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Vitamin O - Need Some Extra Energy? Haritaki - Anti-Aging King of Herbs to Clean Your Blood, Lungs and Digestive System Instant At-Home Blood Test
Oxygen is vital for life & proper functioning of your cells. Many suffer oxygen deficiency to some degree, perhaps by feeling run down, low energy or due to having anemia or blocked airways. This unique formula delivers liquid oxygen deep into your cells. Haritaki, one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs, is called the "King of Herbs". It promotes oxygenation, detoxification & longevity. It cleans the blood, lungs & digestive system, clears the mind, feeds the nerves & is said to increases intelligence. This FDA-approved, easy-to-administer test kit contains has everything you need to determine your blood type & Rh factor (in 3-5 mins.). Get a permanent blood type record card for medical use. Knowing your blood type may save your life in an emergency!
The Technological Possession of Humanity Via Mass Mind Manipulation - DVD Are You a Targeted Individual? - Stop the Shameless Torture Now - DVD Interview with a Real Channeled Hybrid Grey Alien - DVD
A giant electromagnetic control grid is being constructed all around. Governments are spending billions of dollars on "brain mapping" so as to know what you are thinking. We are vulnerable to technological possession via smart dust. Wake up while you can. This TI (Targeted Individual) has been it all but has learnt how to defend herself. She discusses mind control, gang stalking, gaslighting & psychic phenomena (most TIs are psychic). Get tips on how to deprogram & to reassign new meaning to old triggers. It is not everyday that you get to "meet", or at least converse with, a real extraterrestrial. Here is a presentation of one such encounter. Watch as a normal human man channels an alien Grey ET whose ancestors participated in a program using human DNA.
Vatican Gone Wild: Orgies, Gladio, Masons and Murder in the Catholic Church - DVD The Deep State Behind It All - DVD The Real Story About Syria – Beyond the Lies - DVD
Catholic Church scandals are systemic. See the list of sexually active popes. Learn about the wild orgies Pope Alexander VI threw in the Vatican. Learn how Freemasons, Mafiosi & CIA Gladio operatives joined the Vatican in a holy war against communism. The "Deep State" is now a term in vogue. But what does it mean? Is it more of a structure or a system? Who are the key players driving it? Did the Deep State kill JFK & MLK? Did it commit 9/11? Learn with which nation the CIA conducted 9/11. Independent journalist/photographer Vanessa Beeley has embarrassed the Mainstream Media (MSM) with accurate on-the-ground reporting from Syria. She exposes MSM propaganda and that of the US-NATO-Israel-Gulf State alliance of terrorism & imperialistic war.
White Helmets and Avaaz in Syria - Exposed! - DVD The JFK Assassination and 9/11: Similarities and Insights - DVD Americans Are Being Conditioned for Life in a Police State - DVD
The NGO Soft Power complex is the interface between the imperialistic hegemonic nations and the poor nations they want to conquer. They make the war agenda palatable for Western audiences. Learn the truth about the deceitful Oscar-winning White Helmets. The 2 seminal events in recent American history – the JFK Assassination of 1963 and the World Trade Center attacks of 2001 – have some striking similarities. Find out how they share the same kind of conspiracy and coverup blueprint. We're being conditioned to martial law and life in a Police State. We hear about the "War on Terror" & evil terrorists, but Government uses brutal force against its own citizens for the purposes of achieving political goals (the definition of terrorism)!
The Inspirational Healing Journey of Former Child Sex Slave - DVD Stopping Cancer Naturally: Salvestrols and the Ketogenic Diet - Audio DVD Why the Rothschilds Invented Nazism - Audio DVD
Former child-sex slave Anneke Lucas was only 6 y.o. when her parents sold her into an aristocratic pedophile network. She was repeatedly raped. Discover her powerful healing journey of forgiveness that is a catalyst for others with similar trauma to heal. Learn the impressive power of the ketogenic diet, whose nutrients feed normal healthy cells but not cancer cells. Learn what salvestrols are and how they heal cancer. This diet also works for Type 2 Diabetes & Alzheimer's. The Rothschilds created Nazism – as well as many other "isms" such as communism, fascism and socialism. It remains a powerful irony that Hitler was funded with Jewish money, from Jewish international bankers. Learn more about who's behind it all.
Psychotropic Drug Fraud: How Big Pharma Gets Paid Millions for Off-label Uses - DVD Humans Have the Same Genes for Regenerating and Growing New Limbs as Animals - DVD JFK Assassination: Was the Zapruder Film Altered? - DVD
Big Pharma is always getting fined for bribing doctors to prescribe off label uses for drugs while ignorant of the safety research. Psychotropic drugs (antidepressants like Paxil & Prozac) literally lead to dementia & disability! There are so many things which we have been taught are impossible ... which, as it turns out, may be possible. Growing new limbs is among them. How? Your body is already a regenerating machine. See which animals can do this & which genes are responsible. The Zapruder film is often held up as an example to prove the official JFK assassination narrative. CIA photo interpreter Dino Brugioni has some revelations: the Zapruder film in the archives today is not the film he saw the day after the assassination!
The Secret CIA Enterprise to Influence Culture - DVD The Clintons' Connection to Haiti Child Trafficker - DVD Fact-Checking Sites Exposed - DVD
The CIA created the Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1950 to counter Soviet influence: the hidden weapon in the US Cold War arsenal. Whether they liked it or knew it, there were few scientists & writers whose names were not in some way linked to it. Laura Silsby was the leader of a US Missionary group who went to Haiti & was caught trafficking children across the border. She claimed her religious group had legal permission yet she was proved false. Was Silsby trafficking children for the Clintons? With so much "fake news" floating around, corporations like Facebook are relying on fact-checkers – so you don't have to think or do your own research. Are these supposedly independent fact-checking sites impartial arbiters of truth, or heavily biased?
Zionism's Behind It All (Zionism 101 Part 1) - DVD The Dancing Israelis (Zionism 101 Part 2) - DVD The Dark History of Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine Exposed - DVD
The Zionist agenda has been in the works since the late 1800s. All roads lead not to Rome but to the Rothschild's self-proclaimed Jewish State of Israel. WWI (Balfour Declaration), WWII (Transfer Agreement), 9/11, War On Terror & ISIS were/are its tricks. The history of Israel is one of mass murder against Arab Palestinians. Zionists propagated the fake idea no one was really living in Palestine before the Jewish invasion. Former Israeli PM Ben-Gurion said, "We must expel the Arabs and take their places." The world is dominated by oil as the primary fuel and synthetic drugs & Allopathy as "official" medicine. But it wasn't always so.Learn how the Rockefellers seized control of doctors & education to build massive industries administered by Big Pharma.
Hidden in Antartica: Naval Officer Reveals Exactly What He Saw - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 16 - Quotes by Freemasons - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 17 - Sun Worship - Audio DVD
Aware researchers & citizen-journalists know something massive is going on in Antarctica which we are not being told. This whistleblower saw things he was never meant to see. Despite being threatened by the NSA, he reveals here exactly what he saw. In part 16 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper gathers quotes that reveal the secrets of Freemasonry. Discover the hidden meaning of being "born again". Symbolism both conceals secrets and is a language for those qualified to understand it. In part 17 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper exposes how many secret societies & institutions (Christianity, the Nazis, the Freemasons) have engaged in a central mysterious practice: sun worship.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 18 - Bibliography - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 19 - Lucifer Worship - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 20 - Convocation of the Rose Cross Order - Audio DVD
In part 18 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot Bill Cooper reveals the names and authors of numerous books which contain the key to understanding the NWO secret societies. What is revealed here took him literally decades to research. In part 19 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper exposes the connection between the secret societies and Lucifer (aka Satan, the morning star and the light bearer). Learn which 33° mason admitted in writing to Lucifer worship. In part 20 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot Bill Cooper reveals the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order. Find out why the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templars, the Mormon Church & the Illuminati are all the SAME organization.
Lee Harvey Oswald's Phone Call The Day After the Assassination - DVD Have We Been Encoded by Extraterrestrials? - DVD Is there a Secret Human Colony on Mars? - Audio DVD
The day after JFK was shot, Lee Oswald made a phone call from his prison cell to a man by the name of "John Hurt". Discover more about this mysterious phone call. Was Hurt the middle man between Oswald and his CIA handlers? What does this clue tell us? The chances of human life forming on Earth purely via Darwinian evolution are highly improbable. Scientist Francis Crick said it was equally as likely that a jumbo jet could be assembled by a hurricane passing through a junk yard! Have we been encoded? This fascinating interview with Frank Jacob explores the topic of whether there already exists a human colony on Mars, with references to Alternative 3, as well as the testimony of whistleblowers such as Laura Eisenhower and Andrew Basiago.
Strange and Inexplicable Things Happening Around the World - Part 5 - DVD How the Military Industrial Complex Stole Real Flying Saucer Technology - DVD The Iran Nuclear Scare: Fabricated By Israel and US Neocons - DVD
Strange and inexplicable phenomena continue to occur in part 5 of this series. See snow in the Sahara Desert, invading bird swarms, chemtrails in almost every nation on Earth, double-headed snakes, meteorites, sinkholes, record snowfall, UFOs and more. Ralph Ring is like a modern-day Tesla. At a young age he showed we could levitate objects & build floating cities. His bosses told him to stop such research. Learn how the military-industrial complex absconded with anti-gravity flying-saucer technology. Did you know the same shady characters that lied about Iraqi WMDs tried to used the same techniques to manufacture a scare story about Iran's peaceful nuclear research program? These neocons (essentially Israeli agents) faked documents and much more.
5G Wireless Technology: Basis for the Inescapable Internet of Things - DVD The Sinister Agenda for AI to Control RF, 5G and the Smart Grid - Audio DVD The Dangers of Prenatal Ultrasound – Learn Non-Invasive Alternatives - DVD
The 5G wireless network of ultra-high microwave frequencies is being rolled out with massive deployment of towers. Though invisible it has the potential to be very harmful. USAF considers 5G a weapon. Will it be the basis for the Internet of Things? This anonymous former telecommunications worker exposes the dangers of RF (radio frequency), including the Smart grid & upcoming 5G network. Is the higher echelon of this (massive mind control) system already controlled by AI? What are the solutions? Prenatal ultrasound is common but is it safe? Learn the hidden dangers. Ultrasound is implicated in interference to neural pathways, DNA mutation & brain damage. The damage is cumulative. Is ultrasound connected to the rise of autism?
A Novel Approach to Understanding and Beating Cancer - DVD Detox Your Pineal Gland and Expand Your Psychic Powers! - DVD DARPA Insider says Scientists on Verge of Cataclysmic Discovery - DVD
In order to beat cancer, we first have to ask: what is cancer, a nuclear genetic disease or a mitochondrial molecular disease? Discover the real nature of cancer so you can fight it more effectively. Learn a very promising diet which starves cancer cells. The pineal gland secretes DMT, a chemical which induces the machinery of the afterlife to spring into motion. With an expanded pineal gland, you can literally download information from the Cosmos. Learn how to detoxify and activate it! Former military insider Dr. Robert Duncan confesses he worked on the "Voice of God" weapon with 4 different techniques that can pipe voices into people's heads. Even dreams can be hacked. Find out what the "cybernetic hive mind" means for you.
The Pleiadian Contacts - DVD Nordic Extraterrestrial Contactee - DVD Christian Zionism and the New World Order? - Audio DVD
Learn more about the Pleiadian contacts living on Earth. See real UFO photos. The Pleiadians have stated that our technological development is too far ahead of our social/spiritual development – thus they're reluctant to give us more technical knowledge. An ET contactee describes her meeting with a Nordic Alien in Arizona (Hopi land), then afterwards back in her home town. At one point she was taken aboard a UFO. Learn the most important lesson these beings have to teach & info on how to meet an ET. The Schofield Bible was a cunning way to introduce the ideals of Zionism (funded by the Rothschilds) into Christianity, so as to brainwash Christian believers and get them on board with the Zionist cause. Find out how it came about and what it says.
Trump is the Swamp - DVD Senator Holds a Town Hall Meeting on Chemtrails - DVD Syria Chemical Attack: False Flag to Get Us into WW3 with Russia - DVD
Trump is the Swamp - DVD
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Some say Donald Trump is fighting the Deep State, but in truth does he represent it? Learn which 30+ Zionists back him. He lost LOTS of support when he struck Syria based on the same old chemical weapons lie. Is Trump the swamp he promised to drain? Awareness around chemtrails has reached the point where even state senators are holding town hall meetings about it. This is an example of real people like yourself with genuine concerns getting together to see what they can do to petition government. Trump became a war president within 3 months of taking office by launching a preemptive illegal strike on Syria. He used the exact same excuse that Obama had ("Assad is using chemical weapons"). Find out why there is exactly zero evidence for this claim.
JFK Murder: Absolute Proof of an Inside Job - 2 DVD Set Vaccines and Manmade Cancer - DVD Who Runs The World and What Can We Do About It - Audio DVD
Did you know JFK confirmed in meetings in May 1963 he was pulling out of Vietnam? That he vehemently refused to go along with Operation Northwoods (false flag plans to frame Cuba & thus have an excuse to go to war with it)? See the records for yourself. One of the most important videos on the history of vaccines and how they relate to manmade cancer and the epidemic of autoimmune disease. Vaccines are behind a massive increase in autoimmune disease (arthritis, MS, etc.). Are vaccines the silent killer? What is the Matrix? Who runs the world? How does the Collective trick the Individual into giving up his/her identity? How do the Controllers replace the limitless creative power and imagination of the individual with the vision of the State?
Deciphering the "Special" Relationship of the USA and Israel - DVD Explained: How Water Has Memory - DVD The Secret Hidden History of Ancient America - DVD
Living in the USA, you aren't allowed to criticize Israel in any way. AIPAC doesn't have to register as a foreign agent/lobby. They cleverly conceal Rothschild-Israeli interests as "American interests". The US-Israeli "special relationship" is deciphered. Something ordinary you take for granted is actually magical. Find out which laws of physics water breaks & what top researchers are learning about the mysterious fluid we all drink which makes up 75% of our bodies. This will change your idea of the world! When most Americans think of archeology, they might think of Egypt or Latin America. Did you know the US itself has a rich archeological history with numerous sites, especially in the Midwest? Educate yourself about the hidden history of ancient America.
Restore Your Original Hair Color Naturally - DVD Dark Secrets of the Rockefeller Family - DVD The Diet the New World Order Wants You to Eat - DVD
Gray hair is an obvious sign of aging. There's lots of easy, natural ways you can do something about it. Learn the natural homemade drink recipe that turns gray hair back to its natural color, which vegetable skins remove the gray from your hair & more. Illuminati insider David Rockefeller has died leaving a trail of crime & deceit behind the fake "philanthropist" facade. See the links between the Rockefellers and eugenics (depopulation). Was Rockefeller the mastermind behind the JFK assassination? The film is contentious & controversial. You may not agree with it & you may be disgusted by it, but it provokes critical thinking and allows you to re-examine some of your beliefs. Is the vegetarian diet being pushed by the NWO to weaken people's health?
The Health Advantages of Eating a Primal Diet - DVD Why Eating Raw Meat, Milk, Butter and Eggs Could Help Solve Your Health Problems - DVD Miracle Minerals that Absolutely Cure Diabetes - DVD
Consuming raw animal products (meat, eggs & milk), the so-called primal diet, is dense & intense, but if you are the right body type, it may work wonders for you and help you feel more alive and energetic than ever before. It doesn't have to be dangerous. Eating raw doesn't just have to be limited to raw plant foods. Eating raw and healthfully also extends to eating raw animal products, such as raw eggs, cheese, butter, milk and meat. Learn more about how to eat animal products raw. Be it chromium, potassium or manganese, chances are you're not getting enough essential trace minerals. This small oversight means big problems – like diabetes. Find out which 2 trace minerals can cure it. Discover which mineral makes your diabetes worse!
See NASA Get Busted Shooting "Mars" Footage ... On Earth! - DVD Liver: The Forgotten Nutritionally Dense Health Food - DVD The NWO Depopulation Agenda Exposed - DVD
How does NASA remote control its Mars buggies (e.g. the Curiosity Rover) from 30 million miles away? See NASA get busted shooting "Mars" footage on Earth (find out which country they use). Wait till you see this! The organ meats of an animal are the most nutrient-dense part, yet most people just eat muscle flesh (not as good). Learn the top 10 reasons why beef liver boosts your health, giving you more minerals, vitamins & nutrients per gram than any other food. Eugenics is often rebranded with terms such as population stabilization, family planning, assisted suicide & population control. Learn how bioweapons like AIDS were released. Find out why autism may be part of the depopulation agenda.
What is Under the Denver International Airport? - DVD 1000% Proof the Earth is Flat - DVD The Great Flat Earth Debate - Can You Prove the Earth is a Sphere? - DVD
The Denver International Airport is a mystery. Why does it go so deep underground? Is it hiding a military installation? Why was it designed in the shape of a Nazi swastika? Why does the airport feature masonic monuments & creepy NWO murals of death? Do you think the Moon reflects the Sun's light? Think again! Everyday people are conducting their own experiments. Sunlight is warming but moonlight is cooling; we are warmer in the shade than in direct moonlight. Learn the hidden meaning of the chevron. Joe Rogan was a staunch critic of NASA, lambasting the agency for faking the moon landings. Then he changed his tune & now believes they were real. In this compilation (with editorial criticism) he attacks his friend Eddie Bravo for exploring flat earth.
The Great Dome Structure Over the Earth - DVD Is Veganism a New Age, New World Order Experiment? - DVD Organ Meats: A Powerhouse of Nutrition to Help You Heal Disease - DVD
A careful analysis shows many pieces of evidence that we are living under a giant dome structure right here on planet Earth, e.g. the mysterious radio transmission in 1915 (way before satellites) broadcast from Arlington that was heard in Hawaii & Paris. The vegan diet has no animal products at all – no meat, no fish, no eggs and no dairy. There are definite benefits to avoiding excessive meat but, nutritionally, veganism has many holes. Veganism is a new age experiment. Will it lead to malnutrition? Organ meats are a forgotten but very nutritious group of foods. They contain huge amounts of vitamins A & B12, zinc, choline, phosphorus, folic acid, copper, CoQ10 and even an unidentified anti-fatigue factor. Learn how to use organ meats in your diet.
Improve Your Teeth, Skin and Immune System with Bone Broth - DVD The Superior Healing Powers of Bone Broth - DVD Was a Navy Ship Transported Through Time Over 70 Years Ago? - DVD
Bone broth is a dense nutrient-rich food that helps your teeth, skin, brain & immune system. It detoxifies your liver, supports bone integrity & helps those with leaky gut syndrome. Learn how to make bone broth & its 13 fantastic health benefits. Many ancient healing traditions used bone broth to restore vitality and combat ailments. This compilation includes several great ways of how you can make your own bone broth. Learn the nutritional benefits of bone broth and gelatin. The strange Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 has inexplicable connections – through time – with the secret Montauk Project of the 1980s. This film analyzes the writings of people involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and interviews Montauk survivors.
Dark Secrets About McDonalds Exposed - DVD Why are Rh-Negative Blood Types Being Targeted by the NWO? - DVD Origins of the Rh-Negative Blueblood Line in Britain - DVD
Did you know there are 19 ingredients in McDonald's French Fries? Guess how much chicken is actually in a Chicken McNugget? Guess how much meat is actually in a McDonald's beef patty? Learn the dark secrets about McDonald's. It is said that Rh- people share certain characteristics, such as being more intuitive. The question is: are they being targeted? Was there a connection in the past between the witch trials and Rh- women? Are Rh- people proof of an alien breeding program? You may be aware that so-called "royal" European families are often transplants from another nation or area. See the undeniable link between the UK Royals and the ancient Egyptians & Hebrews. Discover their hidden secrets that they don't want you to know.
Ancient Bloodlines Who Have Brought Humanity to Their Knees - DVD Hidden History and Characteristics of Rh-Negative Blood Types - DVD Are Rh-Negative Blood Types Alien to this World? - Audio DVD
Did an alien race develop a slave race by mixing their DNA with a humanoid species, then establish these hybrid ancient bloodlines as the ruling class, from which we get the "divine right to rule" idea obsessively held by the New World Order controllers? Author Robert Sepehr writes in his book Species with Amnesia: Our Forgotten History: "Rhesus negative blood type appears suddenly 35,000 years ago in Cro-magnon ... Humanity isn't one race, but a hybrid species." What are Rh- characteristics? Are the 13 ruling Illuminati families all Rh-? Do Rh- people have higher copper content (meaning they can conduct electricity better and have "blue" blood)? Is there a connection between Rh- people and alien visitation? All this and more is explored.
The Mandela Effect and the Holographic Universe - DVD Former Finance Insider Reveals Shocking Truth About How the Game is Played - DVD How to Kill Morgellon Fibers and Remove them from Your Body -DVD
Can the holographic universe explain the Mandela Effect? We are living in a field of consciousness. Can you get your head around the truth that the past is as flexible as the future? Find out why Reality is so much more than you think – and so are You! This former insider was a naive entrepreneur who stumbled into the world of finance. He exposes how he went to rituals first as a spectator but was then invited to participate in Satanic sacrifice – at which point he broke down & became a whistleblower. Morgellon fibers are unlike any other kind of synthetic fibers. They're alive! This important compilation features natural cures which various Morgellons sufferers have discovered. Learn how to drive the fibers out of your body. Vital knowledge!
Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease - DVD Quantum Computers and Merging Time Lines - DVD Breakthrough: Holographic Regeneration of Limbs - DVD
Dr. Gwen Scott (herself a sufferer of Morgellons Disease) shares ideas for how to identify & heal it. She was allegedly contacted by someone who confessed he had a part in creating it! Was it created as part of the Depopulation or the Synthetic Agenda? We are now starting to build D-Wave or Quantum computers which are to conventional computers as university is to kindergarten. Are quantum computers creating dimensional rifts that lead to the Mandela Effect phenomenon? Randy Cramer (aka Captain K), the man who reclaimed memories of serving on a Mars colony, reveals the existence of holographic technology which can be used to regrow limbs. Learn how it works & 2 key components needed to build holographic regenerators.
Babylon Mystery School Series - Parts 16-20 - 5 DVD Package Strange and Inexplicable Things Happening Around the World Series (Parts 1-5) - 8 DVD Set Operating Invisible (Redemption Manual Series, #4) - Book
In parts 16-20 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper exposes the secrets and symbolism of Freemasonry and the arcane but widespread practices of Sun worship & Lucifer worship. The complete set of the truly strange & inexplicable things occurring around the world as we speak. With your own eyes see all sorts of extreme phenomena like artificial clouds, sinkholes & fireballs in the sky. Words cannot describe some of this. A very comprehensive book detailing exactly how to maintain your privacy in our digital era: encrypt your communications, store your data safely, disappear from the internet, avoid being tracked. Discover invisible addresses, repersonification & more.
This Torus Coil was found to create 62.5% greater magnetic outputs than present day standard wound electrical coils. It produces higher efficiency and has its own unique advantages that no other present coil design exhibits. Report including schematics. Are you a person who struggles with alcoholism, or do you know someone who is a closet drinker? Good news: there is a natural cure which makes the insurmountable something achievable. Alcoholics suffer from a nutrient deficiency. Find out what. Referral. Being sued is no fun. What if I told you there was a clever way to avoid being sued? The secret lies in jurisdiction, your address and whether you can get physically served. Find out how to apply these concepts and safeguard yourself. Brilliant! Report.
Wouldn't it be handy to have the knowledge to prevent a bank levy? Even if you think that you don't have any reason to be targeted, you never know. Obama used the IRS to target political enemies. Gain the advantage and secure yourself. Report. A wage garnishment is an order from a court requiring an employer to pay a certain percentage of an employee’s (judgment debtor's) income to the judgment creditor. Learn how to use the law to your advantage and drastically reduce any wage levy. Report. This program shows you how to pay for college without getting into debt (especially long term personal debt). Learn how to replace your pension fund if it's not sufficient for your lifestyle & to bypass the banks to acquire real estate without a mortgage.
If you are retired or nearing retirement, take a look at this. These investment programs can make thousands from a small amount. They are a 100% legal tax haven. Enroll in as many as you like for as little as $100 per one. Referral. Raw cow's milk is very nutritious but illegal to sell across US state lines. However raw camel's milk is just as healthy and legal to purchase! Find out where to get raw camel milk, kefir & colostrum. Start enjoying the amazing health benefits. Referral. Finally, the complete series is here! This is the official set of the 4 true books which constitute the Redemption Manual Series: Free From Servitude (Book #1), Operating Secured (Book #2), Operating Sovereign (Book #3) & Operating Invisible (Book #4).
US Department of Defense Aliens Exposed - Audio DVD Human Meat Found in Fast Food and Commercial Meats - DVD Antarctica is Not What You Think - No 24 Hour Sun! - DVD
Is technology within secret black military operations 100 years more advanced than the public sector? Are many of the flying saucers and UFOs we see man-made rather than extraterrestrial? What did the Government do with Tesla's secrets after his death? Investigators recently found horse & human meat in the patties produced by commercial burger-making companies. Horse meat was found in 65% of samples & 90% contained human meat! Rat & human DNA was also found in popular hotdog and sausage brands. We are told by mainstream science places like Antarctica get 24 hours of sun in some parts of the year (summer). This documentary has actual time-lapse webcam videos of Antarctica. Have we been lied to about the 24 hour sun? See for yourself.
What Are You Going to Do Once Automation and Robotics Take Over? - DVD The Nazis Were Never Beaten - DVD Is Our Universe a Matrix-Like Computer Game Created by Aliens?  - DVD
What will you do once AI (Artificial Intelligence) advances to the point that robots take your job? Truck drivers, waiters & even journalists are in danger of losing their jobs to automation in the coming 10 years. What will you do for income and dignity? The Nazis may have officially "lost" World War 2 but the top ones escaped. Their influence continues to this day. In-exile Martin Bormann (the real power behind Hitler) set up a vast economic network of 750 corporations in neutral nations. Find out more. How do you know we're not figments of God's imagination? How do you know we're not simulations in a hologram? NASA/JPL scientist Rich Terrile points out science has made wrong assumptions in our origin stories. Learn what they are & what it means for you.
The Man Who Has Encountered Paranormal Entities - Audio DVD Surveillance State Landscapes Revealed - DVD Exposed: US War Crimes in Vietnam - DVD
Some things are so bizarre that you just can't explain them. Barry Taff describes some of the 1000+ extraordinary cases he has overseen where people have met an "entity", be it a ghost, poltergeist or invisible being. Are entities real? You decide. The surveillance state, black budget and black military operations all rely on secrecy. With enough research and great astronomical equipment, the veil of many of these secrets can be pierced. See some very interesting photos & military symbolism exposed. The War in Vietnam became a stain on the conscience of America. To date the Vietnamese Government claims 300,000-700,000 of its citizens are MIA. The US lost its moral compass by killing innocent women & children because communism/Vietnam was the "enemy".
The CIA Iran Contra Affair Coverup - DVD Everything You Know About Hitler, the Jews, Palestine and Israel is Wrong - DVD Convincing Proof NASA Never Went to the Moon - DVD
Have you wondered all these years what really went on with the Iran Contra scandal? This documentary exposes who coordinated the entire affair & the deal with Iran to deliberately time the release of hostages. CIA drug & weapon running is just the start. There is so much disinfo about Hitler, the Jews, WWII, the Holocaust, Palestine and Israel! Hitler neither wanted to kill every Jew in the world, nor was he a noble German patriot. Learn the truth about his Jewish roots & the Jewish bankers behind him. Want convincing proof we never went to the moon? This DVD contains piercing questions no one can answer, especially not lying NASA. Why no live feed or high resolution? Why did NASA throw away the original tapes & disassemble the machine playing them?
Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy - DVD The Vitamin D Levels You Need to Protect Yourself From Serious Disease Like Cancer - DVD Illuminati Symbolism Uncovered - DVD
Ex-CIA spy & author Lindsay Moran blew her cover years ago. She shares personal stories of how she escaped life-threatening situations & tried to extract information from others in a foreign language. Learn why she thinks women are better spies than men. Vitamin D deficiency increases your risk of chronic disease, leads to reduced longevity & substantially elevates your cancer risk. Most Americans are vitamin D deficient. Find out the minimum levels you need to avoid disease and how to test for them. Former 33° mason Albert Pike wrote that "Masonry, like all the Religions ... conceals its secrets (and) uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled." Learn the most common Illuminati symbols
Warmist Climate Change Agenda Busted with Facts - DVD How to Manually Structure and Energize Water for Pennies - DVD How Crack Funded a CIA War: Reagan and the Iran Contras - DVD
Warmist Climate Change Agenda Busted with Facts - DVD
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The climate has always changed. So what? The question is whether it's changing outside of a normal range, and whether humans are causing it – or even having any effect on it at all. The manmade global warming or climate change theory gets busted by facts. Water is magical. It's alive & can be shaped by intention. This compilation shows you how to manually structure, activate & energize water yourself. All methods here are simple, cheap and DIY. Drink to your long health! Contains great tips. Crack cocaine didn't just accidentally get into the US by mistake. CIA = Cocaine Import Agency. Find out why LA was chosen as the distribution point, what the drug lords were told & which gangs spread the drugs to Americans, especially blacks & youth.
Transhumanism: The Plan to Turn You Into a Hybrid - DVD The Hidden Truth About Vaccines - DVD Doctor Exposes Vaccine-Autism Connection - DVD
Transhumanism: The Plan to Turn You Into a Hybrid - DVD
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This documentary is a rude awakening. Find out which industries/institutions are behind transhumanism. Find out the law George Bush signed & the kind of entities he wanted to limit by law. Moral and legal dilemmas abound. Is transhumanism "enhancement"? See proof that the disease rates of measles, pertussis, diphtheria, smallpox and others fell sharply before vaccines were introduced. Why do outbreaks show that it is only the VACCINATED that get the disease (once or twice), not the unvaccinated? The knowledgeable Dr. Brian Hooker has the evidence that the CDC omits relevant data to make vaccines look good. The CDC clings to its mantra ("vaccines are safe and effective") which equates to allowing children to be killed (voluntary manslaughter).
How You Are Being Invisibly Targeted in the 21st Century - DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 11 - The Assassins - Audio DVD Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Part 12 - The Assassins and The Templars - Audio DVD
Electronic stalking, mind control & modern directed energy weapons (guided by space-based AI) are so sophisticated it is hard for the average person to comprehend. You are being invisibly targeted by this surveillance system. Includes advice for TIs. In part 11 of this Mystery Babylon School series, Bill Cooper exposes the cult of the assassins. Learn how their leader Hassan turned disciples into fanatics willing to die for him. Learn the direct connection of the assassins to the Illuminati NWO today. In part 12 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper reveals the hidden connection between the Assassins and the Templars. Learn who melded the teachings of Christ with the worship of the sun to pervert the message.
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