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Communicating with Animals Former Pro-GMO Scientist Exposes the Truth About Genetic Engineering _GeoINT: The Inescapable Neural Net That Works Even Without RFID!_
A new group of interspecies or animal communicators has emerged – people who can actually talk and listen to animals, and understand their feelings and thoughts. Watch the footage of them talking & interacting with lions and leopards. See for yourself! Former pro-GMO scientist Dr. Thierry Vrain used to be a spokesperson for the biotech industry. But when he retired and started gardening, he realized how much pesticides destroyed the soil & life. Learn the truth of the grave danger of GMOs & glyphosate. Do the manipulators no longer have to microchip everyone? GeoINT (Geo-spatial Intelligence Program) collects data from every human node in its system – which means you. It uses predictive software to guess your next action. Has technocracy arrived?
Murder by Money Nano Genocide: Morgellons Disease and Cures Exposed: US Military Paranormal Programs to Develop Psychic Soldiers
The late great Eustace Mullins spent much of his life investigating and brilliantly exposing the Zionist international banking cartel. Learn about the UCC, birth certificate, property & income tax, the IRS and the replacement of the real US Constitution. Morgellons disease is a horrific disease where parasitic, synthetic, alive fibers invade a human body; some times bugs (flies, ticks) grow inside sufferers' bodies and ooze out of lesions. Is Morgellons the start of nano genocide or an AI invasion? The US Military has pursued paranormal programs where they trained soldiers to stare at goats – and kill them just by looking at them. Psychic & paranormal may be more important than conventional warfare. Learn what's been going on inside these programs.
Sacred Sex: Making Love in Kama Sutra Style The Reptilian Overlordship of the New World Order All War is a Giant Deception
In many religions and cultures sex is something dirty. The ancient text Kama Sutra suggests many ways people can make love & also make sex more sacred. This video shows 2 young lovers demonstrating this in a sensual way. Contains explicit sexual footage. Behind the impending police state of the New World Order lies Reptilian overlordship. An ET abductee reveals her traumatic relationship with a reptilian consciousness (who had overtaken a human host) who seduced her. See the true basis for the NWO. The US Government loves war; did you know the US has been at war 93% of the time (222 out of the 239 years) since its inception in 1776? There is no such thing as good and bad rape or slavery; how can there ever be a good war when war is mass murder?
The True Story of the Creation of HIV and AIDS AIPAC Exposed The Mysterious and Shocking Connection Between AI, Black Goo and Morgellons
AIPAC Exposed - DVD
Our Price: $15.00
AIDS is a horrific disease. Would it surprise you to learn that HIV and AIDS came from Big Pharma vaccine experiments that went awry (polio vaccines with SV40)? Is it just a coincidence that AIDS arose in the Belgian Congo, Africa, after mass vaccination? Through bribery and blackmail of spineless politicians, AIPAC has dictated US foreign (and domestic) policy for decades. Former Congressman Paul Findley highlights the treachery and treason that goes on at Capitol Hill where all roads lead back to Israel. Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) the ultimate force behind the worldwide conspiracy? Learn how the seemingly separate phenomena of geoengineering, Morgellons and smart dust are all connected with Black Goo and ruled by AI.
Why You Need More Salt NASA's Outer Space: Is It All a Giant Hoax? How to Profit from the Collapse of the Petrodollar
A pervasive dietary myth today is that salt is bad, but the right kind of salt is essential to a heathy body. It preserves, alkalizes, remineralizes and helps you lose weight, improve skin tone and sleep better. Learn what kinds of salt are best. This compilation features various clips from the supposed ISS (International Space Station) and fly-by of Pluto. When analyzed with Photoshop they show signs of being faked. Is all of what we've been shown of "outer space" a giant hoax? You decide. The Petrodollar scheme is ending. Whether it crashes spectacularly or dies a slow death remains to be seen, but either way, you can be positioning yourself to not only protect your wealth, but also to profit from the Petrodollar's demise. Find out how.
LSD, Magic Mushrooms & CIA Mind Control Experiments! Scientology, the CIA & MK ULTRA CIA, FBI, NSA Secret Covert Psychological Experiments - MK Ultra, New Phoenix, ELF Waves
The early forerunner of the CIA (the OSS) began to investigate the use of mind-altering substances like mescaline & scopolamine. It then famously moved into experimenting with psilocybin & LSD. Why did the CIA get into this? How did they do it? Find out. Scientology the cult charges for its teachings & functions as a pro-profit business under a tax-exempt religious banner. Learn the eery similarities between Scientology and the CIA. Scientology techniques are straight out of a mind control handbook. Military Intelligence agencies have been interested in mind control for decades. Learn about MK Ultra with all its truth serum drugs & hypnotic techniques. These covert psychological experiments continue today and may be affecting you or someone you know.
Disney Cartoons and Movies Exposed as Subliminal Satanic Brainwashing The Story of MDMA (Ecstasy) and How it Became Criminalized by the Establishment The Complete History of Illegal Drugs
Creator of Disney cartoons Walt Disney was a high level Freemason who knew all about subliminal symbolism. Disney movies are full of many sexual, Satanic & Illuminati subliminal images which go straight into the subconscious. See the proof for yourself. MDMA (ecstasy) is an empathogenic drug successfully used by psychologists in therapy. Many have claimed it has helped them dissolve old issues, feel tremendous love for everyone and see the world anew. Unlike heroin or cocaine, Ecstasy is not addictive. Drugs have always been a part of humanity's history. Alexander the Great gave opium to his soldiers so they couldn't feel the pain; Freud was a cocaine addict. Learn where cocaine, heroin, tobacco, marijuana and others either came from or came to be.
The True History of Marijuana Ayahuasca: Tool for Awakening to Divine Consciousness Reverse Balding, Thinning and Graying Hair Naturally
Public perception towards marijuana (cannabis) has changed drastically. Medical marijuana is now legal in many States. Cannabis has a large number of uses (textiles, paper, rope, clothing, biofuel). Non-THC hemp is so nutritious it can end world hunger. Ayahuasca is a powerful entheogen used by shamans and explorers of consciousness for thousands of years. It offers deep healing on emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Learn why it has been creeping into Western consciousness as a tool for the awakening. No man is going to welcome thinning, balding or graying with open arms. While much is genetic, there are many things you can modify to reverse these aging effects. Learn which foods, superfoods & Chinese herbs restore color and stop hair balding/thinning.
The Truth About the European Refugee Crisis Who Really Started World War I The American Corporations Which Secretly Traded with the Nazis
The European Refugee Crisis is epic, yet the media is not telling you the truth about it. It appears there are many who aren't genuine refugees. Find out why politicians love immigrants and why mass migration is a key part of the New World Order agenda. World War I started a long time before the first shots were fired in August 1914. Before the outbreak, there was a powerful man maneuvering kings & nations into place, who knew the follies & vices of all these nation's leaders – and how to exploit them. The German economic miracle was really an American-driven miracle. US corporations were behind the rise of Hitler, before & during WW2. Find out the 4 key US corporations which illegally traded with the enemy for profit – they're still in business today.
How the Rothschilds Created Israel The Meat Paradox: Why Do We Eat Animals if We Care About Them? The 7 Greatest Healing Substances in the World
Israel is such a tiny country that exerts such a powerful influence on world affairs. This interview will help you understand why. Learn how the Rothschilds created Zionism and Israel. Was Hitler secretly funded by Jewish bankers? Very informative! Meat-eating is very common around the world, yet there is cognitive dissonance involved, as most people say they care about animals – even though they eat some of them. Confront your unchallenged assumptions that eating meat is a natural, necessary & good This compilation, based on a thorough research of history, uncovers the 7 most used and most effective natural healing substances – ever. All are very versatile, can be used to heal many diseases and boost health in a number of ways you've never imagined.
Donald Trump Exposed - The Real Truth He Doesn't Want You to Know Get Energy, Focus and Stress Relief from a Hearty Herb Used by the Vikings, Chinese and Romans Improve Your Eyesight with Natural Remedies
Presidential candidate Donald Trump talks the talk but he's a litigious, capitalistic billionaire. It's hard to imagine someone more disconnected from an ordinary American's life. See his hard-nosed business dealings & control of politicians for yourself. Want a simple & natural way to increase energy & decrease stress? This hearty plant grows in the harshest of conditions to develop special phytochemicals. It's an adaptogen and possibly the best anti-depressant on the planet! Discover what this plant is. Improve your vision and eyesight, naturally and permanently, without needing to resort to glasses. Learn which wildcrafted herbs_ work & which 10 foods improve your vision. Get the ultimate secret (hint: it's not exercise or anything diet-related).
Reduce Wrinkles and Achieve Radiant Skin Naturally How to Overcome Diabetes Naturally The Imperial Presidency
Everyone wants to reduce wrinkles, right? Learn which very common ingredient in many foods actually causes wrinkles. Tighten your skin with herbs & other natural remedies. Discover whether a raw, vegan, high fat or other health diet is best. There are natural remedies for people with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. Learn which diets work and which don't. Discover the 15 best fruits for diabetes. Learn which famous & tasty spice is also an amazing diabetes remedy! Reverse diabetes naturally. The late Arthur Schlesinger looks at how American leaders have become more like Emperors than Presidents, especially since the time of Nixon. A fascinating glimpse into real American history you were never taught from a man who worked in the White House.
Global Warming Alarmism Exposed How to Detect and Neutralize Implants in Your Body Oregon Shooting False Flag Hoax
Global warming alarmism is being used to usher in the NWO goal of Global Governance. However, it's a giant scam. Dr. David Evans shows how the IPCC models are flawed. The global warming / climate change gravy train isn't about truth – it's about power. It's far-out, but there are people who have alien implants. This ET abductee (taken by Greys) reveals how she was a victim of psychic vampirism, had implants in her body and eventually found a way to neutralize them & regain her power. Hear her secrets. False flag hoaxes are the new flavor. So many shootings from Sandy Hook on are utterly faked, not even including real victims. See evidence that the Oregon Umpqua Community College fits the exact pattern we have come to expect from a false flag hoax.
Improve Your Brain Health, Memory and Focus Naturally How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally Exposed: Impossibilites in False Flag Ops from JFK to 9/11 to Sandy Hook
Who doesn't want to have a faster and better-performing brain? Discover the best foods for your brain, memory and concentration. Learn which nutrients (e.g. iron, niacin, etc.) matter most for brain health. Arthritis is estimated to affect over 60 million Americans. The good news is that it can naturally be reversed. Learn how to rebuild cartilage, which 5 fruits help the best, the 10 best home remedies, which foods are the worst for arthritis and more. When you closely inspect the JFK assassination, 9/11, Sandy Hook & the Boston Marathon incidents, all contained impossibilities – things which violated the laws of physics (according to the official narrative). Are we twisting facts to suit theories?
Energizing Coffee Substitutes that are Good for You Overcome Chronic Disease and Poor Health with the Ancient Practice of Fasting Media Fakery and Newscasters Spilling the Beans
A moderate amount of coffee may be beneficial, but most Americans are hooked on it and rely on many cups a day. The result: adrenal burnout. Learn some energizing coffee substitutes and herbal stimulants that don't deplete you but enhance deep energy. Fasting is an elegant solution to many ailments. What can be easier than abstaining from food rather than running around seeking the latest cure? Fasting for as little as 3 days can regenerate the entire immune system. Learn the benefits of fasting! If you want the truth, you must now question not only if the media is distorting facts, but also if it's entirely making things up. Media fakery knows no bounds. See CNN use green/blue screen, CIA-embedded reporters & CGI to completely fake events.
Achieve Better Health Through Proper Food Combining The Unholy Alliance of Government, Big Pharma and Western Medicine How to Quit Coffee Without Severe Headaches
Eating good food is not enough for good health; you must also ensure you are getting all nutrients from food by fully assimilating it. Bypass problems associated with poor digestion, gas, heartburn, acid reflux. Combine food well & achieve great health! Government has entered into an unholy alliance with Big Pharma. Psychiatry has literally invented diseases that never existed 30-40 years ago to make more profit. Learn the connection between mercury in vaccines and autism, and how drugs lead to disease. Coffee is very acidic, which means the body tries to neutralize it by leaching calcium from bones. Caffeine itself is widely regarded as a neurotoxin. Learn how to quit coffee without severe headaches, incl. a great coffee substitute (superfood drink).
NASA: One Giant Hoax for Mankind Big Pharma's Plan for Mankind: Mandatory Vaccination For All Dermatillomania: How to Stop Chronic Skin Picking
NASA pulled off a giant hoax in 1969. Why was the US flag waving about (as though being blown by wind) on the Moon? Why did NASA tape over the ORIGINAL FOOTAGE of the Moon landing? Why haven't we been back to the Moon in 40+ years? Discover the deception. Our future will be one of mandatory vaccination unless we quickly wake up to the fact that the only real defense against pathogens is a robust immune system. Between 2019 and 2023, Big Pharma is planning to release over 300 new vaccines! Learn the truth. Dermatillomania is the problem of compulsive skin picking. It can lead to infection & scarring, as well as social repercussions of isolation & shame. Learn how to cope with friends and family who may not understand, and how to work best with your doctor.
Troubling Things about Alex Jones Exposed: The Hoaxing of the Moon and Mars Missions The Khazarian Supremacy
Alex Jones has exposed many aspects of the conspiracy but some doubt his ability to deliver the truth, due to his fear-mongering, exaggeration and avoidance of Zionism. Learn all the strange things about Jones & decide for yourself if he's the real deal. NASA has been hoaxing the public a long time. See the various anomalies in the photos & videos which show they are thoroughly fake. Did disgruntled NASA whistleblowers deliberately seed the images with errors in the hope someone would discover the truth? This compilation analyzes the power of the Rothschilds (who have amassed half the world's wealth) and international banking, and points out how many aspects of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are being carried out right in front of your eyes.
Was Mars Nuked in the Past? How to Communicate With Plants Move Over GMOs Ð Here Comes Bioengineered Nano Food
Was Mars nuked in the past? Mars' surface contains uranium & thorium, while deeper Mars rock does not. Maybe 2 large thermonuclear explosions occurred on Mars in the distant past. Was mankind on Mars before Earth, or do have advanced neighbors? Learn how to actually communicate with plants, who are living beings which sense, feel and respond to outside stimuli the same way you do. If you slow down and open your perception, you will realize the secret truth: the entire world around you is alive. Bioengineered nano food is a largely unknown, unregulated phenomenon. Our food supply is being overtaken, and not just by GMOs! In studies with rats, nano particles entered body tissue, blood and brains to cause organ damage. Transhumanism is coming.
Strange and Inexplicable Things Happening Around the World Former Satanic Priest Goes Public Satanic Rituals Exposed
Strange and inexplicable things are occurring all over the world right now. This compilation features an assortment of all sorts of weird phenomena, such as UFO-shaped & artificial clouds, and tornados way up in the sky. You have to see it for yourself. Hear the astonishing true story of former Satanic High Wizard Zachary King who reveals that black magic is real. He names names (US Presidents) who he personally saw at Bohemian Grove. He reveals how High Wizards are asked to cast spells on people. A former Illuminati asset exposes the dark world of Satanism & its rituals of sex, cannibalism & sacrifice. Satanists work in fields like education, law & government. Warning: graphic human sacrifice footage shown at end (seized by FBI during a raid).
The Latest in Alien Abduction Research Alien Abductions: Contact from Another Dimension The Plan to Legalize Pedophilia
The latest in alien abduction research is shared by Dr. David Jacobs. Many abduction cases are intergenerational (children taken from families where parents were years earlier taken). We need to look at this phenomenon as a threat so we are prepared ... Psychiatrist & ufologist John Carpenter has 140+ cases of ET abductions (some involving multiple abductees). Here he shows cases with video & photo proof which mystify you, yet convince you that mankind has been contacted by aliens from another dimension! Pedophilia is intimately connected with Secret Societies; power-hungry vampires exploit the weak & feed off their innocence. Those in power are re-writing laws to legalize pedophilia, re-branding pedophiles as "minor-attracted persons". Truly outrageous.
ET Contactee Alec Newald and Earth the Emotional Farmyard Agenda 2030: Did the Pope Start Ushering in the NWO in September 2015? NSA Surveillance and What To Do About It
ET contactee Alec Newald talks about his attendance at a Satanic ritual (like Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut), that not all ETs are friendly, that the intellectual Greys are trying to re-integrate emotion into their species and Earth as an emotional farmyard. September 2015 has come and gone, but not without consequence. The Pope was busy joining forces with the US & UN to "end poverty" & "save the environment", noble aims which neatly cover up the plan for a One World Government/Religion: the New World Order. The technological age is also the surveillance age. The NSA has turned the internet into a giant surveillance platform. Learn the extent of NSA surveillance and what to do about it. Privacy is a fundamental human right – even if you have nothing to hide.
What is the Mysterious Lunar Wave? NASA Pictures of Pluto: Faked? Strange Booms and Sounds Heard Around the World: What Are They?
Makia Freeman interviews Crrow777, who first shot (in 2012) the "lunar wave" – a mysterious line traveling from one pole of the Moon to the other, resembling a computer reload. Since then over 10 people have replicated his findings. What does it mean? With all the fakery NASA has been engaging in for decades, is the recent flyby of Pluto real? See some interesting Pluto anomalies. Was NASA's mission to Pluto faked? Are its Pluto pictures airbrushed or outright fake? As always, you decide. All around the world, from the US to Ukraine, people are reporting strange booms & loud sounds – but where they come from has no logical reason. This compilation includes footage of these weird & eery noises; check out this interesting unsolved mystery.
Climate Change Hoax Exposed by Expert 2nd Paris Attack 2015: Another False Flag The Mandela Effect - Has Humanity Crossed Over into a Parallel Reality?
Confused about all this climate change hype? Professor of Geology Don Easterbrook presents the hard data (as it was before NASA, NOAA & National Science Foundation tampered with it). We've had global cooling since 1998! The climate change hoax is exposed. The 2nd Paris attack of 2015 just so happened to occur on Friday 13th (Illuminati symbolism) and have a drill for the same scenario earlier that day. ISIS (created and funded by the West) just so happens to claim responsibility. False flag? You decide! The Mandela Effect uncovers glitches in the Matrix. A growing number of people are claiming they remember things differently from how they are now ("Berenst#in Bears", "Sex # the City"). Have we changed timelines? Has reality been retroactively changed?
San Bernardino Mass Shooting: False Flag? Why a Real Moon Mission is Impossible False Flag Crisis Actors Exposed!
San Bernardino is home to the latest American mass shooting. The incident has the usual telltale signs of a false flag: active shooter drills at a nearby/identical time and place. Is the San Bernardino mass shooting yet another false flag op? You decide. This film is a great debunking of NASA lies. If we really went to the moon, why is there is no camera there, taking pictures of Earth? Explore with an open mind the paradoxes inherent in the spherical Earth theory which we have accidentally taken as fact. False flag operations have recently become false flag hoaxes – mass shooting or bombing events where the authorities use fake victims/witnesses (crisis actors). This compilation shows undeniable proof of crisis actors recycled to appear at multiple events
Privacy Works Learn the #1 Thing That's Killing Your Credit Score - And How to Fix It Over 30 Reasons Not to Choose Hillary as President
Privacy Works - Handbook
Our Price: $20.00
Privacy is more vital than ever in our digital society. Government has easy access to your most personal information. This is your first-class guide to fighting back! Learn to manage the use of your signature, foreign residency, offshore banking & more. Your credit largely determines your financial life. If it's low, you'll pay more on all loans. If you have bad credit (below 620) the story is even worse. Learn how to maximize your credit effectively & quickly. Referral to experts with range of services. Big Money has long bought off both the Republicans & Democrats, but the Clintons are notorious mega crooks involved in all kinds of shady deals, from drugs to bribes to murders. Find out why electing criminal Hillary Clinton would be disastrous. Referral.
How to Make Herbal Ecstasy for Greater Consciousness Expansion Investment Secrets of the Mystery CEO Improve Your Vision and Eye Health with Advanced Formula
Herbal ecstasy is a great way to get all the upside (oneness, openness) of the synthetic empathogen without the downside. Learn how to make it with potent plants which naturally boost your dopamine & serotonin levels – with no pharmaceutical side effects. Want free investment secrets? This mystery CEO beat Warren Buffett at his own game. He managed to develop an amazingly effective investing approach which turned $2,000 into $10 million in just 9 months – from his kitchen table! Learn his secrets. Your eyes are a precious gift. Protect your eyes from deterioration and strengthen them so you don't need glasses. This natural formula promotes clear vision and healthy eyes (including macula, retina & lens) & supports healthy eye rejuvenation.
Who Constructed the Moon? Wealth Insights from Your Super Rich Uncle JFK Assassination Solved: Who, How and Why
Why are there so many unlikely coincidences surrounding the existence of the Moon? Why does the Moon so perfectly block the Sun during a solar eclipse? Why does it have no heavy metals? How can it be hollow if it's really a natural satellite? Get tips on how to generate wealth as though your super rich uncle was doling them out ... the author has set up businesses on 6 continents and has launched over 1000 products. Learn the world of the ultra-wealthy and use it to make money. The JFK assassination, 52 years later, is still a subject of intense emotion and curiosity. The forces who run the world are far above the level of presidents. Now, at last, learn all the details of the who, how and why of the Kennedy assassination.
False Flag Mass Shootings Exposed Package Picamilon - Feel Smarter, Better and More Confident The Israelification of US and Canadian Police - DVD
False flag mass shootings: barely a week goes by in the US without one occurring, yet every single one is a staged event to push gun control and trick you into giving up your rights. Some even use fake victims (crisis actors). Get informed about them! Picamilon, a supplement made with Vitamin B3 (niacin) and the amino acid GABA bonded together, has been reported to improve cognitive performance, decrease anxiety and increase energy levels. Other benefits include improved memory and focus. 5 Gram Jar. Palestine has become a human laboratory with 600 Israeli checkpoints where Israeli weaponry & surveillance companies test and develop urban warfare products. Israel is training police in Canada and the US. Learn about the Israelification of North America.
The UN's Global Gun Grab Agenda - DVD Secret Black Military Human Cloning - DVD The Hidden Force Behind Hitler, Stalin and the Entire British Royal Family - Audio DVD
The UN global gun grab is not about ridding the world of weapons - it's about giving a monopoly on gun ownership to Government, the biggest repository of criminals and psychopaths in society. Did you know the FBI now takes orders from the UN? The elite are trying to produce supersoldiers, ultimate killing machines that feel no emotion. Hear the whistleblowing account of someone who witnessed human cloning in underground bases. Do the elite have "soul transference" and cloning technology? What if there were a hidden force behind Hitler, Stalin, Churchill & the entire British Royal family? What if this hidden force was a powerful flesh-and-blood family who created Hitler (not by financing, but conceived him as an illegitimate child)?
The Stark Reality of ET Contact - DVD Is Our Reality a Giant Computer Simulation? - DVD Mind Control, Prostitution, Satanism and More: Hollywood Insider Exposes All - DVD
The Stark Reality of ET Contact - DVD
Our Price: $15.00
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Confront the stark reality of ET contact with curiosity! Learn the 4 main types of ETs (Extraterrestrials) interacting with humanity, from friendly visitation to hostile abduction. Discover the character, tendencies, motives and agenda of each race. Is "The Matrix" a digital hologram programmed to appear solid? Do you live in a giant computer simulation? Do you exist in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, where you can shift from less desirable to more desirable nodes? Find out the answers. Hollywood looks glamorous but its underbelly runs on Satanic activity including mandatory prostitution and mind control. An anonymous Hollywood insider exposes how models and actresses were fed cocaine like candy to keep them sickly thin and promiscuous.
Vaccination is Not the Same Thing as Immunization - Audio DVD Walmart-Military Coordination Exposed - DVD The Israeli False Flag Attack on the USS Liberty Exposed - DVD
Can artificial immunity from vaccines possibly match the natural immunity you acquire after defeating a disease? Why do so many doctors refuse to vaccinate themselves or their families? Learn why vaccination is a very different thing to immunization. Is Walmart coordinating with the US military? If not, how do you explain the weird ringing noises, new metal garage doors inside, mobile prison guard towers¨ and flat bed trucks pulling into closed Walmart parking lots with military vehicles aboard? On June 8 1967, during the Six-Day War where Israel attacked & stole land from Egypt, Syria and Jordan (claiming it was in defense), the Zionist regime shot down the USS Liberty. Learn the truth about this war crime. Includes survivor accounts.
Overcome Depression, Fatigue and Aging with Relaxing Natural Therapy - DVD Chilling 1962 Speech from NWO Insider and Eugenicist, Aldous Huxley - Audio DVD An Activist's Close Call with the Psychiatric Police State - Audio DVD
An Activist's Close Call with the Psychiatric Police State - Audio DVD
Our Price: $15.00
Today's Price: $8.99
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We take light & color for granted, but they can also be used in healing. Learn how depression, fatigue, anxiety and aging can be gently alleviated with these non-invasive natural therapies. Change your mood and reduce pain anytime with these techniques. Aldous Huxley is known for his dystopian novel "Brave New World" depicting a totalitarian future. Here he names the goal the elite are aiming for as the úUltimate RevolutionĚ - where the oligarchy succeed in manipulating people to love their servitude. An truth & freedom activist recounts his close call with the Psychiatric Police State and how he barely managed to escape being committed to a psychiatric ward and forcibly drugged with dangerous Big Pharma psychotropic meds. Warning: coarse language.
Are Our Souls "Recycled" At Death? - DVD Cymatics: How Matter is Created by Sound Vibration - DVD Awakening to Archon Manipulation and How to Change It - Audio DVD
If you think the conspiracy ends at death ... think again! At the point of death we reach a white light, which may be a trap: a soul net which sucks us in, erases our memory and recycles our soul into a new body (forced reincarnation). Could it be true? Sound is the source of all; Uni-Verse means "one voice". Cymatics is the study of how matter is literally created through sound frequencies. Features the original film of experiments in the 1960s by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny who coined the term cymatics. True conspiracy research is going beyond the material world to realize that the criminal elite's actions are an expression of another force outside of normal human perception - the Archons. Learn how to rise above their trickery & break your programming.
Is the US Military Planning to Intern and Resettle Americans? - DVD Avoid Heart Disease and Cancer with Knowledge of EFAs - DVD Polar Warming, Arctic Methane Release and the Potential Extinction of All Life on Earth - DVD
Is the US Military Planning to Intern and Resettle Americans? - DVD
Our Price: $20.00
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An Army Field Manual shows how the US military has been setting up protocols to intern and resettle "detainees", a paradigm shift away from on traditional foreign POW enemies onto detainees, including the average American. See the proof for yourself. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids). Omega 6 EFAs have been demonized but the latest research shows why omega 3 EFAs are less necessary to the body's tissues & energy needs. Learn the correct ratio of omega 6:3. Data shows the Arctic is melting at an exponential rate, releasing methane in a feedback loop, due to HAARP transmitters pushing warm air from Asia into Alaska, as well as artificial control of the Pacific jetstream currents. Will this result in disaster?
The Flat Earth Conspiracy - DVD Is the Earth Flat? - DVD The Flat Earth Conspiracy and NASA Lies - DVD
Is the Earth Flat? - DVD
Our Price: $15.00
Why did renowned expeditioner Admiral Byrd tell of a warm land with vegetation beyond the South Pole? Why is Antarctica closed when he said it contained an unexplored area bigger than the size of the US full of natural resources? A thought-provoking film. We've all had it drummed into us since kindergarten that the Earth is round, but how do you know for sure? The world is drowning in deception on all fronts. How do planes land and not crash if the Earth is spinning? See the clues and decide for yourself. Many ancient cultures taught that we lived upon a flat earth, e.g. the Sumerians, Egyptians and Mayans. Were they all deluded (despite their achievements) or are we in the middle of a 500 year conspiracy to hide 5000 years of true flat earth cosmology?
The Ball Earth Hoax Exposed - 2 DVD Set The Accelerating Awareness of Flat Earth Cosmology and What it Means to You! - DVD Is the Earth Expanding? - DVD
Could it be that Earth is not rotating, wobbling or shooting through space, that the Sun is not 93 million miles away, that all the "pictures" of planets are fake CGI? Do you only perceive the Earth to be round due to shape and curvature of your eye lens? For most of humanity's history we've believed we were living on a flat plane in an Earth-centered Universe. The Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians & Native American Indians all believed it. Who is right? Modern "science" or ancient wisdom? You decide. More than ever, humanity needs people with open minds to use their imagination in the quest for truth. Join Peter Woodhead who provides the mathematical models for the Expanding Earth theory. The implications are enormous for the future of mankind!
The Greatest Paradigm Shift in Human History is Upon Us - 2 DVD set The Nuclear Weapons and Arms Race Hoax - DVD The CERN Stargate Deception: Merging Timelines and Opening Interdimensional Portals - DVD
We've been tricked in grand fashion. We must accept it. We have enough evidence to act to restore freedom and peace, and overthrow the psychopaths that have infiltrated this great nation. Now is the time to rise up. Learn the truth and get involved! We have been told that nuclear weapons are dangerous and potentially catastrophic. Treaties have been negotiated and wars ended over them. Yet are we being told the full truth? Is nuclear radiation safer than we think? CERN is reactivating its massive underground particle accelerator known as the LHC.†CERN has an occult corporate logo (with 666) and a giant†statue of Shiva (the Hindu god of destruction) at their HQ. Are they about to open†portals into other dimensions?
Flat Earth: Breaking 500 Years of False Indoctrination - DVD Exposed: Hitler's Transfer Agreement with Zionist Israel - Audio DVD The Untold Biography of The Rothschilds - Audio DVD
This documentary is a compilation of the best evidence that we could be living on a motionless and flat Earth. See extensive NASA video and photo fakery, computer models showing why the Earth can't be spinning. See the evidence and decide for yourself. Many assume the Nazis & Zionists were arch enemies. But did you know they were closely cooperating in the years prior to WW2? Are you aware of the "Transfer Agreement"? Did you know German Jewish immigration to Palestine was official Nazi German policy? The Rothschilds are the richest family on the planet and are at the heart of the New World Order. This is their (unauthorized) story of deception and criminality.
The Banksters and Royal Criminals Behind the British Empire - DVD The False Flag Charleston Mass Shooting - DVD The Forbidden Cure for Many, Many Illnesses? - DVD
Britain ruled the world for centuries, but who was behind Britain's power? Learn who overthrew Britain and turned it into hub for slavery and world domination. Learn what these characters do today. Note: older video with good audio but low visual quality. Charleston was yet another false flag shooting: there was an active shooter drill occurring at the same time; the patsy Dylann Roof had black friends who vouched he was not racist; alleged victim's family members were fake crisis actors. See the proof. If you or a loved one has a serious disease or a terminal illness this film is for you. Hear the incredible testimonials of cured people who used to suffer from Parkinson's, Crohn's, MS & cancer. See the truth about this natural medicine for yourself.
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