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Ancient Advanced Technologies - DVD The Healing Power of Turpentine Explained - Audio DVD What 9/11 and MH370 Have In Common - Audio DVD
Mainstream archeology & science insist ancient temples were built by slaves with copper tools, yet can't explain how so many sacred sites around the world have such mathematical precision. Is it time to open up to the idea of ancient alien technology? Turpentine, a natural extract of pine trees, is an incredibly powerful healer. It has astounding health benefits such as mental clarity and removing candida. Learn the minimum effective dose, the maximum safe dose, which kind you need and much more. MH370 was theWhat 9/11 and MH370 Have In Common first of 2 mysterious Malaysian airline crashes where a Boeing plane seemingly vanished. Field McConnell explains the background to the event and cites evidence that flight MH370 was electronically commandeered via remote control.
Healing with the Power of High Frequency Sound - Audio DVD Super Powers - The Astonishing Capabilities of Your Mind - DVD The Future of the Libertarian Movement - DVD
Healing with sound is one of the most powerful and profound ways to heal, because it is based on frequencies, which form matter and reality as we know it. Learn how to clean your pineal gland, liberate guilt & fear and more - all with sound frequencies! We all have super powers residing within. This compilation shows humans performing seemingly impossible feats, such as moving objects without touching them, setting paper on fire and healing with electricity by hands alone. See it for yourself! Activist Dr. Mary Ruwart outlines the future of the libertarian movement, with tips on how to roll back Big Government (no matter whether the "Left" or the "Right" [same thing] are in power). Learn about how average citizens can make a difference.
Does a Second Species Rule the Earth? - DVD "THEY" - The Zionazi - DVD CIA Operation 40 and its High Profile Assassinations - Audio DVD
Imagine if there were a second species ruling Earth that were not human. Imagine if this alien species had been around a very long time. Imagine if they were far more intelligent than mankind. Join whistleblower Karen Hudes as she exposes this alien race. It's the big question: who are "They"? Who are they that are poisoning us with fluoride, chemtrails and HAARP? Who are the Zionazi? Are world leaders just underlings & servants to the real power invisible to the public eye? Find out with Anthony J Hilder. In late 1950s Eisenhower created a super-secret team of 40 assassins. Operation 40 has been behind the most famous assassinations of the last 6 decades, including JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, Che Guervera, Bob Marley and more. Get the names and details.
Cholesterol and Statins: The Truth Revealed - DVD The Great Cholesterol Myth - DVD Increase Your Digestive Fire - DVD
Big Pharma & Western Medicine swear up and down that high cholesterol is bad and statins are safe. Yet the cholesterol hypothesis is a giant lie. Learn what really causes heart disease and how to avoid it naturally. Cholesterol has been made out to be public enemy #1 in the eyes of the medical establishment and various heart associations. Yet we now know it does NOT cause heart disease. Learn why the demon in our diet is not fat but something else entirely. Good digestion depends upon a strong digestive fire. If you can't digest your food, you'll end up with cramps and gas. Why change your diet around what you can tolerate when you could increase your digestive fire and eat a broader range of foods instead?
The Tremendous Benefits of Being a State Citizen, and How to Become One - DVD Land Patents: True Property Ownership  - DVD Former Captain in the Israeli Air Force Speaks Out - DVD
Did you know you can get back all the money you've ever paid into Social Security? Do you know whether the State or Federal Constitution grants you more rights? Do you know how to use these rights to secure your life, land and liberty? Very informative. Land patents are a brilliant and very useful tool written into Common Law with which we may exercise our inherent rights, sovereignty and freedom. Learn why you need them (not a deed) to truly be the sovereign owner of your land. Yonatan Shapira, former captain in the Israeli Air Force and human rights activist, woke up to the Zionist programming and realized the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) was a terrorist organization which routinely murdered innocent Palestinians in cold blood.
The Reality of Multi-Generational Alien Abduction - Audio DVD ASIA: Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by (Vaccine) Adjuvants - DVD The Unimaginable but True State of Current Mind Control Technology - DVD
Welcome to an incredible story of multi-generational alien abduction which spans 50 years and 5 states! Thomas Reed first discovered he was an ET abductee when he was 6 years old. Reed discusses his search for the reason why it happened to him. Autoimmune disease, where the body starts attacking itself, is behind autism, Crohn's, lupus and MS. Learn about the new phenomenon called ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) and how vaccine adjuvants are causing damage to the immune system. The true state of current mind control technology defies imagination. Former CIA engineer Robert Duncan exposes how a weapons system capable of totalitarian control has been constructed.
Satellite Directed Energy Weaponry Terrorism - DVD How the Government Keeps the UFO Subject Under Lock and Key - Audio DVD Secret Ancient Knowledge Exposed - DVD
Satellite directed energy weaponry is used (with HAARP) to mind control the population. Former CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan, who worked on the development of it, exposes its horrific nature and how people are made to hear "voices in their head". Are Governments worldwide (apart from the US Government) dumping their UFO files into publicly viewable archives because they know Disclosure is coming? Or is it mostly just fluff files, and the best cases are never seen? Join Victor Viggiani for more. Answers the really big questions: "Who are we?", "Where did we come from?" and "Why are we here?" with esoteric information on humanity's hidden history. Topics include ET visitation, the Hebrews & Martians, Lemuria & Atlantis, pole shifts and much more.
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - Audio DVD JFK to 9/11: Connecting the Dots in a Grand Conspiracy - DVD How Much of Mental Illness is Invented by Big Pharma and Psychiatry? - DVD
This presentation is the entire known text of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It's one of the oldest, wisest and most mysterious writings on Earth. Thoth allegedly used ancient Atlantean characters which responded to the attuned thought waves of the reader. This film is definitely the best to connect the dots surrounding the JFK assassination. It tells you who, how and why, and the names of the 20 or so conspirators. See how the Nazis, CIA, Mafia, Big Oil & Military-Industrial Complex are all linked to JFK. There are people who have mental problems - but there's no objective physical marker for mental illness. Stefan Molyneux explores to what extent mental illness is a myth perpetuated by Big Pharma Psychiatry to pathologize normal human emotion & behavior.
Fraud and Fakery Surrounding the Alleged Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake - DVD The Last Days of the American Republic? - DVD Clues the Moon May Be a Hologram - DVD
Japan suffered a massive catastrophe on 3/11/11. The mainstream media immediately touted it as the result of a mag 9 quake, yet the footage shows multiple instances of fakery. Why were so few buildings damaged? Was there another cause of the tsunami? Are we in the last days of the American Republic (Empire)? The Roman & Soviet Empires collapsed under the weight of military overextension. With over 1000 US bases worldwide and 40% of the Intelligence Budget secret the US may be headed for the same fate. The conspiracy runs so deep that even aspects of a "truth" like the Moon's nature need to be re-examined. The compelling video footage in this compilation shows the moon may be a CGI, light projection or hologram. See other glitches in the Matrix also.
Is This Alternative Therapy the Miracle Cure? - DVD Over-Vaccination of Children Exposed - Audio DVD 9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition - DVD
Imagine an alternative therapy based on the most important factor in healing, the source of all energy and the source of immune cell, microbial-killing molecules. It activates your immune system to destroy invaders & handles serious diseases like cancer. Our kids are being subjected to shocking over-vaccination. The Government is trying to apportion Medicare funds to those hospitals or clinics based on their vaccination rates (i.e. the more people they vaccinate, the more money they get). Learn the truth. Gatekeepers are people who appear to be alternative but who nonetheless toe the official narrative on important events (e.g. JFK murder, 9/11, etc.). They are part of a wider phenomenon known as controlled opposition. This film exposes a key gatekeeper.
Is Government Necessary? - DVD The United Nations: The Growing Threat - Audio DVD The Killing of the Constitution - Audio DVD
Is Government really necessary? People have all sorts of misconceptions about what would happen if there were no Government (e.g. like the Wild West), yet Government is the most dangerous entity. Learn how to opt out & resolve disputes without Government. The UN (United Nations) poses a growing threat to the sovereignty and freedom of every country and person on Earth as a stepping stone to a One World Government. War is peace; its peacekeepers are soldiers. Learn how you can help get the US out of the UN. The Constitution was once held up, proudly, as the document and set of principles that set the USA apart from most other nations in the world. Remember the 10th Amendment? Learn who killed the Constitution and who is responsible for restoring it.
Resisting the Alien Big Brain Species - DVD Alien Races - Over 82 Species On Earth! - DVD New World Order for Dummies - DVD
Is humanity is under attack from another species - a flesh-and-blood species with large heads, from this planet, who live on Earth alongside humankind? Giant skulls have been found all over the world. Learn why there is no "New" World Order. This fascinating compilation features photos of alleged alien species. Discover the wealth of other intelligent life from nearby star systems. Whether mammalian, reptilian, amphibian or insectoid, there is a vast array of life forms awaiting our contact. What is the New World Order? Who wrote the Communist Manifesto and spread communism throughout the world? What is Agenda 21? How are geoengineering and global warming linked? Can the military control the climate? Learn answers to these questions & more.
Global Cooling, Not Warming, Is Coming - DVD The Illuminati Symbolism of the Hunger Games - DVD Cell Salts For Physical, Sexual, Mental and Spiritual Health - DVD
Manmade global warming propaganda is thick, but is the Earth even warming at all? Apparently not according to former White House national space policy advisor John Casey, who exposes the political agenda of control and shows evidence the Earth is cooling. The popular cinematic series called the "Hunger Games" are filled with Illuminati symbolism. Children are made to kill other children in mass Satanic ritual. Learn the deeper esoteric meaning of these movies. What are the elite trying to communicate here? Cell salts are the body's 12 inorganic substances which combine with organic substances to sustain cells and bodily functions. Illness is due to a deficiency in a certain cell salt. Learn the 12 cell salts and how to heal yourself with them.
Aliens, Monsters and Myths - Audio DVD How To Halt an Alien Abduction - DVD Lucis Trust - The Occult Lucifer Trust Behind the United Nations - DVD
Join Nick Redfern for a captivating discussion about aliens, monsters, myths, Men In Black, UFOs as interdimensional, shadow beings, tulpas (thought forms that can be made manifest), overcoming the stigma of talking about paranormal subjects and more. There are ways that you can stop an alien abduction while it is happening to you. People being visited by ETs is a more common experience than you may believe. These solutions are from a biblical perspective, but work regardless of your religious beliefs. The United Nations was set up by the Rockefellers, and behind it lies an occult organization known as Lucis Trust. It promotes the idea of a One World Religion (Luciferianism) with Lucifer as its evil god - just as in Freemasonry. Find out more.
The New World Order: What the PTB Intend to Do to You! - DVD Why We Don't Really Have a Water Shortage  - DVD USA Inc - Stealing Water For Profit and Power - DVD
This declassified military document outlines the NWO vision of serial murderer George Bush Sr. Although the emphasis is on mutual cooperation and order, when you read between the lines, it's about centralization of power and global control. Learn more. With the Californian drought getting worse by the month, it may be some comfort to know we may not have a water shortage after all. This information is a game changer. Are we really running out of water? A very important topic for those in dry areas. It is said the wars of the 21st century will be fought over water, not oil. Learn how the elite are using corporations and gov. agencies to privatize the water supply! Learn why both peak water and peak oil are disinformation hoaxes designed to trick you.
Emerald Tablets of Thoth - Reality of the Reptilian Rulers - Audio DVD Solar Warden, the Secret Space Fleet - DVD Mass Mind Control Frequencies and Secrets of the Matrix, Moon and Saturn - DVD
In the form of man they moved; serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to man as men among men. Slaying the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Beware - the serpent still liveth and walk among you. In 2002 Gary McKinnon exposed the existence of an off-world Secret Space Program with "non-terrestrial" officers and "fleet-to-fleet transfers". Learn more about Solar Warden. Hear a firsthand account of someone working within the Secret Space Program. Learn which frequencies are used for mind control and which can resonate with love. Discover the secret meaning of ancient syllables. Is the moon broadcasting the "Matrix"? Is it an artificial satellite amplifying a signal from Saturn? Find out more.
Biological Warfare: Experiments on the American People - DVD Viral Fragments in Vaccines Can Lead to Brain Damage - DVD The Akashic Record of Humanity and Extraterrestrial Alien Races - Audio DVD
Rates of chronic disease are going through the roof in the US, including neurodegenerative, fatigue, autoimmune and immunosuppressive diseases. As Dr. Garth Nicolson explains, it's caused by the intentional development and testing of biological weapons. Vaccines contain viral fragments which enter the brain and secrete inflammatory immune chemicals and excitotoxins. These lead to ailments like dementia and schizophrenia. However it's a 20 year delay, so not many people will connect the dots. Learn more. Every level (human, planetary, galactic, etc.) has its own Akashic record or memory where it stores information. Chris Thomas has a unique ability to tap into such records and access data in ways that not many others can. Here he shares what he's learned.
The Incredible Corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton Exposed - DVD The Death Cult and Elite Worship of Saturn Exposed - 2 Audio DVD Set The World Revolution - DVD
With Hillary Clinton vying for the 2016 Presidency we now may have a Clinton Dynasty. See the outrageous scandals and pay-offs in the Clintons' past. Learn about the Clinton Body Count: the "suicides" and mysterious deaths that surround Bill and Hillary. Behind the politicians, bankers and businessmen of today's world is an ancient death cult which worships Saturn, God of time, law and death. Learn how the Saturn Death Cult is connected to the Green Agenda, Religion, depopulation and more. The famous revolutions of history - the American, the French, the Russian - are still continuing to this day. Learn why the US lost the Cold War, why the occult elite secretly funded Castro and why they have helped communism spread all over the world.
Shadow Beings - DVD Mistress of LBJ Exposes Exactly Who Killed JFK - DVD Is the Reptilian Race Among Us? - DVD
Shadow Beings - DVD
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Shadow Beings have been experienced throughout history as very real entities that occasionally make themselves visible to humans. They control the world from other dimensions. Learn the solution to overcoming the Matrix (hint: not going out to "fight"). Did LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) become President by chance? Why did he meet with Howard Hunt, Nixon, Hoover (FBI head), Jack Ruby (Mafia) and others the night before the assassination? Listen as LBJ's mistress Madeleine Brown reveals shocking evidence. The reptilian race has shown itself directly and indirectly to the humanity for eons. This compilation features info on moon bases, photonic teleportation and more. Can mankind confront reality and handle the subject of reptilians?
How to Block Big Brother Facial Recognition - DVD Big Pharma's Doctor Bribery Network Exposed - DVD Remove Gallstones Naturally without Surgery - DVD
Facial recognition is the next step in the growing surveillance state. Big Brother can now detect your face in a crowd and match it to a database, tracking you wherever you go. Learn how to stop the surveillance and block the video cameras. A former Big Pharma drug rep exposes how the pharmaceutical industry is not in the business of curing people. Learn the dirty tricks which are being used to convince doctors & patients to get on board with drugs, and the true purpose of Big Pharma drugs. You need your gallbladder and its bile to digest fats, but even healthy people develop gallstones or biliary sludge which can be a big problem. Learn how to flush gallstones safely, effectively and naturally from your body without needing surgery.
How to Get a Face Lift Without Surgery - DVD Is the Existence of the International Space Station a Hoax? - DVD Proof Chinese, Russian and US Space Walks are Faked - DVD
How would you like to have smooth, toned and tighter skin with reduced lines and wrinkles - without doing surgery? The results are amazing! Have beautiful supple skin which helps you look younger. Check out this new standard in facial care. We've been led to believe the ISS is real and in space, but why are the men allegedly on it wearing harnesses? Why did an astronaut admit on live TV they were in the US not space? Does the presence of bubbles show the space walks are simulated in water? The "space walks" displayed by the mainstream media look ... faked. Humans may be in space, but the official space walk pieces of footage are full of errors, inconsistencies and impossibilities. See and hear it for yourself. More fakery? You decide.
Renowned Natural Physician Hulda Clark's Amazing Cures - DVD Overcome Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue with Natural Methods - DVD Chronic Fatigue and How it Affects Highly Sensitive People - Audio DVD
Hulda Clark was a pioneer who found natural cures to cancer and identified numerous parasites that live inside all of our bodies. Learn what 3 potent herbs comprised her magic cure for parasites. Learn how to become more energetic and free of pain. Learn what could be causing your tiredness or chronic fatigue (there are many factors including diet, sleep, allergens, deficiencies and much more). Learn how to restore your adrenals, which foods to avoid and which to eat. Become energetic once more! Highly sensitive people have a heightened nervous system, are naturally intuitive and aware of others' thoughts & emotions. This can be overwhelming, so their body goes into a forced shutdown to cope - thus chronic fatigue. Learn more, incl. solutions.
Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia - DVD Easy Methods to Improve Your Memory and Concentration Off the Charts - DVD Improve Your Eyesight Naturally - DVD
Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are two conditions which are supposedly incurable, but this compilation features people who had it, and fully healed themselves. Learn the 5 key components to overcoming chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for good. Improve your memory and concentration with techniques to get the absolute most out of your mind. Learn how to get out of the fight-or-flight reptilian brain and into the rational neo-cortex brain where the mind works best. Includes many tested techniques. You can get rid of your glasses for good - and naturally! Learn the top 4 reasons why people still wear glasses, the top 6 eye exercises for restoring good vision and the top  10 foods that can improve your vision naturally .
Lose Weight and Feel Great with an Apple Fast - DVD Secret Nazi Base Discovered in Antarctica - DVD Atlantis, Hollow Earth and the Origins of Humanity - 2 DVD Set
There are many fasts, fads and diets out there but this one is a real gem. Lose weight and feel great with an apple fast! Watch this compilation and learn how to do it correctly for optimum results and benefits. Evidence shows the Nazis created a secret base in Antarctica during WW2. Were the Nazis seeking Hollow Earth dwellers? Were they secretly developing antigravity technology and UFO craft? This compilation explores these questions and more. Discover the origins of humanity in a way you never have before: Hollow Earth, Atlantis, the secret of the brotherhood, the real meaning of the Garden of Eden, the dawn of the "gods" and secret prophecies - the amazing story of mankind's birth & growth.
Military Insider Reveals Truth About FEMA Camps and Martial Law in America - DVD How Christianity Stole its Content From Egypt - DVD How to Stay Out of Debt and Increase Your Income by 50% - DVD
The US Government has a history of rounding up its own citizens; just ask US citizens of Japanese descent during WW2. Learn about FEMA camps, plastic coffins & Fusion Centers, where everyone is profiled and ranked according to the threat they pose. Christianity hijacked the birth of Horus and grafted it onto Jesus. It built up the story of Mary from the Egyptian goddess Isis. The Christian adoption of Egyptian iconography, symbolism and myth is so widespread it barely has anything original at all. One of the richest men in the world today is Warren Buffett. Learn the financial rules he lives by, which have helped earn him billions, starting from very little. Discover the most important thing of all to focus on to increase your wealth.
How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit - DVD CDC: Sock Puppet for Big Pharma Vaccination - DVD The Truth About ETs Watching Over Us - DVD
Owning your own house is great but normally means jumping through many hoops set up by the bank. Guess what - avoid the bank with at least 3 ways to buy real estate without cash or credit, as well as other avenues to explore such as buying wholesale. Robert Kennedy (RFK Jr.) began as a supporter of vaccines, but when he saw the undeniable link between autism and mercury, he read over 500 scientific studies and learnt the truth. Learn why the CDC is Big Pharma's sock puppet. There is enough evidence at this stage from whistleblowers to declassified documents to be certain that ETs exist. Learn about Eisenhower's meeting with various alien groups. Discover the powerful statement & sound to help you instantly evolve.
Analysis of Clinton and Obama Denying the Existence of Aliens - DVD Boston Marathon or Boston Hoaxathon? - 2 DVD Set Get Rid of Smart Meters Using Lawful "Notice and Demand" Process - DVD
Presidents Clinton & Obama were asked by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about the existence of ETs (Extraterrestrials) and whether they used the presidency to investigate it. This analysis of their body language, speech etc. reveals whether they lied or not. This excellent analysis busts the myth of the Boston Marathon bombing. There is so much fakery surrounding this operation it's really quite astounding. See videos and photos of fake victims (crisis actors), fake blood, fake injuries and more. Sick of Smart Meters radiating you and invading your privacy? You don't have to submit to it. Learn how to draw up a series of "Notice and Demand" letters to send to your local authorities, retain your rights and get these new "dumb" meters off your home.
Boxcars with Shackles and Large Military Convoys Moving Through America - DVD Disclosure: The Secret Land Discovered in the Antarctic in 1947 - DVD Central Banks Want to Ban Your Cash Transactions - Will You Let Them? - DVD
Video evidence of a disturbing new trend is emerging: large military convoys are moving through America. See footage from many states showing trains carrying a large array of tanks & MRAPs. What are military vehicles doing in a closed Walmart parking lot? This classic documentary features footage of Operation High Jump, the US expedition to Antarctica in 1947 which allegedly found a secret land beyond Antarctica. See footage about warm polar lakes. Did Admiral Byrd and crew go to "inner Earth"? You decide. A cashless economy relying just upon digital money has long been part of the New World Order goal. Every transaction would be traceable. There are now penalties for holding cash; in some cases cash is being banned outright. Is this the cashless society?
Dead Bankers: Hundreds of Mysterious Deaths - What Did They Know? - DVD How to Survive the Economic Apocalypse of 2015 - DVD Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think - Handbook
Dead bankers tell no lies, it seems. In the last 18 months or so more than 75 bankers have died mysteriously. Almost all were high-up executives with elite banks. What did they know that we don't? Were they about to go public and expose something massive? Will the IMF announce an alternative to the US dollar on October 20th 2015? Is this the  "New World Dollar"? What are the 6 steps in the upcoming Global Currency Reset? What can you do if you hold assets in US dollars? Find out all this and more. Do you want success and wealth? Learn how billionaires think and how to access powerful knowledge. Remember: there are hundreds of books out there telling you how to become a millionaire, but this is the only one telling you how to become a billionaire.
Our Chakra System - Portal to Interdimensional Consciousness - Handbook The Federal Mafia - How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes - Handbook Accelerate your Learning to Light Speed - Referral
The human body contains 7 power centers known as "Chakras" in Sanskrit. Each one represents a specific area of life such as strength or love. By developing the power of your chakras, you can become a balanced, vibrant being capable of achieving anything. A classic guide by Irwin Schiff who learnt from extensive research and experience in the courtroom that the federal income tax is voluntary. Discover how to handle IRS notices. This knowledge will show you how to stop paying income taxes - permanently. In our Information Age, data is coming at you from all angles. Wouldn't it be great if you could digest it all at a higher speed, and learn how to separate wheat from chaff? This resource teaches you how to get ahead and be on the leading edge. Referral.
The Health Enhancer for All Occasions - Referral The Most Honest Speech Ever on the Floor of Congress - Report Secret Committee of Scientists & Military Officials Planning Global Mind Control - Report
You can't underestimate the importance of minerals for the human body. This health enhancer provides over 72 minerals to give you a wealth of benefits. It increases vitality, strengthens bones & removes calcium deposits (that age you faster). Referral. This mind-blowing speech lays out the true state of affairs of the United States corporation (masquerading as government), including its bankruptcy & receivership. It was entered into the Congressional Record. It's conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory. A whistleblower gave their life to leak this document which names the secret committee of elite scientific, political, military and corporate heads who are planning global mind control through electromagnetic, radio wave and microwave pulsed frequencies.
Great Tips for Prisoners to Get a Fast Parole - Report How to Stop Debt Collectors Cold - Referral Revitalize at the Cellular Level for Extraordinary Health Benefits - Referral
Know someone behind bars? Help them get out early. This guide is written by a former prisoner who achieved a fast parole. Here he lays out the legal strategy he used to successfully get out ahead of time. Discover the exact way he did it. This book exposes debt collectors' dirty little secrets. Learn the 3 things a debt collector never wants to hear from you, the 7 deadly mistakes to avoid when speaking to one and how to get debt collectors to stop calling you ever again. Referral. Our body is a network of trillions of cells, but they are under constant strain. All health problems are linked to damaged cells. This product has specially formulated signaling molecules which regenerate tissue for fantastic health benefits. Referral.
CIA Spy Escape Kit - Referral Get the Medicine You Need on the Cheap - Referral The Best, Most Natural, DIY Calcium Supplement Ever! - Report
Learn how to gather dirt on anybody, hot-wire a car, escape handcuffs, disappear into a crowd, become a human lie detector and much more. The information contained in this kit could well save you from hassles and danger - or even save your life. Referral. Want a way to get basic pharmaceutical medicine at lower costs? This program can be joined regardless of age and works well with certain Medicare plans. All 52,000-plus FDA approved drugs are covered. Save lots of money. Referral shows how to join. Typical calcium supplements do far more harm than good. They are made of inorganic fossil or rock (not food) calcium that can't be absorbed by the body. This easy do-it-yourself recipe shows you how to make your own natural, absorbable cal-mag formula.
The Magic Elixir to Clean a Smoker's Lungs - Report Why You're Deficient in Magnesium  - And What You Can Do - Report How the Surveillance State is Using Pre-Crime Algorithms Against You - Report
It is common knowledge that smoking damages the lungs. But did you know you can reverse it to help your lungs regenerate? This magic elixir can be made at home and has astounding curative properties. Make it today - so your next breath is not your last! Magnesium is a super important nutrient in the body. Sadly, magnesium deficiency is widespread. Common magnesium deficient symptoms are anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and impaired thinking. Learn how to rebuild your magnesium levels. The surveillance state now uses technology foreshadowed in films like The Minority Report. The Government profiles citizens with pre-crime algorithms. It's calculating how much of a threat you are! This is not science fiction anymore. Report.
How to Fight Outrageous Hospital Bills - Report Your Complete Resource Center for Self Health - Referral 10 Ways to Shield Yourself From Negative Energies - Report
Outrageous hospital bills are becoming the norm in America. People are getting gouged for thousands for routine visits. You can fight back! Learn tips and techniques others have used successfully and get hospitals to cut bills - anywhere from 40% to 90%. If you are into self health, this complete resource center is for you! Get the best natural healing protocols & supplements in the world for detoxification, cleansing, ridding yourself of parasites, candida and fungi, and increasing longevity. Referral. Do you feel like your charge has been zapped by negative energies? Discover 10 effective ways you can block unwanted influences and dark energies. These methods are simple, cheap or free, and only take minutes to implement. Block negative energies now!
Templates to Use To Have Your Smart Meter Uninstalled - Report Jade Helm 15: Decoded -  67-min. DVD The Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People - Audio DVD
These templates can be adapted for any county, state or nation. They legally remove consent, demand removal and enforce liability for any installation of Smart Meters. Utility executives can be held liable in their individual capacity for all harm caused. Beginning July 15th 2015, military operation Jade Helm will have Green Berets, Navy Seals and other elite special ops soldiers will be "operating undetected" doing "realistic training exercises" on American soil, within civilian populations. Is Martial Law far behind?
Sasquatch, commonly referred to as Bigfoot, are real beings. Listen as Will Jevning recounts how he came across 3 different Sasquatch on 2 different occasions, and lived to tell the story. Coming face to face with them changed his life forever.
The End of America - Why the Economy Will Collapse in 2015 - DVD Walmart Closings, DHS and Secret Underground Tunnels - 80 min. DVD The Truth About Operation Jade Helm 15 -  74-min. DVD
The end of America, as we know it, is coming. The economy has become so utterly unsustainable that a collapse is a mathematical certainty. Stefan Molyneux uses US Government statistics from various departments to paint a true picture of the state of American finances.
The abrupt closing of 5 Walmart stores (in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida) has left both its employees and the general public shocked – and skeptical. Are there military agendas behind the closings? Decide for yourself.
Beginning July 15th 2015, military operation Jade Helm will have Green Berets, Navy Seals and other elite special ops soldiers will be "operating undetected" doing "realistic training exercises" on American soil, within civilian populations. Is Martial Law far behind?
Walmart, Jade Helm and Underground Tunnels - 66-min. DVD Get Ready for Jade Helm 15 Package - 4 DVDs Shilajit - Destroyer of Weaknesses
Walmart, Jade Helm and Underground Tunnels... what are the connections? What is the purpose for this kind of military exercise on American soil? Learn about the connections and how this affects you.
This 4 DVD package has all the latest infomation about Jade Helm.
Safeguard your freedoms by getting, and staying, informed.
Forewarned is Forearmed!
Shilajit is the most potent food and medicine of Ayurveda. Its name means ăDestroyer of Weakness"! Shilajit promotes strength and stamina, renews vitality, relieves stress, delays aging, enhances sexual stamina and improves spiritual power. 15 gram Jar
Al Bielek Talks About Phil Schneider Jo Ann Richards - Secret Bases and Dimensional Portals Sex in the Secret Societies
Whistleblower Phil Schneider went public in 1995 (and was "murdered by suicide" a year later). He was close friends with Al Bielek of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, who here reveals special information that Schneider had confided in him. Mark Richards is one of the few men still alive who claims to have been part of the Secret Space Program. Jailed for a crime he did not commit, he has been relaying lots of information about the program to his wife Jo Ann. Get the inside scoop on it. The use of sex and sexual magic in the highest echelons of the secret societies are exposed by expert conspiracy researchers Jordan Maxwell and Eustace Mullins. The world is ruled through black magic; sex is hijacked and used to control people.
Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Admits UFOs and Aliens are Real - DVD Real Life Alien Encounter Nazi Technology and Secret Societies
Edgar Mitchell, having seen the existence of ET craft firsthand, states the idea that we are alone in the universe is utterly absurd. Why have so many countries in Europe and South America opened their official Governmental UFO files, but not the US? Welcome to video and photographic evidence of a real life alien encounter! See footage of a 4-foot tall "Gray" ET alien who crossed paths with a man. This is a unique encounter and ranks very highly due to the extraordinary visual proof. Nazi technology was highly advanced during WW2. The very knowledgeable Vladimir Terziski delves into how the Nazis (driven by their own Thule and Vril secret societies) had made extraterrestrial contact and had gained anti-gravity technology.
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