all mean? What is the real purpose of Jade Helm? We know that the military-industrial-intelligence complex which rules the Earth does not choose the names of its projects and programs by chance. Why were the words "Jade Helm 15" chosen? What is the occult meaning of the logo, the arrows, the sword and the wooden shoe in the center? Jade Helm contains 3 sets of "15" is this 666 in disguise? Is Jade Helm just a harmless exercise, or a deliberate attempt to round up patriots, gun owners, dissidents, secessionists and liberty lovers? Does Jade Helm mean martial law? Why is the US military practicing "operating undetected" amongst the very people it swore to serve and protect? Why is Jade Helm occurring now? Is the US Government expecting a currency crisis, social unrest or rioting? Is it preparing to subdue and control the population? While Jade Helm may look ominous, getting informed is the solution! Learn what it's all about so when it arrives you're not caught off guard. Forewarned is forearmed. 67-min. DVD
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