Free Energy Experiments - Media on DVD only
Free Energy Experiments


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Get the most up-to-date free energy plans, schematics, reports and other details available. Get plans and diagrams for a rotating electrostatic self-running machine secretly in use in Europe, and an air-driven turbine inspired by Schauberger, a process to extract water from air. Learn how to build a solid-state free energy converter using parts available at Radio Shack.

Build a Van de Graf generator, a solar water desalinization plant, and a water electrostatic generator. Also included are Tesla coil high-voltage generator plans, a wind generator, many designs for over-unity motor/generators, a crystal power generator, how to extract energy from the air, how to power your house from radio waves, and a simple battery made with salt.

Build a unique free-energy water pump to provide water and power. Also learn how to produce Scalar Wave Technology, Perpetual Motion, Cold Fusion. Also included is a list of over 190 free-energy and alternate energy related patents, along with 8 foreign over-unity patents and a list of 29 electromagnetic/ionic propulsion and anti-gravity patents!

And as a bonus, get designs for flying vehicles, anti-gravity and levitation secrets, other highly suppressed free energy secrets, and much, much more. If you purchased this information separately it could cost well over $500. This is hundreds of pages in length and more than 5 megabytes of information. Media on DVD only. Computer Required.

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