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Neuroreality: The Coming Brain-to-Computer Interface - DVD Ex-Navy Officer Exposes Electronic Harassment Against Targeted Individuals - Audio DVD The Link Between Targeted Individuals, Mind Control and Mass Shootings - DVD
The future is coming fast. Transhumanism is the plan. Neuroreality is the system. The Military is building a Brain-net where you communicate directly from your mind to the world via a brain-computer interface. A giant AI surveillance grid is watching you. David Voigts is an ex-Navy officer, a whistleblower and a TI (Targeted Individual). During his service he heard a victim present her story of a non-consensual human experimentation program of electronic harassment. He works to shut this program down.
Karen Melton-Stewart worked for the NSA for 28 years. She was forbidden by her NSA supervisors from warning people about 9/11 before it happened. She became a Targeted Individual (TI). Learn why some mass shootings were done by mind-controlled TIs.
How Israel is Fleecing Every American Taxpayer - DVD Structural Engineer: WTC Building 7 Came Down by Controlled Demolition on 9/11 - DVD Premeditated "Wild" Fires in California – More Directed Energy Weapons? - DVD
Israel is fleecing every American, regardless of gender, age & religion. The US gives Israel at least $10.5 million EVERY DAY ($38 billion over 10 years, plus bribing Israel's enemies to keep peace with them) which surpasses any amount to another nation. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) was tasked by the USG to cover up the collapse of the WTC buildings on 9/11 with pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo. Its 'progressive collapse' theory based on office fires is absurd & impossible. See why. California state utility PG&E shuts off power – then a wildfire starts in Kincade & spreads throughout Sonoma. These fires didn't spark but exploded into existence. See video proof at least some fires were ignited by UFOs. Black military ops? You decide.
DARPA Advisor Reveals AI Supercomputers Used For Mind Control - DVD Greta Thunberg - The Exploited Child Pushing the Manmade Climate Change Hoax - DVD Why More CO2 Helps Humanity and the Planet - DVD
Are all of us lowly citizens targets of new mind control technology? Are the claims of a recent whistleblower true, that Amazon is experimenting with hive mind tech & behavioral modification? Does AI already have the ability to hack humanity? Climate change alarmists proclaim man is causing global warming/climate change & that the world will end by 2030. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who spoke at the UN, is being exploited to push an agenda about which she's clueless. Learn the background. Dr. William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University, exposes "carbon pollution" as the key myth that underlies climate alarmists' arguments. Fun fact: as population grows, CO2 grows, generating a greener planet & more food. Plants love CO2!
The Sun is the Main Driver of Climate Change – Not You, Not CO2 - DVD The Satanic Jewish Messiah of 1666 - Audio DVD Sabbatean-Frankism, the CFR and the New World Order - DVD
To sum up the entire manmade climate change hoax: the sun is the main driver of climate change, not you, not CO2. A strong urban heat island effect invalidates gov. temp. data sets. Rural data shows strong correlations between solar energy & temperatures. Judaism was infiltrated and overtaken a long time ago by Sabbatai Zevi (proclaimed messiah in 1666) who amassed a cult following of 1 million Jews and taught hedonism, orgies & sacrifice. This is the foundation of the Satanic cult that runs the world. Sabbatean-Frankism is the death cult that underpins many other cults and Secret Societies, which in turn are pushing for a world dictatorship. Learn how this is connected to the French Revolution, the CFR and the New World Order conspiracy.
The Current State of Alien and UFO Disclosure - DVD Whistleblower Exposes Israeli Backdoors into PTech Software Implicated in 9/11 - 2 DVD Set How Israel Went from Partial Influence to Total Dominance over the USA - DVD
Is the open stance towards UFO disclosure from the Pentagon a trick? Why are they re-branding UFOs as AAVs (Anomalous Aerial Vehicles) & UAVs (Unidentified Aerial Vehicles)? Is To The Stars Academy a controlled opposition group? You decide. 9/11 whistleblower Indira Singh was supposed to be on the 16th floor of the one of the WTC buildings but wasn't. Her investigations of PTech led to discovery of hidden Saudi money and secret Israeli software backdoors – both central to the 9/11 op. An insightful analysis of the process by which Zionists have gained massive control of the US since 1956 to the point where they hold a commanding influence in finance, media & politics. Incessant charges of 'anti-semitism' & 'Holocaust denial' are tricks
Interview with the Late Activist and Radio Host Joyce Riley - Audio DVD The Dulles Brothers and Their Secret World War - DVD Why JFK Died and Why It Still Matters Today - DVD
Radio host of The Power Hour, Joyce Riley was a whistleblower in the famous nurse Genene Jones 'Baby Death' case as well as an activist on the topics of Gulf War Illness, Depleted Uranium poisoning & 9/11 Truth. This was one of her last interviews. The Dulles Brothers – John Foster Dulles & Allen Dulles – were part of the elite NWO cabal for many decades before coming to overt power in 1953 as Secretary of State & CIA Director. They transformed the USG into a tyrant by overthrowing smaller nations. JFK was killed by a power that still runs America & the world. Learn about the secret correspondence between JFK & Soviet leader Khrushchev, who became closer to each other than their respective military-intelligence advisors. Learn why JFK was killed.
God Consciousness, DNA and Biomagnetic Regenerative Healing - DVD Jordan Maxwell Exposes How Word Magic Tricks You - Audio DVD Ancient Aliens and Breaking Their Control System Over Humanity - Audio DVD
DNA is the most extraordinary substance. It is the blueprint of life, found in bacteria, plants & animals. The DNA found in a human body could be stretched for 125 billion miles. Learn great DNA secrets & healing tips. Do you know that attorneys' first duty to is the court? That their clients are wards of the court? Learn why Icke is right about the Reptilian influence behind the British Empire, why judges & priests wear black & what the words 'Christ' & 'Church' mean. Who are the real manipulators of mankind? How many people have alien implants? Which ET races did Eisenhower secretly meet, how did they blackmail him & what deals did he make with them? What's the syllable connecting you to All That Is? Find out.
Word Trickery and Other Secret Topics You're Not Meant to Know About - DVD How Americans Were Deceived by the Enslaving Federal Reserve Act - DVD The Control Matrix of the Gods - 2 Audio DVD Set
Join Jordan Maxwell as he explains the hidden double meanings of words which are designed to ensnare you. Maxwell reveals how he was business partners with Zecharia Sitchin & hints that Sitchin had firsthand experience of the Annunaki. Time to wake up. The year was 1910. The place was Jekyll Island. 7 of the most influential men in at the time, representing 1/4 of the wealth of the USA, met in secret to write the bill that would later lead to The Federal Reserve. Learn how it happened & what we can do. Are space launches a type of ritual celestial magic? Who parked the Moon in the Earth's orbit? Why is the theological doctrine for the sacrifice of Christ identical to the Aztec justification for blood sacrifice? What is the control matrix of the gods?
2030: Invisibilty, Teleportation, Time Travel and Telepathy - DVD Artificial Intelligence: The Next Cold War Against Humanity? - DVD The Black Budget and Off-World Money - DVD
Physicist Michio Kaku gives a humorous speech on what life will be like in 2030: Augmented Reality (Virtual Reality + animation & subtitles), internet-connected eyeglasses, Smart Toilets which analyze your fluids. How long until AI is smarter than man? We are living in AI-driven feudalism. Is AI ultimately an anti-human thing? Will we be conditioned to desire sex robots? Humanity is now facing a choice: stay completely human or yield to technocrats' dream of merging with machines. Which will you choose? Is black budget money going into secret military operations or off world? Open borders allow gun, drug, organ & human trafficking, all of which are a big part of the black budget. Learn which 3 pillars of Western civilization the technocrats are killing.
The Deep State and Its Connection to the Cult of Baal - DVD Understanding the Chaos at History's End - Terence McKenna - 2 Audio DVD Set The Microchipping Agenda is Dangerously Advancing - DVD
Learn about the long chain of Satanic Secret Societies that have influenced all of history & have existed for millenia. See a brilliant map that plots & connects all the key aspects of the conspiracy in intimate detail. Fear = Face Everything And Respond. The late Terence McKenna talks on planetary crises, shamanism & hallucinogenic plants. Did humanity turn to psychoactive plants in the past to deal with a primal psychic trauma that lives in each us today? How do we best heal this trauma? The human microchipping agenda is advancing. Did you know that medical tech companies are secretly placing chips in devices like hip implants, titanium rods, medical mesh, pacemakers, defibrillators & prosthetics? Learn how to refuse and remove the chip.
Top US Fighter Pilot Describes Engaging and Chasing a UFO - DVD Former Sheriff Drops Truth Bombs about War on Drugs, IRS and More - DVD 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes Surveillance Networks: Watching the Entire World - DVD
Can you imagine what it would feel like to chase a UFO – of extraterrestrial origin? This man did. Commander David Fravor engaged a UFO with his fighter jet. See video footage proves his story. This may be the only interview Fravor ever does on the topic. The national debt clock keeps going regardless of whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power. Most politicians are utterly ignorant of the Constitution. Former Sheriff Richard Mack pulls no punches as he denounces the imbecilic War on Drugs. The eye at the top of the NWO pyramid is watching you. But it's not just 1 eye: there are 2 eyes, 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes and 41 eyes! The NSA coerces all intelligence agencies to play jurisdictional arbitrage. At the very top, all agencies are one.
Chemtrail Truth - Audio DVD The Mystery of Mel's Hole - Audio DVD Agenda 2030: Explained and Exposed - DVD
Chemtrails connect to the depopulation agenda. What is operation CARE (Charged Aerosol Release Experiment)? Did you know that 5G can lower fertility? Learn about the line of clothing with special material which provides EMF protection. In 1997, a man calling himself Mel Waters went public about the seemingly bottomless hole on his property. He lowered 80,000 feet (over 15 miles) of fishing line down this mysterious hole but never reached bottom. What happened next will shock you. Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21) is rapidly advancing – so you better understand it! Agenda 2030 plots to erect a worldwide control system where energy is rationed, carbon is taxed & every last detail of life is monitored. Learn the 6 lies of Agenda 2030.
Who are the Female Illuminati? - Audio DVD ET Contactee Conveys His Alien Abduction Story and Spiritual Message - DVD The Fast-Growing Movement of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties and States - DVD
Many NWO Secret Societies are patriarchal & allow no women members while at the same time engaging in worship of powerful female deities (Isis, Columbia) as revealed by their symbolism. Did some women willingly mate with the Nephilim (fallen angels)?
One of the most famous abduction cases of all was that of Travis Walton. He was taken aboard an alien craft, saw many of one type of alien that didn't look human & a 2nd type which did look human. All 7 people in his group experienced the same thing. Gun control is a big UN agenda. Politicians are drafting initiatives to gut the 2nd Amendment. In response certain US Counties & States are fighting back. They have been dubbed 2nd Amendment sanctuaries. Find out where they are & what it means for you.
Natural Treatments for Bronchitis - DVD Ex-CIA Agent and Former MK Ultra Mind Control Survivor Gives Rare Interview - Audio DVD The Damaging Effects of Political Correctness, Transgenderism and Woke Culture - DVD
Bronchitis and pneumonia are the 2 main types of chest infection. Learn the difference. Bronchitis is caused by a virus 80-90% of the time so antibiotics are useless. Learn how to make a home remedy composed of 5 roots plus the top 11 herbal remedies. This ex-CIA whistleblower, a childhood survivor of MKUltra, exposes how the CIA finds people with talents (e.g. psychic abilities) so they can recruit & exploit them. Learn how the CIA has been behind the New Age movement to lull people into complacency. Are you "woke"? The woke PC brigade pushes the Transgender Agenda. History is being censored to appease minorities. This keeps us ignorant & suggests we're so fragile we can't handle truth. Have we forgotten MLK: content of character above color of skin?
Was it Vaccines or Better Santitation That Really Defeated Infectious Diseases? - DVD Busting the Unrealistic Demands of the Climate Change Extremists - DVD How Smart Phones Spy on You Even When Turned Off - DVD
We are fed the idea that vaccines are responsible for increased lifespans & the defeat of epidemics. But is this really true? Are improved levels of hygiene & sanitation that happened before widespread vaccine introduction the real cause? You decide. Whatever noble ideals it has, the manmade climate change movement is authoritarian. Green extremists want a multi-trillion dollar outlay to change all energy infrastructure taking CO2 emissions back to 1905 levels. Does the public apocalypse fatigue? You may know that your smart phone is spying on you but think you can 'outsmart' it by turning it off. Think again! Through your phone's microphone, corporations are listening to your conversations, detecting keywords then delivering ads to you.
Non Existent Airline Crashes and the Jet Fuel Hoax - DVD The Full United States Constitution with Bill of Rights and Other Amendments - DVD Remote Viewing ET Bases on Earth - DVD
Common sense dictates that lightweight aluminum wings can't carry 2,000 gallons of fuel (8 tons) which they would need to do if airline corporations are honest about their planes' jet fuel usage. See before & after comparisons. Something's wrong here! After 100+ years of interventionalism & imperialism, the USG has become a force for evil but it wasn't always like that. The US Constitution along with the Bill of Rights is a phenomenal document. If there is to be freedom, it must taken to heart & lived. This veteran was part of secret Remote Viewing programs like Project Stargate. Hitler had a classified project named "Dr. Greentree" whose mission was to use psychic methods to gain immortality. Learn about the agenda of advanced ETs, friendly & hostile.
Ideas on How to Reverse 5G - DVD China's Global Takeover and The Fall of The US Empire - DVD The Woman Who Conducts Telepathic Communication with ETs - DVD
5G is not merely the next step of mobile connectivity. It is the unleashing of entire vast bands of frequencies, paving the way for wearables, injectables & ingestables – the microchipping agenda. Is 5G terraforming the Earth for a non-biological entity? This interview reveals why the "China vs. USA" battle that is hyped by world leaders & the media is not as it seems. Yes, on one level China & the US are in competition with each other, but on another level, they share more similarities than differences. Lisette Larkins is the real deal. Her whole world turned upside down when she was contacted by ETs. She realized her alien experiences (where she was actually aboard a UFO) were entryways into more universal experiences. She was shown previous lifetimes.
The Federalist Papers Explained - DVD History of the United States - The Colonial Period Onwards - Audio DVD The Art of War - Sun Tzu - Audio DVD
In the days of the founding of the US republic some Founding Fathers famously debated pros & cons of the newly proposed government in a series of essays. The Federalist Papers touch on the nature of government itself. Learn why they're so important. Charles Austin Beard & Mary Ritter Beard authored this book (published in 1921) which at the time was a radical look into the history of the USA, how the colonies came to be, how the colonists lived together & more. Learn things you never knew before. This 6th cen. BC Chinese treatise is, despite its name, not really about war but the arts of leadership, negotiation, competition, planning, business, strategy, wisdom & self-knowledge. Apply it to your personal life for more efficiency & happiness.
The Power of Concentration - William Walker Atkinson - Audio DVD How to Live on 24 Hours a Day - Audio DVD The War of the Worlds 1938 Radio Broadcast - DVD
There is not a single thing in the world you can attain or achieve without some degree of concentration. Why is it easier for people to concentrate on more harmful than positive things? This path of self-development leads to increased wealth & happiness. Do you use every minute of your time thoughtfully, or do you squander the thing which all of us are given (as long as we are alive) in equal amounts? Learn ideas of how to extract as much use & value from your time as possible. Packed with wisdom. The War of the Worlds was an American radio drama epsiode performed the night before Halloween in 1938 & narrated by Welles (based on H.G. Wells' novel). Many took at as factual reporting of an alien invasion from Mars. Program + commentary.
The Time Machine – H. G. Wells - Audio DVD Brave New World - Aldous Huxley - Audio DVD Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau - Audio DVD
The Time Machine, a famous science fiction book authored by H. G. Wells & published in 1895, has become a classic text. There were other books before it that proposed the idea of time travel but such a device is now universally called a "time machine". Brave New World (published in 1932) stands as 1 of the 2 most important, chilling & powerful dystopian novels. Author Aldous Huxley's elite connections allowed him to access the NWO agenda for humanity, which includes state-controlled hatcheries & more. Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience for short) was published in 1849. Henry David Thoreau highlights how vital it is for a person to follow their conscience over the law. This essay was an inspiration to activists Gandhi & MLK. Brilliant!
The Real Health Effects of 5G Explained - Audio DVD Why Grass Fed Butter (Vitamin K2) Leads to Healthy Teeth - DVD The Importance of Vitamin K2 for Health and Longevity - DVD
The truth is out. There is something VERY WRONG with 5G technology being rolled out at dangerous speeds with no safety trials. Nations are noticing a 90% loss of insects that congregate around lampposts where 5G is installed. Learn what it will do to you. The brilliant Dr. Weston Price talked about "Activator X" (Vitamin K2) as a key solution to humanity's dental problems. Learn about the world's first vitamin K2 butter, the benefits of grass fed butter & whether white or yellow butters are healthier. Vitamin K2's role is to keep calcium in the correct places; not enough calcium in right places means osteoporosis & dental cavities; too much calcium in wrong places means bone spurs, tissue calcification. It's time to focus on the power of Vitamin K2.
What You Need to Eat for Healthy Teeth and Less Cavities - DVD Whistleblower: World Economy Would Collapse if Banks Stopped Laundering Money - DVD How to Heal Most Chronic Illnesses with Vitamin K2 - DVD
Do our teeth reflect the health of our diet? You bet. Tooth decay is a long term dysbiosis of the microbiome, a loss of bacterial diversity inside your body. Learn the best foods to eat and the top 3 foods to avoid to have healthy teeth for life. The City of London, home to banks like HSBC, is hands down the world's money-laundering & tax evasion capital. This whistleblower exposes the ongoing crimes being committed by financial institutions to game the system & keep the world's economy afloat. Without vitamin K2, you may end up calcium in your arteries & veins – a sure precursor to heart disease. K2 reduces the risk of diabetes, prostate cancer, cancer and even Parkinson's. Learn more about this fabulous vitamin that is an unsung hero.
Imagine Curing Your Cavities Without Going to a Dentist - DVD Toxic Vaccinations: Holding Big Pharma to Account - DVD Behind China's Coronavirus: 5G and Bioweapon Labs - DVD
Vitamin K2 is the powerhouse vitamin hidden right before our eyes – or right within your teeth? Imagine curing your cavities without a dentist & stopping osteoporosis without bone density drugs. Learn why Vitamin K2 completes what Vitamin D begins. Toxic vaccination is spiraling out of control. The chief WHO scientist admitted there are no good safety monitoring systems & can't give adequate answers re: deaths caused by vaccines. Learn a way to hold Big Pharma officials to account using common law. Every 2-3 years there's a new epidemic scare & hype. Wuhan, China is home to 2 bioweapons labs. Dr. Francis Boyle (who wrote biological weapon legislation) reveals the coronavirus is an offensive biological warfare weapon. Learn more about this cover-up.
Coronavirus: Hidden Causes and Natural Cures - DVD Quit Your 9-5 Job and Multiply Your Wealth - Referral Bolster Your Immune Function and Kill All Types of Pathogens - Referral
Wuhan, China (center of the outbreak) just happened to be the test city for China's 5G rollout. 5G causes "flu-like symptoms." This coronavirus has an incubation period of 10-14 days. Get hygiene tips plus natural anti-viral remedies to protect yourself. How would you like the chance to learn over 150 different six-figure income opportunities? Find out how to earn residual income,  how to make $2,000 a weekend (from anywhere in the world) and 10 businesses you can start from home today. Referral. This fantastic product bolsters your immune system where it counts – in the gut. It effectively neutralizes pathogens in your GI tract. It specifically binds to viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins – and literally eats them up! Powerful! Referral.
The Wide-Ranging Health Benefits of Applying Essential Oils to Your Navel – Report Support Your Second Brain - Referral Legal Defense Against Fraudulent IRS Intrusions - Referral
Our navel, once the survival connection to our mother’s womb, connects to our 2nd brain in gut & is home to 1/3 of our blood supply. Stimulation of the navel can remove toxins, nourish the organs & pump nutrients around the body. Learn benefits & how to. Support your 2nd brain by restoring your gut health now! 70% of your immune system is right behind the gut lining. This formula supports your microbiome, defends against toxins like glyphosate and increases mental clarity & immune function. Referral. Stem off threats of wage garnishment, liens, levies and criminal complaints against you. Get simple letters you can send to the IRS in your defense as a non-taxpayer. Access legal team of experts for proven solutions to stop the IRS cold in their tracks.
Natural Solutions for Male Menopause (Andropause) - Report Willard's Water - Gain Way More Nutrients from Every Single Thing You Eat or Drink Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil – The Magical "Activator X" Which Prevents Tooth Decay
It's not only women – men go though menopause too. This male menopause (andropause) involves the reduction of hormones like testosterone. Common symptoms loss of muscle mass & sexual dysfunction. Learn natural solutions to keep your strength & edge. Willard's Water helps you more efficiently assimilate nutrients from every single thing you eat or drink. It also increases enzyme activity, strengthens your immune system & acts as a normalizer on all living things not in a healthy state. 8 oz. bottle Inspired by the work of genius dentist Dr. Weston Price, this formula is an all-natural food-based source of vitamins A, D & the magical Activator X (vitamin K2) which puts the calcium into your teeth. Time to bid dental disease goodbye!
Ratfish Liver Oil – The Phenomenal Antioxidant Oil that Prevents and Cures Tooth Decay Boost Immunity, Sex Drive, Stamina with a Powerful Peruvian Root - Referral The Hidden Effects of Vaccines and Why Homeopathy Works Better - DVD
Ratfish Liver Oil, an ancient antioxidant whole food derived from the ratfish, is the ultimate source of Activator X – the secret compound discovered by Dr. Weston Price that cures tooth decay, and it prevents the hardening of the arteries! Wild, raw. High in the Peruvian mountains grows a superfood with unprecedented powers. This magic plant root, ground into powder, boosts immunity, fertility, memory, sexual function & libido in both men and women. It also reduces stress and combats cancer. Referral. Our immune system is comprised of specific & non-specific responses. Vaccine-acquired immunity is not as powerful as innate non-specific immunity. Learn why vaccines exacerbate medical problems you already have & why homeopathy can be just as effective
Wife of Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks Out - DVD Political Con Job: Manmade Climate Change is False - DVD What 5G is Really About - DVD
This all-star panel includes the wife of imprisoned CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, ex-CIA Ray McGovern, ex-NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake & more. Learn about the fate of Sterling, convicted under the Espionage Act as a source for the New York Times Learn why electric vehicles may not actually be any better for the environment than gasoline cars, why Big Oil doesn't want to upset the Green Lobby and why the Extinction Rebellion movement is a hoax. Manmade climate change is a political con job Learn what 5G is really about, why it has no value as a communications system & how it's derived from military radar and battlefield interrogation weaponry. 5G densification will be neurotoxic & genotoxic. Learn how 5G is linked to cybernetics & eugenics
The Rise of the Scientific Dictatorship - DVD The Best Defense Against Psychopaths Running Society - DVD Wireless Weapons, Mind Control & Transhumanism: How It All Ties Together - Audio DVD
This DVD exposes the myth of the benevolent central authority, presumptions about which have also been undermined thanks to brave whistleblowers. Secret Societies are pushing for worldwide scientific dictatorship. Can humanity stop the rise of it? Do you realize the psychopath-run "government" takes around 70% of your money, when you include all the hidden 100+ taxes? The system is designed for slavery. Learn the 3 key areas where we have lost connection. Learn the best defense against psychopaths Learn about Agenda 2030 land grabs, geoengineering, silent weapon systems & DEW. Find out about space-based surveillance, weaponry & energy production, incl. nefarious capabilities e.g. intentional solar dimming. Hear how it all ties in to transhumanism
The Advent of Surveillance Capitalism - DVD The 5G War Against Humanity - DVD Activating PSI Dreaming - DVD
Surveillance capitalism is the foundation of a new economic (world) order. Companies are shifting from selling products to collecting & selling data. They want your location, bloodstream, voice, face, emotional state, reactions & thoughts. Get wise to it The NWO Controllers know the exact frequency at which the human body loses molecular cohesion. They can target people to make them vaporize. Learn the true purpose of the Paradise fires that killed 50,000+ & how it relates to 5G & directed energy weapons Learn about the awakening of Kundalini energy & psychic abilities such as precognition—knowing the future before it happens. Discover how to experience psi dreaming and what can you do with it. Can psi dreaming improve your remote viewing & intuition?
Exposed: The Fearmongering of Modern Climate Science - DVD The Man Exposing Depopulation who Refused to be Paid Off - Audio DVD Grand Solar Minimum: Professor Predicts Global Cooling from 2020 Onwards - DVD
Modern climate science has descended into fearmongering & concocting predetermined results for the sake of politics. The UN IPCC adjusted their models to amplify effects of CO2. Why be scared of 350ppm CO2 when forest canopies already have 600ppm? Depopulation is the dark secret of the New World Order. Hear from a man who was locked up, bribed, threatened not to talk about it. Find out the delivery systems & depopulation measures used against you. Are you unwittingly exposing yourself to them? Theoretical astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova published a scientific paper which mathematically proves we are headed towards a Grand Solar Minimum (2020-2055), with reduced sunspots & colder temperatures. This explains what she found in simple terms
Apollo 11 Press Conferences: See Clues Astronauts Did Not Go to the Moon - DVD Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia: An Israeli Mossad Sex Blackmail Operation? - DVD NASA Fails - Faked Crashes, Impossible Splashdowns and More - DVD
If most people had done something as monumental as go to the Moon, they would be beyond exuberant. Why are the Apollo 11 astronauts so despondent? Are they embarrassed? Look closely at their body language in these press conferences. Judge for yourself. Learn about Jeffrey Epstein's links to Israeli Intelligence (Mossad). Epstein was running an international sextrafficking blackmail operation to entrap the rich & powerful in the act of pedophilia with mini video cameras! Who is involved? NASA fails superbly in this compilation that exposes fake footage of "astronauts" in "space". These stunts are sophisticated fakery using an array of vertical wires, CGI & spliced video clips. "Space station" scenes are easily shot in zero G environments
Did US Military Use Ticks as Bioweapons to Create Lyme Disease? - DVD Change and Heal Your Life with Plasma Energy! - DVD How Your AI Machines and Devices are Changing You - DVD
Whistleblower William Burgdorfer (after whom the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease is named) revealed Lyme Disease was the result of a bioweapons program gone awry, one in which he himself participated. Is Lyme Disease caused by weaponized ticks? Plasma energy is a mysterious, yet tangible – energy which you can tap into for incredible healing and other purposes. Learn how a couple healed arthritis in their hands. Find out how to make plasma station water for your pets, plants, kids & loved ones! As we talk to our machines, we become more empathetically connected to them. We start to project our feelings onto them & persuaded by them. Are you aware of how much freedom & privacy you're losing? Are you being stalked & enslaved by your AI device?
Atlantis – and its Connection to Secret Societies and the NWO - Audio DVD Fossilized Faces: Evidence that Giants Roamed the Earth? - DVD Was Rock and Roll Music a Controlled Movement? - DVD
The occult influence of legendary Atlantis lives on today. Why is Atlantis so important for many Secret Societies such as Illuminati and Freemasonry? What is the connection between Atlantis and a One World Government (New World Order)? Some people have a creative imagination when it comes to seeing shapes in natural formations, such as giant faces in mountains. This could be the clue that explains how the pyramids were built and how massive monoliths were put place by the ancients. The 1960s music scene in Laurel Canyon was seeded by the CIA/Military & was home to drugs & murder. Did you know many 60s superstars like Jim Morrison, Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa, David Crosby & Stephen Stills all came from military families?
911 Predictive Programming and Other Snippets - DVD CAFR Reports: How the Government Steals Our Money - DVD Targeted Individuals From All Over the World Break Their Silence - DVD
Why were there cartoons 3 days before 9/11 showing characters jumping for their lives from building tops? Why did so many TV shows & movies before the event have 911 displayed on clocks, books & IDs? It's predictive programming galore. See for yourself Did you know the Government has a full set of books it doesn't show the public called CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports)? They show the Gov. has stashed away billions of dollars through investments, then cries broke. This is MASSIVE FRAUD This documentary ties together the authentic testimony of many TIs from around the world. Victims are speaking up & banding together to fight back. Learn what steps TIs can take, incl. affidavit templates & a nationwide support group based the US.
Mass Shootings in El Paso, Dayton and More: Anomalies, Inconsistencies and Lies - DVD The End of Real Food as We Know It - DVD European Royals Allegedly Hunting and Killing Human Children — Eyewitness Testimony - DVD
Things are never as they seem with mass shootings in America. At El Paso, eyewitness testimony states there were 3-4 shooters dressed in black military gear. At the Gilroy Garlic Festival in CA, police & FBI were already present when shooting started The impossible burger created by Impossible Foods Inc. is a lab-grown burger. We are told it's "safe to eat",what kind of "food" needs to have this kind of disclaimer? Why is CEO Pat Brown linked to DARPA & company linked to Bill Gates, Google & Soros? Some of the ruling class indulge in sick sexual & Satanic ritual. The perpetrators are famous figures of European royalty. Bodies of children are dismembered & decapitated. An eyewitness who was raped exposes the link to Freemasonry. Warning: disturbing
396 Hz: Turn Grief into Joy and Sadness into Happiness - Audio DVD 417 Hz: Cleanse Traumatic Experiences and Facilitate Change - Audio DVD 528 Hz: Repair Your DNA with the Natural Frequency of the Earth - Audio DVD
All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 396 Hz helps you release stress, fear and guilt. This music can be used to awaken your inner strength. All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 417 Hz helps you cleanse traumatic experiences and facilitate change All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 417 Hz helps you repair your DNA with the natural frequency of the Earth, so as to bring transformation and miracles into your life.
639 Hz: Enhance Communication, Understanding, Tolerance and Love - Audio DVD 741 Hz: Expand Your Powers of Self Expression - Audio DVD How to Detox Mercury from Your Body - DVD
All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 639 Hz helps you enhance communication, understanding, tolerance and love. It also helps strengthen relationships. All matter comes from sound. It's time to choose the frequencies you want to experience. This recording of 741 Hz helps you clean your cells of toxins, as well as expand your powers of self-expression. Mercury is a very dangerous element to human health; there are no safe levels in the body. Discover the best ways to test if you have mercury & lead. Find out which fish are highest in mercury, how to safely remove amalgam fillings & how to detox mercury.
Sacred Sex: Decoding Secrets of the Inner Sanctum Human Body - DVD What Really Happened to Elite Pedophile Sex-Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein? - DVD Advanced Aerial Surveillance: How Military Intelligence is Spying on Your Every Move - DVD
Esoteric secrets are decoded. Do you know you can "raise the son of man" within yourself by reclaiming your power as an immortal being? Do you know about retaining the power of the seed/life force (unlike the prodigal son who squandered his inheritance)? No one who is even slightly aware believes pedophile Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. He was either suicided or rescued via a body switch. Which theory is correct? Was Epstein an Intelligence agent, and if so, was he Mossad? Here are the top theories. The rise of advanced aerial surveillance technology is changing life on Earth - civilian & military. Drones have unprecedented surveillance access to people's lives posing great danger to privacy. Will we create a society where "pre-crime" is an offense?
Escape Poverty by Changing How You Think - DVD What Life was Like in the 1950s - DVD Life in the Early 1900s - DVD
Most of us have been trained to have an inherent bias against the rich and to think we have to work for someone else. Learn how to generate income by representing yourself. Break through the kind of thinking which keeps families in generational poverty! It's hard to imagine (or remember for those who were still alive back then) what life was like in America in the 1950s. This compilation of footage from the 1950s is a revealing look into its daily life & popular culture. See people just being themselves. It is incredible to look back at life in the early 1900s. There was/were no tractors, trucks, tanks, neon lights, TVs, computers,electronics, vaccines, antibiotics, aviators, income tax, fluoride, pesticides, GMOs, communists, fascists, feminists & more.
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