How to Survive the Dollar Crash - Get Prepared Not Scared - DVD
How to Survive the Dollar Crash - Get Prepared Not Scared

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The crash of the US dollar is a mathematical certainty. It’s a matter of when, not if. The situation in Europe is quite precarious, with Greece and Spain on the edge and other European countries threatening to leave the EU. As the world economy is so intertwined, an economic collapse in Europe could lead to one in America. The widespread cash withdrawals, strikes, civil unrest, rioting and looting in Athens could easily happen on US streets. The international banking cabal are masters at creating bubbles, then bursting them - so they can buy up all the stock cheap after the crash. It happened in 1929 and it’s overdue to occur again - especially with all the inflation (“Quantitative Easing”, bailout and stimulus programs) that Bernanke and the Fed have foisted upon the public. They engineer economic collapses by lowering interest rates (and thus increasing the money flow through debt loans) and then increasing them (and thus restricting the money flow, calling in the debts and forcing widespread defaults and foreclosures). America is a “debt-aholic”; other countries are getting tired of the US inflating its currency to alter the amount of debt (denominated in US currency) that it owes. Learn the single event that will start a domino effect and crash the US dollar. Learn the real reason Iraq was invaded, and why Syria, Venezuela and Iran are the current targets. Learn what skills will be valuable, what things you will need to barter, what items disappear first and how to best prepare. Emergency preparedness is not pessimistic; it’s realizing the Government won’t take care of you and proactively taking steps to ensure you survive and thrive whatever happens. 110-min. DVD
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