Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 36-39 - 4 DVD Package
Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 36-39 - 5 DVD Package

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In parts 36-39 Bill Cooper reveals the connection between the religions and empires of today and the religion of Babylon. When Rome conquered the world, it absorbed pre-existing religions into its own; later on, the Roman Emperors adopted Christianity as Rome’s official religion; in this way, Christianity (as an institution) has become the modern-day Mystery Babylon. Reading from several detailed texts, he exposes what happened at the Convocation of the Rose Cross Order. For those who might not realize it, the word “Rosi-crucian” can be broken down into “rosi” (rose) and “crux” (cross). Learn what 3 degrees and 6 scenes represent (hint: 3 x 6 = 18, which can be broken down into 6-6-6). Learn how British Zionism is tied in with the New World Order. Discover more about Masonry and the “Great Work.” Learn their interpretation of the mysticism of the New Testament. Discover what new Jerusalem is. Is “Christ” an office? Will man become god by being “Christed” or anointed? This is a foundational belief of the New Age movement. It doesn’t sound so bad, but why do these Secret Societies tend towards domination, pedophilia and Satanism? 4 DVD Package
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