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2012 Revealed

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Transhumanism is Eugenics, repackaged and rebranded. It is the dangerous idea that humanity can be “improved” with the insertion of technological devices into the body. Expert Tom Horn warns how transgenics threaten to alter our genes forever Self-transformation was the ultimate goal of Spiritual Alchemists who sought spiritual wealth. They discovered techniques by which they could transform their own energy to become more loving, wise and powerful. This book reveals their secrets
Transhumanism - DVD
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The Violet Flame - Powerful Tool of Self-Transformation - Handbook
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Positive thinking - this book teaches you how to harness the power of positive thinking; to improve your relationships, to create the work environment you want, to bolster your health and to stay motivated. Whatever you think - you manifest Stay well, energetic and happy with this incredible guide to human health. Use this metaphysical process of cure to learn a new way to perfect health and how the mind can produce health. This system can enable anyone to get well and stay well Become invincible by learning how to use thought as a force. We are now entering a new and almost unknown field, that of psychic power. Learn the underlying principles of this new field of energy which is opening up before us
How to Stay Well - Handbook
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Become Invincible with the Force - Thought Vibration - Handbook
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Archons: Exorcising the Hidden Controllers
Science of Soul - DVD
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The Birth of a New Humanity - DVD
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The Illuminati Plan for 2012 and Beyond - 2 DVD set
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