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Insider Reveals Extent of Vatican's Sex Crimes - DVD Whistleblower: We Control All Religions - DVD The Secret Armies of NATO - DVD
9/11: The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the American Public - DVD Whistleblower Exposes International Child Trafficking and Pedophile Ring - Audio DVD Global Warming Alarmism Exposed
JFK Assassination Solved: Who, How and Why Al Bielek Talks About Phil Schneider Revealed: The People Who Have Set Foot on Mars
Revealed: The People Who Have Set Foot on Mars - Audio DVD
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Edward Snowden - The Truth Unveiled ET Technology Gained by Reverse Engineering - 59 minute DVD Ex-Big Pharma Executive Blows the Whistle - DVD
IDF Whistleblower Busts Fake Israeli Propaganda - DVD Systemic Bankster Corruption and How the 99% Will Overcome It Declassified Reagan ET Briefings - Report
Illuminati Clones and Drones - Audio DVD Insider Reveals Details of the Secret Space Program - Audio DVD Ex-Biotech Employees, Scientists and Farmers Expose Firsthand Dangers of GMOs - DVD
Take Back Your Power - DVD
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Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar speaks out on anti-gravity UFOs and advanced ET technology. He personally worked on back-engineering a crashed, alien UFO at S4 and reveals that the Government is hiding 9 alien spacecraft propelled by gravity generators Ex-CIA top secret agent Chip Tatum, who worked in Black Operations, blows the whistle on the coming NWO (New World Order) and the Government's drug smuggling trade between the US and Central American countries. Whistleblower Bernard Mendez (and others) go public saying that they were part of a secret military program using “Jumprooms” (teleportation devices) to travel through time and off planet. With this much credible testimony, this issue cannot be ignored.
Ted Gunderson Lays Bare the Truth
Project Pegasus, Time Travel, Teleportation and the Chronovisor Device - DVD
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The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
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