Decoding Our Artificially Simulated Reality - DVD
Decoding Our Artificially Simulated Reality - DVD

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Ever since the science-fiction film was released in 1999, people have used the term "The Matrix" to describe the artificial world in which we live. Fascinatingly, the latest research is showing that this so-called Matrix is a digital informational field that has all the characteristics of being an artificially simulated reality. In other words, it appears that we are living in a giant computer program! Discover why a certain physicist and presidential scientific advisor claims that strange computer codes are embedded in the essence of reality itself. Our reality is programmed to appear real to our 5 senses, yet it is really a hologram, a projection of information and light which looks, sounds, feels, smells and tastes solid, but is not. Not only that, but scientific evidence indicates that our experienced reality is just one of an infinite number of realities coexisting at the same time. Learn how this artificial reality is trying to trap you in its grip - through the legal-commercial-economic system - and how its ultimate goal involves the harvesting of energy. The corporate system is trying to own your body via the deceptive debt-based monetary system. Learn how to awaken from the illusion. Discover the secret to breaking free from the Matrix (hint: it involves a certain organ in your body). Learn how to decode the simulated reality so you can be free of its limitations. 121-min. DVD
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