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Did US Military Use Ticks as Bioweapons to Create Lyme Disease? - DVD The End of Real Food as We Know It - DVD Exact Same Kind of Aluminum in Vaccines ... Is Also in Brain of People with Autism and Alzheimer's - DVD
The US House of Congress passed an amendment ordering an investigation into past bioweapons research. Whistleblower William Burgdorfer (after whom the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease is named) revealed that Lyme Disease was the result of a biological weapons program gone awry, one in which he himself participated. Is Lyme Disease caused by weaponized ticks? Was Plum Island used for biowarfare research? What is the history of USG bioterrorism? Are we all collateral damage in a bioweapons race that started at the beginning of the Cold War? 106-min. DVD The impossible burger created by Impossible Foods Inc. is a lab-grown burger. We are told it's "safe to eat",what kind of "food" needs to have this kind of disclaimer? Why is CEO Pat Brown linked to DARPA & company linked to Bill Gates, Google & Soros? Aluminum causes Alzheimer's at levels >1ppm. Vaccines have aluminum; right after vaccination, cells come to the vaccination site, take up aluminum & cross the blood-brain barrier to dump the aluminum in the brain leading to autism in certain people.
The True Purpose of Geoengineering - DVD Protect Your Gut from Toxic GMOs and Glyphosate - Referral Coverup Exposed: How Israel Stole US Weapons Grade Uranium from NUMEC - DVD
Ever wondered what the true purpose of geoengineering is? Learn the 3 main benefits chemtrails offer the military in their quest for full spectrum dominance. Discover the truth about self-assembling nanobots & the solution to overcome the psychopaths. GMOs & glyphosate are nearly impossible to avoid. Chances are high glyphosate's in your body. A new all-natural product has been shown in pre-clinical trials to reduce glyphosate by 74%! Also promotes immune function & nutrient absorption. Referral NUMEC (Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation) was a Zionist company that was formed in 1957. See evidence of a massive coverup, incl. the plants losses of bomb-grade nuclear material & NUMEC as a front for Israel's nuclear weapons program.
The Survival Kit to Prepare For a Chemical or Biological Attack - Referral See shocking visual evidence of how vaccines actually damage your blood. Have vaccines caused the greatest damage in the history of mankind out of any other single technique or "medicine" which is supposed to improve health? Recovering from Vaccine Damage - DVD
We live in uncertain times. Many nations are attempting to get nuclear weapons. A chemical or biological attack on US soil is a plausible reality. Find out where to get military grade, chemical decontamination systems to protect yourself & your family. Part 1 of this series takes a scientific look at what vaccines do to your body. See shocking visual evidence of how vaccines actually damage your blood. Did you know that vaccines cause too many white blood cells to roll along the vessel walls, which impairs blood flow (ischemia)? Did you know that all vaccines contain aluminum, which causes particles to flocculate or become sludge? Have vaccines caused the greatest damage in the history of mankind out of any other single technique or "medicine" which is supposed to improve health? 120-min. DVD

Part 2
of this series takes a look at how vaccines (as well as synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins in the body) can lead to hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) and ischemia (inadequate blood supply, which then leads to oxygen deprivation). You can have a "stroke" in any part of your body where oxygen flow is inhibited. See the evidence that vaccines cause blood sludge and immune hyperstimulation. Vaccines cause a kind of perivascular "attack" whereby white blood cells along outside walls of microvessels causes capillaries to become blocked and hypoxic. See an animated version of what's happening in your bloodstream after vaccination. Scary! 119-min. DVD

Part 3 of this series exposes how vaccines may be the root cause of autism and schizophrenia which are on the same continuum of disease. See photographs of autistic children with eyes damaged (turned in), and corner of mouth turned down, which may be caused by the ischemic and blood sludging effect of vaccines. Learn how the Gardasil vaccine is killing young girls. Dr. Paul Offit claims children could safely get 10,000 vaccines is it any coincidence he owns stock in Big Pharma vaccine corporations? 113-min. DVD
Dr. Kenneth Stoller quit the American Pediatric Association due to their involvement in injuring children with vaccines. Learn about neuro-rehabilitation with hyperbaric oxygen which reinvigorates the mitochondria in our cells & provides deep healing.
Worldwide Supremacy through Geoengineering and HAARP - DVD Nano Genocide: Morgellons Disease and Cures The Mysterious and Shocking Connection Between AI, Black Goo and Morgellons
The purpose of geoengineering is not "Solar Radiation Management". It is designed to work in conjunction with HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project). Discover the 7 secret agendas for geoengineering we are not being told. Morgellons disease is a horrific disease where parasitic, synthetic, alive fibers invade a human body; some times bugs (flies, ticks) grow inside sufferers' bodies and ooze out of lesions. Is Morgellons the start of nano genocide or an AI invasion? Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) the ultimate force behind the worldwide conspiracy? Learn how the seemingly separate phenomena of geoengineering, Morgellons and smart dust are all connected with Black Goo and ruled by AI.
Is Ebola a Depopulation Bioweapon? Ebola: Real or Hoax?
Why does the US Government's CDC have a patent on Ebola? Ebola seems to have come from a bioweapons lab owned by elite insiders and multi billionaires George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates. Get the truth on this manufactured health crisis. There is a monumental amount of disinformation surrounding Ebola. This compilation presents evidence from both sides... is ebola real or a giant hoax? You be the judge. Warning: Coarse language.
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