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Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth - Handbook The Lord's Healing Gift: A Collection of Raw Milk Testimonies - Handbook Kauai Body Butter - Miracle Skin Rejuvenator
This piece of work is part-history, part-myth. Authored by a distinguished UFO researcher, it reveals astonishing information about how life came to be on Earth, including the rise of the Reptilian and Human races, and the myths of Eden & Atlantis. It's a grass roots, grass fed revolution! Learn the power of raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk from grass-fed animals. These testimonials are better evidence than the fake "scientific proof" bought-off scientists produce for corporate profit.
This buttery lotion is a solution for all your skin problems. It helps with psoriasis, eczema, rashes, rosacea, sunburn, cuts, dry skin & cracked feet. Make your skin more supple, less crepey & wrinkled. All ingredients are organic/wildcrafted.
A Disturbing Message to All Americans From the Ex-Defense Minister Of Canada - DVD Donald Trump's Uncle, Donald Trump's Son, Tesla and Time Travel - DVD Women Frankly Reveal What They Want in Men - DVD
Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer exposes coming NWO plans, the banking cartel, UFO retrieval lies & MJ 12. Learn how Eisenhower got into S3/S4 (part of Area 51) after being denied access. Find out whether ETs have really visited Earth. Barron Trump (youngest son of President Donald Trump) has cropped up before in history in a 19th C. set of books. The parallels are spooky. Are the Trumps involved in time travel? Is it a coincidence Donald Trump's uncle got possession of Tesla's secrets? It's the secret perspective that all men want to understand: how do women think and feel about men – and what do they want in men? Learn the 5 key factors that magnetically attract all women, and the other 4 factors you should never, ever use.
Every Vaccine Does Harm - Part 1 - DVD Every Vaccine Does Harm - Part 2 - DVD Every Vaccine Does Harm - Part 3 - DVD
Part 1 shows shocking visual evidence of how vaccines actually damage your blood. Did you know vaccines cause too many white blood cells to roll along the vessel walls which impairs blood flow, & contain aluminum which causes particles to become sludge? Part 2 of this series shows (with visuals) how vaccines lead to hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), ischemia (inadequate blood supply, which then leads to oxygen deprivation) - like a "stroke" in any part of your body where oxygen flow is inhibited. Part 3 of this series exposes how vaccines may be the root cause of autism & schizophrenia - which are on the same continuum of disease. See autistic children with eyes turned in & mouth turned down - due to the ischemic blood sludging effect of vaccines?
The CHANI Project Conspiracy - DVD Crazy US Government Taking Steps to Start War Against Russia and China - Audio DVD An Alternative History to World War 2 - DVD
Heard about the CHANI Project? In 1994 researchers at a secret collider facility in Africa made contact with an alien entity who claimed to be from a parallel dimension/timeline. This being received relayed some astonishing information. Find out more. While the MSM parrots the propaganda line that North Korea, China, Iran & Russia are provoking the US, the truth is exactly the opposite. The NWO is using the US military to conquer the world. Find out which 3 factions have subverted the US Government. We know what happened in World War 2, right? The innocent USA was the victim of a nasty surprise attack by the Japanese ... right? Wrong! Learn the true events behind WWII: US foreknowledge & provoking Japan into making the first act of overt hostility.
The Truth About Municipal Water Fluoridation - DVD Was Hitler Tricked by the Allies to Start WWII? - DVD Long Hair, Intuition and Your Activated Pineal Gland - DVD
Municipal water fluoridation is an extensive problem. Putting fluoride in water is essentially a hazardous waste management tool. It has nothing to do whatsoever with dental health. Two thirds of American children now have dental fluorosis because of it! This underground documentary film unabashedly explains how WWII really began from the German perspective. For all his faults Hitler made repeated compromises & peace offers to France & Britain, all of which were refused. Learn more about the truth of WW2. Hair strands are like external nerves that transmit vast amounts of information to the brain. Your hair emits EM energy, can be an antenna for your intuition & can act as a 6th sense to protect you from danger! Find out more about the power of long hair.
Chipping of Humanity and End of Freedom as We Know It - DVD Is Our Reality a Simulation Inside a Quantum Computer? - DVD Nano Microchips May Already Be Inside Your Body! - DVD
The advancement of the human microchipping agenda is beyond creepy. The NWO criminals are setting up a world where you will basically have to get chipped, since not having a chip will make life so difficult it won't be a viable option. What will you do? What if our reality were a computer simulation? Why do so many aspects of reality closely match those of a simulation? What is more fundamental than both matter & energy to our reality? Is awakening becoming aware of the simulation? You might already be microchipped – and not even know it! This presentation exposes the NWO goal to introduce 100 trillion nano micrcochips into the world, so that every single thing in the world is tagged, including you. Is everything already chipped?
Is the God of the Bible Evil? - DVD 9/11: What Happened to the Passengers? - DVD Revealed: The Forbidden, Missing Books of the Bible - DVD
See the actual quotes (with book, verse & chapter) showing that the God of the Bible repeatedly practices & promotes betrayal, lying, theft, slavery, pedophilia, rape, animal & human sacrifice, incest and cannibalism. The proof is here in black and white. We are told 2996 passengers died on 9/11. Yet the best register of deaths in the nation (SSDI) only recorded an additional 460 or so deaths that day (beyond the statistically daily average). Are the majority of "deaths" on 9/11, in fact, fraudulent? Those interested in the Bible often don't realize a very important fact: many books have been removed, maybe 10, 24 or even 75. One of the missing sections is the Apocrypha. What happened to these Lost Books? What's hidden in them? Why were they removed?
Origins of the New Age Movement and the NWO - DVD The First Book of Adam and Eve - Audio DVD The Ancient History of Humankind - DVD
The New World Order (NWO) has strange connections with the New Age Movement that has taken ideology from the Theosophical Society. See what its founder Helena Blavatsky wrote on Satan & Lucifer. Discover who "Maitreya" is and what significance he has. There are many missing books from the Bible. This account of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden is certainly biblical in character. Learn how Adam & Eve fall into conflict with Satan, God & each other, and how Adam fares in the world outside the garden. Why do the Earth's moon (Luna) & Mars' moons (Phobos and Deimos) appear to be hollow? Why does Saturn's moon Iapetus look like the Death Star? Why are there mile-high objects, tracks & pyramids on their surfaces? Are they all artificial satellites?
King James Bible of 1611 Had 80 Books - DVD Hazards of Filming Police Officers Exposed - DVD Police Brutality Against Innocent Citizens - DVD
Did you know that the first Bible brought to America (the Geneva Bible in 1589) contained the Apocrypha – a group of 14 books missing from the current Bible, which only has 66 books? Is this due to authenticity – or censorship? See what happens when you try to film a cop. See cops bluff, intimidate, bully and lie to stop people recording them when the police are on duty in public. Then, when that doesn't work, they get violent and destroy video recorders & cell phones. Wow. There is a disturbing trend of police brutality in the US especially in cities. Cops arrest people on laws they invent out of thin air, using innocent bystanders as victims upon which to take out their aggression. Some are tased; others get killed. Why?
Leaked Images of Alien Skeletons and Structures Found on Mars - DVD Have Quantum Physicists Discovered Proof of a Creator? - DVD The Gatekeepers Paid to Keep You Deaf, Dumb and Stupid - DVD
All sorts of structures, skeletons & stuff is strewn across the surface of Mars. See images from a declassified CIA doc: clusters of buildings, glass tube, alien skeleton, handgun, helmet, train, tracks & station, crashed spaceship. Seeing is believing. The word "God" has become weighed down with dogma, but there are some scientists (who are traditionally materialists) discovering through their research there is some grander force, field or intelligence. The DNA code itself reveals the markings of this. The search for truth contains many false paths. Sometimes the very people who woke you up refuse to go further in their own search; they get threatened, paid off or stop in a limited hangout. Learn about some of the biggest gatekeepers out there.
Death of the Globe Earth Psyop - DVD Evidence Not for Public Release - DVD Why You Shouldn't Pay Federal Income Taxes to a System that Enslaves You - DVD
Is the Globe Earth the real psyop? Did you know CIA-assisted technology led to the development of Google Earth? If Earth is a globe, why do surveyors & engineers never factor the supposed curvature into their projects that function perfectly without it? Ex-CIA analyst Kevin Shipp exposes the Military Intelligence Complex who intimidates & tries to destroy whistleblowers. Learn the history of the Deep State. See the stats on the Shadow Government. We live in a post-constitutional world. What can we do? Robert Kiyosaki (author of #1 personal finance book of all time) explains how the worst thing you can do for your finances is go to college, get in debt, buy a house, try to get out of debt & invest in the stockmarket. Learn how to increase financial IQ.
The New Alternative Healing Modality that's Creating Everyday Miracles - DVD Big Pharma Drugs: The 3rd Highest Killer in America - DVD Foreknowledge of the Collapse of WTC Building 7 Exposed - DVD
One day the patients of chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl began reporting they felt his hands on them, even though he hadn't physically touched them. They were healed of epilepsy, MS, AIDS, arthritis & cancer. Learn how you can experience everyday miracles. Prescription drugs are the 3rd highest leading cause of death in the US (behind cancer & heart disease) & kill around 200,000 Americans every year. If each drug has 30+ side effects, how could doctors possible know the exact interactions & risks? Foreknowledge requires 3 elements: certainty, confirmation and detail. In the case of 9/11 and specifically Building 7, all 3 elements were present. It's impossible to explain this foreknowledge with the weak cover story given by the NIST.
Proof We Have a Fully Operational Base on Mars - DVD Project Serpo: The Secret Human-Alien Exchange Program Leaked by the DIA - DVD Western State-Sponsored Terrorism (False Flags) Exposed - Audio DVD
Andrew Basiago continues the story of DARPA's Project Pegasus. He describes his close relationship with a certain Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) & DARPA-Google-Facebook agent Regina Dugan. Basiago exposes what Mars really is. Around 1962, 12 Americans were sent to a distant star system in an alien ship on a secret human-alien exchange program. That's the story of Project Serpo, leaked to the public in 2005 by an ex-DIA agent. Is is true? Did you know the 1993 Oklahoma City Bombing was an FBI sting operation? That PNAC had foreknowledge of 9/11? That the Neocons handed over the operational aspect of 9/11 to Israel's Mossad? Learn the various soft kill/hard kill population control methods.
Radiation Madness and Genocidal Cell Phone Towers - DVD Shocking 1976 Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview Exposes Zionist Luciferians - Audio DVD Proof: Informant Exposes How FBI Allowed 1993 WTC Bombings to Occur - DVD
Right here in America, people are dying of cancer due to radiation overexposure – specifically the wireless radiation coming from cell phones, cell phone towers and smart meters. Learn how the IAP2 limits what info is disclosed to the public. This interview was conducted in 1976 with Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal (senior aide to then US Senator Jacob Javits), who was murdered 30 days after he gave it. Wallace boldly states: "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." The FBI has showed itself, over and over, to be an agency that manufactures the very terrorism against which it claims to be protecting the American public. This compilation features proof the FBI planned the WTC bombings in 1993.
Energy Scientist Exposes How Intelligence Agents Gangstalk and Electronically Harass Her - DVD Numerous Eyewitnesses State Under Oath that UFOs Disabled USAF Nukes - DVD 4th Generation Warfare and The Deep State - DVD
Dr. Katherine Horton is a scientist & TI being gangstalked by Intelligence agents. She literally sleeps in a metal bathtub to protect herself against ongoing electronic harassment with EM weapons that easily penetrate other materials e.g. wood & brick. The story that UFOs have consistently disabled and shut down US nuclear missiles is no gossip or rumor. It's a fact. Watch the testimony of numerous former USAF officers and captains who personally witnessed UFOs arrive at their Air Force Bases. Amazing! The Deep State is a leviathan. No matter who gets elected, the Deep State remains in power. Elections are like kabuki (a puppet show). We are entering 4th generation warfare and we have to return to the roots of liberty that started the nation of the USA.
Whatever Happened to the Anti-War Movement in the US? - DVD Man Gets House Stolen and Death Threat for Exposing Sandy Hook False Flag - DVD Detox Your Pineal Gland, Eliminate Arthritis, Mold, Parkinson's & Psoriasis with Boron - DVD
The US anti-war movement has been neutered through relentless propaganda. We are inundated with fake news (eg Iraq had WMDs). The fraudulent White Helmets in Syria are a propaganda masterpiece. This star lineup of speakers has seen through the lies. This man used to live in Sandy Hook (before the 2012 shooting incident) where the school was closed, so he knew the whole event was faked. He stumbled across the US Army Civilian Affairs Psychological Command Unit 415 (psy ops). Listen to his story! Boron, with a bounty of health benefits, helps to detox your pineal gland (by displacing fluoride), eliminate arthritis, yeast, fungi, Parkinson's and psoriasis – and even plasmodium parasites and cancer. Learn how to get boron without chemical fragrance.
Reverse Osteoporosis and Increase Bone Density with Boron - DVD Increase Testosterone with Boron - DVD Boron: A Suppressed Arthritis Cure? - DVD
Osteoporosis ("porous bone") is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone or makes too little. Learn how boron keeps your skeletal structure strong, improves bone density & muscle strength, & protects against osteoporosis & arthritis. In the body building community, testosterone is king. Boron is a natural way to increase it without drugs. Research shows boron increases testosterone, lowers estrogen & decreases inflammation – all that a man wants to improve his bedroom performance. Boron deficiency is another common deficiency in the West that causes calcium & magnesium to be lost affecting teeth & bone density. This leads to osteoporosis ("holes in bones"). Boron can heal arthritis and even bone fractures in half the time!
No Vaccines Necessary - DVD Never Be Sick Again! - DVD Don't Be Fooled – The NSA is Still Spying on Every Action of Every American - DVD
Are vaccines necessary? Are unvaccinated children a risk? Or is vaccinating children the risk? Are vaccines even safe? Do vaccines cause autism? Is Big Pharma addicted to fraud? No vaccines are necessary – if you want to know why then watch this. Would you like to never be sick again? This doctor has done so in his own life. There are not thousands of diseases. There is really only 1 disease and only 2 causes of disease. Find out what they are. Learn what unlocks the secrets of longevity. Don't be fooled. The NSA still collects the full content of US domestic communications without a warrant. NSA analysts admit it gathers too much data & suffers from analysis paralysis. Does this surveillance apparatus have anything to do with terrorism?
Busted! Russia Exposes US Lies Trying to Start War in Syria - DVD JFK Assassination Coverage 12:30pm-1:40pm on November 22, 1963 - DVD Las Vegas Mass Shooting False Flag - DVD
The Syrian War has been fueled by constant lies from the start. The US-led West has made up all sorts of accusations against Assad to overthrow him, but none of it has stuck. Listen to Russian officials refute spurious US propaganda with logic & reason. The JFK assassination is one of those moments in time where almost everyone remembers what they were doing when they found out. This compilation shows what the TV stations were broadcasting and how they broke the story, incl. footage of Walter Cronkite. Las Vegas false flag: 59+ people were shot down by a 64 year old with no known motive or gun skills. The patsy is dead, there was foreknowledge & crisis actors, multiple shooters & the patsy supposedly had 27 guns! Do you believe the official story?
256 Year Old Man Reveals Secrets to His Longevity - DVD Does Bottled Water Contain Fluoride? Shocking Results of Popular Brands Tested - DVD Dangers of Food Dyes Banned in Most Other Countries Except America - DVD
Did you know there was a man who made it to 256? Some say reports are falsified but there's evidence of Government records (letter of congratulations when he reached 200). Find out the secrets to his longevity, incl. his daily activities & special herbs. If you think paying extra for bottled water will guarantee you a liquid free of impurities, think again. Even expensive bottled water has fluoride! Learn which brands have the most fluoride, which have none & how to get water guaranteed to be of fluoride. Petroleum-based food dyes (in everything from breakfast cereals to pickles) can be found in so many foods on the shelves of US supermarkets. Studies show these dyes cause allergies, hyperactivity & neurotoxicity and have been linked to autism & cancer.
Government Indoctrination and the Trendy Drugging of the Youth - DVD The Real Truth About Flu Shots - DVD Rights Activist Explains How to Travel Without a Driver's License - DVD
Government indoctrination begins at school. The NWO controls education to create the society they want in the future. Elite Foundations (Rockefeller, Carnegie) and the Common Core curriculum create a strong class system & promote collectivism. Flu shots are constantly being pushed on you, but are you aware of the risks? Did you know that the CDC is a for-profit corporation that owns numerous vaccine patents? Find out the top 10 most toxic ingredients for vaccines. Police are told they have authority throughout the State but what exactly is the "State"? Discover the answer to this tricky question and other secrets. This woman has successfully used the right to travel to drive without a license for 15+ years!
ET Contactee: Alien Told Me About 9/11 in Advance - DVD Zionism has Nothing to Do with True Judaism - DVD The Kalergi Plan: Exposing the Truth Behind the People Smuggling into Europe - DVD
ET contactee Jerry Wills has become a sought-after healer who has rescued people from comas and the point of death. Wills has had an ongoing relationship a tall blonde alien humanoid Zo, who has repeatedly predicted the future, including 9/11. Judaism is diametrically opposed to Zionism, which violates cherished tenets & commandments of the Torah. Zionism is a modern day settler-colonial exploitation and theft of land which carries a mindset of viewing Arabs as sub-human. The so-called "refugee" crisis has a LOT of non-refugee economic opportunists – ferried into Italy by NGOs engaged in people smuggling? Learn which US presidential candidate started the war in Libya which uncorked the migrant bottle.
Architects and Engineers Destroy the 9/11 Official Narrative - DVD The Matrix Control Grid and The Road of Awakening - DVD Get the Lowdown on Aliens, UFOs and Secret Military Technology – Audio DVD
Architects & engineers prove the WTC towers could not have fallen just due to planes. Why did Building 7 (47 stories) collapse in under 7 seconds (freefall acceleration)? Why were 400 truckloads per day of debris & evidence rapidly shipped off to China? It's good to intellectually learn about the Matrix but the real path of awakening is far deeper. It's about integrating truth into your own life so you become fully free. The game is bigger than we think. This brilliant presentation ties it all together. Derek Tyler has been abducted by both the military & Grey ETs, and both (Greys working with the military). He has been tortured & worked on by alien surgeons. He has gone beyond the screen memories to recall it. This is hardcore personal experience.
5G Radiation Dangers - DVD Our Occulted History - DVD The Hidden History of the Human Race - DVD
Learn the horrible effects of wireless radiation. Whether it's wi-fi, cell phones or smart meters, it can lead to neurological disease, immune system disorder, reproductive harm & cancer. Learn more about 5G radiation dangers so you can protect yourself. The late great Jim Marrs gives another fantastic presentation, covering topics no less than the creation of the universe! Marrs goes through our occulted or hidden history, showing proof of previous advanced civilizations on Earth. Not to be missed. Jim Marrs delves into all sorts of topics including the Moon, the Sumerians, the Rothschilds, the private banking scam, JFK & 9/11. Learn about the inner & outer circles of Freemasonry. Discover the truth about Khazaria, from where many modern Jews come.
Natural Treatments for Psoriasis - DVD Out of Body Astral Travel Secrets Revealed - DVD What the Future of AI Holds - DVD
Contrary to what you may think, psoriasis is not a skin problem. It's a gut problem. This compilation has sound nutritional advice from experts & people who have healed it themselves. Learn the true causes of and the top 20 foods to combat psoriasis. This remote viewer & out-of-body explorer reveals the biggest conspiracy of all: one that affects you personally. He talks about how he met military men also on out-of-body journeys – and how the "technology" of astral travel has already been weaponized. With the way things are going the future of humanity is AI – but what's the future of AI? Professor Toby Walsh discusses the dangers we face with the rapid advancement of AI technology. What limits exist to ensure AI is used to improve not hurt our lives?
CIA Synthetic Telepathy Exposed - DVD How to Treat Black Mold Exposure Naturally - DVD Simple Methods to Remove Mucus, Kill Sinus Infection and Sore Throat - DVD
This victim of synthetic technology exposes what "they" (agencies of the Military Intelligence Complex) are doing. There are special weapons that shoot demonic spells at the back of your head. See how leaders all over use unmistakeable Masonic handshakes. Black mold is tenacious & hard to eradicate. It grows on house surfaces & inside of you, leading to chronic fatigue, fever, eye irritation, headaches & sneezing. This DVD goes over a variety of solutions e.g. the secret of how to promote healthy bacteria. Learn a simple 20 second trick to clear your sinus cavity. Get the recipe for a magnificent germ-busting drink to kick out a cold & which 4 kinds of foods cause mucus problems. Learn simple yet effective home remedies for mucus, sinusitis & a sore throat.
Health Secrets of Drinking Distilled Water - DVD Distilled Water is the Fountain of Youth - DVD Is New World Order "Remote Influencing" Technology Real? - Audio DVD
The common misconception is distilled water is bad for you since it leaches minerals from the body. Find out why this is a dangerous half-truth. Distilled water is 100% pure water. Find out what kind of magical regeneration it can do for you. There is a reason the term "distilled water" is synonymous with "pure water". There is a reason that Nature, via the hydrological cycle, cleans all its water by evaporation, which naturally distills it. Don't miss this myth-busting discussion on water! Can "they" read your mind & make you feel pain, hate & fear? This insider exposes the security industry (ex-military agents) who use microwave satellite technology to control & torture average Americans. Learn what total individual control technology is.
There are No Forests on Earth! - DVD Is What's Happening in Antarctica the Secret to Unlocking Our World? - DVD Worlds Beyond the Poles - 3 DVD set
Are massive mounds & plateaus evidence of giant trees which have been eliminated? Are canyons remnants of flooded quarries? Have we been lied to about national monuments? Are stone towers petrified wood? See the photographic evidence. You decide. Does Antarctica hold the key to unlocking our understanding of reality? Antarctica has been implicated with phenomena like Nazi bases, Operation Highjump, UFOs, aliens, pyramids, nuclear testing, planetary weather control, Flat Earth & much more. This audio book has extraordinary information: there is land beyond both the North & South Poles! There are no northern or southern limits to the Earth. US Naval Research Bureau & US Navy's exploratory forces have confirmed the work's principal features.
The Dispute Letters Proven to Get Virtually All Negative Credit Items Removed - Referral Access First-Class Coaching on Reality Creation and Manifestation - Referral Superb Wealth Generation & Protection Tips for Those Who Know the System is Rigged - Referral
These 14 credit dispute letters drafted by expert lawyers can permanently remove negative items from your credit report, e.g. foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgments, late payments & tax liens. This is not your usual set of techniques. Referral. You may have heard people talk about how we create our own reality. That's all well & good, but how? Here's the answer. Access 100s of exclusive videos & audios that explain the steps to take to be successful at reality creation & manifestation. Referral. Smart people like you need to know how to succeed outside the rigged system. You don't want to be dependent on it when it collapses! This newsletter & community help you grow your wealth off-grid. Learn how to make money outside the system. Referral.
10 Foods to Boost Nitric Oxide Levels for Sexual and Heart Health - Report Beat the IRS, Buy a House with No SSN, and More! - Referral How to Cancel 100% of Your Unsecured Debt - Referral
Nitric oxide expands blood flow and decreases plaque growth & blood clotting. It's not just about your heart; penile erection also depends upon healthy circulation & high levels of nitric oxide. Learn the top 10 foods to boost your production. There are many dubious organizations claiming to know the basics of law & freedom but lots are fake. This company knows their stuff with a track record. Get detailed practical info on how to buy a house with no tax return/SSN, how to beat the IRS & more. You can legally stop making payments on fake debt issued by a US financial institution & have the debt 100% canceled. Remember, banks say they "lend" you "money" but they don't. Learn how to do this with a proven technique that has helped many others.
Superb Natural Law Pure Trust Protects Your Freedom in Many Ways - Referral How to Expunge Your Criminal Record - Report Get the Supreme Immune Health Formula - Referral
Trusts are separate legal entities that can be used for many purposes. This Natural Law Trust is non-statutory, sovereign, irrevocable & pure. It is tax exempt & has no tax filing requirements. We refer you to an organization that will set one up for you. Having a criminal record can be an obstacle to many things in society, e.g. it may negatively affect your rental & employment applications. Learn what expungement means and available legal remedies e.g. record sealing, pardon & certificate of innocence. This formula is a powerful immune system booster. It promotes healthy blood, detoxes pathogens, heavy metals & chemicals, stimulates macrophage (natural killer white blood cells that destroy viruses & bacteria) and helps beat cancer. Referral.
The Borax Conspiracy - How an Arthritis Cure Was Stopped by Big Pharma - DVD The Hidden Secret to Healing All Diseases Including Cancer - DVD Humans Have the Same Genes for Regenerating and Growing New Limbs as Animals - DVD
Boron (commonly found in the form of borax washing powder) is a humble trace element, yet a necessary one for optimal health. Boron deficiency can lead to all sorts of health problems: low sex drive, calcium loss, bone weakness (low bone density), osteoporosis and arthritis.
What is the root cause of all disease? How do you activate your body's own healing mechanism? If you have a serious disease, do you even know why you have it? If not, how can you truly heal it? This very comprehensive presentation will take you on an eye-opening journey of discovery. Learn where modern medicine went wrong in 1643 in the scientific revolution. Get a complete list of all the causes that are making you sick.
There are so many things which we have been taught are impossible ... which, as it turns out, may be possible. Growing new limbs is among them. How? Your body is already a regenerating machine. See which animals can do this & which genes are responsible.
Zionism's Behind It All (Zionism 101 Part 1) - DVD Operating Invisible (Redemption Manual Series, #4) - Book US Department of Defense Aliens Exposed - Audio DVD
US Department of Defense Aliens Exposed - Audio DVD
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The Zionist agenda has been in the works since the late 1800s. All roads lead not to Rome but to the Rothschild's self-proclaimed Jewish State of Israel. WWI (Balfour Declaration), WWII (Transfer Agreement), 9/11, War On Terror & ISIS were/are its tricks. A very comprehensive book detailing exactly how to maintain your privacy in our digital era: encrypt your communications, store your data safely, disappear from the internet, avoid being tracked. Discover invisible addresses, repersonification & more. Is technology within secret black military operations 100 years more advanced than the public sector? Are many of the flying saucers and UFOs we see man-made rather than extraterrestrial? What did the Government do with Tesla's secrets after his death?
Human Meat Found in Fast Food and Commercial Meats - DVD Antarctica is Not What You Think - No 24 Hour Sun! - DVD What Are You Going to Do Once Automation and Robotics Take Over? - DVD
Investigators recently found horse & human meat in the patties produced by commercial burger-making companies. Horse meat was found in 65% of samples & 90% contained human meat! Rat & human DNA was also found in popular hotdog and sausage brands. We are told by mainstream science places like Antarctica get 24 hours of sun in some parts of the year (summer). This documentary has actual time-lapse webcam videos of Antarctica. Have we been lied to about the 24 hour sun? See for yourself. What will you do once AI (Artificial Intelligence) advances to the point that robots take your job? Truck drivers, waiters & even journalists are in danger of losing their jobs to automation in the coming 10 years. What will you do for income and dignity?
The Nazis Were Never Beaten - DVD Is Our Universe a Matrix-Like Computer Game Created by Aliens?  - DVD The Man Who Has Encountered Paranormal Entities - Audio DVD
The Nazis may have officially "lost" World War 2 but the top ones escaped. Their influence continues to this day. In-exile Martin Bormann (the real power behind Hitler) set up a vast economic network of 750 corporations in neutral nations. Find out more. How do you know we're not figments of God's imagination? How do you know we're not simulations in a hologram? NASA/JPL scientist Rich Terrile points out science has made wrong assumptions in our origin stories. Learn what they are & what it means for you. Some things are so bizarre that you just can't explain them. Barry Taff describes some of the 1000+ extraordinary cases he has overseen where people have met an "entity", be it a ghost, poltergeist or invisible being. Are entities real? You decide.
Surveillance State Landscapes Revealed - DVD Exposed: US War Crimes in Vietnam - DVD The CIA Iran Contra Affair Coverup - DVD
Exposed: US War Crimes in Vietnam - DVD
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The CIA Iran Contra Affair Coverup - DVD
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The surveillance state, black budget and black military operations all rely on secrecy. With enough research and great astronomical equipment, the veil of many of these secrets can be pierced. See some very interesting photos & military symbolism exposed. The War in Vietnam became a stain on the conscience of America. To date the Vietnamese Government claims 300,000-700,000 of its citizens are MIA. The US lost its moral compass by killing innocent women & children because communism/Vietnam was the "enemy". Have you wondered all these years what really went on with the Iran Contra scandal? This documentary exposes who coordinated the entire affair & the deal with Iran to deliberately time the release of hostages. CIA drug & weapon running is just the start.
Everything You Know About Hitler, the Jews, Palestine and Israel is Wrong - DVD Convincing Proof NASA Never Went to the Moon - DVD Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy - DVD
There is so much disinfo about Hitler, the Jews, WWII, the Holocaust, Palestine and Israel! Hitler neither wanted to kill every Jew in the world, nor was he a noble German patriot. Learn the truth about his Jewish roots & the Jewish bankers behind him. Want convincing proof we never went to the moon? This DVD contains piercing questions no one can answer, especially not lying NASA. Why no live feed or high resolution? Why did NASA throw away the original tapes & disassemble the machine playing them? Ex-CIA spy & author Lindsay Moran blew her cover years ago. She shares personal stories of how she escaped life-threatening situations & tried to extract information from others in a foreign language. Learn why she thinks women are better spies than men.
The Vitamin D Levels You Need to Protect Yourself From Serious Disease Like Cancer - DVD Illuminati Symbolism Uncovered - DVD Warmist Climate Change Agenda Busted with Facts - DVD
Warmist Climate Change Agenda Busted with Facts - DVD
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Vitamin D deficiency increases your risk of chronic disease, leads to reduced longevity & substantially elevates your cancer risk. Most Americans are vitamin D deficient. Find out the minimum levels you need to avoid disease and how to test for them. Former 33 mason Albert Pike wrote that "Masonry, like all the Religions ... conceals its secrets (and) uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled." Learn the most common Illuminati symbols The climate has always changed. So what? The question is whether it's changing outside of a normal range, and whether humans are causing it or even having any effect on it at all. The manmade global warming or climate change theory gets busted by facts.
How to Manually Structure and Energize Water for Pennies - DVD How Crack Funded a CIA War: Reagan and the Iran Contras - DVD Transhumanism: The Plan to Turn You Into a Hybrid - DVD
Transhumanism: The Plan to Turn You Into a Hybrid - DVD
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Water is magical. It's alive & can be shaped by intention. This compilation shows you how to manually structure, activate & energize water yourself. All methods here are simple, cheap and DIY. Drink to your long health! Contains great tips. Crack cocaine didn't just accidentally get into the US by mistake. CIA = Cocaine Import Agency. Find out why LA was chosen as the distribution point, what the drug lords were told & which gangs spread the drugs to Americans, especially blacks & youth. This documentary is a rude awakening. Find out which industries/institutions are behind transhumanism. Find out the law George Bush signed & the kind of entities he wanted to limit by law. Moral and legal dilemmas abound. Is transhumanism "enhancement"?
The Hidden Truth About Vaccines - DVD Doctor Exposes Vaccine-Autism Connection - DVD How You Are Being Invisibly Targeted in the 21st Century - DVD
The Hidden Truth About Vaccines - DVD
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Doctor Exposes Vaccine-Autism Connection - DVD
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See proof that the disease rates of measles, pertussis, diphtheria, smallpox and others fell sharply before vaccines were introduced. Why do outbreaks show that it is only the VACCINATED that get the disease (once or twice), not the unvaccinated? The knowledgeable Dr. Brian Hooker has the evidence that the CDC omits relevant data to make vaccines look good. The CDC clings to its mantra ("vaccines are safe and effective") which equates to allowing children to be killed (voluntary manslaughter). Electronic stalking, mind control & modern directed energy weapons (guided by space-based AI) are so sophisticated it is hard for the average person to comprehend. You are being invisibly targeted by this surveillance system. Includes advice for TIs.
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