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Pure CBD/CBDa Cannabis Oil - Panacea for Countless Ailments Pure High-CBD Cannabis Oil Gold Label - Panacea for Countless Ailments
Pure CBD Cannabis Oil - GOLD Package - Buy 3 Get 1 Free
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Now that Donald J. Trump has become the President Elect of the USA, and the American public has thankfully had the common sense to avoid a corrupt Clinton presidency, what can we expect? Trump is wildly unpredictable. How connected is Trump to the NWO?
12-18% CBD/CBDa

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phenomenal natural cannabinoid. Studies & anecdotes show CBD can heal a wide range of diseases (chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's & cancer). This CBD oil is pure, potent & legal.
24-27% CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent natural cannabinoid. Studies & anecdotes show CBD can heal a wide range of diseases (chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, Alzheimer's & cancer). This oil has 24-27% CBD, is decarboxylated, filtered & legal.
Pure CBD/CBDa Cannabis Oil - Panacea for Countless Ailments Pure High-CBD Cannabis Oil Gold Label - Panacea for Countless Ailments 205 Arguments in Support of Naturalism
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phenomenal natural cannabinoid. Studies & anecdotes show CBD can heal a wide range of diseases (chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's & cancer). This CBD oil is pure, potent & legal.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent natural cannabinoid. Studies & anecdotes show CBD can heal a wide range of diseases (chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, Alzheimer's & cancer). This oil has 24-27% CBD, is decarboxylated, filtered & legal. This report makes a compelling case in favor of Naturism or Nudism. The human body is complete and good, in and of itself. An open and accepting attitude towards the human body can be physically and emotionally healing, and thoroughly freeing.
Human DNA and Cannabis Designed for Symbiosis - DVD The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich - DVD Why Medicinal Cannabis Works: The Human Endocannabinoid System Explained - DVD
Our culture has a distorted perspective on cannabis. It's a useful, sacred healing herb. Learn the etymology & science of cannabis. It evolved or was designed to be perfectly complimentary to our body's physiological systems and our very DNA! Coincidence? From exploring the function of the orgasm to invisible orgone energy, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was another genius whose work threatened the control system. The FDA shut him down when he began healing people naturally. Here is his incredible story re-enacted. Did you know this astounding fact – the human body has its own entire physiological system that mimics that of the cannabis plant? It's involved in, or is responsible for, many key bodily functions. Discover how support this system for optimal health.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 6 - New World Order and Freemasonry - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 7 - Maitreya - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 8 - Ecumenism - Audio DVD
In part 6 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot Bill Cooper exposes the long-standing scheme for a totalitarian socialist One World Government, aka the New World Order. Hitler, Nelson Rockefeller & George Bush Sr. have all called for it. In part 7 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late Bill Cooper exposes the ideology of the New Age Movement that was created initiates of the Mystery Schools. Is it really a way to spiritual freedom, or another trap for those waking up? In part 8 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot Bill Cooper exposes ecumenism, the aim of promoting unity among the Christian churches. The NWO tricks people into coming together under a tyrannical system to lose their sovereignty.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 9 - Initiation - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 10 - Gnosticism - Audio DVD Andromeda Council Star Traveler Reveals All - DVD
In part 9 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper delves into the secrets of initiation. Learn what trials & tribulations the novice undergoes to qualify for full-fledged membership into the Secret Societies. In part 10 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late researcher Bill Cooper explains how gnosticism is a link between the ancient mystery schools and the current Secret Societies. Learn what the "G" of Freemasonry stands for (hint: it's not God). Andromeda Council star traveler Elena Kapulnik? reveals her varied experience as an ET contactee in Agartha (inner Earth) & on alien ships. She was abducted as a child by Reptilians, microchipped and genetically experimented upon. Her story is far out.
Functional Medicine and Why the Drugs Don't Work - DVD Why Glyphosate is So Deadly - DVD Is Religion in the Business of Guilt Generation and Control? - DVD
The drugs don't work. Western medicine has overused antibiotics to the point that they're no longer effective against some bacteria with developed resistance. Learn about functional medicine. You need to know the "why" of your disease not the "what"! Many of the most poisonous things in the world are dangerous for one reason: they mimic another beneficial substance and fool the body into accepting them as a substitute. Find out why glyphosate is so deadly and why you must avoid it at all costs. Religion presents itself as the way to God, but why does it have so much guilt? Is hell an invention? Can the non-religious still learn from Jesus without giving up their power to worship him? Why do so many choose to be spiritual not religious?
The Precariat: A New Dangerous Class - DVD How CBD Prevents Seizures and Epilepsy - DVD Is This Underwater City the "Atlantis of the East"? - DVD
The precariat are a new dangerous class, borne out of the elite NWO agenda of globalization. We have a globalized class structure with an entire segment of people with no long-term job security. Find out what you can do to escape the poverty trap. Learn how seizures and epilepsy can be treated with CBD (cannabidiol), one of the main components of medicinal marijuana (hint: it has to do with cannabinoids and the inhibition of neurotransmitters). Get the science behind cannabis, seizures & epilepsy. Could the discovery of ancient technology beneath the Arabian Sea prompt humanity to rewrite history? Did this city house people who had flying machines & nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world? Find out what's being covered up.
Why Donald Trump Will Become the Next President - DVD The Shocking Truth About Waco and the Clintons - DVD False Flag, Suspended Elections and Obama's 3rd Term - DVD
The Trump phenomenon has many people baffled. Trump has tapped popular feelings of resentment and anger against the establishment to bolster his campaign. Despite having few deep ideas & policies, learn why Donald Trump may become the next president. We were told the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas were a cult who committed mass suicide. Later we learnt the ATF aggressively attacked the compound with military tanks to kill women & children. Learn the role of George Bush Sr. & the Clintons at Waco. Every 4 years during the US presidential election cycle, there are rumors that the current President may suspend elections to stay in power. Is there any truth to the idea that Obama may invoke COG (Continuity of Government) plans to pursue a 3rd term?
Going Through Abduction - DVD How This Advanced Form of Medicine Will Heal You - DVD The Miraculous Healing Power of Cannabis Explained - DVD
Worldwide there have been around 280 million people who have reported ET abduction: 4% of the world's total population! ET contactee & hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald talks of her many patient cases, where people recall being in an alien ship or base. Western Medicine isn't the only medicine. This cutting-edge form of medicine focuses on the underlying cause of disease using a systems-based approach, rather than just treating symptoms. It's personalized medicine that tells you the WHY of the disease. Cannabis has so many healing components inside of it. It has over 110 cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) which interact with the human body's own endocannabinoid system, as well as other beneficial phytochemicals like phenols & terpenes. Learn more.
Are the US and China? Headed for World War 3? - DVD The Exoconsciousness of Humanity: Time to Rise and Shine - Audio DVD Can You Prove the Earth is a Sphere? - DVD
While there is lots of tension between the US & Russia, there's another great power the US frequently opposes: China. This documentary analyzes their relationship, including the technological, informational & economic battles they wage against each other. What is exoconsciousness? How can it be implemented in our modern world? How does ET contact affect human consciousness? How does exoconsciousness relate to Ufology and Exopolitics? What are the benefits of the development of exoconsciousness? The flat earth movement has taken us by storm, and even has mainstream physicists avoiding the hard questions. The deepest hole ever dug by humans is 8 miles, yet standard physics textbooks insist they "know" the depth and composition of the Earth's core.
French Bastille Day Terror Attacks Exposed - DVD 15 Year Old Girl Survives Satanic Ritual Abuse - DVD The Astounding Health Benefits of the World's Smallest Molecule - DVD
The Nice, France false flag attack of July 14 2016 (Bastille Day), a so-called "Islamic" attack, is actually a Zionist psychological operation. Journalist Richard Gutjahr (married to Mossad agent Einat Wilf) was at both this & the German one. Coincidence? There are still people who can't believe this kind of thing exists, but here is yet another account of Satanic ritual abuse, rape, sacrifice & mass murder to "Lucifer" the god of the New World Order. This strong, brave 15-year-old girl somehow survived. This substance is now being studied like crazy. To date, it has been shown to help 170+ diseases in humans and animals, including in every organ of the body! It has been claimed to be the world's best antioxidant. There is no upper limit for using it.
Hillary Clinton: 100 Minutes of Flip-Flops and Lies - DVD Clinton Foundation Corruption: Largest Charity Fraud Ever? - Audio DVD Ex-Vatican Translator Reveals Bible Hoax and Alien Manipulation of Man - Audio DVD
Hillary Clinton has had a long career and, unfortunately for her, a lot of it has been recorded. See for yourself the flip-flops & lies of the snake-oil saleswoman known as Hillary Clinton. In a just world she would have been imprisoned a long time ago. The Enron scandal was around $20 billion; Madoff was around $60 billion; the Clinton Foundation is a $100 billion scandal. Learn how the Clintons use their "public charity" to accept millions from Wall St. banks & foreign governments for influence & arms. This ex-Vatican translator gives his inside perspective on the Anunnaki (find out who Enlil and Enki really were), genetic manipulation, the cloning of Adam and Eve, the Archons, the Nephilm, slaves, torture, genocide and even intergalactic sex!
Why the Pokemon Go Smartphone "Game" is a CIA Surveillance Tool - DVD Strange and Inexplicable Things Happening Around the World - Part 3 - DVD Election Rigging Exposed: Fractionalized Voting - DVD
Pokemon Go was developed with funding from the CIA. This "game", linked to geospatial engineering, is really a sophisticated surveillance tool using "augmented reality" to capture massive amounts of data on people. Are you playing it or is it playing you? Strange and inexplicable phenomena continue to occur. See dust devils in non-rural areas, tuna crabs invading beaches (then mysteriously dying off), a spontaneous ground collapse (sinkhole), lightning bolts high up, tennis ball-sized hailstones and more. Election rigging is an unfortunate reality in America. It goes without saying that vote fraud undermines the very basis of a free society. This is solid evidence & shocking information that shows how the US republic has become a farce! A must watch.
New Portal Opens Near CERN - DVD Top Magicians: Using Sleight of Hand or Supernatural Powers? - DVD 1943 Movie Exposes Illuminati Secrets - DVD
These are jaw dropping footage & images. Why is a UFO white orb flying into a star-shaped portal in the sky above CERN? Why are gigantic cloud formations appearing and hovering over CERN? Why was a Satanic ritual performed in CERN's courtyard? See it all. Do you think that magic acts just use sleight of hand and can be explained away rationally? Think again! Watch in disbelief as various magicians do impossible things like levitate and teleport. What is the hidden link between magicians & demonic forces? Those following the NWO conspiracy know the world is run by secret societies & brotherhoods. This 1943 French movie (English subtitles) exposes the Freemasons. It goes into great detail. The director and others were allegedly killed over it. Find out why.
How Easy It Is to Bribe the Clintons - DVD How the "Citizens United" Ruling Affects US Elections – For the Worse - DVD Project Serpo: The Human-Alien Exchange Plan Set in Motion by Kennedy - DVD
Hillary's career has always been full of lies & dirty tricks. Billary Clinton started as a romance, became a business relationship, then a racketeering organization using the Clinton Foundation as a conduit for bribes and "speaking fees" worth millions. The January 2010 "Citizens United" ruling has brought about a massive influx of PACs (Political Action Committees) and Super PACs. Find out how this ruling affects US elections, including in the areas of foreign money and 3rd party candidates. Project Serpo is a military operation that was finally officially revealed to the public in 2005 by current & former members of the DIA. Humanity has been in an exchange program with an advanced ET race from the planet Serpo in Zeta Reticuli since 1965!
Fabulous New Longevity Cancer-Beating Superfood - DVD Meet the Woman Who Rescued Edward Snowden - DVD Putting Fake Satellites to Rest Using the Hale Telescope - DVD
This "botanical of the year" superfood is very nutrient-dense; gram for gram, it has more vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin A than carrots & more iron than broccoli. It is anti-aging, alkalizing, detoxifying, and helps those with Alzheimer's & cancer! The world's most famous whistleblower Ed Snowden had help from a key truth-telling organization, WikiLeaks. Their journalist Sarah Harrison rescued Snowden from Hong Kong at the risk of both of their lives. Here she tells the story, plus much more. Satellites should be more obviously visible to us, whether to the naked eye (flying in front of the moon) or through telescopes, if they really existed. Does NASA's own video clip, taken from altitude 317,000 feet, show the Earth is flat? You decide.
History of Nude Swimming in Public Schools - DVD Classic Documentary on Nudism - DVD Achieve Greater Body Acceptance Through Non-Sexual Nudism - 2 DVD Set
This documentary reveals evidence that nude swimming was a widespread practice and even a health requirement for boys in most public schools prior to the 60s & 70s, yet later was deemed shameful, embarrassing or politically incorrect. Food for thought. Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing sexual or titillating about nudism. People just walk around in the nude going about their daily business. As you take your clothes off, you also shed class consciousness. This double documentary explains. Clothing sometimes creates division & sexual repression. Nudism eliminates that. Non-sexual nudism is not shameful or wrong, yet people fear it. To be free you must be comfortable in your own skin. Contains non-sexual, non-erotic, family oriented nudism.
Come Visit Cap d'Agde - The World's Only Fully Naked City - DVD Nude Protesters at World Wide Bicycling Event Hope to Create Awareness - DVD How Cannabis is Beneficial for Your Gut - DVD
Imagine a city where nudity is not only legal, but actually mandatory in certain areas! Shop, dine, go to the bank, walk down the street, visit friends; all in the buff. This city in the south of France represents a new paradigm in total body acceptance. The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual event highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere & decrying society’s dependence on polluting transport. See excerpts from several events around world where cyclists ride in varying degrees of undress. Cannabis is good for your gut! This is great news for those suffering from digestive issues, nausea, appetite loss, painful cramping, chronic diarrhea or constipation, inflammation of the intestines, Crohn's, IBS, etc. Find out more.
Gut Bacteria and Brain Health: Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Brain - DVD Nude Hiking: The Ultimate Freedom - DVD Introduction to the Burning Man Festival - DVD
Do you have the guts to do what it takes to improve your health? You'll need to, in more ways than one! Cutting-edge science is now focusing on the large role played by gut bacteria (microbiota) in determining your state of health (incl. brain health). For an activity as strenuous as hiking, clothes can be uncomfortable & sweaty. Hiking in the nude can be pleasant and functional. It is completely natural to feel the wind and sun on your bare skin. Join this group of nudists as they hike socially. Burning Man is an annual gathering in the desert where people bring their exotic wooden art and burn it all – in the remembrance that everything in life is impermanent. Get a behind-the-scenes feeling for the inspirational free-spiritedness of the event.
Freedom of Expression Through Nude Body Painting - DVD Free the Nipple: Women Protest for Topless Gender Equality - DVD Improve Your Sexual Health: Natural Alternatives to Viagra - DVD
Watch as more than 100 people strip for the NYC Nude Body Painting Day Event where dozens of artists gather to use the human body as their canvas to express some amazing original artwork. Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary. In the US men can go topless without turning heads, but women are made to cover up. In many states, women can be charged with crimes for baring their breasts in public. Why does the female nipple qualify as nudity while the male nipple does not? You'd be amazed at how many natural ways there are to improve your sexual health. Nourish your body with certain fats & minerals, and your body in turn will produce more sex hormones. Includes 10 tips for a longer stronger erection.
Operation High Jump: Journey to Antarctica to Find the Edge - DVD The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class - DVD The Clintons: Most Corrupt US Politicians in History? - DVD
Was Operation High Jump about "jumping" over the edge of the very tall Antarctic ice shelf? Why were ships that explored the Antarctic constantly finding themselves way off course according to standard maps? Why did High Jump quickly end after 6 weeks? The USA used to be a proud nation with a stable middle class but this has all changed in just 1 generation. Families now have to depend on 2 incomes; mortgages & taxes are way more than they used to be. Hear the stats for yourself. The numbers don't lie. Politicians in Washington are in a new industry of "political intelligence", selling their influence & inside knowledge to all bidders. Learn how the Clintons get around US laws with their "charitable" foundation & "speaking fees" to get foreign bribes.
ETs, UFOs, Portals & More: The Most Paranormal Ranch in America - Audio DVD Visiting Nude Beaches: A Freeing Experience - DVD The Satanic Ritual in Switzerland Attended by World Leaders - DVD
The Skinwalker Ranch could be the most paranormal ranch in the entire USA. Listen as a firsthand experiencer and an investigative reporter talk about the inexplicable things that go on there. This is hair-raising stuff. It can't be all true, right?!? A trip to the nude beach is about sunbathing & swimming and has no sexual innuendo for most people. Nudity is about how it feels not how it looks. Most nude beaches are visited by a wide variety of body types. Get recommendations for the best nude beaches Recently in Switzerland a giant train tunnel was opened. Instead of having a tasteful dedication, a strange Satanic ritual was performed, including the emergence of a goat-horned devil out of a portal. This analysis decodes the symbolism.
Thousands of People Strip Naked for Massive Photo Shoots Worldwide  - DVD An Introduction to Naked Hiking - DVD Nude Couple Dance Performance - DVD
Thousands of ordinary people around the world are shedding their clothes to take part in massive nude photo shoots. "When you're part of a group of thousands of naked people you tend to forget your nakedness and perceive the entire experience as normal." If you're thinking about hiking naked but have some questions before you take the plunge, then you'll want to watch this interview. Find out where it is acceptable to hike and where it is not. Learn about proper etiquette as well as the many advantages. This compilation features people dancing in the nude. Their nakedness is graceful and augments their beauty. Learning to see the naked human body again in a non-sexual way is a revolution of perspective.
The Delight of Living a Clothes Free Lifestyle - DVD Exposed in Full: The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal - DVD What is Hillary Hiding About Her Health? - DVD
A clothes free lifestyle has health advantages including greater body acceptance and increased self confidence. Observe people of all ages doing ordinary things like playing, working & eating without clothing. Contains family-oriented, non-sexual nudity. The Hillary Clinton email scandal looked like it may take down the corrupt Clinton machine, but after a spontaneous emergency meeting on the tarmac in Arizona about 'grandchildren and golf', she got off. Get the facts on the numerous laws Hillary broke. Hillary's health is downright scary. See for yourself the many instances of seizures, blank looks, blackouts, tripping up on stairs, wild crossed-eyed looks, inappropriate laughter & coughing fits. Is all this enough to disqualify her from the presidency?
How Hillary Stole the Democratic Primaries - DVD Hillary Clinton: Pliable Tool of Deadly US Foreign Ambitions - DVD George Orwell's Animal Farm Explained - DVD
The DNC coronation of Hillary Clinton in July 2016 showed that US democracy is dead. See evidence that Hillary rigged & stole the nomination throughout the primaries. The results were way out of margin of error & exit polls were canceled. The fix is in. Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be an ambitious tool of deadly US foreign policy. The US & NATO have been steadily adding members to their global empire & world army; nations which refuse to join are branded evil & their leaders branded dictators. Animal Farm is a classic book studied by many, one of George Orwell's great books alongside 1984. He disguised his take on the Russian Revolution as a fairy tale. Includes a reading of the book, hidden meanings explained, plus analysis & commentary.
Hacked! New World Order Manipulator and Coup Funder George Soros Exposed - DVD The Weather Channel Confirms Earth is Flat - DVD DHS (Homeland Security) Considering Taking Over 2016 US Election - DVD
Arch NWO manipulator George Soros got hacked! See proof of how he manipulates via his many NGOs that specialize in propaganda, fake grassroots uprisings, controlled "color revolutions" and overthrowing democratically elected foreign governments in coups. Get a real view (not NASA's fake imagery) from up high. See clips from several different hot air balloons. If we live on a globe Earth, the curvature should be visible from a certain altitude, yet this footage shows a straight horizon every time. The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is trying to claim elections are part of "critical infrastructure" & so therefore it needs to control them to stop all the election rigging / voter fraud. Why do all governmental solutions always centralize power?
Hillary Rallies Staged! Fake Crowds and Green Screens Exposed - DVD Learn the Secrets Behind the Bizarre 2016 Presidential Election - DVD Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 6-10 - Package
Hillary Clinton is one big piece of fakery. See proof her "rallies" are not 1000s of people in a stadium but 50 people in a room. It's all camera trickery. Hillary is even faking entire rallies using green screen technology. These events never happened! Watch as Hillary outright fakes her campaign by deploying multiple body doubles in public! See proof that at least 2 of Clinton's video speeches are faked and stitched together in a studio! Learn the secrets of the bizarre 2016 presidential election. In parts 6-10 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot Bill Cooper uncovers the history & significance of the New World Order, Maitreya & the New Age movement, ecumenism, initiation & gnosticism. This knowledge is the fundamental backstory!
Have More Fulfilling Human Relationships: Increase your Emotional IQ The Ultimate Off-Grid Tiny House and Cabin Designs From Darkness to Light: A Fight For My Light And My Life
We all know about IQ, but have you heard about EQ? Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the capacity to recognize & master one's own emotions and engage & empathize with another's. Learn 6 keys ways to boost EQ & transform EVERY relationship in your life! The tiny house movement has swept across America, allowing people without much land or money to get nice living quarters and a solid roof over their heads. Why not build your own? We refer you to a cheap guide which contains all the info This is a must-read for all those who have suffered trauma. Author Avi Garner explains how PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) needs to be renamed post-traumatic stress process. Discover how this process can help you or a loved one heal past wounds.
Guess Which Plant Can Stop Superbugs? The Man Who Beat the IRS Top 20 Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil
Superbugs have become a grave problem due to the actions ofŹRockefeller Western Medicine & Big Pharma. A natural plant whose various compounds can kill even the most virulent strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria exists. Find out what it is! Tired of coughing up for the IRS? Learn what this man did, step by step, to successfully beat the IRS. Go on a journey of self discovery through concepts such as the Notice of Offer, Performance Filing Statement, decoding the CFR & IMF, A4V and more. Frankincense has a long history of use Š it was even mentioned in the Bible. Frankincense essential oil has numerous health benefits such as alleviating gout & arthritis, mitigating stress, anxiety & depression, relieving pain and even boosting longevity.
Leaked Sections of Secret Corporate TTP and TTIP "Free Trade" Agreements Simple and Cheap Arthritis Cure Start Your Own Church But Avoid the 501c3 Trap
The NWO advances its agenda of totalitarianism through "free-trade" agreements (allowing big corporations unfettered access to cheap labor & new markets). The secret TTP & TTIP would cover most of the Earth! See leaked sections of the docs for yourself. There is a natural substance you may have in your house that is an unexpected healer. This stuff is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory & detoxifying. It effectively treats arthritis, gout, swollen gums & other inflammatory diseases. Find out what it is. Many starting their own church / ministry think they have to ask the IRS permission and get a 501c3 non-profit organization (with strings attached). Not so! Learn how to conduct your spiritual purpose with full rights & lawful exception from taxation.
Finally! Cure Lyme Disease Cheaply and Without Drugs 100+ Years of Case Law Proving Right to Travel on Roads Without a License Earn Easy Income Writing Comments on Online Videos
Lyme Disease is contagious, & can be deadly. The bacterium is impervious to medicine which tries to eradicate it by starving it of iron. Now there is a cheap and effective treatment that doesn't require Big Pharma drugs, radiation or surgery. Do you know you've always had the inherent right to travel on the roads without a license? The law is clear. This report features over 100 years of US case law proving the right to travel on public roads without a license. Keep a copy in your glovebox! Could you use a little extra income in the immediate future? This is a very easy way to make up to $1000/month or moreŹfrom the comfort of your own home! Get paid to view TV pilot programs, movie trailers and ads, and make comments. It's that simple!
2 Simple Natural Nutrients Which Prevent Heart Attack and Heart Disease Easy Handheld Units for Superb Structured Water Herb Pharm Virattack - Boost Immunity and Wipe Out Viruses. 1 oz. Bottle
Cholesterol drugs like statins are dangerous. There's no need to take risky Big Pharma drugs for your heart. A Swedish study found that a combination of 2 natural substances did amazing things for longevity and heart health. Find out what they are. There are many benefits to structured water (it hydrates more effectively, leads to better health, etc.). These handheld units can easily be used in any house to structure your water. They are maintenance free with no moving parts. Want to knock out viruses like colds & flus? This formula is made with 5 potent anti-viral herbs (lomatium, St. John's Wort, echinacea, olive leaf & lemon balm), which have the ability to disable viruses. Organic or wildcrafted ingredients only.
The ESF, the CIA and the Hidden Control of Money - DVD Breaking Free of Codependent Relationships - 57 minute DVD Port Arthur Massacre: Australian False Flag Event Exposed - DVD
Learn the truth about a secret slush fund set up after Roosevelt confiscated the gold in 1933 ... it's behind the IMF & World Bank, it funded OSS black propaganda and it funded nefarious CIA cold war activities, including the overthrow of foreign leaders. Codependency or codependence is a psychological condition not a disease. Learn why codependency is relationship addiction, and must be healed as such. Learn the 4 key stages of codependency recovery, so you can break free of codependent relationships. Gun control via false flags is an international agenda. Australia had its horrific massacre in 1996 when 35 people were shot in Tasmania. See Wendy Scurr (nurse, witness) & Andrew McGregor (policeman) tell the truth about this Australian false flag.
Cutting Edge Mars and UFO Research and Images - DVD Independent Journalist "Syrian Girl" on Truth of Syrian War and Possible WW3 - DVD Chemwebs: What are These Dangerous Synthetic Chemtrail Webs Falling on You? 48 minute DVD
The cat is out the bag! See NASA-JPL images of Mars with thousands of anomalies: stone statues, pyramids, bases, faces carved in rock, reptilian creatures, UFOs & much more. Mars not only used to be an inhabited planet _ but still could be right now. The tiny nation of Syria has offered great resistance to the destabilizing US-Zionist forces trying to conquer it. Journalist "Syrian Girl" exposes the plans to balkanize Syria. Learn what the NWO is trying to achieve in Syria & the 8 reasons it hates it. The synthetic agenda of the New World Order continues. Chemtrails are far worse than we thought. Chemwebs (artificial phthalate plastic strands) are forming after spraying. But get ready for the worst part: these dangerous synthetic fibers are alive!
UFOs, Aliens and Cloning - DVD What You MUST Know About Vaccines - 104 minute DVD The Worldwide Attempt to Legalize Geoengineering - DVD
If you're looking for a highly informed insider, look no further! The late Dr. Michael Wolf was an ET contactee who was a consultant to MJ-12, Mossad and who claims the US Government signed agreements with Grey alien ETs which Congress did not ratify. We've been taught that vaccines are safe, effective, long-lasting, wiped out smallpox and polio, and that there is no connection with autism. But what if all of these statements are ASSUMPTIONS not facts? What if they're lies to sell a dangerous product? Geoengineering has been going on since the 1990s. Now the New World Order manipulators are trying to legalize it. All climate models are false at best or fraudulent at worst because NONE of them are based on what is actually driving climate change.
Former USDA Scientist Fired for Speaking Truth about New Deadly Class of Pesticides - DVD Project Leonid and the Underground ET Base at Dulce - 117 minute Audio DVD Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim Speaks Out - Audio DVD
This former USDA Scientist learnt how any science which contradicted policy was censored. Are we so short-sighted that we're letting chemical fertilizers & GMOs destroy our health & the land's ability to provide for us? Find out the name of the pesticide. UFO researcher Anthony Sanchez reveals some of the info he gleaned from former USAF officer Colonel X, who has the firsthand facts about the infamous 1979 Dulce battle between alien greys and humans, as well as lots of other secret information on Dulce. David Shurter is Satanic Ritual Abuse victim who was at Bohemian Grove as a child. He personally witnessed child sacrifice there by Satanist Michael Aquino. Shurter exposes the growing sexualization of children & worldwide push to make pedophilia legal.
Preparing Yourself for Contact with Extraterrestrials. 55 minute DVD Israel Orchestrated 9/11. 78 minute audio DVD Common Core Advances - DVD
ET contactee Enrique Villanueva reveals his incredible past experiences. Connecting with ETs is really about connecting with your inner or higher self. Learn the key to preparing for ET contact on a personal level _ something that everyone can do. Putting the puzzle pieces together the scope of Israeli's role in 9/11 is massive. Mossad used front company Urban Moving Systems to blow up bombs & frame Muslims; dancing Israelis were caught on a rooftop. Israel orchestrated 9/11! Learn the truth. Do you want the State to replace the family as a surrogate parent with schools open 365 days a year? Did you know that public schools under common core can take teenage girls to abortion clinics without parents knowing? Learn the truth about common core.
Gravity Does Not Exist - DVD Are We Literally in the Matrix? - DVD The Movement to Free Gaza, Palestine from Israeli Occupation - DVD
We take for granted that the "scientific truths" taught in school are right, but most are theories not facts. Gravity is an invented force. There are many scientific disproofs of it. Learn the shocking truth why gravity was probably concocted as a theory. The Matrix is more than just a movie, or an evil system. We're in a holographic cosmos, a computer simulation. This fascinating film is great proof of why we literally live in the Matrix & why materialism can't describe and predict our world. The movement to free Gaza, Palestine is not about Arabs vs. Jews nor Islam vs. Judaism. It's about freedom vs. occupation. It's about self-determination vs. colonization. Gaza is an open-air prison where a population is experimented upon. Learn the truth!
Is AI Taking Over Human Consciousness Through Digital Technology? - 2 DVD Set Secrets of Black Goo Revealed - 2 DVD Set Going Into the Mind of Hitler - Audio DVD
Consciousness is adversely affected by many manmade digital & wireless EMF. A former cell phone industry worker has telepathic communication with bees and exposes how they're being disrupted, jammed and almost wiped out by these toxic frequencies. Learn the secrets of Black Goo, the self-aware sentient AI (Artificial Intelligence) oil. Humanity has abandoned responsibility and given it to the Archons, who gave it to the AI they created. These dark forces are here to make us more responsible. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see into the mind of a famous or highly influential person? This radio interview with a prominent remote viewer describes what happened when they tried to enter the mind of Hitler. Learn what they discovered
The Delphi Technique Exposed - Audio DVD Are Possessed Human Impostors Walking the Earth? - DVD Awakening Your Inner Warrior Against Geoengineering and EMF Radiation - DVD
The Delphi Technique is a cunning method used by bureaucrats and social engineers to achieve (rigged) "consensus". It is used by Agenda 21 / 2030 change agents. Learn both how to spot the Delphi Technique _ and defeat it _ if it comes to a town near you. Are there possessed human impostors walling among us? This video delves into topics of shapeshifters, demons, angels, aliens, reptilians or lizard people, interdimensional beings, underground tunnels, Hopi legends, serpent statues, lost cities and more. This former pilot knows how real geoengineering & EMF radiation are. Even today he has too much barium (a chemtrail ingredient) in his blood. He reminds us to awaken our tribal spirit/inner warrior, realize we are under assault and respond accordingly.
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