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Nature's Top 12 Immune-Boosting Herbs in One Full-Spectrum Protection Formula - Referral Noopep - #1 Cognitive Enhancer Natural Methods to Cure Premature Ejaculation - DVD
Full-spectrum formula of immune-boosting herbs. Enhance your mind and your mood with Noopep, the #1 cognitive enhancer! This supplement is safe to use, containing the most effective non-prescription ingredients known. Improve your intelligence, concentration, awareness and happiness levels today! Do you want to cure premature ejaculation? Learn some very simple techniques and exercises that will make you last longer in bed. 47-min. DVD
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Delivers Proof of Foreigner Obama's Fake Birth Certificate - DVD Sheriffs Gather to Stop Federal Tyranny - DVD Understanding the Agenda 21 Takeover - DVD
It's enough to make your blood boil, but irrefutable evidence points to the fact that Obama released a fake birth certificate. An imposter sits in the White House. See the proof for yourself. 75-min. DVD Federal tyranny has met its match. If you're a victim of over-regulation, this film will give you hope and alert you to an ally who could fight on your side. Pushed by non-elected councils and regional governments trying to eliminate representative government by the people, the Agenda 21 takeover of America is happening right before our eyes.
America's Choice - Liberty or Sustainable Development? - 2 DVD Set Is Chemical Snow Falling on You? - DVD How Socialism, Communism and Fascism Are All the Same - DVD
Liberty or sustainable development _ what's it going to be, America?  Great summary of the problem and excellent solutions offered. 324-min. 2 DVD Set This compilation shows several ordinary Americans from coast to coast, testing chemical snow (chemsnow) outside their houses. 43-min. DVD Collectivism, now the official ideology of the world through the United Nations, promotes the ideas that the State is superior to the individual. This is essential knowledge! 47-min. DVD
Dark Secrets of the Catholic Church: An Ex-Nun Confesses - Audio DVD Ghost Smart City Built In America: Prototype for Technocratic Control - Audio DVD The Supersoldier and the Machine - DVD
An ex-nun reveals the disgusting condition of the world's most notorious organized religion. Warning: Graphic Account. 58-min. Audio DVD The globalists have spent over $1 billion to build a prototype Smart City and force you to live in one just like it! Learn more about this hideous scheme so you can develop ways to avoid and prevent it. 75-min. Audio DVD This is the extraordinary personal tale of supersoldier John Urwin, part of an elite British military unit that was formed to fight the Illuminati! 59-min. DVD
The Ultimate Goal of the Council on Foreign Relations - DVD Decoding the New World Order - Audio DVD Adam Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati - Audio DVD
The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) has been around for a long time as a shadowy think-tank ruling from behind the scenes. This presentation traces the CFR's activity from the Wilson to Bush administrations, highlighting the CFR's end goal. 102-min DVD Researcher Jack Blood has a serious understanding of how the global super elite do their business. Interviewed by Russell Scott ( 68-min. Audio DVD Bill Cooper discusses the Order of the Illuminati's founder, Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt, his conspirators and Weishaupt's far reaching goals.  144-min. Audio DVD
Targeted Individuals - Audio DVD The God of Freemasonry - Audio DVD
The Government is attacking targeted individuals with secret high-tech weaponry,remotely inducing sound and images into the brain, altering brainwaves, behavior, and more. What is really going on?! 59-min. Audio DVD Freemasons often try to present masonry as a Judeo-Christian brotherhood, but are the Freemasons deliberately hiding their real God from lower initiates? Bill Cooper sheds some light on the topic.  45-min. Audio DVD Was Pope Francis an accomplice to ex-dictator Videla and did he participate in the brutal Wall Street-funded Argentinian Junta of 1976-1983. Why have so many US Presidents since 1789 always claimed the Jesuits have been behind all major wars? 46-min. DVD
Reincarnation is Real - Overwhelming Evidence - DVD Ex-Priest and Exorcist Reveals Reality of Demonic Possession - Audio DVD Exposing the Pedophilia of the Elite - Audio DVD
Pioneering researcher Carol Bowman has had over 1,000 cases of children who accurately demonstrated past life recall. Mysteriously able to easily speak other languages and even describe in graphic detail how they died. The proof is staggering! 56-min. DVD Ex-Jesuit Catholic priest and exorcist, Father Malachi Martin performed exorcisms for 30 years before he retired. A former advisor to 3 popes, Father Martin explains how people from all pillars of life can be demonically possessed.  187-min. Audio DVD Nick Bryant discusses the Franklin Cover-Up, the Nebraska child sex ring and "Boy's Town", and how pedophilia is also used to compromise and blackmail ambitious politicians so they will later tow the line.  49-min. Audio DVD
The Round Table of 9 - DVD What Every American Needs to Know About Israel and Palestine - DVD How the Illuminati Use TV to Control You - DVD
According to the late Bill Cooper, the Round Table of 9 form the central elite circle and Secret Government that rules the world.  Don't miss this rare presentation of Cooper's incredibly thorough research! 188-min. DVD Freelance journalist Alison Weir decided to educate herself firsthand by visiting Palestine, and reporting her experience. Discover how biased American mainstream media paints a picture which could not be further from the truth. 105-min. DVD TV is the ultimate mind control weapon. This compilation is a breakdown of how the media entertainment industry uses celebrities, sex, violence and moral degradation to divert your attention from real threats. 40-min. DVD
Who Are the Archons? - Audio DVD Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation - DVD America's Rotten Prison Industrial Complex - DVD
If you go deep into the rabbit hole of the global conspiracy, you may make a rather startling discovery... energetic, discarnate beings, Archons! Are they the hidden source of all the malevolence afflicting mankind today? 45-min. Audio DVD Operation Mockingbird is a declassified project exposing CIA infiltration of mainstream media. This compilation gives you a glimpse of the flagrant, shockingly widespread, CIA manipulation of "news". 86-min. DVD Dianne Post exposes prison labor, an abhorrent 21st century slavery system. Prison industrial complexes work prisoners to the bone to maximize private shareholder profits, often for wages of 25 cents an hour. It's a humanitarian crisis.  54-min. DVD
Secret Wars of the CIA - DVD The Ugly Truth About the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) - Audio DVD The Nazi Base in Antarctica - DVD
Ex-CIA agent John Stockwell, is one of the highest-ranking CIA officials ever to leave the agency and go public. His disclosure of the inner workings of the National Security Council and CIA covert operations is massive in scope. 168-min. DVD Listen as Bill Cooper exposes the Anti-Defamation League in masterful style, including its Freemasonic connections to B'nai B'rith. 52-min. Audio DVD The alleged Nazi base in Antartica is a topic that has fascinated researchers for a long time. This film explores the historical mysteries and rumors of Nazi anti-gravity and alien technology. 44-min. DVD Russian with English subtitles.
9/11 Explosives in the Pentagon - Audio DVD Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? - DVD Illuminati Clones and Drones - Audio DVD
Former Reagan Administration employee, Barbara Honegger present stunning and irrefutable information that there were explosives planted in the Pentagon on 9/11 _ just as there were in the Twin Towers. 120-min. Audio DVD The fracking industry is in denial trying to protect their profits, but We the People need to know the truth about this assault against our environment and country. 42-min. DVD Donald Marshall, a recovering mind control victim, states that Vril (also called Annunaki or Reptilians), originate from underground, not outerspace! Parasitic entities able to attach to human hosts, the Vril may be a devil in disguise. 46-min. Audio DVD
Underground Cloning and Vril Lizards - Audio DVD CIA Drug Running - DVD Jesus Was a Revolutionary - DVD
CIA Drug Running - DVD
Our Price: $18.00
Underground cloning is just one of several highly intense subjects covered by Donald Marshall, a former victim of Illuminati abuse and mind control. Even alongside other conspiracy information, Marhsall's story stands out.  72-min. Audio DVD Former narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert reveals the astonishing quantity of evidence he has witnessed and amassed that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the CIA fund themselves from drugs _ and ruin American lives in the process. 105-min. DVD Author Reza Aslan leaves out the centuries' worth of myths and beliefs and instead draws from historical sources to introduce a passionate, fanatical, ideologue and revolutionary. A fresh look at one of the most famous men to have ever lived. 84-min. DVD
Evidence that Hitler Escaped to Argentina - Audio DVD Political Assassinations & Their Relevance Today - DVD Judge For Yourself - DVD
Judge For Yourself - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
Harry Cooper produces a slew of astounding evidence that Hitler and other top Nazis traveled in German submarines to Argentina. There, they lived out their lives in relative comfort and anonymity. Hear the facts and decide for yourself. 57-min. Audio DVD Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney teams up with in-depth researcher John Judge for a piercing examination America's political system. Learn the truth about famous political assassinations hidden from you for decades. 102-min. DVD Brilliant researcher John Judge invites you to judge for yourself as he lists a multitude of details and evidence regarding the crimes of presidents and as well as successful and unsuccessful assassinations attempts. 87-min. DVD
The CIA-Vatican-Cocaine Connection - DVD ET Contactee Reveals What Alien Races Are Influencing Earth - DVD ET Contactee Reveals His Experience with Alien Mantid Race - DVD
The CIA-Vatican-Cocaine connection is exposed by comedian and researcher Robert Anton Wilson. Humorous and very well-researched, he lays out the details behind many famous scandals of the 20th century. 121-min. DVD ET contactee Simon Parkes has a unique perspective on humanity. As a child he was visited by an extraterrestrial race known as the Mantids. If you're looking to go deep down the rabbit hole, this interview is not to be missed. 120-min. DVD ET contactee Simon Parkes elaborates in great detail on his intimate relationship with numerous extraterrestrial races, including one type of insect-like humanoid beings, the Mantids. Fascinating information! 124-min. DVD
The Djinn: Ultimate Enemies of Humanity? - DVD Alternative Cancer Therapies - DVD Who Killed Martin Luther King? - DVD
The Djinn, shadowy creatures known as Demons in Christianity and called Archons by the early Gnostics, may be the ultimate enemy of mankind. What remedies can you use against an alien race engaged in a brutal war of deception against humanity? 52-min. DVD Dr. Jacob Swilling highlights how simple changes in the way we eat _ both in terms of quality, frequency and the way we combine foods _ can have a big effect on preventing degenerative disease and cancer before it arises. 160-min. DVD Discover part of the story of who killed Martin Luther King in this film. See proof of White House, FBI and CIA involvement in the assassination. 63-min. DVD
Benghazi Attack Coverup: Obama Armed Al Qaeda - DVD Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Parishioner Reveals All - DVD The Energy Cartels Don't Want You to Watch this Film - DVD
Stefan Molyneux interviews Roger Aronoff (Citizens' Commission on Benghazi), exposing the ridiculous official narrative of the attack. Learn the truth about Benghazi. 39-min. DVD The Scientology Celebrity Center and the Church of Scientology are exposed by ex-parishioner Steve Mango, a victim of severe spiritual and emotional abuse. Documentary sequel to "The Truth Behind The Energy Lie". Shows you how you can build your own over-unity or free energy devices. 120-min. DVD
Who Were the Nephilim Giants? - DVD Are There Reptile Aliens Among Us? - DVD Are You Free or Just a Puppet? - DVD
The Maya and Incans, like many other ancient civilizations, left art and writing behind showing  a race of giants. It seems the Nephilim were widely worshipped as gods. But who were they really? Find out some of the answers in this film. 40-min. DVD There is no denying the overwhelming evidence that  reptilian beings are real!  Jordan Maxwell takes the viewer through the long history of reptilian-human interaction. This is a great introduction to a fascinating subject. 66-min. DVD Alan Watts gives a brilliant lecture in which he reminds us that we have forgotten a fundamental truth. His message is so profound it will inspire you to your deepest core.
Solutions to Go Beyond Money for a Fairer Economy for All - DVD The Lies NASA Has Told - DVD Is the Sun Hollow? - DVD
The Lies NASA Has Told - DVD
Our Price: $16.00

Is the Sun Hollow? - DVD
Our Price: $15.00
Charles Eisenstein outlines solutions to return to a fairer economy, where your worth is not based on a rigged and corrupt the monetary system. We the People have the power to implement a new economy that serves us. Learn how you can participate! This documentary uncovers many of NASA's lies and even showing some of its unedited photography of mysterious things! It also explores the occult symbology used by space agencies around the world. 62-min. DVD Eric Dollard asserts that the sun is not what you have been taught to believe. See video footage of UFOs and spaceships flying near the surface and inside of the sun! Is it being used as a stargate? 62-min. DVD
William Cooper Predicted 9/11 Before Anyone Else! - Audio DVD What Really Happened to Malaysian Flight 370 - DVD Large Pyramid Under Alaska Exposed - Audio DVD
Listen to William Cooper's broadcast of June 28, 2001, where he names Osama Bin Laden as a CIA-created bogeyman and cautions that something terrible is about to happen. This compilation also features Bill's broadcast on the day of 9/11. 139-min. Audio DVD There is simply no way in this day and age of technological surveillance that a plane can just disappear out of the sky. Learn what really happened to MH370! 112-min. DVD This compilation features incredible information suggesting that high up in the tundra of Alaska, there exists an underground pyramid _ over twice the size of the great Cheops pyramid of Egypt!  Learn more about this breathtaking discovery. 43-min. DVD
Overlords of the UFO - Banned and Suppressed - DVD Insider Reveals Details of the Secret Space Program - Audio DVD Black Goo: A Sentient Oil Lifeform That Could Overtake Humanity? - DVD
This suppressed and banned documentary from 1976 features long lost photos of UFOs and other evidence long taken out of the public domain by censorship efforts. Very informative film. 93-min. DVD Ricardo Baretzky, talks about directed energy weapons and coatings for space craft used by the Secret Space Program. Baretsky, threatened by "entities", is unable to complete the interview, so Gordon Duff joins in to add his expertise. 42-min. Audio DVD Reports of "black goo" _ an intelligent, sentient, alive form of crude oil _ have been surfacing in the underground of mind control and conspiracy research. Far out, mind-opening and well worth watching. 149-min. DVD
Vaccines Exposed - DVD A Real History of America - DVD Overcoming the Paradigm Conspiracy - Audio DVD
Vaccines Exposed - DVD
Our Price: $18.00
Activist Mary Tocco describes vaccines as "a software installation for disease". Tocco gives evidence of the strong link between vaccines and autism, asthma and cancer. 91-min. DVD Noted alternative historian Howard Zinn gives a fresh of breath air here as he cuts through the lies and gives us the truth about the history of the USA, including a close look at America's lust for and glorification of war. 119-min. DVD Ever since birth, we have been taught to conform, distrust our feelings, and to suppress our individuality. Christopher Largent explains how we can get out of the current paradigm and reclaim our power. 30-min. Audio DVD
Santa Barbara False Flag Shooting - DVD How to Protect Your Savings and Pension Fund from the Global Economic Reset - DVD The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity Revisited - DVD
Santa Barbara _ another false flag shooting, like Aurora and Sandy Hook? Is this just the latest Hollywood attack on the 2nd Amendment? Were crisis actors used again? This film provides some of the answers. 133-min. DVD No one knows exactly when the Global Economic Reset will occur, but economics indicate it's a matter of when, not if. This compilation clearly explains the situation in layman's terms, and gives you tips on how to protect your savings. 104-min. DVD This compilation contains researchers David Icke and Peggy Kane who have amassed a wealth of information regarding these predatory beings. Go deep down the rabbit hole to the source of global conspiracy! This film may well answer your ultimate questions.
The Grave Health Hazards of GMOs - DVD Ex-Biotech Employees, Scientists and Farmers Expose Firsthand Dangers of GMOs - DVD Access a Higher Level of Sovereignty - Report and DVD
GMO expert and director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, Jeffrey Smith,  discusses GMO and the danger to our bodies. Discover how you can avoid GMOs in your own life, and make a difference in your community or state. 93-min. DVD Exposed here by a diverse group of people courageous enough to talk about their research in the face of threats from Big Biotech corporations, these whistleblowers provide solid evidence about the great risk of GMOs. 137-min. DVD This information will give you the understanding and tools to break free, so you can achieve true sovereignty forever. This could be the most crucial product Tools For Freedom has ever offered! Report + 216-min. DVD
Eliminate Seizures With Natural Medicine - Referral Access the Secret Investment Bankers Use to Get Up To 30 Times More Tax-Free Interest on Your Money - Referral Get Private Personal Loans Without Banks and Cut Out the Middle Man - Referral
If you suffer from seizures _ or even other debilitating conditions such as MS, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy, Parkinson's or cancer _ you may well find relief from a new natural medicine. This tax shelter gives advantages beyond those available to ordinary 401(k) or IRA accounts. Welcome to a very popular alternative to traditional loans. Get a quote with no hassles and pay no application fee.
Top Method to Assert Your Lawful Status Outside IRS Jurisdiction - Referral Defeat IRS Claims, Threats and Liens - Referral Top Guide to Post-Conviction Legal Remedies for Inmates - Referral
Chances are high that you are outside IRS jurisdiction, and lawfully need not pay the US federal income tax! Assert your rights and be free of this tax forever! Want to defeat IRS claims, threats and liens? This resource is a rock-solid administrative solution in which you obtain a dismissal by the US Tax Court without having to personally appear or hire an attorney. Are you convicted and now wondering what your rights are and how you can appeal the sentence to escape imprisonment? This resource contains post-conviction remedies for challenging both state and federal sentences.
What is the Mysterious Jesuit Oath? - Report Get the Best Prisoner Self-Help Guide - Referral Defend Yourself Against Chemtrails - Referral
Torn out of the Congressional Record, but not before it was copied word for word by several researchers, this shocking blood oath contains a brutal declaration meant to be voiced by the initiate. Real or fake? You decide. Report Are you a prisoner wanting to learn your rights? This manual will give you the necessary information and background to formulate a strong legal self-defense for your rights. Chemtrails, filled with metals, bacteria and fungal spores, are beginning to be implicated in numerous health issues. This excellent supplement should be in your protective arsenal.
Move Your IRA Offshore and Avoid Government Confiscation - Referral How to Stop Banksters and Bureaucrats From Stealing Your Retirement - Referral Establish Offshore Residency in Any of Over 80 Beautiful, Get-Away Countries - Referral
Moving your IRA offshore may be a very smart thing to do. Right now it is perfectly legal to make global and offshore investments within your IRA. With the financial system as fragile as ever, you have a small window of time to take control of your assets. Learn everything you need to know to best protect and profit during these times. Learn how to obtain a second passport and how to become an independent world citizen, free to live, work and acquire property almost anywhere in the world without Big Brother watching over your shoulder.
How to Prepare and Profit From the Pending "Economic 9/11" - Referral The Awesome Adaptogenic Herbal Aphrodisiac - Referral Internationalize Your Capital - Referral
An economic 9/11 is coming down the pipes for the United States. We refer to a source that closely monitors world events and economies and tells you exactly how to prepare and profit from what's ahead. This awesome adaptogenic plant is known for it's wide range of all-round beneficial properties. It also contains a powerful neurotransmitter pre-cursor called L-Dopa. Increase your energy, improve longevity and maybe even help activate your 3rd eye! The US Government, as an obvious example of its desperation and tyranny, is step-by-step starting to impose capital controls on its citizens. The solution is to internationalize your capital right now while you can!
The Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally - Report Ditch Your 401k and Find Safer, Better Investments - Referral Get All Your Essential Services Without Money - Referral
Eyesight is probably our most prized sense, so it's well worth learning about how to protect it and even make it better. This report contains the top 5 ways to improve your eyesight naturally without drugs or surgery. Did you know that while 401ks and IRAs are pushed to Main Street, Wall Street tycoons are investing in other accounts entirely. Find out what they are and how to get started generating guaranteed return, tax-free income. Many like-minded people have gotten together to form massive barter networks, where you can earn, exchange and spend your time, stored as a local "currency". Supporting grassroots initiatives like this helps break the stranglehold of the central bankers.
The Secret to Know Which Foods Contain Which Healing Benefits - Report Stop Foreclosure and Debt Collectors Immediately - Referral 21 Quick Tricks to Feel Better Instantly - Referral and Report
It's mind-boggling fact, but did you know that the shape and texture of a food actually tells you its healing benefits? Discover the secret connections among fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other foods, and their medicinal healing potential. How would you like to stop debt collectors dead in their tracks with a nearly 100% success rate? This resource can help you have your debt reduced or even eliminated, and have your credit report cleared of negative entries. 60-day money-back guarantee Let's face it _ even the best of us get down on ourselves and the world from time to time. This clever collection of techniques will help you feel better instantly!
How to Find Work and Get a Job - No Matter How Bad the Economy Is - Referral The All-Natural Toxin Absorber for Tremendous Health - Referral Amazing Breakthrough in Compact Portable Backup Power - Referral
Have you been laid off? Are you trying to restart you career? Learn what you need to know about the economy and the job market to always get a job no matter what. This supplement was shown in a recent USDA clinical study to remove high levels of arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead from the human body. It's a great way to boost health and get anything harmful out of your body before it causes long term damage. Never be without power again! This small device fits in your shirt pocket and powers cell phones, laptops and virtually any portable device! It will even jump start a car, motorcycle or bus! Never worry about being stranded again with a dead battery.
Learn How to Change Your Insane Diet - Referral The Gemstone File - Report Foods To Eat and Foods to Avoid on a Candida Diet - Report
Referral to a clear and concise book which cuts through disinformation and gives you the facts. Since 1975, a privately circulated document has been the subject of much discussion and debate among researchers into the dark realms of political conspiracy, The Gemstone Report. This is an easily readable skeleton outline or summary. Candida afflicts a lot of people and can make life unpleasant. Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid to beat the candida fungus for good.
Is the Book of Revelations in the Bible a Shameless Plagiarism? - Report Roll Back the Clock on Aging - Referral The Best Ironclad Asset Protection Tactics - Referral
Did the early Catholic Church create a falsified version for the New Testament and use them for its own purposes? See the evidence and decide for yourself. How would you like to be 30 years younger in terms of health, strength, looks, mental acuity and drive? This natural coenzyme has been shown to reverse a fundamental aspect of age-related deterioration: the DNA mitochondria of your cells! Every day, forces beyond your control are working to take away your hard earned money. Learn the top 5 best ironclad asset protection techniques today!
The Super Herb Which Supports Your Immune Function - Referral Health Tonic Immune Booster - Referral Remote Energy Medicine Sessions - Referral
This super anti-aging herb increases the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which fight infection. It is considered one of the finest immune boosters on the planet. It's also a complementary input for natural cancer treatments! This potent herb tackles many types of ailments and provides a wide range of health benefits. Energy medicine, a powerful healing modality, can produce results when other things fail. We refer you to a talented energy healer, who has helped people with a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Sessions are conducted remotely.
Operating Secured (Redemption Manual Series, #2) - Book Healing the Gerson Way - Book Former Judge Reveals Secrets of America - Handbook
Operating Secured is the 2nd book of the fantastic Redemption Manual Series, coming after the 1st book "Free From Servitude"! This book will teach you how to utilize tools to defend your rights and create success for the future. The Gerson therapy is famous for its success in healing many types of cancer as well as degenerative and chronic diseases. This book is a complete how-to guide on how you can implement the Gerson therapy and heal yourself. Outstanding! The knowledge contained here will help you defend yourself in court, reclaim your freedom and much more. 119-page Handbook
The Path of Prosperity - Handbook Develop Your Magnetism and Attract Wealth, Power and Love - Handbook Keys to Power Prosperity - Handbook
You already have the secret of health, success, power and abounding happiness. Learn how to direct these forces and realize prosperity in your life today! 52-page Handbook Do you want to know how to develop irresistible personal magnetism and attract wealth, fame, success, love or power? This book breaks it all down and makes it simple.  Act now and grab this guide to change your life! 46-page Handbook The keys to power prosperity are within your grasp. Learn the 164 beliefs that automatically attract prosperity to you. 70-page Handbook
101 Ways to Stop the Money Leak - Handbook How to Build a Quantum Energy Generator - Handbook Propaganda - Handbook
Propaganda - Handbook
Our Price: $18.00
Stop the money leak! You will be surprised at just how many ways there are to cut costs and still get everything you need! 48-page Handbook The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) prototype is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla's designs. Use it to produce continuous electrical power with minimal maintenance! Includes schematics and directions. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Get a powerful glimpse into the controlling mindset of the Globalists. 153-page Handbook
Does the Earth have 2 suns -  Roxy Lopez interviews Emily Cragg, who presents evidence showing that our solar system may indeed be a binary system. See images Cragg has collected showing signs of intelligent life throughout the solar system.
Does the Earth have 2 suns? Roxy Lopez (The Truth Denied) interviews Emily Cragg, who presents evidence showing that our solar system may indeed be a binary system. She destroys the deliberate disinformation put out by NASA, who airbrushes iphotos and distorts digital images before public release to hide the obvious evidence of an ET presence on the Moon, Mars and many other places. See images Cragg has collected showing signs of intelligent life throughout the solar system. Did Elenin peel us off an orbit of our normal sun, putting us into a different orbit around a second sun, a brown dwarf star called Wormwood? 89-min.
Audio DVD
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