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The Importance of Minerals in Fighting Disease - Audio DVD Liver Function and Good Health - DVD The Cause and Solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - DVD
There is no such thing as 'medical disease ... only 'metabolic dysfunction' that is caused by mineral deficiencies. Learning this paradigm-smashing view will help you understand your health as you have never done so before. Find out how to look after your liver so it can keep you healthy for ages. Find out truth about carbs without swinging to extremes. Learn the truth about cholesterol that doctors don't know. Learn how to do a superior version of the Atkins diet. Gut health is very important for all. This presentation answers many questions: which drugs kill gut flora? How to avoid stagnation in digestive tract? Why drink food & chew water? Why only drink in between meals? Learn how to heal your gut & beat IBS
Cosmic War: The Elephant in Our Reality - DVD Are We Living in a "Truman Show" Like False Reality? - DVD Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - DVD
Was Earth once a no-man's land before it was colonized by ETs who fought for ownership? Is the "human being" a patented creation of genetic engineering by theses ET gods? Does this reveal a covert space exploration & rearmament op, Secret Space Program? Before "The Matrix" trilogy, there was The Truman Show in 1998. The main character thinks he is living in a real world, but he realizes he's a prisoner on a giant movie set living in confining limits. Guess what? The Truman Show was not just a movie. One of THE most important conspiracy documents ever written. Its contents will blow your mind. It declares that people who don't use their intelligence are steaks on the table by choice and consent. Acquaint yourself with this to know the NWO plan!
Behold a Pale Horse - Audiobook - Audio DVD Drugs as Weapons Against Us - Audio DVD Tunnels of the Underworld Rising to the Surface - DVD
Here the great patriot Bill Cooper (shot in 2001) reads his own great work. Many people have never fully grown up to assume their sovereign status. They perpetuate their own dependent relationship of childhood & prop up lying human gods (politicians). The CIA ran MKUltra out of same NY lab which housed previous eugenics programs. How interesting that most prolific American assassinations of the 1960s were the 4 most vehement anti-Vietnam voices. Learn why drugs were really introduced to the masses. There are massive manmade tunnels all over the world made with TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines). Is the emergence of sinkholes in so many places connected to tunnels being made in wrong places? Decode the dark symbolism & occult elements everywhere.
Divergence of the Elite - Origins of the Secret Space Program - DVD Proof: Faster-than-Light Black Budget Antigravity Tech Exists Now - DVD High Weirdness in Antarctica - DVD
Did you realize the current Sethatcret Space Program is rooted in 3 interesting phenomena of the 20th century? Find out what they are. Did you also realize  these 3 phenomena are, in turn, based on a mysterious Prussian nationalist group called "Nymza"? This presentation is from a man with firsthand experience of the US Military's ultra secret black budget programs. The antigravity craft he describes & shows pics, cancel their mass, absorb electricity from ether & use it for their own propulsion. Some things can't be explained. See for yourself. Among its snow, Antarctica has large green and purple patches, mystery bases, a wall of ponds, elongated skulls and even a chunk of ice that is a near perfect rectangle! Is there a Antarctic Stonehenge?
Solar Warden, Space Navy, Mars Colony and Lunar Operations Command - DVD The Great Pyramid's True Purpose Revealed - DVD Are Lectins the Root Cause of Today's Health Epidemic? - DVD
Kevin Trimmel was abducted by a TR-3B triangular UFO craft into the Secret Space Program. Learn about captivating topics such as cloning, age acceleration & regression, Space Navy, Mars colonies, Dark Fleet Base, AI entrainment, Sasquatch & more. Mainstream science tells you the Egyptian pyramids were elaborate tombs. Yet, if this were true, why do they have none of the decorative nor functional features of tombs? Is there a better explanation? Yes, there is. Watch this video, find out. What seemingly healthy foods are actually causing leaky gut and hurting you? Why does eating too much meat shorten your life? A plant-based diet is best if you know how to avoid lectins. Learn what they are & do, plus ways to avoid & transform them.
The Future of Money and Consciousness - DVD Were 50,000 People Murdered in the California Paradise Fires? - DVD The Illuminati Card Playing Game - DVD
What does it mean to be fully conscious? Will money still exist then? Will cryptocurrencies usher in the phasing out of money? What is the power of blockchain technology for humanity? Will there be financial chaos within next couple of years? The US Government has often experimented on its own people (1930s Tuskegee syphilis, 1960s CIA LSD). The fires in Paradise CA show evidence the USG used DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) to decimate the area & commit genocide 50,000 may have died. See proof This Illuminati card set released in the 1980s depicts scenes yet to come, e.g. explosions at the WTC & Pentagon & pizza for a secret meeting (PizzaGate pedophilia). Predictive programming? Why do they openly depict so many aspects of the NWO agenda?
4th Dimensional Luciferian Illuminaries Exposed - DVD MK Ultra Survivor Kristy Allen Shares Her Story - DVD The Attack on Humanity Explained - DVD
Whistleblower Ronald Bernard woke up to the fact he was helping one of the inner circles of manipulators (8500 people) to build a NWO. Learn how these ultra-rich conspirators move money, start wars breed chaos and conduct Satanic ritual sacrifice. Father of SRA survivor Kristy Allen peddled child porn, sold her to the US Military and continually raped her sisters. All were used in sexual Satanic ritual carried out by high up members of the CIA & Mormon Church. She names Bill Clinton & others. Our world is run by psychopaths. Religions have been contaminated. Are UFOs physical or holographic? Do we need to be aware not of ETs but Crypto Terrestrials an advanced race with us for a long time? Learn the ultimate solution to rise above this mess.
Does a "Conehead" Species Rule Humanity? - DVD High Strangeness Surrounding the Death of JFK Jr. The Truth About Your Mortgage - Secrets the Banks Don't Want You to Know - Audio DVD
Dr. Ed Spencer theorizes there is no "New World Order" but rather an "Ancient World Order" probably 50,000+ years old, from before the Ice Age. We in a species war; we are under attack by another flesh-and-blood non ET species, a large grey hominoid. Learn how the government was caught lying about JFK Jr.'s death. Join Cooper as he exposes the media coverup, the decoy beacon planted to lead the rescue teams astray and the manner in which the plane was caused to crash. JFK Jr. was murdered. Did you know that when you get a loan from a bank and sign the initial paper, the bank converts that to an asset? That it merely exchanges a bank check of equal value for the asset you just gave it? It's an EQUAL EXCHANGE NOT A LOAN. Find out more.
California Under Attack by Directed Energy Weapons - DVD California Fires and Agenda 2030 Connection - DVD Global Economic Manipulation: Why the Collapse Never Happens - DVD
Something's wrong about the fires that hit Santa Rosa & Paradise. These "wildfires" left mailboxes, plants, yards, eucalyptus trees & other flammable things untouched & somehow neatly targeted particular houses. Proof of DEW Directed Energy Weapons? In California, city officials are suggesting not to rebuild in burnt areas as the area is too fire-prone while prohibiting people from practicing good forest stewardship. Agenda 2030 is a massive land grab stack-and-pack micro apartments for the masses. We are told that an economic implosion or reset is about to occur any day. Yet it never seems to happen. Why? This analysis sheds some light. The truth is US debt must keep going up for the system to grow. Is the debt unsustainable or necessary?
Ice-Age Solutions: How to Thrive During the Coming Grand Solar Minimum - DVD Tartarian Empire: Largest Country in the World Erased from Modern History - DVD How to Start Your Own Business with Little or No Money - DVD
Sunspots are the lowest they've been in 100 years. 90% of the world's glaciers are growing. The Sun has many cycles (solar maximum/minimum, retrograde, Little Ice Age, Milankovitch) which can lead to global cooling. Is global warming a hoax AND scam? Did you know that there was once a country that was so big it was the largest country in the world? Did you also know that this nation was written on maps from as far back as 1493 until 1875, then mysteriously erased from history? See the evidence. Thought about starting your own business but felt discouraged? The good news is you don't need lots of money to start a business. This compilation lists 15 ways you can start a business with $100 or less, or in some cases $0! Something for everyone.
Penny Bradley Reveals Her 55 Year Enslavement Within the Secret Space Program - DVD WILLIAM COOPER - Compilation - 6 DVDs Lost and Forbidden Technology: Atmospheric Electri
WILLIAM COOPER - Compilation - 6 DVDs
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Penny Bradley has been through all sorts of misadventure in the SSP but managed to survive & recall her 55 years in it. Learn about battles on Mars with Mantid & Reptoid ETs, 15ft wide spiders, the Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), regeneration tanks & more. The founder of Russian communism, Vladimir Lenin, once said the democracy was indispensable for socialism. The USA is a Republic, not a democracy. Learn what the Founding Fathers were really trying to create hint: it wasn't a new country. If humanity is at the peak of its scientific evolution, how can we explain all lost and forbidden technology now leaking out, e.g. atmospheric electrical devices. See photos & pics of such devices all over the world, e.g. atop of temples & churches.
Revelations from a Secret Space Program Experiencer - 2 DVD Set Is the Moon an Artificial Satellite Keeping us Enslaved in the Matrix? - DVD Secret Space Program: The Mars Defense Force - 2 DVD Set
SSP experiencer Elena Kapulnik & fellow SSP experiencer Kevin Trimmell. The SSP uses blank slate memory wipe technology on its soldiers but it doesn't always work. Topics include TR-3Bs, assassins, Solar Warden, the ICC & how the SPP monitors them. There are many inexplicable anomalies about the Moon. Is it a hollowed-out structure, an artificial satellite intentionally placed in its current position to influence the Earth & to control its inhabitants? If so, who placed it there and why? Former SSP asset/slave Penny Bradley exposes life in the MDF. She recalls at least 4 different altars where she served as a pilot & cyborg clone aboard spaceships. Death was not an option; her masters would kill people then put them in "re-gen" tanks.
The Federal Reserve: The Only Problem with the US Economy - DVD Secret Space Program Disclosure: Living on a Parallel Timeline - DVD Secret Space Program - Spirituality - DVD
The Fed does nothing for the American Republic. It's a privately owned cartel masquerading as a federally owned bank. It creates false assets & charges interest on money created from thin air. Trump tweeted: The only problem our economy has is the Fed. Why does the ICC only accept human-ET hybrids? How do full ETs walk among us on Earth without being detected? Join SSP experiencer Elena Kapulnik, a starseed with natural psychic abilities for a deep exploration of all these topics and more. Join 3 different experiencers, each of whom worked in several different parts of the SSP. Each one learnt to live by the rules – or else. Topics discussed include sex magic, age regression sickness, Martian ET Raptors & sentient, psychopathic blackgoo.
How a Long-Standing Mind Control Institute is Now Embedded within Facebook and the Media - DVD US Senator Breaks Groupthink to Expose What's Really Happening in Syria - DVD Did Hillary Clinton Get Backdoor Encryption Keys to the Entire Internet? - Audio DVD
Before the CIA conducted MK Ultra experiments in the 1950s, there was a British institute already dabbling in mind control & propaganda. This think tank is now embedded within structure of Facebook, thus influencing 2.5 billion users. Find out more. Virginia State Senator Richard Black is one of the rare few US politicians that actually understands & speaks the truth about Syria. The US destabilized & attacked Syria via funding & training ISIS & other headchopping terrorists. See the evidence. Shocking information has surfaced that Hilllary Clinton has managed to gain backdoor encryption keys for ... the entire internet! Hillary's partner at Rose Law Firm became a director of the company that issues the digital encryption keys. Hear proof.
Forget About Russian Influence – What About Israeli Influence Over the US? - DVD The Zionist Master Plan for the Future - DVD QAnon: Real Deal or Illuminati Psyop? - DVD
The very idea of Russian interference in US elections is a pretext with no evidence. Even if true, demonized Russia can't come close to Israel that manipulates US elections on grand scale. Are Americans so blind they can't see this Israeli influence? Zionism has cemented its control over Western Governments. The US has moved its embassy to Jerusalem – occupied territory & stolen land. Learn the Zionist master plan for the future, including scheme to steal the Dome of the Rock & to ignite WW3. The Q-Anon/QAnon sensation has spawned a large cult-like devotion. Why does Q appear to target genuine Deep State enemies such as Assange & Snowden? Why did Q support regime change in Iran, which is part of NWO agenda? Is Q an Illuminati psyop?
Guess What? Deadly, Infectious Disease Rates Fell Drastically Before Widespread Vaccine Use - DVD Trump and the "Russian" (i.e. Jewish) Mafia - DVD Google’s Plan to Destroy Free Speech by Becoming a "Good Censor” - DVD
In many Western nations, widespread vaccination only began after rates of virulent and infectious diseases had already plummeted in 1950-1960. Vaccines were no longer a cause of infant mortality by then. Find out more. Trump went into massive debt before being bailed out by Zionists to whom he is now beholden. Russian interference is a cover story; Jewish interference is ubiquitous. AIPAC controls US elections all the time. The entire Russian mafia is Jewish. Google is going on a censorship spree. According to leaked internal documents, it wants "safety and civility" over free speech. Historically, the removal of free speech precedes the descent into tyranny. Learn why term "good censor" is an oxymoron.
How to Reverse Years of Plaque Buildup in Your Arteries - DVD Genuine UFO Sightings and Aliens Among Us - DVD How to Prepare for the Coming Economic Collapse Event - DVD
Clogged arteries due to arterial plaque is dangerous as it can reduce blood flow to the heart, boosting the risk of heart attack. Learn how to remove arterial calcium deposits & 2 recipes for natural powerful remedies to dissolve arterial plaque. Genuine UFO sightings around the world still number at least 5,000, and that's EVERY YEAR! See many genuine declassified sightings & cases that governments have recorded & released to the public. Hear the evidence that aliens walk among us. The collapse may come, or it may not, but either way, it's best to be prepared. Don't mistakenly assume that an economic collapse or reset would automatically cancel all debt. It may not. Learn top 30 things to prepare for an economic collapse.
Deception Ball - DVD Preparing for Magnetic Pole Shift and Increased Cosmic Rays - DVD Explosion or Alien Encounter? Something Turns Sky Blue Over Queens NYC - DVD
Deception Ball - DVD
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Many things taught to you, both as a child & adult, were passed off as "fact" when, at best, they were merely the best theory going around in the day. Why are we only given composites CGIs from lying NASA in an age of advanced camera & satellite tech? Earth has lost 10-20% of its magnetosphere. It's still declining. A decreased magnetic field = less protection against solar wind & cosmic rays. This negatively affects human health, power grid & means more quakes & volcanoes. Learn how to prepare. Officials say it was due to a transformer explosion. This footage shows much more to the story. See UFOs fleeing the area & beams of energy shot from the sky. Directed energy weapons? Finger of God plasma rays? Government or alien op? You decide.
How Can Space Be a Vacuum When it Contains So Much Water? - DVD The Strange Case of the Israeli Art Students Who Depicted WTC Burning Before 9/11 - DVD What Do Smart Meters, DEW, Agenda 2030 and the California Fires Have in Common? - DVD
We are told the official version of reality that space is a vacuum. If this were true why do we find evidence of an abundance of water in space? Even lying NASA puts out many press releases revealing the discovery of clouds of cold water vapor. Why? Americans have been tricked into fearing & hating Muslims. There is concrete proof 5 Israeli "art students" (i.e. Mossad intelligence) had foreknowledge of the event. They admitted being sent by Israel to document 9/11 attack. Find out more. Most people detect or fathom it when targeted laser weapons (DEWs) are used to burn down specific homes along property lines. This exposes existing laser technology which dustifies metal & easily removes rust from it (while sparing the wood beneath it).
The Real Causes of and Cures for Heart Disease - DVD The Zionist War on Syria Exposed - DVD Hacker Group 'Dark Overlord' Threatens to Reveal Genuine 9/11 Docs - For a Price - DVD
It's time to bust the myth that you need to lower your cholesterol to lower your chance of heart attack. Testing and treating of cholesterol is one of the biggest medical frauds around! Learn the real causes of & cures for heart disease. Just as with the 2003 Iraq War, powerful Zionists wrote the script for the Syria War. Israel and the West plan wars & get the backward Arab states to do their dirty work, funding, arming & training terrorist Jihadis like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. See proof. Hacker group Dark Overlord has hacked into certain databases to get troves of 9/11 docs. Their stated mission is to gain as much money via ransom. Their docs appear to be real! Here's an analysis of what's been released so far.
The CIA Scheme to Invade Iran - Audio DVD Exposed: How the US MSM is Trying to Make Russia the Scapegoat - DVD Blue Beams from Sky Caught on Video - Manmade or Alien Attack? - DVD
The US is the only empire ever that refuses to call itself one. With 1000+ military bases in 140+ nations, it's far more than the UK who only had 36 at its height! This DVD exposes US plot to overthrow Iran incl. proxy wars in Libya, Syria & Yemen. The US MSM, and the Zionist Western Media in general, endlessly repeat baseless accusations of "Russian hacking" & "Russian election interference" with zero proof. Find out all the lies told to make Americans hate Russia, to justify WW3. This is truly out-of-this-world footage. In December 2018, Kenner (a town in Louisiana) was hit with massive beams of blue light shot from the sky which destroyed buildings! Was it DEW? Finger of God plasma rays? Government or alien op? You decide.
The Amazing Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano - DVD Modern History's Mysterious Cover-Up of the Ancient Tartarian Empire - DVD Tartarian Suppressed History: The Invention of Brick Making - DVD
Oil of oregano, or oregano oil, happens to be one of the most (if not the most) powerful natural herbs on Earth. It's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It fights candida, mold & parasites. Find out which type of oregano oil is the most potent. Fact: Tartaria once existed as a country with its own flag, on many maps from many different centuries. Question: why has this been covered up? What happened to Tartaria & why haven't we been told about this history? Is this related to the Mud Flood? There is so much suppressed history we've never been taught. See the evidence that the ancient civilization of Tartaria invented brickmaking before any other culture. Apparently, Tartars became masters at mass producing bricks. How? Why don't we know?
Was an Extra 1000 Years Added to Our Calendar by Historians? - DVD Rapidly Shifting North Pole Causing Major Navigation Errors - DVD How to Win in Court Without a Lawyer - Referral
Let's face it: hasn't it has always been weird that humanity supposedly went throughout the Dark and Middle Ages for so long where so little was achieved and recorded? This documentary shows how a concocted 1000 years may have been added. The North Pole is racing across the Arctic, and South Pole has left Antarctica. The North Pole is shifting to Siberia so fast it's causing navigation errors. The amount of shift between 1940 & 2007 is same as the rapid shift between 2007 & 2017! Can't afford a lawyer? No problem! Get instant access to complete legal self-help course. Everything is explained with detailed step-by-step legal forms. Learn case-winning procedures. Use in any court, state or federal, civil or criminal. Referral.
Superpowers For Entrepreneurs - Referral Access Over 2 Million Declassified Documents Exposing Government Secrets - Referral How to Cure "Post Vaccination Syndrome" - Report
Success isn't born, it's made. This course shows complete beginners how to start their own new profitable businesses from scratch. Follow practical step-by-step instructions. Get proven processes & 24/7 access to millionaire experts! Referral Are you a skeptic when it comes to conspiracy? Do you want cold hard proof? This site has 2,000,000+ declassified governmental files on mind control, NWO, remote viewing, UFOs, weather modification, psychological operations & much more. Referral Vaccines are toxic. They can result in a slew of debilitating dangerous effects: flu, autism, paralysis & cancer. Luckily there is something you can do. Author of this book is a doctor with decades of experience treating post-vaccination syndrome.
Get an Interest-Free Credit Card for Medical Bills - Referral How To Analyze your Own Health by Looking in the Mirror - Report The Simple, Self-Empowering Process to Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Life - Referral
These days in America there is a credit card for everything and everyone. Use this special credit card to pay for health products and out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance. No interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more. Referral You may not realize it, but there much you can tell about your health by looking in the mirror. The human body has many hidden connections; your eyes reveal all sorts of things (blood pressure, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc). Learn how to read them. Your subconscious controls your life, so any meaningful change to your life must start there. Find out how to change your beliefs & perceptions on a cellular level. Create success & happiness. These techniques are powerful & really work! Referral
Apricot Power – Encapsulated B17 Apricot Seeds – Capsules Was There a Conspiracy to Burn the Notre Dame Cathedral? - DVD
Now in capsule form! These apricot seeds are natural, pesticide-free, non-GMO & raw with full nutritional value intact. Each 500mg vegi-cap has 2˝ bitter, raw apricot seeds (about 60mg of Vitamin B17 [amygdalin]) & B15. Convenient / potent. 180 capsules What was the mystery flash seen atop Notre Dame 40 minutes before the fire started? Who is the mystery figure walking around hours after the fire started? Was DEW used? How did 800-year-old oak that doesn't easily burn produce such a fire?
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