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Overcoming the Archons: The Alien Space Predators Who Invaded Humanity - Audio DVD

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John Lash reveals that the Gnostics were early mystic shamans who reached high states of consciousness, knew their direct connection with the Cosmos (God) and the importance of the female principle (Sophia) to live balanced lives, but the Catholic Church feared their power, so it killed them and banished the survivors underground. An ancient Gnostic text (the Nag Hammadi) reveals the truth about the Archons, a predatory alien presence, made up of other-dimensional parasites who attach themselves to every person. They give us their reptilian mind, so they can feed off the emotional fear energy coming from our anxious thoughts. However, we can sever our ties with the Archons and rise to a level where we are no longer food for them. 111-min. Audio DVD

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