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US Department of Defense Aliens Exposed - Audio DVD Human Meat Found in Fast Food and Commercial Meats - DVD Antarctica is Not What You Think - No 24 Hour Sun! - DVD
Is technology within secret black military operations 100 years more advanced than the public sector? Are many of the flying saucers and UFOs we see man-made rather than extraterrestrial? What did the Government do with Tesla's secrets after his death? Investigators recently found horse & human meat in the patties produced by commercial burger-making companies. Horse meat was found in 65% of samples & 90% contained human meat! Rat & human DNA was also found in popular hotdog and sausage brands. We are told by mainstream science places like Antarctica get 24 hours of sun in some parts of the year (summer). This documentary has actual time-lapse webcam videos of Antarctica. Have we been lied to about the 24 hour sun? See for yourself.
What Are You Going to Do Once Automation and Robotics Take Over? - DVD The Nazis Were Never Beaten - DVD Is Our Universe a Matrix-Like Computer Game Created by Aliens?  - DVD
What will you do once AI (Artificial Intelligence) advances to the point that robots take your job? Truck drivers, waiters & even journalists are in danger of losing their jobs to automation in the coming 10 years. What will you do for income and dignity? The Nazis may have officially "lost" World War 2 but the top ones escaped. Their influence continues to this day. In-exile Martin Bormann (the real power behind Hitler) set up a vast economic network of 750 corporations in neutral nations. Find out more. How do you know we're not figments of God's imagination? How do you know we're not simulations in a hologram? NASA/JPL scientist Rich Terrile points out science has made wrong assumptions in our origin stories. Learn what they are & what it means for you.
The Man Who Has Encountered Paranormal Entities - Audio DVD Surveillance State Landscapes Revealed - DVD Exposed: US War Crimes in Vietnam - DVD
Some things are so bizarre that you just can't explain them. Barry Taff describes some of the 1000+ extraordinary cases he has overseen where people have met an "entity", be it a ghost, poltergeist or invisible being. Are entities real? You decide. The surveillance state, black budget and black military operations all rely on secrecy. With enough research and great astronomical equipment, the veil of many of these secrets can be pierced. See some very interesting photos & military symbolism exposed. The War in Vietnam became a stain on the conscience of America. To date the Vietnamese Government claims 300,000-700,000 of its citizens are MIA. The US lost its moral compass by killing innocent women & children because communism/Vietnam was the "enemy".
The CIA Iran Contra Affair Coverup - DVD Everything You Know About Hitler, the Jews, Palestine and Israel is Wrong - DVD Convincing Proof NASA Never Went to the Moon - DVD
Have you wondered all these years what really went on with the Iran Contra scandal? This documentary exposes who coordinated the entire affair & the deal with Iran to deliberately time the release of hostages. CIA drug & weapon running is just the start. There is so much disinfo about Hitler, the Jews, WWII, the Holocaust, Palestine and Israel! Hitler neither wanted to kill every Jew in the world, nor was he a noble German patriot. Learn the truth about his Jewish roots & the Jewish bankers behind him. Want convincing proof we never went to the moon? This DVD contains piercing questions no one can answer, especially not lying NASA. Why no live feed or high resolution? Why did NASA throw away the original tapes & disassemble the machine playing them?
Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy - DVD The Vitamin D Levels You Need to Protect Yourself From Serious Disease Like Cancer - DVD Illuminati Symbolism Uncovered - DVD
Ex-CIA spy & author Lindsay Moran blew her cover years ago. She shares personal stories of how she escaped life-threatening situations & tried to extract information from others in a foreign language. Learn why she thinks women are better spies than men. Vitamin D deficiency increases your risk of chronic disease, leads to reduced longevity & substantially elevates your cancer risk. Most Americans are vitamin D deficient. Find out the minimum levels you need to avoid disease and how to test for them. Former 33° mason Albert Pike wrote that "Masonry, like all the Religions ... conceals its secrets (and) uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled." Learn the most common Illuminati symbols
Warmist Climate Change Agenda Busted with Facts - DVD How to Manually Structure and Energize Water for Pennies - DVD How Crack Funded a CIA War: Reagan and the Iran Contras - DVD
The climate has always changed. So what? The question is whether it's changing outside of a normal range, and whether humans are causing it – or even having any effect on it at all. The manmade global warming or climate change theory gets busted by facts. Water is magical. It's alive & can be shaped by intention. This compilation shows you how to manually structure, activate & energize water yourself. All methods here are simple, cheap and DIY. Drink to your long health! Contains great tips. Crack cocaine didn't just accidentally get into the US by mistake. CIA = Cocaine Import Agency. Find out why LA was chosen as the distribution point, what the drug lords were told & which gangs spread the drugs to Americans, especially blacks & youth.
Transhumanism: The Plan to Turn You Into a Hybrid - DVD The Hidden Truth About Vaccines - DVD Doctor Exposes Vaccine-Autism Connection - DVD
This documentary is a rude awakening. Find out which industries/institutions are behind transhumanism. Find out the law George Bush signed & the kind of entities he wanted to limit by law. Moral and legal dilemmas abound. Is transhumanism "enhancement"? See proof that the disease rates of measles, pertussis, diphtheria, smallpox and others fell sharply before vaccines were introduced. Why do outbreaks show that it is only the VACCINATED that get the disease (once or twice), not the unvaccinated? The knowledgeable Dr. Brian Hooker has the evidence that the CDC omits relevant data to make vaccines look good. The CDC clings to its mantra ("vaccines are safe and effective") which equates to allowing children to be killed (voluntary manslaughter).
How You Are Being Invisibly Targeted in the 21st Century - DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 11 - The Assassins - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 12 - The Assassins and The Templars - Audio DVD
Electronic stalking, mind control & modern directed energy weapons (guided by space-based AI) are so sophisticated it is hard for the average person to comprehend. You are being invisibly targeted by this surveillance system. Includes advice for TIs. In part 11 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper exposes the cult of the assassins. Learn how their leader Hassan turned disciples into fanatics willing to die for him. Learn the direct connection of the assassins to the Illuminati NWO today. In part 12 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reveals the hidden connection between the Assassins and the Templars. Learn who melded the teachings of Christ with the worship of the sun to pervert the message.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 13 - The End of The Templars - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 14 - The Skull and Bones - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 15 - The Roshaniya - Audio DVD
In part 13 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reveals how the Order of the Knights Templar was the bridge for the ancient mystery religion to enter Europe. The Templars were the first international bankers. In part 14 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper exposes the original concept of Freemasonry (hint: it was about mutual protection). Learn the link between the Templars, Freemasonry and the Russell Trust at Yale, known as Skull and Bones. In part 15 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper unearths more links among the Middle Ages, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Illuminati & a 16th century cult in Afghanistan: the Roshaniya or "Illuminated Ones".
The Nazis and the Moon City - Audio DVD Dark Forces Rising - Audio DVD Ex-Mason Exposes Freemasonry - DVD
Douglas Dietrich sheds light on the Satanist pedophile Colonel Michael Aquino, secret weapons used against the Viet Kong and Jack Parsons' black magic alchemy. Learn why the Nazis had an Ice Reich, who had the first base on the Moon & what happened to it. Douglas Dietrich is a walking encyclopedia. Having worked with classified docs at the DoD, he has some astonishing claims about the real history of WW2 (and wars before and after it). He exposes pedophilia and names the names with no holds barred. Ex-Freemason Omar Zaid knows the inner workings of masonry, which is a secret society. What kind of "light" is Masonry about, given that Lucifer means light-bearer? Find out the real basis of Freemasonry which is only known to those at the top.
13 Points of Evidence that Contradict the Official 9/11 Story - DVD The Final Evidence is In: Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake - DVD Heal a Disease That Afflicts as Many as 90 Million Americans - DVD
There are many theories about what really happened on 9/11 but one thing's for sure: the official story is a lie of grand proportions. Learn the 13 points (backed by 81 literature references) that contradict the official narrative to show it can't be true Just when you thought the fakery couldn't get any worse ... this new never-seen-before evidence from Mike Zullo (investigator for Sheriff Arpaio) conclusively & forensically proves the long-form Obama birth certificate is a forged document. See the proof. 70-90 million Americans have a fatty liver – implicated in depression, fatigue, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Learn what food group is contributing to it (hint: it's not what you think). Find out how to help your liver regenerate.
What's Really Going on Down in Antarctica? - DVD The Secret to Gravity Power Revealed - DVD Telecommunications Insider Exposes the Truth About Satellites - DVD
What's going on in Antarctica? Why are world leaders visiting there all of a sudden? Why did Secretary of State & Bonesman John Kerry visit? Is any of this connected to Admiral Byrd's accounts? Is this connected to UFOs or other civilizations? This compilation features the genuine 1939 William Skinner Gravity Power Machine. It does the impossible & puts out far more energy than what it takes in. If you want to build a free energy machine, this is a good one to study and replicate. This shocking testimony is from a whistleblower who used to be a power supply engineer for 2 of the main companies that claim to manufacture satellites. One day he was told a truth that has been a military secret for decades. Discover what it is.
How the US Constructed the Soviet Union - Audio DVD CIA Whistleblower Exposes US Terrorism of Central & South America - DVD CIA Off-Campus Movement: Spreading Propaganda Under Your Nose - DVD
The late Anthony Sutton exposes the American hand behind the installation of the Bolsheviks. The same group of NWO criminals promoted 3 brands of socialism simultaneously: writing Roosevelt's New Deal, funding Hitler & supporting Stalin's 5 year plan. Ex-CIA agent Philip Agee worked in the CIA during the 1950s and left in 1968. He became a whistleblower and author of several books exposing CIA terrorism of Central & South America. Learn what the CIA does in your name and in the name of the USA. Ex-CIA agent Philip Agee was first recruited by the CIA on university campus. Little did he know just how dark & subversive the agency was – the opposite of openness, truth & knowledge to benefit mankind, principles that a true university stands for.
The Warfare State - Audio DVD Inside The CIA: On Company Business - DVD Meet the Inventor Who Has Successfully Applied Tesla's Free Energy Ideas - DVD
CIA whistleblower Philip Agee knows the hidden history of the CIA. It ain't pretty. See the parallels between US attitudes & invasions of Latin America & the Mid East, and Truman & current presidents. The playbook hasn't changed! The same lies continue. The CIA ("the Company") has subverted 50+ nations since 1945. The late Philip Agee was an ex-CIA case officer with a conscience who blew the whistle on its nefarious activites. Former CIA Director and later President Bush (senior) called Agee a traitor. See it for yourself! This is literally the functioning technology which can transform the world to get us off oil (and off wind & solar) and onto free energy. This inventor has been a student of Nikola Tesla's work for decades and has applied his secrets.
Psychological Warfare and the Manufacturing of Consent - DVD Former Montauk Mind Control Victim Speaks Out - Audio DVD ?Eustace Mullins Meets Bill Deagle? - Audio DVD
We live in a society where propaganda supersedes other more primitive forms of social control. Psychological warfare is the name of the game. Learn how the Rockefeller Foundation has funded ways to manipulate people's ideology and manufacture consent. This former mind control victim survived SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) when other victims around her were sacrificed. Learn what the SRA calendar is, why the Satanists need young children, and what she saw come through the portals during these dark rituals. Eustace Mullins was a preeminent conspiracy researcher who embodied the spirit of liberty. His mentor Ezra Pound spoke out against the US entering WW2 so was locked up for treason. Mullins discusses the soft kill vs. hard kill approach of the globalists.
The 3,000 Year History of the Illuminati's Role in Creating Terrorism - Audio DVD Living in the Aluminum Age: A Cheap, Simple Way to Get It Out of Your Body - Audio DVD People Are Being Killed For Their Organs - Audio DVD
Islamic terrorism didn't just come out of nowhere for no reason. It has been fomented by the West (first the UK then the US, both influenced by Zionism) to lay the groundwork for a clash of civilizations – to ultimately create the New World Order. We've had the Bronze, Copper & Iron Ages. Now we live in the Aluminum Age. Due to geoengineering, lots of aluminum is getting into our bodies via air, water & food. Drinking a certain kind of cheap & accessible water can remove aluminum. Learn what it is. You may think organ transplantation is a wonderful thing. If done ethically, it can be, but unfortunately that's not what's happening. Learn how in medicine a culture of death has overtaken a culture of life. Learn the roots of this culture of death.
The Jewish Soldiers of Adolf Hitler - Audio DVD Sinkholes – Increasing All Over the World - DVD The Truth of Who Really Killed MLK - DVD
Despite strict Nazi ideology, many Jewish men of became German soldiers, either full Jew, half Jew or quarter Jew (according to Nazi racial law) who were granted personal exemptions by Hitler to serve in the German army during WW2. Find out more. The number of sinkholes is on the rise – bigger than football fields, occurring in city & rural areas, in virtually every nation on Earth. Watch as they mysteriously appear in lakes, on highways & next to buildings. Is man causing them? Can we stop them? William Pepper knows the MLK assassination very well. He interrogated James Earl Ray after the shooting to learn that Ray was a patsy. He represented King's family in the 1999 trial where the jury found Ray not guilty & US Government guilty of conspiracy.
Experimental Self Powering Generators - DVD How to Make Graphene at Home - DVD Fake Moon Landing Exposed - DVD
See a device with its own integrated power source able to run continuously without ANY electrical or fuel input! See a device powered off a single 9 volt battery that produces 24+ volts! See them but more importantly learn how you can make them yourself. Graphene is a new wonder material with countless applications! Discovered in 2004, graphene is touted as the strongest material around offering incredible capacity for data storage & battery charge. Learn how to make it at home with super cheap materials. Yet more Apollo & moon fakery is revealed. See astronauts mysteriously plucked up off the surface without the help of their colleagues or their own arms & legs. Is there a hidden puppeteer pulling them with wire? See more impossible anomalies exposed.
Moon Landing Hoax - William Cooper - DVD NASA Hoax Compilation - 2 DVD Set Live Longer and Better by Avoiding These 12 Foods - DVD
The moon landing hoax is exposed by the late patriot William Cooper. We're told moon gravity is 1/6th of Earth gravity, which would mean a 180lb man would weigh 30lb. This should have allowed astronauts to perform athletic feats ... but there were none. Embarrassing! Watch NASA's hoax footage and see scuba tanks in space, cardboard hatch doors, bogus reentry vehicles, freemasonic handshakes & astronauts hanging from fishing wire pretending to be in zero-gravity. What audacity! The proof is all here. Do you know what acrylamides are? What toxic class of chemicals are being put in your meats? What kind of drinks utterly ruin your digestion during a meal? You may think you're eating healthfully, but maybe you're unintentionally harming yourself.
The Frightening Militarization of Space - DVD The Real Motivation of Suicide Terrorism - DVD Above Top Secret Whistleblower and ET Contactee Reveal All - DVD
US military docs confirm the agenda to control space. The US brought German scientists in after WW2 only to have NASA, the CIA, etc. suffer Nazi ideological contamination. Learn why the militarization of space allows unprecedented monitoring of citizens. Have you been whipped into a frenzy re: radical Islamic terrorism? You've been partly tricked. Many believe the main force behind terrorism is religion. The facts disagree. 95+% of suicide attacks since 1980 have something else in common. Find out what. Robert Wood and William Tompkins are 2 men who know their stuff. One of them exposed the secretive MJ-12 group & publicly posted all their docs. The other learnt which ET group was secretly working with the Nazis and feeding them technology. Find out more
Nordic Extraterrestrial Contactee Gets into Secret Off-Limit Topics - DVD Current Mind Control Strategies and Techniques Used on the Public - DVD How Homeopathy Works - Audio DVD
William Tompkins is a big-time military insider who knows of the Secret Space Program. Tompkins states he is being authorized to disclose information by his Nordic ET handlers. Find out about Solar Warden, life extension technologies, Maria Orsic & more. Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that: "Whoever controls the best energy weapons controls the world without guns or bullets." Electromagnetic mind control can achieve far more than just brute power. Learn how mind control is being done today. Homeopathy is fundamentally different to Allopathy. Homeopathy knows the body is the ultimate healer; it stimulates the body's healing mechanisms rather than suppressing symptoms or providing temporary pain relief. Learn exactly how homeopathy works.
How to Reverse Aging: Longevity Technology Revealed - DVD The Proof that Obama and Hillary Clinton Created ISIS - DVD The Richest Aristocrats in the World by Far - DVD
Is our biology (and thus our average life span and even mortality) fixed? Since the human genome is now sequenced like computer code, and biology has become technological, can we hack DNA to augment it ... without delving into creepy transhumanism? Whistleblower Scott Bennett is not afraid to names the names when it comes to how the US funded radical Wahhabist forces (at odds with peaceful majority of Muslims). Learn the explosive information that probably got journalist Michael Hastings killed. This family of aristocrats is the central pillar of the New World Order and behind the agenda to erect a worldwide dictatorship. Their wealth is 5 times that of world’s top 8 billionaires combined. Find out who they are. Become aware of their influence.
Can Cannabis Really Cure Cancer? - DVD Reversing Your Cells from the Point of Death - DVD The Life and Prophecies of Edgar Cayce - Audio DVD
The question that people are now asking is: can cannabis cure cancer? CBD stops memory loss. While tobacco smoke causes lung cancer, pot smoke has no negative effect on the lungs. Cannabis oil may stop brain cancer. Just how good is cannabis? Scientific dogma holds that once a cell starts committing apoptosis nothing can reverse the process. But is it true? See new evidence that busts the idea. The implications are staggering anti-aging and for those with stroke, cancer & degenerative disease. Edgar Cayce touched on 10,000 topics in 14,000 readings: health, relationships, business, spiritual growth, dream interpretation, reincarnation & prophecy. Many of his predictions have come true. Find out more about this amazing prophet.
Edgar Cayce and the Interpretation of Your Dreams - DVD Fake Olive Oil and Unhealthy Uses Revealed - DVD How to Avoid Cancer and Obesity by Abstaining from Dairy - DVD
Edgar Cayce gave around 900 dream interpretations. He suggested that nothing of any significance happened without it being first foreshadowed in a dream. Learn how to improve your dream recall & interpret your own dreams to resolve all your problems. There is a well-known oil that many people use. In & of itself the oil is healthy but there are many problems with it: it goes rancid when cooked & cheats have been cutting it with cheap filler oils. Find out what the oil is & how to spot the real thing. Dairy has big drawbacks, especially dairy from cows fed with antibiotics/growth hormones. Pasteurized, homogenized milk exacerbates it. Cow's milk is loaded with protein & calcium designed to rapidly grow a calf into a big cow. Is this healthy for humans?
Why "Vegetable" Oils Are Bad for Your Health - DVD Wall Street Financed Communism and Nazism - DVD Bill Clinton's Cocaine Trafficking Cover-up Scandal - DVD
So-called vegetable oils are not actually seed oils, industrially extracted with extreme heat & chemicals. Many are GMOs. Hydrogenated "plastic" oils like Crisco clog your arteries. Find out why these oils are contributing to your heart disease. Anthony Sutton's impeccable research shows that US elite funded both Communism (the Russian Revolution) & Nazism. The Soviets' manufacturing base that supplied the Viet Cong was built by US corporations. Standard WWI & WW2 history is incomplete and wrong. This documentary is full of public record facts. Bill Clinton was involved in CIA drug running via Mena, Arkansas. Barry Seal was being paid $1.5 million per trip (from Columbia to US) to fly in cocaine. See Roger Clinton, who snorted cocaine with Bill.
Exposed: Vault 7 – The Biggest Leak in CIA History - DVD Stash Your Swag: 100+ Secret Hiding Places for Under $50 - Report Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic - Handbook
Wikileaks has published 8,761 genuine CIA docs in a series dubbed Vault 7, the biggest leak in CIA history. Get a full analysis of the shocking & damning collection proving the CIA hacks all electronic devices (phones, computers, smart TVs) to spy on you! People have been hiding their stuff since the beginning of mankind. Thieves come in all shapes & sizes from common crooks to suited bureaucrats! Why get a safe box when the government can confiscate it anyway? Discover 100+ ingenious hiding places. This masterpiece was written 100+ years ago. Discover how to increase your personal magnetism and develop dynamic individuality. Discover how to train and use your mind to its fullest grand potential. Put mind power into action to achieve your goals!
Cleanse Your Pineal Gland for Greater Enlightenment and Creativity - Referral Make Real Objects Float with New Levitation Technology - Referral How to Make a Living Outside the System - Report
The formulators of this supplement spent 4+ years researching how to reverse the calcification of the pineal gland. The result is this blend of 12 natural, potent ingredients to help your pineal gland become a true activator of consciousness. Referral. The future has arrived! A company is offering the impossible at an affordable price. This cutting edge technology lifts loads up to 2.2 lbs to a height up to 3.5 in. These are out-of-the-box consumer grade floating products. Levitation is real! Referral. Many trying to fight the status quo end up getting exhausted. Likewise, many trying to escape the Matrix wind up getting dependent on it for income. Fortunately, there are other viable ways to deal with the "system". Learn how with this bold strategy.
The Hobbyist's Battery That Runs Cooler, Harder, Longer - Referral Revolutionary Self Powering Generators for Sale - Referral Easily Buy Bitcoins From Anywhere in the World - Report
Are you an inventor, hobbyist, off-grid dweller or someone who requires some serious battery power? Check this out. These batteries are unlike anything you have probably seen or used before. They run cooler, go harder and last longer! Referral. Free and renewable energy is coming! This company has breakthrough innovations in regenerative power, with generators tuned to the Schumann Resonance that use with a low-power input (e.g. solar) to make a renewable energy configuration. Referral. Bitcoins are a whole new form of currency. If you're new to them, it can be confusing. You need to learn where to buy them, how the exchange works and how you can safely store them. This resource specializes in helping first-time buyers. Referral.
Save $5,000 or More This Year with 12 Simple Strategies - Referral 90 Essential Nutrients You Must Have for Good Health and Longevity - Referral The 3 Wise Men Gifts that Will Save Your Health - Referral
Want extra disposable income without needing to earn more or significantly change your spending habits? These 12 simple strategies show you how. You'll be surprised by how easy and effortless these opportunities are. Referral. The periodic table of elements is not just high school chemistry. You need almost all of those elements in your diet & body. We refer you to a product like no other: a drink which contains 90 essential nutrients from ancient mineral-rich plants. Referral. The 3 wise men (Magi) gave baby Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense & myrrh. Do you know the hidden meaning of them? The "gold" may be golden turmeric. They are vital health boosters not room decorations! Get an organic supplement with all 3. Referral.
4 Supplements that May Boost Your Pineal Gland Function - Referral Buy Marijuana Safely Online - Referral 10 Ingredients to Avoid for Better Health - Report
The pineal gland is a highly significant part of your body. Some even say it is a portal to other dimensions. It was called the "seat of the soul" by famous philosopher Rene Descartes. It secretes melatonin (the essential sleep hormone) and DMT (the psychedelic chemical found in magic mushrooms). Scientists have concluded that DMT is likely the chemical at the foundation of the many mystical and spiritual states experienced by people. Here are the top 4 supplements that may boost pineal gland function, plus a bonus suggestion. Report. Now that both medical and recreational marijuana has become legal in many US states (and many more on the way), options for buying marijuana online have popped up. These 2 sources are reputable & list a phone number and/or physical address. Referral. Don't have time to study all the ins and outs of nutrition? Want a concise summary of what foods and ingredients to avoid? Either way, this list is for you. If there's just 10 things you want to avoid in your food, here they are.
Our Entire Solar System Has Been Colonized - Referral Heal Cavities with This Amazing Substance - Referral Cardiopure - Boost Your Heart Health to Great Heights
Did you know the Nazis had already invented & built working UFOs (e.g. named Haunebu) during WW2? Do you know about the First & Second Secret Space Programs? If you can dare to believe the improbable or even the impossible this is for you. Referral. Do you think that once you have a cavity you're stuck with it forever? That's false! You CAN encourage your tooth enamel to regrow. Remineralization is a natural process which doesn't need fluoride. Learn which substance aids it & where to buy. Referral. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the US. Cardiopure protects your heart. Comprised of 11 natural, potent ingredients, it promotes healthy relaxation & is effective for high blood pressure. Certified organic. Boost your heart health!
Shiaqga - Boost Immunity by 4000% Non-GMO Essential Enzymes - Promotes Better Digestion and Absorption of Food Mullein Garlic Pure Ear Oil - Natural Remedy for Ear Aches and Infections
Shiaqga is a powerful mushroom which can boost your immunity by 4000% within 20 hours of taking it. The wild shiaqga mushroom is thought of by many Native American practitioners as the best weapon against illness. In liquid bioavailable form. 60 ml Bottle This essential enzyme blend has 6 different enzymes designed to digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Helps heal leaky, reduces symptoms of acid reflux and IBS, contains no animal-derived ingredients and is certified non-GMO. 90 capsules. Ear infections are no fun. Doctors like to prescribe antibiotics but they can drive the infection deeper (meaning the problem will recur in the future). This effective natural solution has mullein & garlic (a very powerful duo). Stop ear infections!
Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 11-15 - 5 DVD Package Planet X (Nibiru) Debunked. A 2 hour DVD Classified Military Anti Gravity Craft. A 92 minute DVD.
In parts 11-15 of this Mystery Babylon School series, late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper traces the thread of the mystery school from ancient times (Babylon, Egypt) through the Middle Ages. Learn about the Cult of the Assassins & the Knights Templar. There has been so much hype over a coming Planet X or Nibiru. Part of it is based on the translations of the Sumerian tablets by Zecharia Sitchin. Yet, has there been sufficient proof of its existence? This DVD analyzes the evidence. Aeronautical military illustrator Mark McCandlish made a drawing of a top secret project that he wasn't supposed to know about. The diagram was an ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle), an anti-gravity UFO apparently capable of superluminal travel. Learn more.
A Current and Vital Message from the Pleiadians. 155 minute audio DVD Dealing Naturally with Leaky Gut and Food Sensitivities. A 47 minute DVD. Was Supersoldier Max Spiers Murdered? A 109 minute audio DVD.
Was Supersoldier Max Spiers Murdered? - Audio DVD
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Author channeler Barbara Marciniak delivers a vital message from the Pleiadians, with themes like underground tunnels, entity possession, globalism, mass migration & extraterrestrial mythology. Everything that happens to you tests your spiritual strength. Histamines play a role in leaky gut. You may be getting too many in your food (fermented food, alcohol) or your GI immune cells may be releasing lots. Important info for people with food sensitivities, leaky gut, celiac disease & histamine intolerance. Max Spiers was a supersoldier and mind control victim who died in a very mysterious way ? by choking up some kind of black goo. This discussion attempts to make sense of how and why he died. Features Miles Johnston who knew Max almost as well as anyone.
Satanic Ritual Exposed by Children - a 355 minute, 2 DVD set. NGOs ? How the NWO Subverts and Infiltrates Across the World. 61 minute DVD Free Trade Tyranny: World Economic Control via TPP, TTIP and TISA. 64 minute DVD
This documentary is a comprehensive expos‚ of what used to be taboo. Satanic ritual, pedophilia, child trafficking, mind control and MKUltra are all connected. See actual children & adult victim survivors. The truth of this unspeakable evil is out. NGOs are not what they seem. Some work under the guise of humanitarianism to subvert foreign nations & install puppet regimes. Vicky Nuland (wife of neocon who got caught saying "F*ck the EU!" when plotting the 2014 Ukrainian coup) confesses. We are entrenched in a takeover. The US is continuing its geopolitical agenda of encircling Russia & China by forging new trade deals (TTP in the Pacific, TTIP in Europe) to lower wages of average Americans and weaken local, state & national sovereignty.
9/11 Definitive Interview: Who Did It and How. A 117 minute audio DVD. Synthia: The New Artificially Intelligent, Digitally Programmed Bacteria Lifeform. A 85 minute DVD. Ancient Ruins Constructed by Annunaki? A 66 minute DVD
This 9/11 definitive interview features Rebekah Roth (a flight attendant turned investigator) interviewed by Bill Ryan. Find out where the 4 planes were taken, how they were remotely hijacked, how the cell phone calls were faked and more. During the 2010 BP oil spill, a new lifeform was created to eat the oil. It was first made on a computer as a digital program then injected into a bacterium to become a new lifeform called "Synthia" (synthetic). Learn the plans to put it inside vaccines. This fascinating presentation shows pictures of "kraal" or sacred geometrical circles in the Earth (Africa) with sound-generating stones. Is this proof Enki of the Annunaki was creating a human slave race to mine gold 200,000 years ago?
The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. The Astors, Part 1. 73 minute audio DVD The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. The Bundys, Part 2. 65 minute audio DVD The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. The Collins, Part 3. An 82 minute audio DVD
Part 1 of the series, focusing on the Astor bloodline. The Astors were Jews who came from Waldorf, Germany. They are major backers of RIIA (British equivalent of the CFR), another Cecil Rhodes Round Table group. Learn more about this infamous bloodline. Part 2 of the series, focusing on the Bundy bloodline. The Bundys have been part of the inner circle of power (CIA, CFR) within the New World Order for over a century. War hawk McGeorge Bundy gave JFK reckless advice on the Bay of Pigs. Part 3 of the series, focusing on the Collins bloodline. The Collins have placed themselves in positions of great power e.g. Robert DeVille Collins who became 1st Secretary of NATO. Features whistleblower John Todd (John Todd Collins from this bloodline).
The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. The Duponts, part 4. A 50 minute audio DVD Julian Assange Speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy. A 43 minute DVD. Flat Earth: All Satellites are Balloons. A 74 minute DVD
Part 4 of the series, focusing on the DuPont bloodline. The DuPonts have a history of involvement in the weaponry & genetic engineering industries and are the 3rd largest producer of chemicals in the US. Learn how they have promoted the NWO for centuries. Julian Assange became even more famous than he already was during the 2016 US presidential elections, when his organization WikiLeaks published thousands of leaked but authentic documents and emails. Meet the man who risks his life for truth every day. NASA never shows you pictures of real satellites, just CGI images & artist renditions. Why? Are satellites tethered to balloons at much lower altitudes than what they say? See proof of the military's secret satellite balloon program ongoing for 60+ years.
How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing. A 45 minute DVD. The Wall Street White House Revolving Door. A 117 minute DVD. How to Make Money Traveling the World. A 100 minute DVD.
Many professional travelers know how to save money. They get cheap or free tickets, free food, free airline or hotel upgrades and more. Learn the top 20 ways to travel the world for free, and the top 10 ways to get paid to travel. Discover the longstanding relationship between Wall Street and the White House, including Woodrow Wilson's capitulation to the bankers, the falling out between David Rockefeller and JFK, & more. This has been going on for 100+ years! These days, there is no need to stay chained to one location in order to earn money. Why not travel the world while earning money? Sounds impossible? It's not. Many people, in fact, have been doing it successfully for a long time. Learn how to do it.
How to Make $500 a Week in Only a Few Minutes Per Day. A 97 minute DVD. How to Make a Million Dollars a Year Selling on Amazon. A 104 minute DVD. 100 Best Items to Sell on Ebay and Amazon for Profit. A 72 minute DVD.
There are always creative ways to make money for those willing to be creative. Make $100/day with 5 mins of web surfing, or by offering products via Twitter and Clickbank. Many of these methods generate passive or residual income, so earn while you relax! So many people are selling their products on Amazon.com. The market is flooded. Learn the biggest factor in ranking high on an Amazon search. Learn how to go from $0 to $1,000,000 selling on Amazon, & how to import cheap items to re-label & re-sell there. If you want to pick up stuff cheap (e.g. at yard sales or wholesale in bulk) and re-sell it at a profit online, watch this! Learn the best 100 items to resell on Ebay or Amazon to maximize profit. Anyone can do it. This is a great income opportunity.
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