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Unearthing the Origins of Humankind

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True Unknown History - Parts 41-50
The Forbidden Archeology and History of Man - Audio DVD
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Near Death Experiencer Dr. Eben Alexander, gives firsthand account of his experience in the afterlife. His story will leave you speechless, and it’s provably true. This evidence destroys the paradigms of both organized religion and materialistic science Secrets of Egypt are revealed by Stephen Mehler. He presents evidence that the pyramids were not tombs but were rather power plants using water as their energy source. Some event happened in them to cause a giant explosion scorching of the walls - DVD True Unknown History - Complete 5 DVD Set Package. Contains one of each DVD: Parts 1-10, Parts 11-20, Parts 21-30, Parts 31-40, Parts 41-50
Near Death Experiencer Shares Firsthand Account of the Afterlife - Audio DVD
Our Price: $15.00
Today's Price: $10.00
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Ancient Knowledge How the Rothschilds Created Israel
Ancient Knowledge - 2 DVD Set
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