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Emergency Landings Indicate the Earth May Not Be a Globe - DVD The Truth About the Catholic Church's Continuing Pedophilia - DVD How Transgender Medicine Lacks Real Science - DVD
This analysis has 6 proven instances when a plane had to be diverted from its intended destination due to a sudden emergency. Logic dictates the plane would fly to nearest available airport, right? Wrong! In these cases, the plane flew further. Why? The Catholic Church is not serious about eradicating pedophilia and sexual abuse from its ranks. Learn the truth about why Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) stepped down & which Pope publicly admitted the biggest obstacle in this was the Vaticans own gay lobby. A study found 80-98% of children with Gender Identity Disorder revert to the natal sex identity if allowed to go through puberty with counseling? This former physician where transgender medicine was developed exposes the bad medicine & fraud behind it.
Why is the "Transgender Agenda" Being Pushed So Hard? - DVD The Weaponization of Microwaves in Your Life - DVD The Ozone Layer Depletion Hoax - DVD
On an individual basis, everyone has the right to be who they are and express themselves authentically. However, why are pre-sexual kids being taught to question their gender? Why are some preadult teens being operated on to change their genitalia? Transhumanistic technologies of communication & control are run within the microwave spectrum–which coincidentally 5G uses to operate! Long-term effects are passed down generations; people are making themselves and their future children infertile. Manmade global warming/climate change has grown into a multi-trillion dollar scam, a hoax based on fraudulent science. But it's not the first. Turns out whole story of CFCs making a hole in the ozone layer was also bad science & a lie. Find out more.
One World, Two Species and Tartarian DNA - DVD The Secret War on Earth from 1942 to 1959 - DVD Smashing the Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax - DVD
Are we a planet that is caught between 2 different species? Do you know the origin of elongated skulls discovered in Paracas, Peru? Testing has confirmed they trace back to Russia, i.e. –Tartarian DNA. We live in a cycle far greater than history teaches. Did we fight a war that no one was told about, the result of which was the 1959 Antarctic Treaty signed by 12 nations including US? Did the US Military get outgunned in 1947 (Admiral Byrd Expedition) only to realize that the Nazis had indeed won WW2? Temperatures from 1880 to 2013 increased 0.3% while the Earth's population went from ~1.5 to 7 billion. This is highly stable. CO2 is not a toxin but a nutrient! Nobel Laureate in physics Ivar Giaever reveals why global warming is pseudoscience.
Solutions to Stop Sentient AI Black Goo Which is Making People Psychopathic - DVD Is Heliocentrism a NWO Cornerstone? - Audio DVD The Eye-Opening Testimony of a Transgender Man Who Went Back to His Original Sex - DVD
Sentient black goo overtakes people to make them clever but remove empathy–making them psychopathic. Black goo is worshipped by the world's main religions. Learn the simple & easy-to-practice solution is to stop its evil influence on your life. Every single experiment that has ever been performed to determine the motion of the Earth has proven it is stationary. Heliocentrism is the very foundation for Darwinism, evolution, Marxism & Communism. Is heliocentrism the cornerstone of the NWO? While it's good to respect individual freedom there's a dark side to transgenderism. Walt Heyer describes his journey from boy to women to man. The 3 leading men of the transgender movement were pedophiles. Many gender reassignees later commit suicide.
Investigator and Former White House Official Under JFK Reveals Who Killed Him - DVD How to Release Your Fear of Disease and Control Your Own Healing - DVD Disease (Cancer) is Caused by Emotional Reactions and Shock - Learn How to Heal It - DVD
Investigator Paul Kangas was in Naval Intelligence & worked in the Kennedy Admin. Learn 5 reasons JFK was killed, how the Warren Commission tried to cover up the 6 gunshots and the roles of the George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford & others. A deeper understanding of health & medicine shows that a disease is unique to the individual. Learn the cause of every disease – and the corresponding healing process. Learn the basic laws to help you release your fear of disease – including cancer. There are many theories as to what causes disease but this one strikes at the root. A brilliant German doctor discovered disease arises as a result of shock. Knowing this, learn the true secrets to reversing all disease and maintaining good health.
Celebrity Clones: Real or Fake? - DVD Ancient History: Myths, Lies and Distorted Truth - DVD How to Mail a Letter or Postcard for Only 2 Cents - DVD
Human cloning has been proven in the MSM to be a scientific reality, but the question is how long has it really been around in the underground used by the NWO? Several insiders claim since WW2. Do presidents & celebrities have their own clones? Easter Island, Macchu Picchu & other sacred sites in Peru all make a straight line to connect w/ Giza at an angle precisely 30º to the equator? The more ancient these edifices, the more massive, the more precise & the more similar. How? There are 2 separate entities handling postal mail: the USPS (independent agency/corporation) & the constitutionally mandated "Post Office." The USPS operates exclusively in Federal Jurisdiction. Learn exact procedure for how to mail a letter for 2c.
Earth: A Fabricated Reality - DVD Interstellar Space Travel, Area 51 and the Colonization of Antarctica and Mars - DVD New Revelations About Obama's Fake Birth Certificate - DVD
This compilation exposes how we live in a fabricated reality. Learn the truth about topics such as Flat Earth, the consolidated MSM, the Illuminati & our (Prussian) education model. What are 11 big lies humanity has been told? Former insider breaks down some highly secretive topics in a matter-of-fact way. Drawing on his own experiences, plus information from the late whistleblower & ET contactee William Tompkins, he reveals what's going on inside black military projects. We don't live in a fact-based reality. We live in a post-truth world of fake news & narrative-driven journalism where evidence doesn't matter. Obama refused to hold up his long-form birth certificate in public. Join Mike Zullo as he exposes the fraud
Denver Airport Adds Talking Gargoyle to Hide NWO Conspiracy Theories in Plain Site - DVD People Who Claim to Be Actual Time Travelers - DVD Unexplainable Glitches in Reality - DVD
The NWO manipulators shut down investigation into their schemes sometimes by hiding the truth in plain site, mocking it & desensitizing people to it. Is the Denver Airport, w/ Satanic art, Illuminati murals & underground levels, doing just that? Most think time travel belongs to the realm of science fiction. If it's really possible, it would be nice to see hard evidence. This DVD features actual people who claim to be time travelers giving interviews & making predictions to prove their stories. Ever had something so weird happen to you that there is no rational explanation? Have you felt deja-vu, jumped timelines or seen things appear/disappear out of nowhere? Hear 20 eerie stories with inexplicable glitches in reality. Not all is as it seems.
How Psilocybin Helps you Release Fear, Old Patterns and Negative Beliefs - DVD Silicon Valley or Surveillance Valley? How Big Tech is in Bed with the Pentagon - DVD The True Purpose of Geoengineering - DVD
Cannabis is fast becoming legal across the USA. Are magic mushrooms next? Science shows psilocybin in particular bestows many health benefits. It helps beat depression, anxiety, addiction, even cancer, & increases joy, peace & altruism. Learn more. Big Tech has turned the internet into a censorship & surveillance hotbed. Only approved opinions are allowed. Monstrous amounts of private user data are harvested & exploited. Learn more about the secret history of the (military, ARPANET) internet. Ever wondered what the true purpose of geoengineering is? Learn the 3 main benefits chemtrails offer the military in their quest for full spectrum dominance. Discover the truth about self-assembling nanobots & the solution to overcome the psychopaths.
Flat Earth Awakening and Reality of Fake Space - DVD Did the USG Possess Functional Time Travel Tech in the 1960s? - DVD Geocentric Proof for Globe Skeptics - DVD
This compilation exposes serious flaws in the heliocentric theory, such as how Polaris (North Pole Star) never seems to move relative to the Earth. See evidence that faking of space is not confined to the US & NASA but is an international conspiracy. Time travel is not the stuff of science fiction but rather is an existing technology (based on Tesla) which has been weaponized & sequestered by the US Military. Andy Basiago exposes DARPA's Project Pegasus, which US officials/people were involved. Is NASA seriously trying to tell us they can take pictures of Jupiter & Saturn, even pictures of Pluto, but can't give us 1 real decent picture of Earth that is not a composite? Did an amateur rocket launched in 2014 hit the dome? Judge for yourself.
How Geocentric Models Better Explain and Predict Eclipses than Heliocentric Models - DVD Sea Level vs. Sea Curve - DVD Scientists Now Proclaim the Moon is Within Earth's Atmosphere - DVD
Heliocentric models show a strange zigzag graph pattern during solar eclipses; geocentric models produces a natural circle shape eclipse. Heliocentrism can't explain how lunar eclipses occur when both the sun & moon are visible together above the horizon For heliocentrism (globe earth theory) to work, water must curve around the entire surface of the Earth. Yet, repeatable demonstrations prove that all bodies of water at rest maintain a flat, level & horizontal surface: cup, bucket, bath, pool & lake. Scientists are now proclaiming the Moon is within Earth's firmament or atmosphere. It used to be that the Earth's atmosphere ended 100,000 miles before it got to the Moon. Mainstream science has done a BIG turnaround! What are the implications?
Pilot Reveals How He Flies from Brisbane to New York – Over Alaska - DVD First Ever Ex-NSA Whistleblower to Go Public Reveals the Agency's Secrets - DVD Ex-NSA Whistleblower: Big Brother is Watching - DVD
This airline pilot with 29 years of experience analyzes impossibility of air travel on a rotating ball. Why do pilot training manuals instruct us to assume Earth is flat & non-rotating? The flight from Brisbane to NY goes over Alaska not Hawaii. Why? Before all other NSA whistleblowers there was James Bamford. Bamford interviewed in depth the most famous ex-CIA & ex-NSA contractor whistleblower in history, Ed Snowden. Discover NSA secrets, culture and who Ed Snowden really is. The NSA: to outsiders, its initials once stood for “No Such Agency,” and to its employees, “Never Say Anything.” Why is the NSA is the most powerful US intelligence agency? Ex-NSA whistleblower James Bamford reveals firsthand information about the agency
The Gross Privacy and Surveillance Threats Emanating from the NSA - DVD The Bizarre Pascagoula UFO/ET Abduction Case - Audio DVD Ex-Greenpeace Activist Busts Global Warming Hoax and Demonization of CO2 - DVD
The rubber-stamp FISA Court has turned down just 11 of 33,900 government surveillance requests in 34 years! The NSA used its program Stellar Wind to proverbially collect "the whole haystack" of data. Learn the answers to this gigantic snooping problem In 1973 shipyard workers Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker were fishing at Pascagoula River, Mississippi, when an ovular craft with flashing blue lights appeared, then 3 weird creatures levitated the 2 men onboard. Find out what happened. Greenpeace now spouts nonsense that CO2 is killing the world & that humans are a pest upon the planet – right in line with NWO eugenics depopulation agenda. CO2 is a life-giving substance. Did you know that plants die once CO2 levels drop to 150ppm?
The Secretive Rothschild Energy Company Directing Israel and Trump to Steal Syria's Golan Heights - DVD New SSP Soldier Reveals Truth about Antarctic Germans and IDARF - DVD How to Fast, Maintain Muscle Mass and Burn Only Fat - DVD
There's no dispute: the Golan Heights belong to Syria, despite the fact Israel stole it during the 1967 Six-Day War. Find out about a secretive Rothschild energy company that owns the rights to drill oil there. Find out who is on its board of directors. Whistleblower Jason Rice recalls his 20 and Back service in the Secret Space Program working for a branch called IDARF (Interplanetary Defense & Reaction Forces). Learn about "mind wipe" tech & the difference between NWO Cabal & the Antarctic Germans. There are many myths surrounding fasting. Some people say it's dangerous (despite the fact millions of people do it every year). Learn why fasting doesn't lead to muscle loss. Find out how to fast properly to maintain muscle mass & just burn fat.
The Tavistock Agenda - DVD The Dark Truth About 5G: Military Weaponry Sold to You as Telecommunication Convenience - DVD How to Beat Depression Naturally - DVD
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was funded by the RIIA, 1 of 6 globalist Rhodesian Round Table groups that make up the NWO. It played a key role in the creation of the OSS (forerunner to CIA) & NATO. Learn more about its mind control agenda We have to face the dark truth: 5G is an anti-life technology. It's military weaponry disguised as telecommunication convenience. Millimeter waves damage mitochondria. Learn why 5G is preparing mankind for AI/nanobot infiltration of human body. In our fear-based culture it's natural to feel sad sometimes, but if you're chronically depressed (down all the time) something needs attention. This compilation reveals how to beat depression naturally, without Big Pharma SSRIs/antidepressants.
UFOs Above the Moon, New Bases at Area 51 and Much More - DVD Live Organ Harvesting - Falun Gong Practitioners Murdered for Their Spirituality - DVD How to Practice Falun Gong for Greater Physical and Spiritual Health - DVD
This compilation features real footage of extraordinary secrets & sightings. See UFOs flying right above places like the Pentagon and above the moon's surface. It also contains footage showing lots of bases around Area 51 (S4/Groom Lake) in Nevada. Falun Gong is a modern Chinese spiritual practice combining meditation, exercises & morality. At one point, 1 in every 12 Chinese was practicing it. Banned in China in 1999, its practitioners are being subjected to live organ harvesting. Horrific. Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) is a modern Chinese spiritual practice combining meditation & qigong exercises with morality. This DVD demonstrates the exact moves which are simple, gentle & powerful. It significantly improves your physical & spiritual health.
Why Julian Assange is Being Silenced - DVD The Dark History Behind Antifa - DVD Warning to Humanity: Mass Mind Control and Neuroweapon Technology Could Bring in NWO - DVD
Julian Assange has what no other fake news MSM publisher has: reliability. Everything WikiLeaks has published has been 100% genuine. He's served mankind by exposing the US Empire's crimes against humanity. Learn why USG wants him imprisoned – or dead. The leftist organization Antifa (Anti-Fascist) sprung to prominence in the last few years but its roots extend back to 1930s Germany. Like the Nazis it promoted authoritarianism. Its flag has barely changed & neither has its hypocrisy. Learn why. World without crime ... or utter lack of privacy? Advances in neuroweapon tech can do the incredible e.g. steal passwords from your mind while you sleep. This is slated to lead to the NWO: brain nets, thought police, mass mind control & global hive mind
History You Never Learned in School - Audio DVD Proof that Hitler Escaped! His House and Bunker in Argentina - DVD Entrainment and Mind Control in America - Audio DVD
Learn about the history of false flags events in America's past (e.g. 1846 Mexican-American War), why the US Civil War was not a "civil" war at all, the true origins of how the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was passed, truth about organ harvesting & more. Rumors circulated Hitler fled to South America, but were hard to substantiate until declassified FBI files confirmed it. This DVD shows you exactly where Hitler went after WWII. See for yourself: Hitler's house, farm, bunker & estate in Inalco, Argentina. Cell phone & wireless technology have been weaponized. It's a 1-2 punch: first entrainment then mind control. Is the American public being invaded by a metaphorical tapeworm, a parasite that will kill its host? What about the missing trillions?
2020 Presidential Candidate Challenges Entire Concept of Government - Audio DVD Vaccine Myths: Official Stories Exist to Protect Corrupt Officials - Audio DVD Free Energy Device: N-Machine Homopolar Generator - DVD
Radical times require radical solutions. Adam Kokesh is 2020 candidate for what he calls "not-president." His platform is simple: he will sign a single Executive Order dissolving the entire Federal Government in an orderly manner. Hear his ideas. Hear the evidence that vaccination is a eugenics project. Vaccines injure and kill just as eugenics does. Learn how CPS kills children. Find out which organ was known by ancient Chinese Medicine & Max Gerson as the central organ of health in the body. The late Harvard-educated physicist & free energy (over unity) inventor Bruce DePalma invented the homopolar electricity generator, which he called "N-Machine." His machine had less drag, and was more efficient & simple than others. Learn more.
Fake World: The Lies and Deceptions that Make Up Our Known Reality - DVD New Swabia: The Secret Antarctic Outpost Germans Fled to Before the End of WWII - DVD Voltage Gated Calcium Channels: How EMF is Stressing You Out and Aging You Prematurely - DVD
Indeed, we live in a fake world. Classroom indoctrination, images of NASA fakery & men on the moon, supposedly in space vehicles made of foil, tape & curtain rods. The indoctrination has moved these days to identity politics. Learn more Did the Nazis colonize an Antarctic base – New Swabia? German Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz was recorded as saying: The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Fuehrer in another part of the world a Shangri-La, an impregnable fortress. Thanks to the research of Dr. Pall, we know EMFs attack our DNA, heart, brain & reproductive organs via cell membrane changes in Voltage Gated Calcium Channels. Learn how the Gov. hides behind "only thermal effects" to expose people to massive EMF.
Hammer Surveillance Program: How Obama Wiretapped Trump (and Millions of Americans) - DVD Exposed: The Interlocking Network of Banks, Think Tanks and People who Run the World - DVD Fraudclosure Defense Manual - Handbook
The Hammer surveillance system, created by CIA-NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, was used by Obama, Brennan & Clapper to spy on Trump & millions Americans. Was RussiaGate created to protect Obama from illegal Hammer spying? It's a big club at the top. Transnational banks & corporation CEOs also sit upon the boards of the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Atlantic Council & other Round Table NWO think tanks? Learn why these companies are tools of the global power elite. This material is written by a researcher who is intimately familiar with the mortgage industry. Through painstaking research, he found 90+% of those foreclosing had no standing! Docs used to foreclose in many instances are forged & fabricated. Handbook.
Protect Your Gut from Toxic GMOs and Glyphosate - Referral Shield Yourself from EMF and RF with a Clever and Versatile Solution - Referral Improve or Alleviate Mental Disease with Non-Invasive Redlight Brain Therapy Device - Referral
GMOs & glyphosate are nearly impossible to avoid. Chances are high glyphosate's in your body. A new all-natural product has been shown in pre-clinical trials to reduce glyphosate by 74%! Also promotes immune function & nutrient absorption. Referral EMF/RF is everywhere and it's only getting worse. However, there is an elegant, clever, versatile solution. Learn how to shield your walls, inside or outside or both, to block EMFs and safeguard the area inside your house. Referral shows where to buy. These days it seems many people have neurological (autism, Asperger's) or neurodegenerative (dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's) diseases. Luckily there's hope for improvement. This device improves the mobility and quality of life for them. Referral.
Sharply Reduce Your Risk of #1 Leading Cause of Death (Heart Disease) with These Capsules - Referral Gain Peace of Mind with Debt Eliminators who Handle Your Debt Problem Entirely! - Referral Program Your Mind While You Sleep - Referral
These certain kind of enzymes (not mere digestive enzymes) support the body's ability to recover from injury, repair cardiovascular system, minimize risk of blood clots & reduce scar tissue. This sharply reduces your risk of heart disease. Referral. Gain peace of mind w/ this revolutionary process for helping people achieve freedom from overwhelming debts, starting with credit cards. Works in all 50 states. They handle all the paperwork AND also clean up your credit. Get out of debt now! Referral. Have you tried sleep programming? Gain control over your worries & fears. Use this for anything you want: wealth, health, romance, success, joy or peace. All you need to do is fall asleep & let it work! Unleash the power of your subconscious. Referral
Protect Your Eye Health with Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Referral The Super Anti-Oxidant that Removes Heavy Metals and Helps you Defy Aging - Referral FOIA Request Template You Can Use to Stop 5G in Your Neighborhood - Report
Most artificial lighting is detrimental to your eye health. Toxic fluorescents flicker & cause disease. Blue light from LEDs & LCDs is also problematic. This solution is gentle on eyes, produces crisp colors & makes reading easy. Referral This phenomenal product scores off the charts for ORAC. It's a super anti-oxidant that slows down aging, helps high blood pressure & hemorrhoids, & boosts energy levels & the immune system. Protects against EMF radiation AND nuclear radiation. Referral. 5G is being rolled out regardless of health & privacy risks. It's a weaponized system with the capacity to alter & control your mood. This template is a great way to stand up against the deployment of 5G military technology in your neighborhood. Referral
Avoid Mandatory Vaccination by Making Your Doctor Sign This - Report Miracle Candida Remedy Restores Intestinal Balance with No Die Off Reaction - Referral Life Extension Boron - Alleviate Arthritis and Joint Pain Naturally
Mandatory vaccination: legislators keep proposing laws to remove philosophical & religious exemptions. Here is a solution. Give this legal form to your doc. Say you'll take vaccines if they sign it, vouching they take full liability if you get injured. Chronic candida zaps your energy – but there's an answer. This all-natural formula has clinical studies showing how it safely & effectively beats candida fast (usually 10 days). Best of all, it does it with minimal or no die-off symptoms. Referral Boron, an element & essential trace mineral, alleviates joint pain & arthritis, protects against osteoporosis, raises testosterone (good for men's & women's libido), decreases inflammation, improves bone strength & density, kills yeast infections.
Black Seed Oil - Heal Diabetes, Beat Cancer and Kill Superbugs Activated Charcoal - Detoxify, Rejuvenate Skin, Improve Digestion and Whiten Teeth CBD Drops 250 - The Power of CBD in an Easy-to-Take Supplement
Black seed oil has extraordinary benefits. It can heal diabetes, help with weight loss, promote healthy skin/hair & combat inflammation. It works against many cancers: cervical, breast, bone, lymphoma, prostate, colon, brain. Organic cold pressed oil Activated charcoal is an incredible detoxifier. It adsorbs toxins and carries them safely out of the body. It rejuvenates skin, helps with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, gas, bloating, hangovers, teeth whitening & candida. Organic, finely milled. Get the full power of CBD (cannabidiol) in an easy-to-take tincture form! CBD has been shown to help with pain relief, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, arthritis, PTSD, dementia & cancer. 100% organic, whole-plant tincture with MCT oil. 1oz/30ml
Was There a Conspiracy to Burn the Notre Dame Cathedral? - DVD
What was the mystery flash seen atop Notre Dame 40 minutes before the fire started? Who is the mystery figure walking around hours after the fire started? Was DEW used? How did 800-year-old oak that doesn't easily burn produce such a fire?
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