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Picamilon - Feel Smarter, Better and More Confident The Israelification of US and Canadian Police - DVD The UN's Global Gun Grab Agenda - DVD
Picamilon, a supplement made with Vitamin B3 (niacin) and the amino acid GABA bonded together, has been reported to improve cognitive performance, decrease anxiety and increase energy levels. Other benefits include improved memory and focus. 5 Gram Jar. Palestine has become a human laboratory with 600 Israeli checkpoints where Israeli weaponry & surveillance companies test and develop urban warfare products. Israel is training police in Canada and the US. Learn about the Israelification of North America. The UN global gun grab is not about ridding the world of weapons - it's about giving a monopoly on gun ownership to Government, the biggest repository of criminals and psychopaths in society. Did you know the FBI now takes orders from the UN?
Secret Black Military Human Cloning - DVD The Hidden Force Behind Hitler, Stalin and the Entire British Royal Family - Audio DVD The Stark Reality of ET Contact - DVD
The elite are trying to produce supersoldiers, ultimate killing machines that feel no emotion. Hear the whistleblowing account of someone who witnessed human cloning in underground bases. Do the elite have "soul transference" and cloning technology? What if there were a hidden force behind Hitler, Stalin, Churchill & the entire British Royal family? What if this hidden force was a powerful flesh-and-blood family who created Hitler (not by financing, but conceived him as an illegitimate child)? Confront the stark reality of ET contact with curiosity! Learn the 4 main types of ETs (Extraterrestrials) interacting with humanity, from friendly visitation to hostile abduction. Discover the character, tendencies, motives and agenda of each race.
Is Our Reality a Giant Computer Simulation? - DVD Mind Control, Prostitution, Satanism and More: Hollywood Insider Exposes All - DVD Vaccination is Not the Same Thing as Immunization - Audio DVD
Is "The Matrix" a digital hologram programmed to appear solid? Do you live in a giant computer simulation? Do you exist in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, where you can shift from less desirable to more desirable nodes? Find out the answers. Hollywood looks glamorous but its underbelly runs on Satanic activity including mandatory prostitution and mind control. An anonymous Hollywood insider exposes how models and actresses were fed cocaine like candy to keep them sickly thin and promiscuous. Can artificial immunity from vaccines possibly match the natural immunity you acquire after defeating a disease? Why do so many doctors refuse to vaccinate themselves or their families? Learn why vaccination is a very different thing to immunization.
Walmart-Military Coordination Exposed - DVD The Israeli False Flag Attack on the USS Liberty Exposed - DVD Overcome Depression, Fatigue and Aging with Relaxing Natural Therapy - DVD
Is Walmart coordinating with the US military? If not, how do you explain the weird ringing noises, new metal garage doors inside, mobile prison guard towers¬ and flat bed trucks pulling into closed Walmart parking lots with military vehicles aboard? On June 8 1967, during the Six-Day War where Israel attacked & stole land from Egypt, Syria and Jordan (claiming it was in defense), the Zionist regime shot down the USS Liberty. Learn the truth about this war crime. Includes survivor accounts. We take light & color for granted, but they can also be used in healing. Learn how depression, fatigue, anxiety and aging can be gently alleviated with these non-invasive natural therapies. Change your mood and reduce pain anytime with these techniques.
Chilling 1962 Speech from NWO Insider and Eugenicist, Aldous Huxley - Audio DVD An Activist's Close Call with the Psychiatric Police State - Audio DVD Are Our Souls "Recycled" At Death? - DVD
Aldous Huxley is known for his dystopian novel "Brave New World" depicting a totalitarian future. Here he names the goal the elite are aiming for as the œUltimate Revolution - where the oligarchy succeed in manipulating people to love their servitude. An truth & freedom activist recounts his close call with the Psychiatric Police State and how he barely managed to escape being committed to a psychiatric ward and forcibly drugged with dangerous Big Pharma psychotropic meds. Warning: coarse language. If you think the conspiracy ends at death ... think again! At the point of death we reach a white light, which may be a trap: a soul net which sucks us in, erases our memory and recycles our soul into a new body (forced reincarnation). Could it be true?
Cymatics: How Matter is Created by Sound Vibration - DVD Awakening to Archon Manipulation and How to Change It - Audio DVD Is the US Military Planning to Intern and Resettle Americans? - DVD
Sound is the source of all; Uni-Verse means "one voice". Cymatics is the study of how matter is literally created through sound frequencies. Features the original film of experiments in the 1960s by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny who coined the term cymatics. True conspiracy research is going beyond the material world to realize that the criminal elite's actions are an expression of another force outside of normal human perception - the Archons. Learn how to rise above their trickery & break your programming. An Army Field Manual shows how the US military has been setting up protocols to intern and resettle "detainees", a paradigm shift away from on traditional foreign POW enemies onto detainees, including the average American. See the proof for yourself.
Avoid Heart Disease and Cancer with Knowledge of EFAs - DVD Polar Warming, Arctic Methane Release and the Potential Extinction of All Life on Earth - DVD The Flat Earth Conspiracy - DVD
There is a lot of misinformation on the subject of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids). Omega 6 EFAs have been demonized but the latest research shows why omega 3 EFAs are less necessary to the body's tissues & energy needs. Learn the correct ratio of omega 6:3. Data shows the Arctic is melting at an exponential rate, releasing methane in a feedback loop, due to HAARP transmitters pushing warm air from Asia into Alaska, as well as artificial control of the Pacific jetstream currents. Will this result in disaster? Why did renowned expeditioner Admiral Byrd tell of a warm land with vegetation beyond the South Pole? Why is Antarctica closed when he said it contained an unexplored area bigger than the size of the US full of natural resources? A thought-provoking film.
Is the Earth Flat? - DVD The Flat Earth Conspiracy and NASA Lies - DVD The Ball Earth Hoax Exposed - 2 DVD Set
Is the Earth Flat? - DVD
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We've all had it drummed into us since kindergarten that the Earth is round, but how do you know for sure? The world is drowning in deception on all fronts. How do planes land and not crash if the Earth is spinning? See the clues and decide for yourself. Many ancient cultures taught that we lived upon a flat earth, e.g. the Sumerians, Egyptians and Mayans. Were they all deluded (despite their achievements) or are we in the middle of a 500 year conspiracy to hide 5000 years of true flat earth cosmology? Could it be that Earth is not rotating, wobbling or shooting through space, that the Sun is not 93 million miles away, that all the "pictures" of planets are fake CGI? Do you only perceive the Earth to be round due to shape and curvature of your eye lens?
The Accelerating Awareness of Flat Earth Cosmology and What it Means to You! - DVD Is the Earth Expanding? - DVD The Greatest Paradigm Shift in Human History is Upon Us - 2 DVD set
For most of humanity's history we've believed we were living on a flat plane in an Earth-centered Universe. The Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians & Native American Indians all believed it. Who is right? Modern "science" or ancient wisdom? You decide. More than ever, humanity needs people with open minds to use their imagination in the quest for truth. Join Peter Woodhead who provides the mathematical models for the Expanding Earth theory. The implications are enormous for the future of mankind! We've been tricked in grand fashion. We must accept it. We have enough evidence to act to restore freedom and peace, and overthrow the psychopaths that have infiltrated this great nation. Now is the time to rise up. Learn the truth and get involved!
The Nuclear Weapons and Arms Race Hoax - DVD The CERN Stargate Deception: Merging Timelines and Opening Interdimensional Portals - DVD Flat Earth: Breaking 500 Years of False Indoctrination - DVD
We have been told that nuclear weapons are dangerous and potentially catastrophic. Treaties have been negotiated and wars ended over them. Yet are we being told the full truth? Is nuclear radiation safer than we think? CERN is reactivating its massive underground particle accelerator known as the LHC. CERN has an occult corporate logo (with 666) and a giant statue of Shiva (the Hindu god of destruction) at their HQ. Are they about to open portals into other dimensions? This documentary is a compilation of the best evidence that we could be living on a motionless and flat Earth. See extensive NASA video and photo fakery, computer models showing why the Earth can't be spinning. See the evidence and decide for yourself.
Exposed: Hitler's Transfer Agreement with Zionist Israel - Audio DVD The Untold Biography of The Rothschilds - Audio DVD The Banksters and Royal Criminals Behind the British Empire - DVD
Many assume the Nazis & Zionists were arch enemies. But did you know they were closely cooperating in the years prior to WW2? Are you aware of the "Transfer Agreement"? Did you know German Jewish immigration to Palestine was official Nazi German policy? The Rothschilds are the richest family on the planet and are at the heart of the New World Order. This is their (unauthorized) story of deception and criminality. Britain ruled the world for centuries, but who was behind Britain's power? Learn who overthrew Britain and turned it into hub for slavery and world domination. Learn what these characters do today. Note: older video with good audio but low visual quality.
The False Flag Charleston Mass Shooting - DVD The Forbidden Cure for Many, Many Illnesses? - DVD ET-Human Hybrid Offers Insights to Humanity - DVD
Charleston was yet another false flag shooting: there was an active shooter drill occurring at the same time; the patsy Dylann Roof had black friends who vouched he was not racist; alleged victim's family members were fake crisis actors. See the proof. If you or a loved one has a serious disease or a terminal illness this film is for you. Hear the incredible testimonials of cured people who used to suffer from Parkinson's, Crohn's, MS & cancer. See the truth about this natural medicine for yourself. This ET-human hybrid, with alien Grey & native American Indian blood, reveals her past in an extraterrestrial body, as a UFO pilot. Sadly, doctors have refused to believe her story and have labeled her retarded. Her story will amaze and inspire you.
The United States is a Corporation - DVD The Sun is Not What You Think - DVD Exposed: The International Bank at the Apex of the Pyramid - DVD
The United States is a corporation. Its sole motive is profit. Americans do not have a legitimate government. The "United States" was the Virginia Company before it became "US Inc." and is owned by the British Crown. See the proof for yourself. We're told the sun is 93 million miles away yet everything we know about it comes from one highly dubious source: NASA. A former NASA insider from BellComm admitted (about NASA's deception), "We didn't lie about a lot of things; we lied about EVERYTHING." What is the international bank at the apex of the New World Order pyramid? When was it formed and for what purpose? Who owns it? How did it contribute to the rise of Hitler? How does it interact with the bank that controls the USA (the Federal Reserve)?
My Hybrid Children! - An ET Abductee Speaks - DVD Hitler, the Nazis and the Search for Inner Earth - DVD Psychotherapist Exposes Satanic Ritual Abuse - DVD
Truth really is stranger than fiction. ET abductee Bridget Nielsen explains how she used reconnected with her children - her real ET hybrid children made from her genetics. She reveals the connection between ET abduction & the Grey hybridization programs. Is there an inner Earth with UFOs and an Aryan master race? Ancient Tibetan teachings refer to such a place as Agartha; Admiral Byrd reported he actually went there in his expedition to Antarctica. Were Hitler and the Nazis trying to get to inner Earth? This psychotherapist had no idea about SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) until her clients started recalling the abuse they suffered at rituals with child sacrifice & lizard people (reptilians). The underground Satanic network is incredibly well connected.
The Greater Good - Audio DVD Secret Betrayers of the Vatican - DVD Explosive: The Real Reason Holistic Doctors are Vanishing or Being Killed! - DVD
ET contactee Alex Collier speaks on the Andromedans' perspective of Who We Are. What is NASA hiding? What secret programs are funded by missing trillions? Do vaccines damage DNA? Did the Nazis really lose WW2? Can we change the world for the greater good? Which secret society masquerades as a religious society but is a military order, is the real power behind the Pope, is responsible for countless acts of intrigue, deceit, theft, murder and war, and was behind the founding of the Illuminati? Find out. Many high-profile holistic doctors have vanished or been killed. They were all investigating the same cure for autism & cancer. Learn the truth these doctors had found: a certain substance that inhibits the immune system introduced to people via vaccines.
What Really Happened on the USS Liberty? - DVD Improve Your Health by Understanding the Brain-Mind Matrix - Audio DVD Aliens and UFOs Declassified - Episode 1 - DVD
The USS Liberty, attacked in 1967 by Israeli jets in disguise, shows just how long Zionism has dominated the US. As survivor Phil Tourney told his sons who joined the US military, "There's only one place you're fighting for and dying for: Israel." A former US Navy intelligence agent now works in health helping people to activate dormant areas of the brain-mind matrix. The bacteria in your gut (microbiomes) are far more important than others factors for your health - learn how to best balance them. Governments and their militaries have worried about UFOs for a long time while playing down the subject to the public. These UFO files contain researchers, former governmental officials, and photos and footage of UFOs (circular and big triangular craft).
Aliens and UFOs Declassified - Episode 2 - DVD Natural Cancer Cures that Have Been Hidden from You - DVD Shining Light on the Secret Order of the Jesuits - Audio DVD
Part 2 of this series features more UFO footage and photos, as well as seasoned UFO researchers revealing how they have studied thousands of photos, and learnt which are real and fake. Although there may be some hoaxes the UFO phenomenon is very real. The cancer industry is out of control. 2/3 of its legal treatments are themselves carcinogenic! Learn numerous effective natural cancer cures which stimulate the body's brilliant self-healing mechanisms. Get back to the basics of self-directed health. The Jesuits are one of the key secret societies that rule the world by way of controlling the Papacy and other Knight Orders. They've been kicked out of several countries in their almost 500 year history. Learn more about their role in the New World Order
We're Being Led to a One World Government and a One World Religion - DVD Rothschild-IMF and World Bank - Financial Weapons of War - DVD GcMAF: The Amazing Answer for Your Health - DVD
The totalitarian One World Government is coming, if we don't wake up to it soon. The United Nations proclaims universal human rights, while secretly making them subject to the whim of law and government. Discover why the US and UN cannot coexist. We live in neo-colonial times. In the past, weaker and poorer developing nations were overtly dominated by colonizing armies and viceroys, but now they are covertly controlled in a more sophisticated way. The method is debt - a financial weapon of war. GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) is a molecule in the body that could be a universal cancer cure and reverse autism, HIV & diabetes. Several holistic doctors were killed for their research into it. Could it solve your health issue?
Moldavite: The Crystal from Outer Space with Amazing Healing Properties - DVD Proof: NASA's Blue Marble Image of Earth from Space is Faked! - DVD How Do You Prove the Earth is Not Flat? - DVD
Moldavite is a rare form of tektite, formed from the debris of a meteorite that crashed into Earth. It has incredible healing properties, activates love frequencies, helps you channel extraterrestrial information. Learn its uses and how to spot a fake. With all the space exploration conducted for 50+ years by NASA & other space agencies, you would think a shot of the Earth from space would exist, but it doesn't. Every single image we have of globe Earth is a CGI composite. See the proof for yourself. Is Earth round and spherical, or round and flat? Did you know Google Earth came from former CIA software? If we're on a globe, why can't we feel or notice being spun around at a rate of around 1000 miles per hour? This film offers some objective analysis.
Are the Elite Hiding Millions of Square Miles of Undiscovered Land Beyond the South Pole? - DVD Flat Earth - What's the Motive for Such a Massive Deception? - Audio DVD The Bible and the Flat Earth Plane - DVD
We think the entire Earth has been explored. But what if the elite are hiding millions of square of miles of undiscovered land? What if that land held precious resources or formed the edge of the known world beyond which they don't want people to explore? Learn how the idea of Creationism could support the flat Earth theory. What does the Bible say about the shape and structure of the Earth? Does it support the flat Earth model? The bible instructs people to "test all things" and only hold fast "that which is good". For honest truthseekers, why should any topic be off-limits?
Globe or Flat Earth? - It's Time to Question Everything - Audio DVD Are there Many "Earths" on an Infinite Plane? - DVD The Secrets of 'Nibiru' - Planet X and the 5th Dimension - DVD
No real truthseeker can believe the nonsense fed to us by NASA. It's time to question everything. What evidence is there that any of NASA's puplicly-released shots are not fake CGIs? Is GPS really a ground-based system that doesn't satellites to operate? History is full of lies spun by the "global" conspirators. NASA, founded by NAZI scientists, has lied again and again since its inception. See the plausible evidence that the earth lies on an infinite flat plane with other planets & decide for yourself. Nibiru or Planet X has been the object of fascinated searches by both European and American astronomers for over 100 years. Several NASA astronomers have gone public affirming it. Learn the secrets of Nibiru and see the evidence for yourself.
Pre-Tribulation Jesuit Rapture Debunked - DVD The Rise of AI: Ruling the World with a Software Warfare System - Audio DVD Lifehacker: Unlock Your Dormant Superhuman Abilities for Greater Success - DVD
This compilation is for those Christians who believe in the Tribulation and the Rapture. There is a common belief that before the Tribulation comes with all its chaos that believers will be lifted up in the Rapture. See why that notion is patently false. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a big threat lurking ahead and advancing at a rapid rate. Technology could feed the hungry or kill the poor depending upon who uses it. Learn about the JADE II system which ran Jade Helm and what it means for your future. Do you want to overcome every obstacle & limiting belief that ever held you back? Or hack reality itself? "Impossible" is a pronouncement of your mind limiting you from trying harder. This is for those wanting serious change in their lives! Intro only.
Exposed: Virginia Live TV False Flag Shooting - DVD Get Rid of Candida, Yeast, Fungal Overgrowths and Herpes for Good - DVD Decoding Our Artificially Simulated Reality - DVD
The false flag shootings just keep on rolling in - all designed to push gun control & induce you to feel fear anytime, anywhere. The supposed killing of 2 people in Virginia on live TV is full of fakery. Learn the truth about another staged false flag. We all have some candida, kept in check by beneficial bacteria, but can grow out of control. Candida eat holes through your intestinal tract causing autoimmune disorders, Crohn's & low energy. Learn the best tips out there to naturally kill candida. Research shows The Matrix is a digital informational field and artificially simulated reality. It appears we are living in a giant computer program! Learn how this artificial reality is trying to trap you in its grip. Discover the secret to breaking free!
Civil Disturbance Operations Manual - Handbook Pulsar Project - Covert Technical Research on Alien Lifeforms - Handbook Internment and Resettlement Operation Manual - Handbook
If you think the US military is just for fighting enemies overseas, think again. This US Army manual shows it's training extensively for urban ops & civil disturbances like crowd dispersal. Will US soldiers be used on US citizens? 256-page Handbook. The Pulsar Project is thought to be the personal notes & scientific dairy of a scientist contracted by the US Government to visit all UFO crash sites & interrogate captured alien lifeforms. The info is so sensitive the scientist just escaped being killed. This official US Army Field Manual lists plans to intern and resettle "detainees", which now also includes domestic enemies like the average American whom the Government doesn't like. Get informed & prepared. Would the US Govt. turn on its own citizens?
The Immune Boosting Formula to Beat Many Kinds of Illness - Referral The Scientific, Energetic Template for Raising Your Consciousness - Referral Cure Viruses and Skin Diseases with Superb Marine Supplement - Referral
Suffer from acid reflex, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, migraines, MS or cancer? Check out this formulated surfactant blend which boosts the immune system. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and an anti-oxidant! Referral. Do you yearn to use more of your potential? Why do we only use around 60 million out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in our gene code? Learn how to activate & augment your bio-circuitry to raise your consciousness and become more creative. Referral. Some strains of algae have 20 times the minerals of land plants. This superb marine supplement helps with skin ailments (psoriasis, eczema), viruses (herpes, HIV), fungi (Candida), boosts the immune system and aids healthy hair. Keep it on hand! Referral.
Landmark Case may Show Federal Courts have No Jurisdiction over Most Americans - Report 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe - Report Relax or Put Yourself to Sleep with Ancient Breath - Report
A recent Supreme Court case may have massive implications for ordinary Americans. Federal courts can only exercise authority in certain cases if located in Federal Territory - not the 50 states. Find out how to use this knowledge to gain more freedom. Skeptical the Earth could be flat? That's understandable, but did you know many things can't be explained with the globe model? Here are 100 proofs of every kind - scientific, intuitive & empirical - full of evidence that the Earth cannot be a globe. Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep, or find it difficult to calm yourself down? Do you get anxiety attacks? This ancient yogic breath, based on a certain ratio of in-breaths, holding the air and out-breaths, is tremendously effective. Report.
Free Food for Those in Need - Referral 9 Solutions on How You Can Stop the Worldwide Conspiracy - Report Free Online University Courses to Further Your Education and Career - Referral
America is supposedly the land of abundance, yet millions are homeless and 1 in 6 do not know where their next meal will come from, while 365 million pounds of edible food are thrown away every day. Learn how to get free food in your town. Contact info. With all the negativity of the conspiracy it's easy to feel overwhelmed or helpless, but the point of sharing truth is to empower not disempower. Learn 9 ways you can heal the problems in the world, making yourself freer & happier at the same time. Report In this age of information a famous university has launched a FREE program allowing you to access full course materials, online laboratories and get certificates upon completion, so you can get credentials and use it to further your career. Referral.
Fantastic New Energy Revitalization Technology - Referral Exceptional Prostate Support - Referral Give Your Immune System Long-Term Knowledge to Beat Any Disease - Referral
This energy medicine machine improves the work of Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife. It increases your voltage and provides negative ion and ozone therapy with astounding health results. Defeat pathogens and infections, and boost your energy levels! Referral. The prostate can become a health challenge for middle-aged men. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include painful/dribbling urination. This outstanding supplement contains herbs to maintain normal urine flow function and protect the prostate. Referral. This breakthrough supplement doesn't work like traditional superfoods that rely vitamins, minerals, etc. It works by using factors (found in colostrum) that transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another! Referral.
Survive the Coming US Currency Collapse - Referral Get Pure, Alkaline Spring Water at Your Kitchen Tap! - Referral Have Yourself a Multidimensional Experience - Referral
Ordinary Americans tend to ignore the looming currency collapse and hope it won't occur. Yet mathematically, it's coming ... and soon. Learn how to best prepare, how to remove yourself from the tax codes without leaving America and much more. Referral. The best water is spring water, but for most people (in cities etc.) it's not accessible. This health breakthrough patented technology creates structured water with the energetic signature of spring water using no electricity & wasting no water. Referral. We live on many dimensional levels simultaneously. Would you like to get in touch with your deep innermost nature and access other dimensions - that may drastically alter your understanding of reality and the world in which we live, forever? Referral.
Stop Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight with Amazing Herb - Referral Eliminate Fungal, Yeast and Candida Infections Without Major Dietary Change - Referral Elevate Your Mood and Relieve Your Pain with Legal Empathogen - Referral
Many people struggle to keep their weight in check, but this herb is a handy tool to stop sugar cravings & lose weight. It suppresses appetite, makes sugar taste less sweet and binds with the body's glucose receptors so you absorb less sugar. Referral. Fungal infections can be tenacious. This is a rarity: a pure, high-grade pharmaceutical with no harmful side effects. It destroys candida while putting no burden on the liver and kidneys. Brilliantly kills off candida while leaving you just fine! Referral This plant elevates your mood and reduces pain, depression & anxiety. With a long history of safe use, it's a mood-altering empathogen, leading to states of openness/oneness. Legal in US. Warning: no major side effects but may induce drowsiness. Referral.
7 Key Events - DVD Ancient Advanced Technologies - DVD The Healing Power of Turpentine Explained - Audio DVD
Why did a Bilderberg insider state we have exactly 500 days to climate chaos? Is CERN opening portals to other dimensions and negative entities with the Large Hadron Collider? What events will accompany the rare Blood Moon on Sept. 28th? Find out now.
Mainstream archeology & science insist ancient temples were built by slaves with copper tools, yet can't explain how so many sacred sites around the world have such mathematical precision. Is it time to open up to the idea of ancient alien technology? Turpentine, a natural extract of pine trees, is an incredibly powerful healer. It has astounding health benefits such as mental clarity and removing candida. Learn the minimum effective dose, the maximum safe dose, which kind you need and much more.
What 9/11 and MH370 Have In Common - Audio DVD Healing with the Power of High Frequency Sound - Audio DVD Super Powers - The Astonishing Capabilities of Your Mind - DVD
MH370 was theWhat 9/11 and MH370 Have In Common first of 2 mysterious Malaysian airline crashes where a Boeing plane seemingly vanished. Field McConnell explains the background to the event and cites evidence that flight MH370 was electronically commandeered via remote control. Healing with sound is one of the most powerful and profound ways to heal, because it is based on frequencies, which form matter and reality as we know it. Learn how to clean your pineal gland, liberate guilt & fear and more - all with sound frequencies! We all have super powers residing within. This compilation shows humans performing seemingly impossible feats, such as moving objects without touching them, setting paper on fire and healing with electricity by hands alone. See it for yourself!
The Future of the Libertarian Movement - DVD Does a Second Species Rule the Earth? - DVD "THEY" - The Zionazi - DVD
Activist Dr. Mary Ruwart outlines the future of the libertarian movement, with tips on how to roll back Big Government (no matter whether the "Left" or the "Right" [same thing] are in power). Learn about how average citizens can make a difference. Imagine if there were a second species ruling Earth that were not human. Imagine if this alien species had been around a very long time. Imagine if they were far more intelligent than mankind. Join whistleblower Karen Hudes as she exposes this alien race. It's the big question: who are "They"? Who are they that are poisoning us with fluoride, chemtrails and HAARP? Who are the Zionazi? Are world leaders just underlings & servants to the real power invisible to the public eye? Find out with Anthony J Hilder.
CIA Operation 40 and its High Profile Assassinations - Audio DVD Cholesterol and Statins: The Truth Revealed - DVD The Great Cholesterol Myth - DVD
In late 1950s Eisenhower created a super-secret team of 40 assassins. Operation 40 has been behind the most famous assassinations of the last 6 decades, including JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, Che Guervera, Bob Marley and more. Get the names and details. Big Pharma & Western Medicine swear up and down that high cholesterol is bad and statins are safe. Yet the cholesterol hypothesis is a giant lie. Learn what really causes heart disease and how to avoid it naturally. Cholesterol has been made out to be public enemy #1 in the eyes of the medical establishment and various heart associations. Yet we now know it does NOT cause heart disease. Learn why the demon in our diet is not fat but something else entirely.
Increase Your Digestive Fire - DVD The Tremendous Benefits of Being a State Citizen, and How to Become One - DVD Land Patents: True Property Ownership  - DVD
Good digestion depends upon a strong digestive fire. If you can't digest your food, you'll end up with cramps and gas. Why change your diet around what you can tolerate when you could increase your digestive fire and eat a broader range of foods instead? Did you know you can get back all the money you've ever paid into Social Security? Do you know whether the State or Federal Constitution grants you more rights? Do you know how to use these rights to secure your life, land and liberty? Very informative. Land patents are a brilliant and very useful tool written into Common Law with which we may exercise our inherent rights, sovereignty and freedom. Learn why you need them (not a deed) to truly be the sovereign owner of your land.
Former Captain in the Israeli Air Force Speaks Out - DVD The Reality of Multi-Generational Alien Abduction - Audio DVD ASIA: Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by (Vaccine) Adjuvants - DVD
Yonatan Shapira, former captain in the Israeli Air Force and human rights activist, woke up to the Zionist programming and realized the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) was a terrorist organization which routinely murdered innocent Palestinians in cold blood. Welcome to an incredible story of multi-generational alien abduction which spans 50 years and 5 states! Thomas Reed first discovered he was an ET abductee when he was 6 years old. Reed discusses his search for the reason why it happened to him. Autoimmune disease, where the body starts attacking itself, is behind autism, Crohn's, lupus and MS. Learn about the new phenomenon called ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) and how vaccine adjuvants are causing damage to the immune system.
The Unimaginable but True State of Current Mind Control Technology - DVD Satellite Directed Energy Weaponry Terrorism - DVD How the Government Keeps the UFO Subject Under Lock and Key - Audio DVD
The true state of current mind control technology defies imagination. Former CIA engineer Robert Duncan exposes how a weapons system capable of totalitarian control has been constructed. Satellite directed energy weaponry is used (with HAARP) to mind control the population. Former CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan, who worked on the development of it, exposes its horrific nature and how people are made to hear "voices in their head". Are Governments worldwide (apart from the US Government) dumping their UFO files into publicly viewable archives because they know Disclosure is coming? Or is it mostly just fluff files, and the best cases are never seen? Join Victor Viggiani for more.
Secret Ancient Knowledge Exposed - DVD The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - Audio DVD JFK to 9/11: Connecting the Dots in a Grand Conspiracy - DVD
Answers the really big questions: "Who are we?", "Where did we come from?" and "Why are we here?" with esoteric information on humanity's hidden history. Topics include ET visitation, the Hebrews & Martians, Lemuria & Atlantis, pole shifts and much more. This presentation is the entire known text of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It's one of the oldest, wisest and most mysterious writings on Earth. Thoth allegedly used ancient Atlantean characters which responded to the attuned thought waves of the reader. This film is definitely the best to connect the dots surrounding the JFK assassination. It tells you who, how and why, and the names of the 20 or so conspirators. See how the Nazis, CIA, Mafia, Big Oil & Military-Industrial Complex are all linked to JFK.
How Much of Mental Illness is Invented by Big Pharma and Psychiatry? - DVD Fraud and Fakery Surrounding the Alleged Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake - DVD The Last Days of the American Republic? - DVD
There are people who have mental problems - but there's no objective physical marker for mental illness. Stefan Molyneux explores to what extent mental illness is a myth perpetuated by Big Pharma Psychiatry to pathologize normal human emotion & behavior. Japan suffered a massive catastrophe on 3/11/11. The mainstream media immediately touted it as the result of a mag 9 quake, yet the footage shows multiple instances of fakery. Why were so few buildings damaged? Was there another cause of the tsunami? Are we in the last days of the American Republic (Empire)? The Roman & Soviet Empires collapsed under the weight of military overextension. With over 1000 US bases worldwide and 40% of the Intelligence Budget secret the US may be headed for the same fate.
Clues the Moon May Be a Hologram - DVD Is This Alternative Therapy the Miracle Cure? - DVD Over-Vaccination of Children Exposed - Audio DVD
The conspiracy runs so deep that even aspects of a "truth" like the Moon's nature need to be re-examined. The compelling video footage in this compilation shows the moon may be a CGI, light projection or hologram. See other glitches in the Matrix also. Imagine an alternative therapy based on the most important factor in healing, the source of all energy and the source of immune cell, microbial-killing molecules. It activates your immune system to destroy invaders & handles serious diseases like cancer. Our kids are being subjected to shocking over-vaccination. The Government is trying to apportion Medicare funds to those hospitals or clinics based on their vaccination rates (i.e. the more people they vaccinate, the more money they get). Learn the truth.
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