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Zionism: The New Colonialism - 59 minute DVD ET Technology Gained by Reverse Engineering - 59 minute DVD Ex-Big Pharma Executive Blows the Whistle - DVD
Historian Ilan Pappe highlights the high stakes links between British Empire and Zionist Israel.  59-min. DVD Linda Moulton Howe discusses major UFO crash retrieval incidences and subsequent technology gains. Ex-Big Pharma whistleblower Dr. John Virapen comes clean about the real agenda of the drug-pushing conglomerate Big Pharma!
Mind Control Patent Proves Existence of Government Thought Control - DVD Secrets of Higher Consciousness: Cymatics, Water, Sexual Energy and More - DVD Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary (Full Uncut Version) - DVD
Mind control patents exist! Though this technology could be used to help, it has tremendous power to control people, power which has already been used. Dr. Patrick Flanagan reveals some of the secrets of higher consciousness.  Activate your innate psychic abilities and further your spiritual evolution! This lost Walt Disney UFO documentary was only broadcast once in 5 US states in 1995, then it was shelved and never broadcast again. This version is the complete uncut feature.
Alternative Future Time Lines and Time Travel with Montauk Survivor Al Bielek - DVD Geoengineering and the Potential Earth Collapse - DVD Retired Expert Pilot John Lear: No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11 - DVD
Al Bielek, a survivor of the Montauk Project, tells his incredible journey of going forward to a future world in fascinating detail.  An amazing glimpse into the world towards which mankind is headed. Geoengineering is a serious issue that could lead to the collapse of many forms of life on Earth. Dane Wigington presents the facts. Geoengineering is killing the planet and mankind - what are we going to do about it? No planes hit the towers on 9/11 - this is the emphatic statement of retired CIA and civilian pilot John Lear. See the proof and decide for yourself!
Media Cover Up and Holographic Planes on 9/11 - DVD Al Bielek On the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project and Time Travel - DVD Phillip J. Corso - The Roswell Incident Revisited - DVD
Many researchers, including scholars, engineers and pilots, have exposed 9/11 as an inside job. This film offers great proof of how the 9/11 planes were faked. Al Bielek has one of the most extraordinary life stories you will ever hear. In this video autobiography he tells the whole tale, including the background of the Philadelphia Experiment!
Philip Corso was put in charge of figuring out what to do with the wreckage of a crashed UFO during the Roswell Incident of 1947. This compilation features interviews revealing Corso's secrets.
The Truth About Malaysia Flight 17 - DVD Is Michelle Obama Really a Man? - DVD Advantages of Drinking Raw Cow's Milk - DVD
Was MH370 a war test for China, and MH17 a war test for Russia? Is there secret Illuminati numerology behind it? Is this part of an ongoing agenda to demonize Russia and start WW3? You decide. Believe it or not, there is convincing evidence that 1st "lady" Michelle Obama is really a man. There's nothing wrong with being transgender - but why lie about it? Raw cow's milk is a delicious and richly nutritious product that is vastly different to its commercially heated cousin. Learn the wonderful advantages of drinking raw cow's milk and get inspired to add it to your diet today.
Voltage: The Secret to Healing - DVD Anonymous Official Movie - How to Kill the Illuminati/New World Order - DVD How Anonymous Changed the World in 2014  - DVD
Voltage is not only something you find in a battery or in your house, it's in the very circuits of your body! Voltage is intimately connected with your level of health. This video explains how it all works and includes some great health tips. We hear a lot about the problem, but what's the solution? How we can figuratively kill the Illuminati/New World Order, and peacefully and non-violently transition to an anarchic system with no State? This film gives you the solutions. Anonymous is the name of a decentralized, global group of internet activists - or "hactivists" - who use their computer skills and IT talent to stand up against corrupt corporations and governments. This documentary highlights some of their larger hacks.
Robin Williams: Suicide or Illuminati Sacrifice? - DVD Military Insider Bob Dean Exposes the UFO Coverup - DVD Alien Contact: The Beginning, The Incredible Now, and an Unbelievable Tomorrow - DVD
Robin Williams was a beloved actor whose his death affected millions. We are told that he hung himself in suicide, but a closer examination reveals that Williams may have been yet another Hollywood celebrity Illuminati sacrifice. The UFO coverup cannot last forever! Former military officer Bob Dean violates his National Security Oath to reveal that planet Earth is a subject extensively studied by several ET civilizations. Learn much more in this jaw-dropping film! Military studies conclude that humanity is the subject of a detailed and long-range survey or analysis by several high-tech ET intelligences. Bob Dean has read these reports and believes we all have right to know this information!
Whistleblowers Reveal Firsthand Knowledge of Geoengineering and Chemtrail Programs - DVD Molecules and Cells: The Secret of True Health - DVD Ancient Aliens: How ETs Came to our Planet and Influenced Human Evolution Up To Now - DVD
A former USAF industrial hygienist and a German engineer explain how they found undeniable proof of geoengineering and chemtrail programs. Not to be missed! Molecules and cells are the basis of health and disease. Every single disease process begins at the cellular level - not the organ or system level. Dr. Gary Tunsky shows how you can renew yourself at the cellular level and gain extraordinary health. Science is mostly confirming or rediscovering what has already been discovered. The truth is: we are not alone, and we have never been alone. Hear the proof for yourself.
IDF Whistleblower Busts Fake Israeli Propaganda - DVD America's Imperial Presidency - DVD Batteries Made from Water
IDF whistleblower Eran Efrati presents an insider's view of the horror of war. The Middle Eastern conflict is a one-sided genocide of Palestinian by Zionist Israeli, not a war between 2 equal sides. America acts as the world bully. Completely abandoning the rule of law and arrogantly thinking it will always be able to rule by force. When the US President claims the right to kill anyone without trial, can the US really be called a Republic anymore? We have all been told that water only has 3 phases: solid, liquid and vapor. But did you know a mysterious 4th phase exists? Learn how to this use water state as a battery!
Declassified Department of Defense Interview with Jesse Marcel - DVD The Moon and Its Ancient Aliens - Audio DVD Weather Modification Exposed
Jesse Marcel Jr. was just 11 years old when his father Jesse Marcel Sr. showed him something he'd never seen before and would never see again: the exotic wreckage of the crashed UFO from Roswell. Is the moon hollow? Have we ever had 2 moons? Do aliens exist on the moon today? Did we really go to the moon? Has NASA been hiding mile-high glass towers on the moon? Listen and decide for yourself.
This compilation goes through the mountain of credible evidence (with NASA, US military and US Government documents) showing how the Controllers have been deploying weather modification for decades to suit their own agenda.
Systemic Bankster Corruption and How the 99% Will Overcome It Is Ebola a Depopulation Bioweapon? The Great Awakening to Avert the Collapse
World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes exposes the deep-seated corruption of the banking cartel. It owns 40% of the 40,000 companies on the capital markets, yet collects 60% of the profits. Can the 99% overcome this corruption? Why does the US Government's CDC have a patent on Ebola? Ebola seems to have come from a bioweapons lab owned by elite insiders and multi billionaires George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates. Get the truth on this manufactured health crisis. The late Mike Ruppert, truth activist and former cop, delivers a powerful, inspiring, selfless message of incorruptible truth and awareness. He encouragingly shines a bright light in an age of darkness and deceit.
The New Age Movement Exposed - DVD MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed: The True Story - DVD Elite Child Sex Slaves (1981 Forgotten Documentary)
The New Age Movement arose in opposition to dogmatic and controlling religion, and while it does contain some good points, it is also full of half-truths and deceptions which can make it another mind-trap. Excellent analysis. Coarse language. Brice Taylor, mind control survivor, tells the astonishing tale of how she was used by Henry Kissinger as a presidential sex slave. This is an extraordinary glimpse into how the New World Order elite enlist and blackmail people. This disturbing public access documentary from 1981 exposes the phenomenon of child sex slavery. It's big business, it's organized crime, and its sick perpetrators are belong to most respected institutions in the world.
Former CIA MKULTRA Mind Control Victim Breaks His Silence What You Don't Know About Iodine is Killing You The Deadly Truth About Sugar
Former CIA MKULTRA mind control victim, Paul Bonacci, discusses his experiences with retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson. Mr. Bonacci gives an in depth explanation of how mind control is used. Iodine is an essential trace element crucial for normal growth and development.  This video reveals everything you need to know about this wonder nutrient, and how to get sufficient levels. Did you know sugar kills 35 million people per year? Or that processed sugar is 4 times more addictive than cocaine ... learn some solutions to overcome the addiction of sugar and self-destructive emotional eating
UFOs: The Human Mutilation Coverup (Full Film) Get Free Electricity from Salt Water Batteries You Make at Home Make a Simple Crystal Power Cell that Produces Free Electricity
This film explores one of the biggest secrets in the world. Hear the testimony of a black ops soldier, whose job was to find and protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. WARNING: Graphic imagery not suitable for those under 18 years. Learn how to make salt water batteries using a handful of common items.  This knowledge is great for an emergency or crisis, or even just to run everyday items (lights, calculators, stereos, etc.) in your house. This compilation features step-by-step instructions on how to build a crystal power cell. These models are so simple you can make them in your kitchen, barely requiring anything more than some salt and metal wires.  Watch the video and try it today!
How to Convert an Ordinary Car Battery into a Crystal Cell Battery Mercury in Dental Amalgams and Vaccines is Destroying Your Health Fake ISIS Beheadings Exposed
An ordinary car battery can be converted to an alum crystal battery. Produce your own energy simply and efficiently without needing expensive supplies or a degree in electrical engineering! Try it out! Professor Boyd Haley Ph.D. presents his theory that thimerosal, the ethylmercury-based preservative commonly used in vaccines, is causing autism. He also debunks the ADA claim that only minute amounts of mercury are released from amalgam fillings. We are fed propaganda that ISIS is a homegrown terrorist group, but in reality they are a scripted psy-op (psychological operation). See the evidence that their "beheadings" are utterly fake and designed to induce maximum horror to justify more war.
Beware of Civil Forfeiture, the New Scheme for Cops to Legally Rob Citizens Is There Such a Thing as Jewish DNA? Explosive Speech from 1961 Exposes Zionism!
Civil forfeiture is the latest scheme of budget-stressed US police departments, where they unlawfully steal a citizen's assets - cash, car and even house - without any formal charges or trial. Learn what you can do about it. Is there some genetic marker that makes a person "Jewish" or is a religious belief with no scientific basis? If Jewishness is a religion not a race, what historical right does Zionist Israel really have for stealing Palestine? This explosive speech from 1961 sounds as though it could have been given yesterday. Mr. Freedman reveals how Rothschild Zionist power (dressed up with the cover of Judaism) had manipulated the US into 2 world wars.
Were Comets Elenin & Ison False Flag Events? - DVD NASA Coverup: Secret Images of Roads, Structures and Cities Found on the Moon? - DVD What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Audio DVD
Comets Elenin and Ison were big news for a few months before they either fizzled out, or came and went. Was it all a giant hoax? Were they faked to scare people into thinking we were heading into an ELE (Extinction Level Event)? Decide for yourself. The NASA coverup is revealed in this brilliant compilation. See some incredible things on the moon! These are pictures not readily acknowledged by NASA. What do they tell us? As always, you decide. We know that geoengineering is releasing toxins like barium into the air, but did you know about the nano-sized aluminum compounds? Reactive and inflammatory,they cause a long list of neuro-degenerative diseases. Learn about this toxic spraying.
What Statin Drugs Really Are and Why They Don't Work GMOs and Roundup: A Horribly Destructive Combination The Four Generations of Treason of the Bush Family
Are you (or someone you know) taking statin drugs?  Learn why cholesterol is not the bad guy and natural solutions to avoid statins. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, has been declared "safe" by Monsanto. Dr Stephanie Seneff shows the significant connection between Roundup, and a host of major health issues. Are GMO's safe? What is their connection to Roundup? The Bush Family has wrought untold misery upon America and the world. Finally, their crimes against humanity are exposed. Learn about the family's involvement in corruption, oppression and murder, including starting and/or funding many wars.
How to Stop and Avoid Mass Media Propaganda Aimed at You Thorium - Safely Run Your Car for 100 Years Without Refueling The Truth About the US Border Crisis
This presentation reveals the psychology of propaganda, and 5 major techniques used by the American mass media to distort the view of its audience. This excellent film will help you identify the tricks used, so the manipulation will no longer work on you. Thorium is a mostly unknown element. Safe, abundant and very cheap, it can be used to generate a safe kind nuclear power (LFT or Liquid Fluoride Thorium) with little or no waste. Learn more about this exciting new technology and how it can benefit you. Is the US border crisis part of the NWO scheme to destroy middle class jobs, reduce wages and change the mixture of population, so that the new composition of American people is no longer is aware of the Constitution and their inherent rights? You decide.
A Complete Overview of the JFK Assassination The Reality of the US Empire and How Average Americans Deny It Hidden Human Talents, the Soul and Life After Death
Prof. Jerry Kroth not only reveals the band of conspirators and their motivations, but also analyzes the psychology behind the murder, and how it still affects the US as a nation today. The US is a gargantuan, sprawling empire, with over 1000 military bases in 70% of the Earth's countries. This presentation takes you through US sponsored military interventions, assassinations, and close relationships with foreign dictators and juntas. Telepathy, premonitions and psychic dreams are often met with robotic, kneejerk denial. This presentation explores incredible firsthand testimony of experiencers, which shows without a doubt how brainwashed and limited mainstream science really is.
Consciously Control Your Dreams with Lucid Dreaming Common Core: The Scheme to Brainwash American Children The Madness of Fundamentalist Religion - Christianity, Judaism and Islam Alike
Lucid dreaming allows you to intentionally control your dream experiences. It is a superb gateway to your subconscious and to developing latent psychic talents within yourself. This video will take you through the specific steps begin lucid dreaming. Dr. Duke Pesta shows how Common Core boils down to one word - statism - with its sickening attempt to convince kids they belong to the State. Learn about the attempted takeover of the minds of American children! Fundamentalists and fundamentalist religions insist on a literal interpretation of sacred text above all else. A dangerous ideology which can easily escalate into judgment and violence. This film takes a critical look at the madness of fundamentalism.
Freedom From Religion USA: The Rogue State of the World Georgia Guidestones: Mysteriously Updated?
Insisting on a State religion which emphasizes faith over reason, makes non-believers into political outsiders and makes priests into official legal holders of the "Word of God".  The 1st Amendment should guarantee our rights, but does it? Former US State Dept. worker, author and critic William Blum said: "No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the Government is actually doing is far worse than you can imagine." See why no other nation even comes close to US aggression.
The Georgia Guidestones have become well known for their ominous, eugenics-based commandments for a New World Order. Strangely, and creepily, they were recently updated. This compilation offers possible theories on a sinister subject.
Mega Church Scandals - Lies, Adultery and Hypocrisy Poisoned by Medicine: How Rockefeller Cartel Drugs Are Keeping You Sick ISIS: Created and Funded by the Israel-UK-US Axis
Take a closer look at some of the leaders of various Mega Christian Churches. Pastors such as Ted Haggart, Eddie Long, Jack Schaap... vocal and outspoken pastors who were committing the very sins they preached against.
Despite the fact it has some good points and is useful in an emergency situation, Western Medicine kills at least 225,000 Americans per year and leaves its patients on a hamster wheel of taking pill after pill to cover endless side effects. Learn why. ISIS was a group that seemingly emerged from nowhere in mid-2014 to suddenly take huge portions of land in Iraq. Once they have played their part they will be discarded like all the other useful idiots used to further the agenda of world domination.
Ebola: Real or Hoax? The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda Help Your Body Heal Itself with Stunning Growth Factor - Referral
There is a monumental amount of disinformation surrounding Ebola. This compilation presents evidence from both sides... is ebola real or a giant hoax? You be the judge. Warning: Coarse language.
In early 2013, the DoD shockingly announced veteran suicide was nearing 22 a day. With interviews of over 80 soldiers and experts, learn who the real culprit is behind the suicide epidemic. Unparalleled healing rewards are yours for the taking with this miraculous chlorophyll-based substance.
Relax Muscles, Reduce Stiffness, Quell Inflammation and More! - Referral Redemption Manual 5.0 Supplemental - The Uniform Commercial Code - Book Leaked: Russian Military Guide to Aliens - Report
Are you suffering from inflammation-based muscle or joint pain? This is a natural and effective way to deal with it without resorting to side-effect-laden drugs. Great for those in their later years and for harsh winters! The Redemption Manual Series now includes an extremely useful supplemental: the entire text of the infamous UCC or Uniform Commercial Code. This book includes the entire UCC along with forms pertaining to the Redemption Manual 5.0 Series. This astonishing book, leaked from the Russian military, is a shocking guide to the alien races that surround and already interact with us. Could this be an accurate record of our ET friends and foes? Read it for yourself and make up your own mind.
Detect Radiation in Your Area - Referral Every Single Article Ever Written by Nikola Tesla - Report Alternative solutions for Acid Reflux
Being able to detect radiation is a very useful thing in this day and age. These top-line devices accurately measure radiation in anything (food, objects, areas, etc.). A comprehensive compilation of every single article ever written by the extraordinary genius, Nikola Tesla! It is a great all-in-one guide for anyone interested in or studying his work. Alternative solutions for Acid Reflux
Clean Your Water and Get Essential Trace Minerals at the Same Time How Juicing Can Improve Your Health Off the Charts - Report Protect Your House and Assets With a Friendly Lien - Referral
A mineral extraction and water purification process that safely removes contaminants from your drinking water. Add the solution to your water to clean it and simultaneously get a whole range of essential trace minerals. Juicing is one of Nature's truly great ways to heal countless forms of disease and enhance your health tremendously. Learn how to do juicing properly while maximizing the benefits in a fun and healthy way. A friendly lean is a very useful asset protection tool. Creditors who come along after the friendly lien is in place get paid last, or not at all! A clever way to protect your assets.
Unique Long-Term Investment Outperforms Banks and Outreaches Government Radically Alter Your Perception and Change Your Life - In One Day - Report The Best Foreclosure Help Ever - Referral
It's important to know all your options for growing your money safely. This remarkable long-term investment is 100% safe, tax free, government free and produces solid growth! You'll be surprised just how much your entire world can change, along with your creativity, productivity and happiness, just by doing some simple things to recalibrate your reality. It's easy! Discover how. Are you looking for the best foreclosure help ever? We refer you to a company with an exceptional track record of saving people's homes. These people are experienced and dedicated to making sure the bank doesn't get their hands on your house.
Cash In On America's New Booming Industry - Referral Moving Beyond Sham Democracy to a More Free, Abundant and Peaceful Economy - Referral Dealing with FATCA: Alternatives and Loopholes - Report
They couldn't keep it illegal forever ... just as America's first colonies were founded with hemp, now it is returning with a vengeance. The Marijuana Boom is growing fast. Find out which companies to invest in and how to profit from it. Interested in helping to transform society into a free, abundant and peaceful decentralized power structure? Here are some alternatives and solutions for creating enough abundance for everyone! FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is Uncle Sam's draconian new legislation to tax offshore bank accounts. This report exposes some possible loopholes and jurisdictions outside its reach!
Get Real Raw Milk and Overcome FDA Milk Tyranny - Referral Are You Using This Versatile and Potent All-Round Health Tonic Yet? - Report Declassified Reagan ET Briefings - Report
Raw milk, fresh from grass-fed cows and which has not been pasteurized or homogenized has many health benefits. The FDA, however, has declared war on it. Luckily, it is still generally lawful to produce and obtain it. Learn where it is still available. Did you know there's a versatile and potent health tonic in your kitchen cupboard ... and you're probably not even using it much?  Learn what it is and how you can use it to enhance your health. Presidents and other top US officials have been denying the existence of UFOs and ETs for decades, but thanks to whistleblowers and declassified documents, we are learning the truth despite denials. It was too hot to handle at the time. Read it now!
Is Fungus the Hidden Cause of Almost Every Disease? Turpentine Kills Deadly Candida Safely Achieve Deeper REM Sleep to Regenerate and Rebuild Body Tissues
The humble fungus may well be the hidden cause of almost every disease, including cancer. Learn how to manage and reduce fungus in your body! Turpentine is an old folk remedy used for centuries to keep Candida in check. Learn which type of Turpentine is safe for human consumption, proper dosing, and an additional ingredient you must add to the Turpentine for it to be effective. The restful, deep sleep patterns of REM are the basis of regenerating and rebuilding body tissues. Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, this formula promotes REM sleep and is a great natural alternative for Big Pharma sleep medications.
The Rothschild Zionist Dynasty Fully Exposed Create Your Own Business Plan The Incredibly Effective Herbal Pain Relief Patch
This phenomenal piece of research charts the entire history of the Zionist influence on the global conspiracy. The truth about the shocking extent of the manipulation is exposed here. Create your own business plan today, get a business loan at a good interest rate if you need it, and you'll be on you way to being your own boss and making a fortune! Achieve financial independence! Pain relief made easy with these natural effective patches! They do a stellar job of providing reduction and relief of minor pain and discomfort. When worn daily, they bring energy to parts of your body that need it. Try them out for pain relief today!
Legal Ways To Greatly Reduce Your Income Tax Liability The Best Tips on How to Prepare if Ebola Strikes Heal All Sorts of Gum and Dental Disease with Fabulous Remedy
This guide, written by expert an accountant and lawyer after years of research, spells out all the ways you can legally reduce your taxes according to IRS rules. This resource teaches you the best anti-viral medicine from many different healing traditions, how to survive a pandemic and much, much more. This could be life-saving information. Better prepared than sorry. There is a very effective, age-old Indian remedy that removes harmful bacteria, cuts through hard-to-remove plaque and can even help your teeth re-mineralize and heal their own cavities. This remedy boosts your overall health too!
List of the Best Legal Highs, Legal Drugs and Ethnobotanicals The Ultimate Line of Live, Cultured Vitamins to Boost Your Health Off the Charts Make Your Own Superior Quality Food Grade Vitamin C
This resource lists the best legal drugs and ethnobotanicals. Many of these psychoactive substances are easily available. Expand your consciousness, without long term side effects. These vitamins are made from organic, non-GMO, whole foods, carefully produced in their raw form to preserve delicate nutrients like enzymes. They are cultured, so what you get is living food as a supplement! You can start making your own Vitamin C for less than what you're paying now! Food grade Vitamin C helps eliminate free radicals, toxins and stresses, repairs wounds, scar tissue, fractures and offers pain relief. Learn how!
Why Your Bank Account is at Risk - And What To Do About It The Top 10 Natural, Herbal Anti-Viral Candidates to Stop Ebola Nature's Top 12 Immune-Boosting Herbs in One Full-Spectrum Protection Formula - Referral
Bank accounts are now a high-risk asset. This brilliant survival guide shows you better ways to diversify, protect and grow your money. The surprising information unearthed here could save your life savings, well-being and retirement. Even if hype and fear is being used to exaggerate the Ebola death toll, the fact remains that this virus exists and has  potential to become a killer epidemic. Learn the top 10 natural, herbal anti-viral candidates with the best chance of stopping Ebola. Full-spectrum formula of immune-boosting herbs.
Eliminate Seizures With Natural Medicine - Referral Access the Secret Investment Bankers Use to Get Up To 30 Times More Tax-Free Interest on Your Money - Referral Get Private Personal Loans Without Banks and Cut Out the Middle Man - Referral
Eliminate Seizures With Natural Medicine - Referral
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If you suffer from seizures _ or even other debilitating conditions such as MS, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy, Parkinson's or cancer _ you may well find relief from a new natural medicine. This tax shelter gives advantages beyond those available to ordinary 401(k) or IRA accounts. Welcome to a very popular alternative to traditional loans. Get a quote with no hassles and pay no application fee.
Top Method to Assert Your Lawful Status Outside IRS Jurisdiction - Referral Defeat IRS Claims, Threats and Liens - Referral Top Guide to Post-Conviction Legal Remedies for Inmates - Referral
Chances are high that you are outside IRS jurisdiction, and lawfully need not pay the US federal income tax! Assert your rights and be free of this tax forever! Want to defeat IRS claims, threats and liens? This resource is a rock-solid administrative solution in which you obtain a dismissal by the US Tax Court without having to personally appear or hire an attorney. Are you convicted and now wondering what your rights are and how you can appeal the sentence to escape imprisonment? This resource contains post-conviction remedies for challenging both state and federal sentences.
What is the Mysterious Jesuit Oath? - Report Get the Best Prisoner Self-Help Guide - Referral Defend Yourself Against Chemtrails - Referral
Torn out of the Congressional Record, but not before it was copied word for word by several researchers, this shocking blood oath contains a brutal declaration meant to be voiced by the initiate. Real or fake? You decide. Report Are you a prisoner wanting to learn your rights? This manual will give you the necessary information and background to formulate a strong legal self-defense for your rights. Chemtrails, filled with metals, bacteria and fungal spores, are beginning to be implicated in numerous health issues. This excellent supplement should be in your protective arsenal.
Move Your IRA Offshore and Avoid Government Confiscation - Referral How to Stop Banksters and Bureaucrats From Stealing Your Retirement - Referral Establish Offshore Residency in Any of Over 80 Beautiful, Get-Away Countries - Referral
Moving your IRA offshore may be a very smart thing to do. Right now it is perfectly legal to make global and offshore investments within your IRA. With the financial system as fragile as ever, you have a small window of time to take control of your assets. Learn everything you need to know to best protect and profit during these times. Learn how to obtain a second passport and how to become an independent world citizen, free to live, work and acquire property almost anywhere in the world without Big Brother watching over your shoulder.
How to Prepare and Profit From the Pending "Economic 9/11" - Referral The Awesome Adaptogenic Herbal Aphrodisiac - Referral Internationalize Your Capital - Referral
An economic 9/11 is coming down the pipes for the United States. We refer to a source that closely monitors world events and economies and tells you exactly how to prepare and profit from what's ahead. This awesome adaptogenic plant is known for it's wide range of all-round beneficial properties. It also contains a powerful neurotransmitter pre-cursor called L-Dopa. Increase your energy, improve longevity and maybe even help activate your 3rd eye! The US Government, as an obvious example of its desperation and tyranny, is step-by-step starting to impose capital controls on its citizens. The solution is to internationalize your capital right now while you can!
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