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Jing Builder - Boost Sexual Stamina and Core Energy - 60 capsules Your Consciousness Goes With You After You Die - DVD Insider Reveals Extent of Vatican's Sex Crimes - DVD
In Chinese Medicine jing is core energy or essential fluid. It's depleted by over-ejaculation. This powerful natural solution replenishes male sexual energy, increases potency & libido, intensifies climax and ensures a faster rebound. Return to power! We need a new scientific model. We still mostly think there is a world outside of us that operates independent of us. Yet the truth is that we don't measure the world; we create it. The Universe comes from consciousness, not the other way around. Dominican priest Tom Doyle was an expert witness in clergy sex abuse cases throughout the US, UK, Canada, Ireland & others. He warned the Vatican about the sexual abuse epidemic. He reveals how the Catholic Church is structured as a tyrannical monarchy.
Space Shuttle Fakery - 1986 Challenger Crew Still Alive? - DVD Stonehenge: Reassembled With Cranes? - DVD TV and Mainstream Media: A Carnival of Lies - DVD
Like all else from NASA, the 1986 Challenger story is full of fakery. Why were the "parents" of some astronauts smiling & unconcerned when it exploded? Why did some of the Challenger crew turn up alive years later? A parachute to stop a "space shuttle"? See hundreds of photos proving that around the 1950s Stonehenge was definitely reassembled. Cranes lifting rocks into place, bags of concrete mix ... How can rocks really be carbon dated? What was there before the reassembly? Is this another giant scam? Americans watch 8+ hours of TV daily (2007 stats). Virtually everything you think is real is actually a fabrication – and the liar-in-chief propagating this false version of reality, this Matrix, is actually a box or flat screen in your living room.
NSA Whistleblower Reveals Severity of American Spying Operations - DVD Close Encounters: The Life of Famous Ufologist J. Allen Hynek - DVD UFOs: Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional? - DVD
Pervasive surveillance threatens our Republic more than any other enemy. This former congressional staffer (House Intelligence Committee) withstood FBI raids on her home. Here she exposes just what the FBI, NSA etc. are collecting – not just metadata! Dr. J. Allen Hynek was hired by the USAF for Project Blue Book to debunk real UFO sightings by claiming, e.g. they were "swamp gas". But secretly he was a UFO experiencer. Here his secretary Ann Eller reveals inside information about him and what she saw. Are UFOs built by highly advanced aliens who are extraterrestrial in nature, i.e. with physical bodies from a physical planet? Or are they inter dimensional in nature, i.e. not necessarily physical and from another dimension, plane of existence or density?
Whistleblower: We Control All Religions - DVD Hillary Clinton: A Criminal All Her Life - DVD 13 Types of Chemtrail Aerosols Destroying Your Health – And How to Protect Yourself - Audio DVD
There is a secret order that controls religions within religions. It has the perfected the art of infiltration and avoidance of detection. This group is an inner circle, intertwined with Knights of Columbus & Freemasonry. They brought communism to Russia. Hillary Clinton is a lifelong criminal. Her scandals & coverups range from accepting bribes to murdering people who would expose her (the Clinton body count is a long one). This overview shows why Hillary is the worst choice for anyone wanting freedom. Geoengineering: one of the greatest crime against mankind & Earth. Learn which 2 key elements to get in your diet which will protect you in general against these toxic aerosols, and a fantastic new product that protects your lungs and soft tissue.
Black Knight Satellite and Pepsi - Coming Alien Disclosure?  - DVD Experts Analyze the Alien, UFO and Abduction Phenomena - DVD The Psychology of Authority - DVD
The short film "Black Knight Decoded" refers to the alleged satellite orbiting Earth known as Black Knight. Tesla deduced the existence of it. Is this new film a clue of pending disclosure? See a UFO in low orbit which exactly resembles the Black Knight. Are UFOs appearing in our sky to deliberately manipulate our subconscious into creating a mythology in our culture about themselves? With millions of UFO sightings since the dawn of man, is this an alien inter-penetration, investigation or invasion? Have you ever wondered why people obey authority so easily? They may say  that it's because they are being conscientious or have the duty to obey, but this video shows you the more likely truth. 76-min. DVD
Recovering from Vaccine Damage - DVD 9/11 Dustification: How the Twin Towers Were Really Destroyed - DVD Busting 2 Common Myths: The New Age and Manmade Global Warming Agendas - DVD
Dr. Kenneth Stoller quit the American Pediatric Association due to their involvement in injuring children with vaccines. Learn about neuro-rehabilitation with hyperbaric oxygen which reinvigorates the mitochondria in our cells & provides deep healing. This video does the best job of explaining the "how" of 9/11. The evidence is simple yet undeniable. Learn why there was no large amount of rubble, no seismic impact & no flooding of Manhattan. See the proof with your own eyes. The 2 biggest modern myths (manmade global warming and new age spirituality) are mixing together to create even more deception. Will the New World Order religion promote guilt for polluting "Mother Gaia" & push depopulation – the goal of the eugenicists?
The Vatican, CIA and Operation Gladio - Audio DVD Bay of Pigs and Vietnam Exposed and Explained - DVD Worldwide Supremacy through Geoengineering and HAARP - DVD
How much money does the IOR (Institute of Religious Works) / Vatican Bank have? Why is Francis wanted for crimes against humanity in Argentina? What are the many reasons Benedict had to step down? Pedophilia, money laundering, heroin, false flags & more. Get the facts from Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty (in the White House during the JFK admin.) about the Bay of Pigs & Vietnam, which both began as covert CIA operations. Learn JFK's real attitude to Vietnam which had been infiltrated by the CIA since 1945. The purpose of geoengineering is not "Solar Radiation Management". It is designed to work in conjunction with HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project). Discover the 7 secret agendas for geoengineering we are not being told.
Is All Manned Space Travel Fake? - DVD Science Proves that NASA Faked the Lunar Missions - DVD Einstein's Relativity is Wrong - Free Energy is Possible - DVD
Did you know NASA said they "erased" the original Apollo 11 footage? A NASA engineer admitted they still can't get past the Van Allen radiation belts. See the key figures who ordered the fake moon landing in Kubrick's studio. Is all space travel fake? Why are the moon footage & images so grainy? Why was the US flag flapping? Why are shadows going in multiple directions and at multiple angles? Why did the lunar module create no crater when it landed? See the proof that NASA faked the lunar missions. This is a fascinating overview of the development of technology & energy from the days of Faraday, Edison & Tesla until now. Learn about the link between free energy & the Montauk Project. Einstein didn't get all of it right with his Theory of Relativity.
Brilliant Tesla Scientist Spills the Beans on Suppressed Technology - DVD The Secret Armies of NATO - DVD Hidden History, Pyramids and ETs in Humanity's Paleolithic Past - DVD
Telsa scientist Eric P. Dollard tells the true story of suppressed technology. This compilation includes a technical demonstration and presentation (with prototypes, diagrams and mathematical equations) as well as a brief history of Dollard's life. 102-min. DVD NATO, MI6 and the CIA set up secret "stay-behind" armies in many Western European nations which became known as Gladio. These right-wing extremists committed many false flag terrorist attacks which they falsely blamed on left-wing groups. Learn the truth. Pyramids bestow anti-aging & anti-cancer properties. Many are in exact proportion to celestial bodies. Many civilizations that built pyramids say that got the knowledge from ETs (Extraterrestrials). Are pyramids antennae for interplanetary communication?
From Trauma to Transformation: Kathy Collins' Story? - DVD Authoritarian Sociopathy - DVD Is the State's Political Authority Really Backed By Anything? - DVD
Many are now aware of the reality of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) & mind control. What makes this special is that former victim Kathy Collins focuses on how she healed her trauma. This is an inspirational story of SRA recovery which can help anyone. Authoritarians & sociopaths may become that way due to the corrupting influence of power. Experiments show how most people have an innate compulsion to obey authority without examining its legitimacy. Remove the idea of "obeying authority" from your mind! The State is the biggest killer of the 20th century (democide). Government gives itself the right to do things no other individual or organization could do. But is there any solid foundation to its claim of political authority? If not, why do we obey?
Searl Effect Generator - Free Energy? - DVD Ancient Lovemaking Secrets - DVD Bigfoot: Recent Sightings - DVD
Magnetism is a force ever present in the Universe. What if it could be harnessed to produce electricity? Guess what? There is no more what if – see a working prototype model of a Searl Effect Generator with simple parts and learn how to make one yourself. The ancient Chinese knew sex tips & lovemaking secrets based on a fundamental understanding of "yin" and "yang". Learn techniques to increase erection duration, control ejaculation, tighten vaginal muscles and increase the joy & pleasure of lovemaking. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is alive! Hear for yourself the howls that can't be attributed to dogs or any other known animal. See massive footprint marks embedded into dirt & images of the creature walking through grass on the property of some rural homes.
Psychic Self Defense - DVD Fast Attraction: Can This Technique Make Someone Love You in 30 Minutes? - DVD Proof: Israel has Undeclared Nuclear Weapons - DVD
A psychic attack is any type of unwanted mental influence. Your thoughts & feelings broadcast a certain frequency which can be picked up on by predators. Learn how to increase self-awareness and excellent techniques for psychic self-defense. Imagine making someone be on the verge of falling in love with you within 30 minutes! Learn the subtle art of talking to people you're romantically interested in without turning them off. When you do this right you'll create a bond between the 2 of you. The Zionist undeclared nuclear arsenal, which we know about thanks to a brave whistleblower, contains an estimated 100-400 nuclear weapons, yet to this day Israel still officially neither confirms nor denies the existence of them. Find out more.
Leaked: Insider Lifts the Cover on the Clintons - DVD The Time Travel Birth of the Coming Antichrist - DVD Proof 9/11 Was a Government Sponsored Inside Job - DVD
Larry Nichols is a former insider & hitman for the Clintons. He had to cover up Bill's constant drug use & womanizing. He reveals how Hillary is a member of a witch's coven and how the votes were rigged to ensure Bill got elected as Arkansas Governor. Carolyn Hamlett, a born again Christian, became involved in an occult church where all sorts of bizarre rituals took place, and where she had a handler who she had to submit to. Her story involves demons, AI & a time travel birth of a coming Anti-Christ. Did you know that the US was warned by 12 countries in advance of 9/11? Did you know the alleged 19 hijackers turned up "alive and well"? And that the FBI was forced to back off from investigating the Saudis? 9/11 was a Government sponsored inside job.
9/11: The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the American Public - DVD Compelling and Convincing Points That We're on a Flat Earth - Audio DVD How to Defend Liberty as a Jury Member and Thwart the IRS - DVD
9/11 was the new Pearl Harbor the Zionist Neocons (PNAC or Project for a New American Century) had predicted a year earlier. Just like Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbor would be attacked in advance, so did the Bush Administration have foreknowledge of 9/11. Humanity has been taught to blindly trust science even if it contradicts our senses. Is the "Globe Earth" idea the perfect electric fence to stop us exploring past Antarctica? Sofia Smallstorm hosts a fascinating talk with compelling points for Flat Earth Early patriots revolted when King George tried to tax them at 14%, yet today Americans are taxed at around 50%! Jurors have more power than you realize. Learn how to defend your liberty. Discover your rights as a juror and tips to thwart the IRS too.
Hillary the Criminal Exposed - DVD Former Mind Control Victim Exposes Activities of the Satanic Illuminati - Audio DVD Political Correctness = Language Control - DVD
This is about Hillary's character, not about left or right, man or woman. Hillary repeatedly violated federal election law with hiding and under-reporting. See multiple examples of Hillary lying, cheating, flip-flopping and not delivering on promises. Satanic ritual abuse & mind control victim Cisco Wheeler was born to a 33° Freemason father who was a programmer for the Illuminati. He took her to a ritual at age 3 which caused her to "split" or disassociate to the point where she forgot who she was. Political correctness is a new form of "soft" censorship hatched by the Rothschilds through the Frankfurt School as part of Cultural Marxism. It dictates what you can & can't say based on how "offensive" it deems the words to be. Learn the truth about PC.
Jewish Controlled Opposition - DVD Whistleblower Exposes International Child Trafficking and Pedophile Ring - Audio DVD We Must Reach Mass Awareness by 2017 to Stop the Illuminati - DVD
Jew Gilad Atzmon exposes how Jews set up controlled opposition groups in almost every area of life so they can dominate the debate and entire discourse of an issue. If you control both sides, how can you net get what you want? This is a real eye-opener. Whistleblower Fiona Barnett exposes an international ring of child trafficking, pedophilia & Satanism of actors, judges & politicians: 3 former Australian PMs & 1 former US President. This Satanic network has well & truly infiltrated Australia and the US. Is 2016-2017 is a key window for humanity to rise up & stop the Illuminati? Time's running out. World leaders have been more brazenly pushing for a New World Order since 1990. See proof that pre-crime arrest & interning of people in FEMA camps are planned
Archaeological Coverups, Falsification of the Historical Record and Our Extraterrestrial Past - DVD Reincarnation Prison - Is the Afterlife "Life Review" a Trap to Recycle Your Soul? - DVD You are More Powerful than Angels, Aliens and the False Demigods of Light - DVD
This video delves into some incredible secrets about our past that contradict the official historical record. Were things covered up to preserve the theory of evolution? What about our ET past? What role did the Nephilim or Annunaki play in creating us? Some say at death we are given a life review that focuses on regrets, unfulfilled desire & karmic debt to lure us back to Earth. Are we caught in a reincarnation prison? Do our beliefs create it? Learn some ideas of how to stop the reincarnation cycle. Your unhealed emotional wounds make you vulnerable against astral parasites, looking to feed off your energy. They know how to trick you into worshipping them. They feed off chaos & pain. Get the solutions to claim your spiritual sovereignty & true power.
Between Angels and Demons - How to Remove Negative Entities that Steal Your Personal Power - DVD Alien Sculptures, Underground Cities, Trees and More Found on Mars? - DVD ET Origins of Human DNA - DVD
Clean your energy field! Remove negative entities that have attached themselves to you. You can benefit greatly from this regardless of whether you actually conceive of your "demons" as real entities or energetic thought-forms with some kind of existence. We now have access to thousands of pictures of Mars which still reveal A LOT. See alien faces carved into cliff sides, dome-shaped structures, glass-roofed buildings, humanoid sculptures, pyramids, tunnels, underground cities, rivers, trees, moss & more! We may like to think of ourselves as the peak of evolution or a creation of "God" but the truth points to the high likelihood we've been genetically engineered. Human DNA could not have arisen on Earth. Hear the story of who made us and how they did it.
Alien Hunter Exposes Alien Abductions and Implants - 41-min. DVD Your Body is Electric – Why It Matters for Your Health - Audio DVD Big Pharma's Fraudulent Diagnosis Scheme Exposed - DVD
An alien investigator of 40 years, who has overseen hundreds of cases of alien contactees & abductees, talks about implants, some of which were made of metals you can find on Earth but had a different signature, showing they were non-terrestrial in origin. Understanding the electromagnetic field is essential to understanding our bodies, environment & health. The body is electric! Can we heal by changing the EM field of our cells, thus turning a cancerous cell into a healthy one without drugs or surgery? Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem in the US according to the CDC. Around 79 million Americans are on at least 1 psychiatric drug & 41 million are on antidepressants. Usually there is no objective diagnosis for these "illnesses".
Former JFK Chief of Special Operations Exposes the Cult of the CIA - 2 Audio DVD Set Why US Presidents are Scared of CIA Directors - Audio DVD The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence - DVD
Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations for Joint Chiefs of Staff under JFK, exposes the fascinating details of how the CIA came to be. Learn who widened its scope through cunning & illegal means (hint: the same man behind the JFK murder). Former CIA agent Roy McGovern exposes how US Presidents are scared of CIA directors, how JFK and MLK were killed by the US Government, what happened a day before most Americans started hearing about Ukraine, parallel construction, and much more. The CIA is responsible for many assassinations and instances of gun-and-drug running. Some who worked there refer to it as a Cult of Intelligence. The CIA has developed an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence & holds itself to be above the law.
Ancient Underground City Discovered in Grand Canyon & Covered Up By the Smithsonian - DVD Lenin's Satanic World Revolution - DVD The Green Cloak Hiding Technocracy - Audio DVD
The area of the continental US still has many surprises. In 1909 G.E. Kincaid discovered a cave full of exotic statues & other "ooparts" (out-of-place artifacts) in the Grand Canyon. What else was inside these manmade caves & what is their significance? Lenin was one of the key figures of the Russian revolution. He pushed the communist revolution that was Satanic in nature. Communism was driven by Freemasonry; all the leading luminaries of communism were Satanists. Learn what this world revolution means. Decent health for all! End of poverty & hunger! Are these goals of UN Agenda 2030 false promises to usher in World Government? If you don't agree with the high priests of technocracy that the "science is settled" you're a denier who needs to be punished.
Life On Mars Was Already Discovered in 1976 - DVD JFK: What Really Happened - DVD 9 Powerful Steps to Stop or Reverse Foreclosure - Handbook
Would it surprise you to learn that life was already discovered on Mars ... in 1976? Dr. Gilbert Levin was the team leader of the Viking Mars Landing mission. Learn what he discovered & proved, and how it has been largely ignored & forgotten. JFK was a President of Peace despite being surrounded by communist-fearing military agencies. He fired CIA directors, reached out to Russia and ordered NASA to cooperate with Russia in future moon missions. Learn more about the motives for his killing. You could be current on your mortgage payments, 30, 60 or 90+ days behind, in the process of foreclosure or even have lost your house already. In all cases this will help you! Handbook including referral to an expert who offers foreclosure help services.
Masonic Symbolism Behind the Death of JFK - Report The Yeast That's Good for Your Gut - Referral Billary Clinton: The Rapist and Cover-up Team - Report
Masonic symbolism dominated the JFK assassination. It was a carefully designed plot to kill the "Sun King" in an open air temple (Dealey Plaza). Learn why it was a triple assassination. See how the Freemasonic numbers 3 and 33 constantly recur throughout. Guess what? Not all yeasts are bad for you. There is a certain special type of yeast which functions like a probiotic in the body. This yeast strain is like the "good bacteria" which prevent too many "bad bacteria" from colonizing your gut. Billary (Bill and Hillary Clinton) want the White House again. Bill is not just a womanizer; he's a rapist who raped countless women. Hillary then terrorized them into silence with all kinds of threats. Some of these victims joined the Clinton body count.
Sidestep Statutory Jurisdiction in Style and Adjudicate Your Own Case! - Referral Boost Your Social Security Before It’s Too Late - Referral Make Your Own Kombucha – the Super Healthy, Fermented, Probiotic Drink - Report
The US is a Republic where each person is sovereign with inherent rights. Not many people have assumed that power and used those natural rights to which they are entitled. Introductory info & referral on how to file a common law action. Contact info. Plans are afoot by Congress to modify your Social Security benefits. Something may be changed by April 30th. We refer you to a report showing you 30 income-generating tools – which have the power to save your retirement from massive Social Security cuts. Kombucha is a healthy fermented probiotic drink. It's raw & alive, crafted from tea and friendly bacteria/yeasts that boost your immune system & fight off pathogens. Learn how to make tasty batches of kombucha in 10 minutes and for as little as $2/gallon.
Know Your Rights when Dealing with Any Government Agent - Referral Naturally Remineralize Your Bones and Teeth - Report Promising Cures for Back and Joint Pain - Report
Do you have to identify yourself to law enforcement? Can you talk to a lawyer before answering questions? Do you have to answer questions from the police? What do you do if a cop threatens you? Referral to 2 separate and free ebooks, written by attorneys. There is an organic substance which the body can assimilate with the same composition as human bones & teeth in terms of its calcium content (not rock, sand or fossil). It has 27 trace mineral elements, is cheap & readily available. Find out what it is. This animal product may help your back & joint pain! It gives elasticity and strength to tendons and ligaments, prevents the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, leads to improved growth and structure of the hair and nails, and more.
Make Your Own Natural Soda (Ginger Ale) - Report Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment and Your Rights - Report Is There Anything this Amazing Seed and Oil Cannot Cure? - Report
Soda wasn’t always a junk drink with HFCS & aspartame. For ages many world cultures made naturally fermented sodas of herbal teas or fruit, with probiotics to boost health. Learn how to make homemade ginger ale (incl. recipe for "ginger bug" starter). Learn how to get government agents off your back, minimize harassment and defeat tactics of intimidation. Discover how to best handle police and why Grand Juries can be tools of government repression. Equip yourself with this knowledge. Learn your rights! Is this a true cure-all panacea? Hundreds of scientific studies have proven its ability to heal diabetes, inflammatory diseases & many types of cancer (e.g. liver, breast, bone, colon and brain). It also kills "superbug" strains resistant to antibiotics!
The Reality of Psychotronic Weapons Today - Handbook Save and Make Money With an Invisible Account - Referral 8 Leading Alternative Researchers Reveal What You Can Do - Referral
See the patents showing that electromagnetic / psychotronic weapons are a reality. The military-intelligence agencies seek ultimate control of the brain. They can stimulate the brain to alter your state of consciousness without you knowing. Get informed. How would you like to know about an account that has survived every major financial collapse? This invisible account is safe and lucrative, pays more interest than banks and can't be seen by the Government. Learn how to access it. Referral. The sheer amount of corruption in our midst can be overwhelming, but the point of informing yourself is to be more empowered. Get the wisdom to restore peace & justice to the world with solutions from David Icke, Kerry Cassidy & 6 other freedom activists.
Flush and Cleanse Your Kidneys to Restore Your Health - Report The Man Who Fought Invading Grey ETs on His Ranch - Referral 15 Handy Uses of Life-Saving Cayenne Pepper - Report
Your kidneys are crucial. They filter your blood & remove toxins. If you've consumed or been exposed to many toxins your urine can crystallize forming mineral deposits or kidney stones, which can cause extreme pain. Learn how to safely flush your kidneys. Don't believe in aliens? Check out this jaw-dropping story! After buying a ranch in rural America, this man ran into invading ETs (Greys) on his property. This tale has it all: missing time, unexplained shadows, creatures from another dimension. Referral. Cayenne pepper is one of the most indispensable natural food medicines you can have around. Did you know cayenne stops cardiac arrest (heart attack) and bleeding if you've cut yourself? Learn 15 great uses for cayenne, some of which replace pharma drugs.
Avoid Insurance Rate Hikes if You Have an Auto Accident - Report Debt Defense Handbook - Report Landmark Case may Show Federal Courts have No Jurisdiction over Most Americans - Report
Mandatory car insurance is a pain, and rates can go up if you get too many tickets or have too many accidents. However there are several creative ways around it. Report and referral to people who may be able to get you a better insurance deal. Want to stop harassment from debt collectors? This will show you how. Debt collectors use all the dirty tricks in the book – impersonating a sheriff (color of authority), pretending to have a warrant, etc. Learn how to escape this racketeering system! A recent Supreme Court case may have massive implications for ordinary Americans. Federal courts can only exercise authority in certain cases if located in Federal Territory - not the 50 states. Find out how to use this knowledge to gain more freedom.
100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe - Report Relax or Put Yourself to Sleep with Ancient Breath - Report Free Food for Those in Need - Referral
100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe - Report
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Skeptical the Earth could be flat? That's understandable, but did you know many things can't be explained with the globe model? Here are 100 proofs of every kind - scientific, intuitive & empirical - full of evidence that the Earth cannot be a globe. Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep, or find it difficult to calm yourself down? Do you get anxiety attacks? This ancient yogic breath, based on a certain ratio of in-breaths, holding the air and out-breaths, is tremendously effective. Report. America is supposedly the land of abundance, yet millions are homeless and 1 in 6 do not know where their next meal will come from, while 365 million pounds of edible food are thrown away every day. Learn how to get free food in your town. Contact info.
9 Solutions on How You Can Stop the Worldwide Conspiracy - Report
With all the negativity of the conspiracy it's easy to feel overwhelmed or helpless, but the point of sharing truth is to empower not disempower. Learn 9 ways you can heal the problems in the world, making yourself freer & happier at the same time. Report
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