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The End of America - Why the Economy Will Collapse in 2015 - DVD Walmart Closings, DHS and Secret Underground Tunnels - 80 min. DVD The Truth About Operation Jade Helm 15 -  74-min. DVD
The end of America, as we know it, is coming. The economy has become so utterly unsustainable that a collapse is a mathematical certainty. Stefan Molyneux uses US Government statistics from various departments to paint a true picture of the state of American finances.
The abrupt closing of 5 Walmart stores (in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida) has left both its employees and the general public shocked – and skeptical. Are there military agendas behind the closings? Decide for yourself.
Beginning July 15th 2015, military operation Jade Helm will have Green Berets, Navy Seals and other elite special ops soldiers will be "operating undetected" doing "realistic training exercises" on American soil, within civilian populations. Is Martial Law far behind?
Walmart, Jade Helm and Underground Tunnels - 66-min. DVD Get Ready for Jade Helm 15 Package - 4 DVDs Shilajit - Destroyer of Weaknesses
Walmart, Jade Helm and Underground Tunnels... what are the connections? What is the purpose for this kind of military exercise on American soil? Learn about the connections and how this affects you.
This 4 DVD package has all the latest infomation about Jade Helm.
Safeguard your freedoms by getting, and staying, informed.
Forewarned is Forearmed!
Shilajit is the most potent food and medicine of Ayurveda. Its name means ăDestroyer of Weakness"! Shilajit promotes strength and stamina, renews vitality, relieves stress, delays aging, enhances sexual stamina and improves spiritual power. 15 gram Jar
Al Bielek Talks About Phil Schneider Jo Ann Richards - Secret Bases and Dimensional Portals Sex in the Secret Societies
Whistleblower Phil Schneider went public in 1995 (and was "murdered by suicide" a year later). He was close friends with Al Bielek of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, who here reveals special information that Schneider had confided in him. Mark Richards is one of the few men still alive who claims to have been part of the Secret Space Program. Jailed for a crime he did not commit, he has been relaying lots of information about the program to his wife Jo Ann. Get the inside scoop on it. The use of sex and sexual magic in the highest echelons of the secret societies are exposed by expert conspiracy researchers Jordan Maxwell and Eustace Mullins. The world is ruled through black magic; sex is hijacked and used to control people.
Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Admits UFOs and Aliens are Real - DVD Real Life Alien Encounter Nazi Technology and Secret Societies
Edgar Mitchell, having seen the existence of ET craft firsthand, states the idea that we are alone in the universe is utterly absurd. Why have so many countries in Europe and South America opened their official Governmental UFO files, but not the US? Welcome to video and photographic evidence of a real life alien encounter! See footage of a 4-foot tall "Gray" ET alien who crossed paths with a man. This is a unique encounter and ranks very highly due to the extraordinary visual proof. Nazi technology was highly advanced during WW2. The very knowledgeable Vladimir Terziski delves into how the Nazis (driven by their own Thule and Vril secret societies) had made extraterrestrial contact and had gained anti-gravity technology.
The Surveillance Police State & Electronic Harassment Captive Minds: Hypnosis & Beyond The Global Financial Situation
How did the surveillance police state come about? Roger Tolces discusses how the Government prefers to use silent weapons (electronic harassment) rather than metal bullets; it deploys sound frequencies to jam your ability to think and act. Groups with all-powerful leaders who control the way their followers think have one thing in common: they recruit people willing to take the first step of surrendering to an authority figure they hope has all the answers. Learn how captive minds are made. The global financial situation is excellently exposed by Eustace Mullins in this presentation. We didn't have world wars until the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. Mullins also reveals some useful tips for dealing with the IRS.
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Divulges Surveillance Secrets Revealed: The People Who Have Set Foot on Mars The Illuminati and the CFR
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a brave soul - and a wanted man. Cooped up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he offers his profoundly intelligent analysis of how our basic human freedoms and rights are being threatened like never before. Mars is an undeniably inhabited planet. Human colonization has begun - and there are at least 2 intelligent native lifeforms there (a reptoid and an insectoid species). This roundtable discussion features the latest Mars whistleblower (Randy Cramer). The Illuminati have a long history ... and this classic presentation busts it wide open. Myron Fagan shows how the Illuminati, as the instrument of the House of Rothschild, set about trying to create a One World Government, and created WW3.
Zionism is Doomed Sex and The Bible: Lies of Fornication and Lust The Secret to Understanding and Defeating the New World Order
Zionism is Doomed - DVD
Our Price: $16.00
Zionism is doomed! The world is quickly waking up to the war crimes and genocide of the Zionist Israeli regime. Why Israel is so powerful? Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe offers his hard-talk perspective on the topic. Warning: coarse language. Many Christians are taught that lust itself is sinful and that there is something inherently wrong with sexual desire. This film, presented by a Christian, takes a close look at the exact language used in the Bible, coming to some unusual conclusions. Open your eyes! There is a plot afoot so monumental that the average person struggles to believe it. The New World Order is real but not new; rather a centuries-old scheme to centralize power and create a global dictatorship. Get the secret to beating it.
Dyatlov Pass Unsolved Mystery - Are Aliens Inhabiting the Ural Mountains? Is HAARP Geoengineering Causing the Californian Drought? Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines
The unsolved mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident still haunts people to this day. How did the skiers, in a remote location, from radiation poisoning and weird causes? Russian military? Aliens? This compilation attempts to throw some light on the event. The Californian drought, which is causing food shortages and skyrocketing prices, just so happens to coincide with one of the most intense geoengineering chemtrail spraying programs ever seen. See irrefutable satellite imagery for yourself. Vaccines contain rather unsavory, toxic ingredients such as aluminum and mercury - but they also contain human DNA fragments from aborted fetal tissue. Dr. Deisher presents research proving a link between autism and vaccine aborted fetal cells.
Ancient Knowledge Ebola Deception Exposed Insider Reveals Secret Government Black Ops
Ancient Knowledge - 2 DVD Set
Our Price: $24.00

The ancients were fully aware of the non-physical world, the invisible energies around us. Everything in existence is energy, and that so-called "solid" matter is merely an illusion of perception. Learn about ancient technology, hidden history and more! More and more evidence is coming to light proving that the ebola phenomenon (despite the fact the virus itself is real) is a fabricated, concocted event to scare you into submitting to forced-vaccination. See the proof. Warning: coarse language. Chip Tatum is a former CIA and black ops agent who conducted numerous international missions and who got a firsthand, close-up look at the New World Order. Here with Ted Gunderson he reveals the inner workings of military black operations.
The Magic of Thinking Big The Magic of Belief How to Control Your Subconscious Mind
Have you ever dared to think really big? Do you know the huge power of positive thinking (and the dangerous power of negative thinking too)? Do you realize that your attitude is way more important than your intelligence when it comes to success? There is a golden thread running through all the ancient teachings, philosophies, religions and spiritualities. It works for anyone who sincerely accepts and applies it to his or her life. Find out what it is and how to use it for your benefit. Why is one man anxious and another man full of confidence? Why does one man live in a luxurious, comfortable home, but another man lives in a slum? Why is one man miserable, but another man is content? This recording has the answers.
The Ultimate Questions Answered: Close Encounters of the 4th Kind Disclosure of Top Secret Skunkworks Scientists Is the Leader of ISIS an Israeli Mossad Spy?
When it comes to aliens some people follow the lead of Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project, who insists that all ETs (Extraterrestrials) mean humanity well. This is a dangerous belief ignoring the large amount of evidence on alien abductions. Skunkworks is the ultra top secret division of Lockheed Martin. Locked away from public eyes, the most incredibly advanced technology is being perfected. Senior scientist Boyd Bushman (with a Top Secret clearance) shows actual photos of UFOs and ETs. ISIS - a term with deep occult meaning for the Secret Societies running the world - is the latest bogeyman created by the Zionist-controlled elite. Info has leaked that the ISIS head is an Israeli Mossad agent named Simon Elliott. Is he the new Osama?
The Story of Activist Aaron Swartz, and How He Was Taken Down Ex-Spy Turned Whistleblower Interview Holocaust: When Truth is Outlawed
Activist Aaron Swartz was a computer genius and activist who died at 26, apparently of suicide. Through his activism the censorship bills of SOPA and PIPA were overturned. We all owe him a debt for his fight for freedom. Here is his amazing story. Annie Machon, former British MI5 (Military Intelligence 5) agent, explains how 9/11 is the beginning of a very deep rabbit hole. Once you realize this was an inside job, you start awakening, but there is way further to go. Find out what lies beyond. Truth is outlawed, literally, when it comes to the Holocaust. This is the fascinating and brave Sylvia Stolz, a talented lawyer who defended her client Ernst Zundel against charges of "Holocaust denial". She argued the case so well the judges panicked.
Cult Mind Control Exit-Counseling The US Government's Attack on Homeless Americans Sandy Hook: False Flag Government Community Capstone Exercise
Cult mind control is a real and serious phenomenon. Many people fall victim to charismatic leaders and get trapped, without even realizing the brainwashing they have undergone. This cult counselor explains his approach to help rescue mind control victims. The number of homeless Americans is increasing, and instead of handling it with compassion and fixing the root causes (wealth inequality from a rigged economic system), the US Government has been criminalizing homelessness. The homeless are under attack. Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher and law enforcement officer, and current national school safety assessment, exposes the Sandy Hook "shooting" as a staged cooperative government-community Capstone exercise, using kids and teachers as props.
Smart Surveillance via TVs, Phones and Appliances in Your House Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Wikileaks - Exposing Secrets and Lies Better Than Anyone
Smart Surveillance has arrived - and it's got you in its sights. The NSA, CIA and other alphabet agencies have worked out how to best monitor the masses: let the people willingly buy smart devices, and siphon off the data through smart meters. Hypersexualization of children is a central part of the Illuminati NWO agenda, which is dominated by pedophilia and Satanism, and aims to shatter innocence and exploit the unsuspecting. See the shocking extent to which kids are being bombarded with sex. WikiLeaks is a force to be reckoned with. Editor-in-chief Julian Assange stunned the world when he leaked more than 90,000 war files showing wanton murder by the US military which sent politicians scrambling. Learn more about this fantastic organization.
The Shocking and Widespread Racist Mindset of Zionist Israel Mandatory Home Inspections & Appliance Change-Outs - Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon Interview with a Scandinavian MILAB
The widespread racist mindset of Zionist Israel is exposed by David Sheen. He presents evidence in the form of firsthand quotes from Israeli citizens, politicians and rabbis, who openly proclaim racial ill will against Africans and Arabs. Truly stunning. Want Government goons and corporate multinational agents invading your home to give you an "in home energy audit"? And mandating what appliances you can and can't use? Learn the truth about the impending Agenda 21-style CAP (Climate Action Plans). In this account, a Scandinavian woman (going by the pseudonym of Maarit) who is a MILAB (military abductee), reveals how she is genetically modified and how malevolent aliens use soul-recycling and cloning technology to keep mankind in submission.
Unmasking the Extraterrestrial Presence The Numerous Pagan Parallels to Jesus Charlie Hebdo French Attack: Another False Flag?
The Government will not come out and publicly issue an official disclosure affirming the extraterrestrial presence. They would have to admit just how much they have lied and risk everything. Learn how ET Disclosure is happening one person at a time. Although Christianity presents itself as an original religion, and would like you to think that its messiah Jesus did what no one has ever done before, the fact is there are many pagan parallels to Jesus. Learn why Christianity is a recycled religion. Another false flag attack to demonize Islamic terrorists (and Islam in general) has been carried out, this time in France. Is it just a coincidence that the magazine Charlie Hebdo was bought by none other than ... the Rothschilds, who own Israel?
Fake Planes and the Nuclear Demolition of WTC on 9/11 The Sinking of the Titanic: A Rothschild and Rockefeller Conspiracy? Edward Snowden - The Truth Unveiled
Did you ever wonder why George Bush referred to 9/11 as "Ground Zero", when the definition is "a point on the surface of land or water at or directly above or below the center of a nuclear explosion." Were mini-nukes used in the demolition of the WTC? We have all been told the Titanic sank by accident, but shocking evidence in this film shows that the same powers that created the Federal Reserve also sank the Titanic - with 3 powerful opponents of a private central US bank aboard. Learn the truth. Edward Snowden is one of the bravest whistleblowers in the history of modern man. He was privy to all the details of how the US Government was setting up a global mass surveillance grid which can target anyone, any time, anywhere. Learn privacy solutions.
Does It All Come Back to the Birth Certificate? Edward Snowden Testimony - European Hearing on Mass Surveillance The Rockefeller Conspired "Fossil Fuel" Hoax
Famous author Mary Croft discusses some of the more interesting points of sovereignty. She cuts through the layers of fraud surrounding the birth certificate, the 14th amendment, the certificate bond, and the meaning of our signature on certain documents. Edward Snowden is a hero around the globe. Here he comments upon the information he released, explaining how the NSA captures all data and analyzes it for "people of interest" - not people suspected of wrongdoing, but people the agency disapproves of. Fossil fuel is a misnomer and highly inaccurate term. At the 1892 Geneva Convention, Rockefeller used his paid scientists to argue that since oil is made of hydrogen, carbon, etc. it must be a residue from living matter. Learn the truth about this hoax.
Obamacon - Presidential Scam Artist Exposed Common Law: Motions and Procedure - Part 1 Common Law: Motions and Procedure - Part 2
Barack Obama was elected & re-elected due to the cult of his personality. This film exposes the trail of lies he has told to gain office, including a fake birth certificate, the faked Osama shooting, his fake SSN and more. What a giant con man! Common law is the fundamental basis of law in the United States, before Admiralty Law crept onto the land. Learn the difference between "citizens" and "the People", a Democracy and a Republic, a civil right and a natural right, and other tenets of law. You are sovereign. Everyone who is part of "The People" is sovereign. The sovereign has the ultimate power. Learn how to file a proper motion, how to respond to the Government's claims against you and how to uphold your natural rights.
Powerful Lessons Learned From a Near Death Experience The Story of Edward Bernays, Molder of Your Mind The Ferguson Riots: Another Staged Psy-Op Event
An experience like an NDE (Near Death Experience) jolts you out of your comfort zone. It cuts through the mediocrity of your life in a way that not many other things can. Hear the advice of an experiencer who survived a brush with death. Do you know why it is customary to eat bacon for breakfast? Or why it is socially acceptable for women to smoke? Or where your beliefs come from? Learn about Edward Bernays, the Father of Public Relations, and how your mind is molded by invisible forces. The Ferguson riots in Missouri in 2014 captured the attention of the entire nation (and the world). But was it an organic event, or was the whole thing planned as a race baiting exercise? Learn some interesting information from a whole new angle.
Cops Gone Wild - Police Brutality in America The Not-So-Royal Family: Thieves of the World Indiscriminate Killing by US Drones
This film is hardcore, but not designed to scare you. Rather, it was created to reveal just how violent American cops have become. The average person is 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a radical terrorist. Warning: graphic violence. The British Monarchy, contrary to their public image, are pedophiles, Satanists, drug traders, slave traders and inbreds worth trillions of dollars who have intermarried with other Illuminati bloodlines (Rothschilds and Astors). Warning: graphic content. Thousands of civilians have been killed by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) thanks to Droner-in-Chief Obama. This DVD takes a hard look at a situation where military men remotely kill people thousands of miles away as though it's a murderous video game.
The Ineffectiveness and Toxicity of Fluoride What's Killing Off the Bees? Eisenhower's Death Camps Killed Millions of Germans After the War
We still tolerate a known carcinogen, fluoride, in our drinking water in some municipalities. The CDC even admitted in 2001 that fluoride doesn't stop cavities! Learn the facts surrounding fluoride so you can make an informed choice. What's killing off the bees? Einstein said that if bees disappeared from Earth, mankind would only survive for around another 4 years. Learn the 4 manmade interventions which are threatening the long-term survival of the bees - and, therefore, humanity. This presentation takes a look at a little-remembered and inconvenient fact of history: the shocking treatment of millions of Germans after the end of WW2 by American forces. Learn how Eisenhower got around the Geneva Convention laws.
Chemtrails: The Secret War Is Contaminated Corn and Soy Causing Mass Brain Damage in Humans? Does Every Vaccine Cause Neurological Damage?
There is a secret war being waged against all of us on planet Earth. Want proof of chemtrails? This film has it all, from declassified US documents showing concrete plans on how to control the weather, to microscopic pictures of the plastic filaments. Over 90% of US corn and soy is contaminated: it's sprayed with glyphosate, the killer chemical of Roundup. Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains glyphosate's role in diabetes, Alzheimer's, infertility and birth defects, and gives tips on how to avoid this killer. Vaccines are a cocktail of dangerous chemicals, including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, aborted fetal tissue and animal DNA. This interview is with a respected country doctor who knew the inside scoop on vaccines.
Driving by Privilege vs. Traveling by Right Traveling By Right Holocaust Hoax: Proof the Gas Chambers are a Lie
"Driving" is a commercial privilege, so if you're not using the roads for business, you aren't legally "driving" but are rather "traveling". Learn what you need to know about how to exercise this right without getting imprisoned. We know that traveling is a right, and that driving is a privilege based on doing commerce on the roads. The question is: how do you exercise this right, practically? This presentation has the answers. Learn how to reclassify your car's status and more. It's very easy to shut down anyone truly investigating the Holocaust. Zionist-influenced politicians do it all over the world. Yet there is nothing wrong with asking truth-seeking questions & presenting credible evidence of an alternative view of history.
Best 9/11 Documentary Shooting Hoax - Sandy Hook School Permanently Closed Since 2009? Constipated, Bloating, Headaches, Fatigue? Improve Your Health with a Parasite Cleanse
If you seek truth, watch this! We must come to understand our country's place in this world and how the fraudulent "War on Terror" began. This 9/11 documentary exposes all of it, including the fake Islamic terrorists and the lies of NIST. The official narrative of Sandy Hook is being challenged. There are gaping holes in the Government's story. Sandy Hook Elementary had been closed since 2009 and was being leased by a private company when the alleged shooting took place. Find out more. Do you get bloated, gaseous, constipated or fatigued? If so you may have parasites in your intestinal tract. These worms are stealing your nutrients before your body has a chance to assimilate them. Learn how to get rid of them with a parasite cleanse.
The Dangers of Eating Grains What You Don't Know About Wheat May Be Harming You Raw Food vs. Cooked Food: Dispelling Common Myths
Eating grains is a normal, yet most grains are highly processed, stripped of their essential nutrients and ill-prepared (not soaked, sprouted or fermented), so they rapidly break down into sugar. Learn more about the hidden dangers of eating grains. Modern wheat in the USA is very different to what it used to be. Starting around 1950, it was hybridized to increase its gluten content, and now has 3 times as much gluten as that from Europe (gluten has been implicated in arthritis & celiac disease). What is raw food? What temperature marks the point at which food is no longer considered "raw"? How much raw food you must you eat to feel the therapeutic qualities of a raw food diet? Which is better for most people, raw food or cooked food?
The Secret to Longer Life and Amazing Health How to Make Natural Skin Cream
Markus Rothkranz was a typical American like any other, eating fast food and tons of refined grains and sugar, until he absolutely crashed. After making the decision to completely start over he finally found the secret to longer life and amazing health. Most cosmetic products sold these days are full of synthetic ingredients and unpronounceable names. Whatever you put on your skin, you put in your body. Take charge of your health today with homemade recipes for natural skin, face and eye creams. Only around 200 of more than 80,000 chemicals in hygiene and cosmetic products have been tested for safety. Many of these are harmful - if not carcinogenic - and they are lurking in your toothpaste, shampoo, soap and deodorant. The average American adult is exposed to 168 chemicals daily. Whatever we put on our body will find its way into our bloodstream. Do you want heart disease, memory loss, depression or cancer? If not, you need to educate yourself. Learn the top 12 toxic cosmetic ingredients and how to choose safer personal care products. 97-min.
How to Make Your Own Natural Shampoo and Conditioner How to Make Natural "Aluminum Free" Deodorant How to Make Homemade Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener for Pennies - DVD
Major label brand shampoos and conditioners are, for the most part, full of petrochemical ingredients. Learn different formulas to make your own natural shampoo and conditioner, all of which moisturize the hair and soothe dry scalp. Have you looked at your deodorant recently? Did you know that it contains aluminum (linked to Alzheimer's, breast cancer and prostate cancer) and parabens (linked to organ toxicity)? Learn how to make your own cheap and effective deodorant at home. Laundry soap and detergent can be expensive, as well as full of toxic chemicals. Have you ever gagged when you took off the lid to release the fragrance? This compilation demonstrates exactly how to make your own natural laundry soap and fabric softener.
Is This the Best Diet to Make Fat Disappear - Without Counting Calories? Lose Weight (and Increase Intelligence) ... By Eating More Fat! The Health Advantages of Eating a Paleo, Primal, "Caveman" Diet
With so many Americans struggling with weight problems, wouldn't it be great to have a diet which helps you shed unwanted fat and not need to count calories while doing it? This diet has transformed the life of millions of people. Learn what it is. It's counterintuitive, but did you know that one of the best ways to lose fat is to ... eat fat? Learn which fats are wonderful (and horrible) for your health. Learn the real food pyramid, and what's really making you overweight (it's not dietary fat). The paleo diet is based on the diet of our ancient ancestors, who were hunter gatherers. It advocates eating the kinds of things the human race used to eat for thousands of years before the agrarian age around 4000 BC. Learn its great health advantages.
Boost Your Sex Life by Increasing Testosterone Naturally How to Make Nut Milk That's Healthier Than Cow's Milk How to Make Your Own Natural "Fluoride Free" Whitening Toothpaste - 74 minute DVD
Do you have low testosterone or low sex drive? Learn how to increase testosterone levels by 20% in 2 minutes, the 6 foods which naturally boost testosterone and how to make your very own "Natural Viagra" power drink. Boost your sex life today! Most cow's milk available today is both pasteurized and homogenized, making it much less healthy than raw milk. However, there is another tasty and nutritious alternative from the plant world: nut milk. Learn how to make homemade nut milks with ease. Toothpaste contains fluoride and all sorts of petrochemicals ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Make your own natural toothpaste & mouthwash instead! Learn the 3 main ingredients needed, and the 6 all natural ways to whiten your teeth fast.
Processed Sugar is a Drug: Learn How to Break the Addiction For Greater Health - DVD How to Make Fermented Food for Better Digestive Health - DVD The Secret Key to Reversing Chronic Illness - Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Lies Exposed - 126 minute DVD
Processed sugar is more like a drug than a food, since its addictive nature affects the exact same parts of the brain as heroin & cocaine. Learn how to break a sugar addiction and be able to NOT crave it. Learn the 4 key steps to giving up sugar for good. Do you suffer from bloating, excessive gas, cramping or constipation? Learn step-by-step methods to make real fermented vegetables for a fraction of the retail cost, have regular elimination, and also get rid of excess yeast, candida and fungal problems. Since at least the 1960s, we've been bombarded with the idea that high cholesterol is bad and that saturated fats are unhealthy. Do saturated fats cause heart disease? Is the vilification of saturated fat the biggest health mistake ever? 126-min. DVD
The Man Who Spent 20 Years on Mars The Sandy Hook Script The Miracle Vitamin that Can Help Restore Your Health
The truth about Mars is coming to the surface, as more and more people have begun to break their programming and access hidden memories. This is the compelling account of a man who spent 20 years on Mars doing military service. Truly mind-blowing. Sandy Hook was fake from A to Z. It was a mass psychological operation to see how easily the elite could fool and scare the public. This cleverly written account, passed off as a work of fiction, is an attempt at describing what happened that day. This is a miracle vitamin if ever there was one! This vitamin has been found to cure all sorts of diseases, from mild to serious. Learn what it is, how it works, and the best form to take it in. Referral to scientific article. Contact info.
Who Has More Power in The New World Order - The Rockefellers or The Rothschilds? - The Top 10 Most Toxic Vaccine Adjuvants Mineralize Yourself for Optimal Vitality
The Rockefellers dominate the Oil and Pharma industries, while the Rothschilds dominate the media and banking. Eustace Mullins lays out his research detailing which family ultimately has more power. The answer may surprise you. Vaccine adjuvants are the additives inserted into a vaccine mix by the Big Pharma companies, in addition to the attenuated (weakened) virus itself. Did you know that these adjuvants are heavy metals and known carcinogens? Learn the top 10. Are you in pain? Want more energy? What about a stronger immune system? You may need to mineralize yourself. This unique supplement originated at the time of the dinosaurs, derived from a rich seabed deposit. Referral shows where to buy. Contact info.
Block All Radiation From Your Cell Phone When You Need To Tax Shelters: A Great Way to Legally Minimize Your Tax Burden Exploit the Tax Loopholes of the Rich
Radiation from wireless technology, such as cell phones and wi-fi, is becoming hard to avoid. This product completely blocks the signal of your device, guarding data from theft & minimizing your exposure. Moneyback guarantee. Referral shows where to buy. Tax shelters are totally legal ways for citizens to pay less tax, utilizing the loopholes set out in the IRS code. It is your patriotic duty to pay as little tax as you need to. Discover tax tips which work for people of any amount of wealth. Referral. It's common knowledge that the super rich pay no taxes. The questions is: how do they do it? How do they legally reduce their tax liability to nil? This resource has the answers. Learn how to use the tax loopholes of the wealthy. Referral. Contact info.
Get Rid of Parasites, Extra Weight, Bloating and More Could This Potent Anti-Inflammatory Herb Be the Answer to Arthritis? 15 Foods That Cleanse the Liver
Are you tired of bloating & excess gas? Would you like to take inches off your belly? This special product was formulated to detoxify chemicals caused by colon parasites and toxins from the digestive system. Referral shows where to buy. Contact info. Arthritis, bursitis, Crohn's ... at the root of all these diseases is inflammation. This remarkable Indian plant relieves arthritic pain and improves mobility. Walk longer distances again with this natural answer to arthritis! Referral. Contact info. Anytime you take in a toxin your liver kicks into action to neutralize it. Without an optimally functioning liver, the poisons build up in your system. Learn how to best cleanse your liver with these 15 foods. You'll extend your lifespan and feel great!
Are Hydrogenated Fats the Hidden Ingredient Raising Your Blood Pressure? How to Legally Avoid the Obamacare Penalty You Have the Constitutional Right to Nullify a Jury
Americans struggle with heart disease and clogged arteries, and we have been falsely told by the "experts" that the culprit is saturated fat. But what about the industrial omega-6 vegetable oils? Learn the shocking truth about hydrogenated fats. The Obamacare penalty/tax is rising. Right now it's around $325 for an individual, but there are legal ways around this, based on your income, ethnicity and religion. If Obamacare is not for you, learn how you can legally avoid it. Do you have jury duty? Instead of dreading this public service here is a way you can make a positive difference. Learn how to become a fully informed juror and return a "not guilty" verdict if you think the defendant is being charged with an unjust law.
Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of The World Trade Center How to Use Ice Water as a Natural Remedy for Colds and Flus Escape or Retire to a Tropical US Territory With Massive Tax Breaks
Ground Zero, for those in the know, means a nuclear explosion. This book, thoroughly researched by a nuclear expert, looks at the evidence of mini-nukes being used in the WTC buildings. Referral shows where to get free ebook. Contact info. Ice water remedy? For colds and flus? Yes, it is counterintuitive at first glance, but it works! By subjecting parts of the body to ice water, your immune response is stimulated. Learn how to apply this natural remedy and beat viruses for good. If you'd like to pay less tax and not have to repatriate to do so, listen up. There is a tropical US territory with its own local tax system. US citizens who obtain residency there (easy to do) in most cases no longer have to pay US Federal Income tax.
100 Unique and Easy Ways to Make a Fast $1000 Free Cars For Eligible People in Need Free Money from Rich People is Available if You're in Need
If you're looking to raise some quick money, find another source of income or even create a new revenue stream, check out these 100 unique and easy ways to make $1000 - quickly! These ideas will give you some inspiration, take charge and earn good money. It's difficult to function in modern society without a car. Luckily, there are some great programs that exist to assist those in need to get a car. Many kinds of people qualify. Referral to organizations that can help you get a free car. Contact info. The world is full of inequality. In some cases the "haves" have millions times the amount of money of the "have-nots". Luckily, programs exist where extremely rich people are giving their money away, and you may be eligible! Referral shows where to apply.
The Secret Supplement to Improve Blood Flow Breakthrough Product to Heal Your Color Blindness The Essential Survival Communication Device
Blood flow is an important aspect to health, because if blood is too thick or sludgy, the heart will be more strained to pump it (a precursor to heart disease). This natural extract improves blood vessel flexibility and clears out plaque. Referral. Is that blue or green? Red or brown? Being unable to clearly distinguish colors is no fun, but this breakthrough product uses high-tech optics to enhance color before it reaches the eye, giving the color blind access to color This is the ultimate essential survival communication device! This cutting-edge technology lets you communicate with your cell phone even if you have no service or live "off the grid" in an area with no cell phone towers. Referral. Contact info.
The Very Effective Way to Deal With DUI and Police Stops Senior Discounts: List of Businesses Which Offer Them Reduce or Reverse Wrinkles by Eliminating this One Food from Your Diet
Want a highly effective way to handle yourself when you are stopped on the road at a police checkpoint, especially a DUI? This brilliant method gives the cops what they need without incriminating yourself. Referral to $5 book that explains it all. Senior discounts are offered at a surprisingly large number of businesses around America, from restaurants to retail shops to clothing stores to airlines to car rentals? Get your hands on this list and start saving money! Tired of looking like you're a shriveled up prune? Would you like to look more attractive and enjoy smoother skin? It's all possible when you eliminate this one food from your diet. Learn what it is.
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